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    The only good reason I had for getting me this one is that it was available in the shop I was visiting Surely, one get can anything on line, but being in the shop, seeing the box, touching it, holding it, pondering over it, whether to get it or not, negotiating with the shop owner, to get some discount... (got it for 20 Euro's, it was priced at 29,90) I mean ... you can't really beat that with Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari's 'put in basket, checkout' now can you?
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    Perhaps the best way forward would be to establish who is available on which evenings - or days - first? Forget about which sim to fly at the moment. Would it not be better to establish availability first? For instance; we can see that a Thursday night is not on for Sid and Crash. Perhaps they - and everyone else - could post which days they are available. Once we have that sort of information to hand we can work out when we do what to most peoples satisfaction? I would also suggest that Sunday evening remains OUT of the discussion. Sunday evening still remains well supported and is obviously a good time for all those Dogz who enjoy IL2 1946 and should not be touched. Personally, when it comes to flying this is fine for me as Sunday evening is one of the few nights I cannot go near my PC. Can I just stress that it would be very useful if everyone could post this information - regardless of what they fly at the moment. So for myself; any evening - bar Sunday - is convenient.
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    Biggin Hill now has all spawn points, outside the revetments. (Put some static Hurricanes in the pens, blocking those points)