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  1. Did some setting up, as per Matt Wagner's Mission Creation video: It's as long and involved as it sounds, but the results also appear to be the same. It IS currently still Beta only.
  2. Kira


    You, too, huh? Haven't gotten it yet, but it's nipping at me.
  3. Say what? Oh my! Well. I will have to give this a solid look-see.
  4. For those having trouble with air-to-air refueling in the F-14 (like yours truly), here's an example of why not to feel too bad about it, and just keep practicing:
  5. Ah, yes. Well. That explains much. I would definitely expect better of Heatblur.
  6. Just tried the F-16. Must say, I agree with Jabbers. I am NOT impressed, and think that Heatblur completely dropped the ball on this one. The release is simply not in even a usuable alpha state, never mind early access ready.
  7. A master tactician, engineer, and fighter pilot who changed the way the USAF in particular understood air combat. His main work is called the 'Aerial Attack Study'. Like many truly influential fighter pilots, rather than rack up the kill count (the Korean War was hot), he spent his time truly understanding his trade, and imparting his knowledge upon others. He got his nickname from his ability, as an instructor, to start with a student on his 6, and, by 40 seconds after the "Fight's On!" call, he'd be on the student's 6. His studies into energy and aerodynamics eventually changed the way the USAF fought in the air. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Boyd_(military_strategist) A modern example of how he understood energy states and his own aircraft's strengths and weaknesses can be found in the DCS F-14 thread under the video "Tomcat: Dogfight Techniques" where someone today demonstrates his similar knowledge of the DCS F-14.
  8. The mutts nuts, huh? The bee feels insulted, what with its knees and all. I'm thinking it's not going on another 50% sale for a while, so now might be the time to get it.
  9. DERP! Nevermind... How do the trials work? All I'm seeing is the 50% sale. Yeah, not an F-16 fan, but... oh hum. Gee, lets see. Well. I see why pilots like it.
  10. Kira

    F-16 vs X

    7 types square off against the F-16 https://hushkit.net/2020/03/17/pilots-of-7-rival-fighter-aircraft-types-describe-dogfights-against-f-16s/?fbclid=IwAR0F1RUUbQuQ_javBR_fPN_5O7HPg9lEnhzJDlkZM9dunK6QaPlSsI2-lB8
  11. Don't have the 16 yet, but I found this, and thought some of you would be interested in looking it up.
  12. Yeah, that's what I figure, and my current setup simply isn't conducive to that. Might just have to build a couple stands and find a way to get those stands at just the right height. Throttle in front of the arm rest, and some sort of "stand off" setup to get the stick centered.
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