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    Here is the "old Farts" ideas: I feel for what we are all used to and how we fly, IL2 is king. I too am tired of CLOD for same reason as Swepers.. DCS is too complicated, to much button pushing that takes for ever to get into the air. Great sym but not for a squad like ours. BOS is about the same with more aircraft, but complexity turns me off some, but hey I'm old....OK? I'm not knowledgeable of Xbox syms due to not having one, but if the DDs go that route I'll follow. I truly enjoy my times with all of you and think of you as family and look forward to the time I get to fly with you. I appreciate you putting up with a guy who is getting slower on the sticks and flying into the ground and enemy aircraft...well at least I took out the target...hehehehe I appreciate all of your patience with my computer skills and guide me through the new stuff. That's my Two cents worth....Long live the Dangerdogz!
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    Merry Christmas Dogz!! Hope you all have a great Christmas with family and friends. From me and mine to you and yours! Cheers
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    To all my fellow Dangerous Doggies! ~S~ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ok , Iv found out some problems with profile I had set up , it had copied in some bindings from one mode to the next on trigger 2 and this was playing havoc, Iv gone over all my settings in game and in profile, sorted any conflicts( game doesnt like some shift functions) and it seems to be ok now, @jabo saitek have been taken over by logitek who have released drivers , see here http://support.logitech.com/en_us/product/x52-space-flight-simulator-controller/downloads I will test next week and see if I have found the source thanks again for input guys, appreciate it