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  1. I like the sound of this, I do miss taking part in an event of sorts. I think most of us have BOS, BOM and BOK now?
  2. BluBear

    New Toy Mmm

    It is rather tasty and even limited to 4000rpm, managed to drown out the rest of us in the Duxford convoy on Saturday. Good for you Mr P!
  3. Aircraft participation list quite a bit lower than previous years thus-far, with a distinct lack of European acts on the bill. I've heard rumours that the CAA have introduced new regulations that may be hindering this, which would be a damn shame. Also, looks like the Horsemen have pulled out according to the listings on their website. In much more positive news, the HAC De Havilland DH-9 has been added for it's airshow debut. The only airworthy WW1 bomber in the world with an equally unique power plant. Sweet! Not long now gents...
  4. Particular yay to the 51 gear switches 😎
  5. Great, thanks all!
  6. Looks like the significant stumbling blocks preventing these restorations taking to the air might finally be overcome! http://www.warbirdsonline.com.au/2019/06/10/beaufighter-engine-restoration-news/
  7. I'm tempted to go on Wednesday, just trying to see if I can wangle it with work!
  8. There's plenty to see down in the South East as well for free or a reasonable fee, i'd recommend: The Kent Battle of Britain Museum at Hawkinge on the sight of the former RAF BofB airfield The nearby BofB memorial and 'Wing' experience at Capel le Ferne with a spectacular view out from the white cliffs Manston's Spitfire and Hurricane museum and neighbouring RAF History Museum Honourable mention to the de Havilland Museum in Hatfield, home of the Mosquito with three complete examples including the prototype. If you can stretch to it, a tour of the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar is excellent, the most (airworthy) Spitfires under one roof in the world I think... There are quite a few other smaller museums and collections dotted around as well, Brenzett, Shoreham, Headcorn etc. Fenrir and I are Kent residents, so feel free to drop us a DM if you require any assistance!
  9. Great article by Richard Grace here about flying "Nellie B" - splendid photographicals from Mr Dibbs too, as always. http://vintageaviationecho.com/p-47-thunderbolt-nellie/
  10. Thanks Tom. Not an easy situation, but dealt with correctly in my opinion. I concur with your suggestions. Incidentally, there’s a job going running the country apparently, if you fancy that? 😉
  11. Thanks Tom, here's mine... 1. DCS 2. GBS (BoX) 3. CloD 4. Il-2:1946 1. Thursday 2. Monday 3. Sunday 4. Tuesday 5. Wednesday 6. Friday 7. Saturday
  12. Booked my tickets for the show, full weekend pass. Will figure out accommodation at some point... FYI - early bird discount finishes this Friday.
  13. Interesting little article about this year's Legends here chaps, seems our theory on a non-P-51 horsemen display could be on the money. Also, more than four Buchons, woot! https://www.aerosociety.com/news/legends-assemble/
  14. Looks like we may finally witness a P-47 being put through its paces this year if this video from the weekend is anything to go by! Must be Richard Grace at the helm, that's certainly not the usual sedate approach usually taken by Stuart Goldspink - no offence to him of course, he puts on a wonderful Hurricane display, just never seems to wind up the Jug. Also, this could be the year of warbird aerobatic teams, if the Horesmen cometh and we get to see Nellie B as part of the new ULTIMATE FIGHTERS team. (Hints of Breitling Fighters most welcome) https://www.facebook.com/1785419121510239/posts/2378405305544948/
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