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  1. Yeah saw this, RIP to the lady PR crew member who perished. Looks to me like the pilot tried to turn back for the field following engine failure on take off, presumably to avoid the built up area. Shame they didn't quite make it. Great to see our sh*t rag the S*n running with an accurate headline as always. How can an aeroplane possibly crash 'mid-air' all on it's own?! Reckon they're mistaking the ejector seats for something else. Idiots.
  2. BluBear

    Dogsford 2020

    Yes I'd like to help with organisation if possible, just finding myself busier than ever at the moment in the current situation! I will fly at both 'shows' at least though. I'm putting me and Fen down for a duo aerobatic slot in DCS, aircraft TBA, probably ponies. Also, those of us with the great patriotic Russian aerobatic tractor (Yak-52) should try some kind of Aerostar-style smoky aeros (Arthur?) What's wrong with the Legends dates?
  3. Welcome to aerobatic tractor club! One of my favourite modules for a bimble, throw about and inverted tree dodging. And the sounds are just fantastic, that is really what I think. By the way, which one's Pink? Oop, got carried away there, 'wishing I was there'. b'dum tisch.
  4. I concur Crasherooney! In the meantime, i'd like to organise another Dogzford virtual dog air show, who's up for that? DCS or GBS?
  5. Sadly, yet understandably, Flying Legends has just been cancelled for this year. 😔
  6. Yeah, just skim around the subject why don't you old bean, still a bit vague...
  7. BluBear


  8. Great pictures chaps, many happy memories there. Thank you 😁
  9. BluBear


    RIP 46. But seriously, good idea.
  10. Chaps, rather than posting a thread for every nice aeroplane video we find, how about we just keep them in here for all to see and anyone can add to it if and when they find something of interest? I'll start off proceedings with this rather lovely example of why I freaking love Mustangs!
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