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  1. Only thing is Dave, it's not yet been confirmed that it'll definitely take place at Sywell (if indeed at all).
    There was some speculation when Duxford released their airshow dates for this year that it may return there, though no word since. 
    Tentative conclusion being that this year's announced IWM-run dates are June, August, September and October, leaving the July dates either free for TFC to take or so as not to clash if at Sywell.

    Admittedly the latter is most likely, but TFC have been unusually quiet so far. Also, just happened across this recent discussion. https://forums.airshows.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=86930 TEXANTOMCAT helps run the museum at Sywell and is usually quite well informed. 

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  2. Howdy chaps. I felt like resurrecting this for a bit of fun.
    For newcomers, see the below instructions.


    And to restart the quiz, what aircraft is this?



    On 11/16/2013 at 9:19 PM, BluBear said:

    Right then chaps, how about a little quiz?


    Here's how it works...

    I'm going to post an obscure picture of an aircraft and you have to guess what it is.

    If it's proving difficult, i'll post further pictures, getting less obscure until it's either guessed correctly or I have to reveal it.

    The winner, if there is one will then have to start a new quiz in the same format.

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  3. 05/01/1945


    Air Claims: 1x Bf 109K-4 Probable (head on collision)

    Ground claims: 0

    Whilst lining up on the six of a 109 in a tight right bank, another unsighted K4 collided with me head on. Blacked out and wounded, I thought I was a goner.
    However, I managed to regain my senses enough in a flat spin at about 5000ft to drag myself out of the stricken 38 bailing out to the relative safety of a field I'd guess somewhere near Gelsdorf.

    I continued to watch from my descending chute as the melee ensued; can confirm at least three other 109s destroyed by the 402nd from my vantage point. What a furball!

    Note to self: 6x500lbs not the ideal load-out for such missions.

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  4. Great vid. If I recall correctly, the technique on the Buccaneer was to select u/c up about two thirds into the take-off run which would unlock the gear but not actually retract it.
    As soon as weight was taken of the wheels they'd automatically retract and the pilot just maintained that altitude Ray Hanna style until the threshold. Very cool.

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