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  1. It was a welcome change of scenery and a most enjoyable session, thanks mate!
  2. What did I miss, what happened to the chat bar?
  3. BluBear

    RIAT 2023

    Check out the weather for tomorrow. Think I'll need a boat
  4. Ouch Wingy, get well soon mate! No double bass pedal triplets for you for a while 😉
  5. BluBear

    RIAT 2023

    Me too, check your junk emails gents!
  6. Not much to choose from on Booking.com for the Saturday night apart from maybe here? The George Inn, Selby – Updated 2023 Prices (booking.com) Or a bit further south here: Best Western Plus Pastures Hotel, Doncaster – Updated 2023 Prices (booking.com)
  7. BluBear

    RIAT 2023

    FYI Tom and I have just booked rooms here for Friday night: The Queen's Arms, Hungerford – Updated 2023 Prices (booking.com) If anyone going to RIAT wants to room share, I have booked a twin. Room now full of Dogz
  8. I've just purchased Sunday Legends ticket and also a twin room here for the Friday evening: The Queen's Arms, Hungerford – Updated 2023 Prices (booking.com) I'll post in the RIAT thread as well
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