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  1. There is, delta. I'd love to get back to flying some 1946 multiplayer. I severely miss the old Dogz mess that was our 1946 rodeos. If you wish to fly 1946 in company, let me know so we can set up a time. As for other games, Reggie, the biggest ones for me are: Current: Grand Theft Auto V Online (I'm a cooperative type player), 7 Days to Die (zombie apocalypse base-building, again, most fun with friends. Takes a LONG time, though. You've got to be dedicated to it. Many multiple nights spent with Jack and AP doing that.) and ArmA 3, though I don't do much multiplayer as I have too many mods/haven't found a good squad that fits my interests. Old but Gold: Skyrim heavily modded. As the saying goes: Mod it 'til it crashes. Been there, done that. Many times. Unfortunately, Windows 10 hates it, so I've been running it on my old drive, which finally failed.
  2. Well... it was a glitch. They have power again, and me being me, I'll continue to drive them into the ground until they threaten to give up (again). Then I'll "panic" (again). Case in point, I *still* have my old Microsoft Force Feedback stick that gave up sitting around as "Oh, I'll fix it 'someday'". That someday has yet to arrive. Same for the left pedal, which lost its spring about two years ago. Can't possibly be that difficult to fix, simply a matter of the ever elusive "Round To-it" (that is, getting around to it and just fixing the thing, already!). However, I do like the suggestion about the Crosswinds. 5x the nice for 2x the price sounds well worth it. "Someday"! Ha. Thanks much for the suggestions!
  3. Have a set of Pro Flight pedals. They aren't getting power now. Might try to fix them, but in the mean time, what would be a recommended replacement?
  4. Kira

    Setting up controls

    Centering TrackIR is through TrackIR, not the game (any game). As I recall, it's NUMPAD F5 by default. You have to go into TrackIR settings to change it. Oh, and yeah, DCS is messed up in all the control configurations it sets automatically that make no sense that you then have to go in and individually delete - PER AIRCRAFT. Sigh. Grumble.
  5. Figured it out. Excellent guess, Sid. U.S. Army, 121st Assault Helicopter Company. It's a unit designator, not a national symbol.
  6. Who the heck is this? I can't find any reference to a white triangle with a red center as a national symbol.
  7. I'll throw in the F-5E. Nice, simple, and can both dogfight and bomb. No radar missiles though. Kinda-sorta the poor man's F-16, which is actually the real world role it filled. Since you're not paying for Jet-A and maintenance, the 16 might be the better bet. Oh, there is the advantage that it's a finished module, though, while the 16 is still in development. But then, that never stopped me from the 14, so, yeah. Be advised that once you go with a full-switch sim, you might not be able to go back to FC-3 types. Full switch is a major learning curve, but I find that it's worlds beyond the FC-3 aircraft, and well worth the effort.
  8. That's definitely the Super(duper) Carrier.
  9. Did some setting up, as per Matt Wagner's Mission Creation video: It's as long and involved as it sounds, but the results also appear to be the same. It IS currently still Beta only.
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