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  1. Sure wish they had left the Devicelink code in BOS
  2. OverDhill

    Just Dropping By

    Me either
  3. OverDhill

    Il-2 1946 Cup Jet Age Module Simpit

    The latest version of BAT is out. I have to say I am quite pleased with it. BAT 3.4 Linebacker expansion looks awesome and runs super smooth. Check it out https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,59368.0.html
  4. OverDhill

    What I saw

    Last month I was up in the White Mountains, NH along Crawford Notch State Park and looked up and saw two Warthog A-10 flying canyon maneuvers. I managed to get my phone up fast enough to get a picture of one.
  5. OverDhill

    Il-2 1946 Cup Jet Age Module Simpit

    Just all part of the immersion experience
  6. OverDhill

    Il-2 1946 Cup Jet Age Module Simpit

    Started a skin for the BF109E just to see how it would work out. I am not too familiar with the German planes. I believe a lot of the Battle for Britain missions have BF109E's (but not sure). If there are other variations in any BoB campaigns you know about let me know. I would like to get all these 1280X1024 skins worked out while this stuff is in my head. At my age that things don't always stay in the brain long. LOL Sine my quest is to play BoB campaigns are there are any other planes I might need please let me know as well.
  7. OverDhill

    Il-2 1946 Cup Jet Age Module Simpit

    Here is the skin running on my simpit. Hard to get a decent picture. It looks better in person.
  8. OverDhill

    Il-2 1946 Cup Jet Age Module Simpit

    I decided to do the same for the Hurricane.
  9. OverDhill

    Il-2 1946 Cup Jet Age Module Simpit

    Been working on a new Spitfire skin for UDPSpeed. This all sits on one background to speed it up.
  10. OverDhill

    Il-2 1946 Cup Jet Age Module Simpit

    I am doing ok. Been traveling a lot as my grandkids are out of state. Snacko be sure to install "Checkpoint Charlie" as it is the patch that fixes a lot of issues. I also installed the 3.1 patch as well. BAT takes quite a bit of horsepower to run. After I got it running decent tweaking the config.ini and Nvidia Inspector I saw there is another pack called VP Pack. It is not as extensive (no jets just WW2) but runs much faster as the guy tweaked all the maps. It looks good and runs better. PM me if you need some assistance.
  11. OverDhill

    Il-2 1946 Cup Jet Age Module Simpit

    Hi guys Well it seems that CUP is now BAT and they just released a new installer that makes it super easy to upgrade your IL-2. Check it out https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,53691.0.html
  12. Hi guys Saw the movie Dunkirk last week and got me interested in playing a Battle for Britain campaign offline. Anyone want to recommend one for IL2 1946 HSFX?
  13. OverDhill

    Live Long And Star Trek

  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMropWD2WFI
  15. Passing this along http://ghostskies.com/en/home