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  1. BluBear

    Flying Legends 2018

    BREAKING NEWS! Bernard Chabbert will NOT be commentating at this year's Flying Legends! WHOOP!
  2. BluBear

    Flying Legends 2018

    I got a weekend ticket for a shade under £60 last night, it has now gone up to £70.
  3. BluBear

    Flying Legends 2018

    Last chance to get early bird tickets chaps (before 21/5)
  4. One would imagine it wasn't fully up at point of impact, but said impact planted the undercarriage into its wells!
  5. Just watched the entire half hour, well worth it. However, for the short of time, here's the summary video:
  6. Full inflight video and discussion of the incident from Miss Velma's emergency landing last year. A great insight into the decisions and problems with a misfiring engine. Great airmanship. Originally posted on the Key forums.https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/...irport-landinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBpq...ature=youtu.be And there's me thinking he pulled the pin at the time!
  7. BluBear

    Hawker fury

    Blooming lovely Dave
  8. BluBear

    Piece of Cake - 30 years ago

    I'd heartily recommend reading Robinson's other period aviation novels. Damned Good Show (Bomber Command) and Goshawk Squadron (Great War) are the two others I have which are also fantastic reads. Most of them have some kind of link, with familiar names appearing as they progress through their RAF career. Skull Skelton for example is the main protagonist in Damned Good Show. I really need to pick up 'A Good Clean Fight' which continues the story of Hornet Squadron, set in North Africa in the spring of 1942 flying Tomahawks.
  9. BluBear

    Piece of Cake - 30 years ago

    Great little article here chaps: WHEN PIECE OF CAKE CAME TO HEADCORN – 30 YEARS ON https://warbirdtails.net/2018/03/17/when-piece-of-cake-came-to-headcorn-30-years-on/ One of my all time favourite aviation film/series. Been meaning to give it another watch, it's been a while. I used to have it on repeat as a lad, wearing out PapaBear's VHS recording from the original showing on ITV.Also, I've lived down the road from Headcorn most of my life and never realised it was used as a base for filming; you learn something new every day! I urge anyone with a passing interest in the Phoney War, Spitfires (one famously under a bridge piloted by Ray Hanna) and jolly good banter to watch this, also read Derek Robinson's book, it's brilliant. Whilst you're at it, read Paul Richey's Fighter Pilot, which must have heavily influenced Robinson's work.
  10. BluBear

    Flying Legends 2018

    I think she looks smashing mate, love the new scheme! I believe she test flew from Sywell where she was shipped in, assembled and repainted by Grace's team. Nellie has since taken up residence at Duxford after a flying visit to Lakenheath for a photoshoot with the current serving Squadron of F-15s. See here: http://www.thetfordandbrandontimes.co.uk/news/second-world-war-era-fighter-planes-visit-us-air-force-base-in-suffolk-1-5509249
  11. Sorry I missed this, hope to make it in two weeks (be sure).
  12. Incredible airmanship. Hope the aircraft has been recovered.
  13. BluBear

    Whatcha Flyin'?

    Some of us are still on rusty old 1.5... Soon* to upgrade I fly any of these, in no particular order: Spit 109 Sabre P-51 FC3 (F-15, A-10A, Su-33 etc) Harrier Huey Hawk (almost never cos it's porked) I think that's it... *could be this month, could be next, or the next...