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  1. 9 hours ago, DD_Sheriff said:

    Poor mans VR .. Samsung Gear VR ... works well .. cost about 20 bucks 


    Ok. I'll PM you my address, 20 bucks for a second hand Samsung is a good deal I think... 


  2. Similar things are happening over here, only large shops/companies can afford shops along the bigger streets ...


    Luckily, there are still people confident and brave enough to start some silly funny shop in one of those smaller streets... if they do good, they usually move to a bigger shop in a bigger street (still in city centre though)... and else... they just disappear, then some other brave soul takes the jump... we've seen a shop dedicated to soap! Yes, soap! You could go in there, but had to ruin out quickly... a shop full of sented soap! And it did not last long...


    For years and years we've have a shop here dedicated to finger caps (!). There's still one for ink stamps... and a lot of book shops, with old books mostly...


    Yeah, you gotta lockup your bike around here, come to think of it, you need to lock up anything you leave out on the streets ... lol

  3. It's a picture of an old church in my hometown.


    The lighting was so beautiful around 15:30 yesterday, that I just couldn't resist...


    Here's a link to a website that lets you look inside, if you go outside there (door to the right) looks like you end up in a Google's streetview like environment outside.... No blurred faces there though, I am gonna look and see if I can find myself strolling around there :)

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