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  1. Well so far so good, I have no idea what's changed but I don't have to keep resetting my password it seems. Thanks for getting back to me.
  2. Problem is ongoing, no response from Roger (hasn't read message yet).....I'm going outside to eat worms.
  3. I don't know how much of the IWM's financial woes can be blamed on Legends of course. They have 363 days of the year when they are solely responsible for their own revenue.
  4. OK, a bit of clarification here. Flying Legends actually generates zero revenue for the IWM, the deal has always been the Fighter collection took every penny from admissions and also the stall holders. basically the Fighter collection took ownership of the entire IWM Duxford site for the airshow and they did not pay for that privilege. the only revenue stream for IWM during flying legends actually came from my mob at Classic Wings through our partnership contract as the Fighter collection never contacted us to operate during legends. This opens the question of whether the fighter collecti
  5. Can't see it being practical, Air Ambulance and police helicopters might not be compatible. proximity to Stansted and surrounding airspace are issues.
  6. It gets better, you know that electric bus they run to bus the public up and down the museum site? yeah they even ran the schedule the entire time the museum was closed. I also hate to criticise the airfield manager because he is a friend I have known for years but he really should concentrate on managing the airfield and not arse kissing his way into becoming a display pilot using his position as leverage.
  7. Yeah I heard there was an issue but ultimately it doesn't necessarily mean it won't happen. but lately it has felt that everything the IWM do should have the Laurel and Hardy theme tune played with it. they really can't blame loss of revenue on things like Flying Legends when they made the decision to retain all staff during the COVID lockdown without anybody being furloughed, that's 2 shifts of firefighters and a full compliment of ATC staff to man a closed airfield. and then there's the overpaid and clueless civil service management that make these decisions.
  8. Duxford are planning to build a hotel on site.
  9. No change other than the Legends slot being filled by another Duxford hosted event. They will have to ensure there is no clash with whatever arrangements TFC make or there won't be any aircraft available. As I said the IWM have lost interest in catering to crusty old WWII enthusiasts so that may not matter to them, it will be civil stunt planes and kids everywhere.
  10. Honestly this has come as a shock, there was no rumour circulating as far as I knew. on the other hand the financial woes of the IWM have been no secret, they really are in trouble. It has also been a general feeling that the IWM being run by civil service bureaucrats have little interest in catering to WWII aviation enthusiasts and.....sorry to use this phrase....are going a bit 'woke'
  11. Where will it go? My guesses: Sywell or Headcorn.
  12. Just read it on the Fighter collections facebook page, announcement from Nick Grey. they will look for another venue but it doesn't make any assurance that there will be future Legends.
  13. Chrome says my connection to this site is not secure, could that be part of the issue?
  14. My lockdown flight siming Utopia ended abruptly with a mass of hardware problems (resolved now I hope) Oh boy I swear I am cursed. I will check in the anorak if you hand in that joke book.
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