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    FINALLY. I have never had to go thru so much crap for a game. Guess ED had a bunch of problems with Steam or people stealing their stuff. Shsesh. For a game.., but it's their money. I need to go back to work to get some rest from these games 不不不不不不不!
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    We now have the following DCS owner/operators: DD_APHill DD_Arthur DD_Artie DD_B16Enk DD_Bongodriver DD_BluBear DD_CaptJackG DD_Crash* DD_Fenrir DD_FT DD_Kira DD_Muscobe DD_Papabear DD_Sid DD_Snacko DD_T_O_A_D DD_Wingflyer If I have missed anyone from this please advise and I shall add you. It is my belief that this represents a significant portion of the membership and as such is deserving of a dedicated DCS evening. However, this should not substitue a regular evening for the existing sims so I have created a poll to see which other evening would be more agreeable. Please vote for the evening most convenient for you.
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    For all its really nice representation of the real thing, ED and DCS can be a real headache. Sometimes not worth the time and/or money, it seems.
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    Twelve minutes of strangely hypnotic anxiety I feel for that front wheel