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  1. Open steam, go to library„Äčgames and you shoud see blitz down in the list as an available game. Click on it and download, it will install as a separate entity altogether. Simples. It's about 6.3gb. I also managed to port across my ammo and custom window settings by dropping in my conf confuser and user ini files.
  2. More info here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32880-il-2-sturmovik-cliffs-dover-blitz-now-available-full-list/ Exciting!
  3. Hello fellow flyers!

    Welcome Thrudd! Despite our name, we do not bite. Glad to welcome some new blood to the squad, I'm sure Friar will be along soon to introduce you to Sister Johnathon, just be careful where you put your undercarriage.
  4. Clod Session: Finally over 20 :)

    They call him, F "Killer" T
  5. Blooming fantastic Arthur! Thanks for taking the time to put this together, everything seems fairly straightforward to me, having spent many years setting up IL2, CloD and DCS I had hoped / expected there to be enough similarities. However, the little tricks of the trade as it were, are invaluable for the BoX newbies like me. I'm hoping to be on later this evening from around 9pm to set-up and with any luck get some air beneath my Ruski wings.
  6. Yes, it was the password reset URL (http://il2sturmovik.com/account/password/reset/) which is linked from the log-in page on the splash screen. I just don't know why it was spamming it thousands* of times? I think it was directly under the 'Allow Access' button on the Firewall pop-up when I clicked it. I'll boot it again shortly and see what happens... OK i'm pleased to say it didn't happen again, woohoo! Thanks for your help anyway chaps, i'll be giving it a thorough testing tomorrow evening fingers crossed. *"A typical 8GB RAM and i7 Processor can crash out your google chrome for around ~9600 tabs."
  7. Ok, so I bit the bullet and bought BoS Premium yesterday. I only had about 10 minutes before bed to have a look after it had downloaded and initial impressions visually are very encouraging, without any set-up. I didn't assign anything, just launched a LaGG 3 quick mission to have a gander. I'll get down and dirty with it tomorrow when I have more time. One strange thing I ran into, on initial boot of the game after install, when I clicked 'allow access' to the first run firewall popup it seemed to repeatedly spam the forgot password button on the splash screen causing many thousands of tabs to open in Chrome bringing my PC to a grinding halt before i'd even got into the game. After returning some order to the situation via the task manager, force quitting everything, I tried again but it wouldn't log me in, it just sat there with a spinning wheel for about ten minutes. Tried logging into my account online but it denied access due to over spamming from my IP address! I gave it a few minutes and tried again and managed to log in to the website no problem. Tried the game again and it did it again, a cacophony of clicks as it opened Chrome and spammed the hell out of it! I managed to bring it back under control eventually without having to force quit the game this time and logged in OK. I was close to turning off the PC by the button and walking away though! What would be causing this? It's like a sticky key but I couldn't find a culprit. The second time it happened there was no firewall pop-up, so I don't think that was the issue.
  8. sale on

    OK... I caved too. BoS Premium downloading now...
  9. sale on

    Not entirely convinced with the engine sounds and it looks a bit 'technicolour' but impressive nonetheless. Properly tempted with BoS premium though.
  10. We need to talk...

    Took the words right out of my mouth. I've been spending some time watching BoX videos recently and think i'm going to give it a go sooner rather than later. I have a rig that'll run it and there's a sale on. Last night was disappointingly quiet for CloD with only FT, Dan, Alpha and me... I still managed 15 kills though
  11. sale on

    Ok, i'm really tempted now. It's my birthday in a couple of weeks, perhaps I should treat myself
  12. This is encouraging news for sure
  13. Il2 Announcement

    Ooooooh, this could sway me to BoX for sure...
  14. The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    P-51 cadillac of the sky! One of my favourite films for aerial sequences, featuring the late great Mark and Ray Hanna. Ray is the pilot waving at Christian Bale's character.