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    So I promised you some photos... To say it was varied would be to miss a wonderful opportunity to use the word 'eclectic' Great day out. Oh and as a bonus here's a photo from a couple of weeks before... We must be bloody mad.
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    Excellent choice waiting for a sale. Especially given the base price of these simulations. Even half price hurts a bit, but then again, given the amount of work that went into the immense detail, one can understand the price tag, in theory.
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    I agree Kira, the non clickable 'pit is maddening (and harder cause I gotta memorize all the key bindings) but it will give a little entertainment for $15 while I wait for the next big ED sale. Plus I am learning about the weapons delivery systems.
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    As a rule for all FC3 level aircraft (and even the full blown jet modules) these are the primary bindings to map to joystick or throttle as you'll reference them often and usually under stress!: 1. Target Designator Cursor (TDC) Up, Down, Left, Right - put this on a hat switch. Yes, even if it means banishing trim control to the keyboard; you'll use TDC control more! 2. Weapon Select 3. Airbrake 4. Chaff and Flare dispense