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  1. I'd be down for this! We could even continue the call during the dogfight warm-ups so I can shake my fist at Painless as he vulches the soul out of me; the rotten bar steward.
  2. Here's some footage from Tuesday to whet your appetite for today's mission and to mark the first time both squadrons operated from home base. I hope to capture some combat on film in future missions: Capturing the Cacophony (turn it up loud 😉)
  3. Well you obviously haven't seen this: I will however, consider your proposal.
  4. Sounds good to me! @PapaBear and I had a bit of fun in the free tanks a little while back.
  5. Nah boring, I'm washing my hair. Just kidding, I'm in like flynn!
  6. Bloody well done that man! Immersion levels increased. I cannot wait for the cacophony on that first take off.
  7. Hard to see in the others but those last three aircraft appear to have the white wing tips, just as you've painted on your skin. I thought it was unique to 402nd, but it looks like this particular ID marking crossed squadrons. Do you know any more about it?
  8. Very cool, nice find! Just look at the state of the OD painted aircraft in particular.
  9. Hey all, please download my updated personal skin to replace the one I lost last mission 402nd__E6_B_BluBear.dds
  10. I sat and watched this on my lunch break today, what a show that was! So many types we don't see anymore, both historic and military. I have hazy memories of it first time around, in my defence I was 8 and a 1/2 at the time. Remember this one @PapaBear? @DD_Fenrir did you say you were there too? Just over 47 minutes in will get your blood flowing
  11. Gotcha, as I suspected. Honestly mate I understand don't worry, databases are no fun at all! So all this time I've been a phantom phlyer, an invisible death machine haunting the enemy ground units: "Hey Jürgen, can you hear that - it sounds like a fork-tailed devil getting real close, but I can't see anything?" "Don't be crazy Schmitt, you're starting to loose your mind from too much looted Jenever. Besides, I have eyes on all the enemy aircraft over to the..." ***BLLLLURGGGGGGH, CRACK CRACK CRACK, BOOM*** As 20mm cannon shells rip through the FlaK 40 emplacement; Jürgen is nowhere to be seen and Schmitt pulls himself out of a ditch with a muddied, bloodied face. An empty bottle of Jenever rolls down the bank next to the wrecked gun emplacement and clinks to a stop on his one remaining boot. The Phantom P-38 has struck again.
  12. Interesting. If that is indeed the issue, would it be possible then to retrospectively rerun the reports of past missions to retrieve lost claims? You know, in the spirit of a backlog in the intelligence unit, lost files from the observer corps or something? Obviously if it's a ball ache I'm not bothered, I haven't the foggiest what's involved. It's more important that the bugs are ironed out for future missions.
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