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  1. I managed a brief sit in the cockpit after work, looked around, clicked some buttons and opened the windows. Can't wait to get key mapping and flying this beauty.
  2. Mosquito is now available in OB gents. Don't just stand there, get one up!
  3. Welcome to the pound Beagle / Roy, make yourself at home. Look forward to sharing the virtual skies with you sir! @Painless Didn't you say it was somewhere in Fife where you sourced those armoured underpants with the decorative frills, high tensile elastic and waterproof zipper flaps? Something about the favourable legal implications of purchasing said items north of the border wasn't it? I'm sure your secret is safe with Roy.
  4. Mentioned this to those of you online last night, makes for some interesting reading! They did very well to get away with it all things considered: 😲 https://www.gov.uk/aaib-reports/aaib-investigation-to-hawker-sea-fury-t-mk-dot-20-g-invn
  5. You did make it mate - kind of. You'll be pleased to hear, flying as you I shot down 5 aircraft and blasted 4 howitzers. Was it all a dream though?...
  6. Can't make it tonight gents, sorry. Hope it's a successful test
  7. Crazy isn't it?! Balls of titanium.
  8. How are we looking for tonight @DD_Fenrir - any progress with the issues?
  9. I don't see nuffink, plug in not supported?
  10. BluBear

    Chat box

    I think Rog has been disabling certain apps on the forum for troubleshooting?
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