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  1. Nothing like a little honesty for once:
  2. Kira

    Self reliance

    I sure hope you labeled them. Know someone who's currently in the middle of a move as well. The grandparents carefully labeled the boxes 'Bedroom 1, 2, and 3', which was great - except it gives zero indication as to WHOSE bedroom bedroom 1, 2, and 3 are. So kid A's stuff ended up in kid B's room and vice versa. Oops.
  3. Kira

    One for Friar

    A spoof on the U.S. anti-forest fire campaign featuring 'Smokey The Bear' Smokey is well known enough that our military drill instructors hats are called "Smokey the Bear hats". Here's R Lee Ermey in the movie Full Metal Jacket.
  4. Kira

    Must Haves?

    If you all are up for a U.S. night, especially on a weekend (for now), I'm up for it.
  5. Interview/Talk by Robin Olds:
  6. AOA Indexer - 3 positions. Upper chevron is green. This lights when you are fast. Middle doughnut is orange. This indicates "on speed". Lower chevron is red. This lights when you are slow. You can see in the opening screen that both the green and orange are lit. This means he's either on speed, getting fast, or fast, slowing to on speed. The E Bracket is another AOA indicator. The circle with three lines to the right is the velocity vector indicator. This is where the jet is actually going, regardless of nose position, and, if it's over the ground, will indicate the spot where the jet will eventually hit the ground if nothing is changed. Note that the position of the velocity vector on the E bracket is is above center, quite high on the indicator. This coincides with the "slightly fast" indication given by the AOA indexer to the left as previously described. Being a Tomcat type, I can't help you with FLOLS, as I have no idea what it is.
  7. Secrets to refueling. One key point is at 10:53, talking about needed control inputs that are NOT what one would expect.
  8. Damn computer crashes. Feel free to delete this one.
  9. An excellent take on the 25 October, 1994 crash of a VF-213 F-14A-95-GR BuNo 160390. Pilot: Kara Hultgreen RIO: Matt Klemish
  10. DCS F-14B over Syria. Unfortunately, the guy's no pilot. Has some seriously backwards things to say about how things work on the F-14. Meh:
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