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  1. Flying Legends 2018

    Oh i'll be there i'm sure, just not booking anything yet, it's a cash flow thing you understand.
  2. The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    A bit of paraffin burning light relief (look away FT )
  3. The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    These videos just further highlight how damn good DCS is!
  4. Spitfire IX template available

    Sweeeeeeet! Gimme
  5. The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Part 2:
  6. The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Kermie Cam is back Part 1:
  7. There are some words from the pilot himself here: https://forums.flyer.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=104671&p=1546040#p1546040
  8. Spitfire Training Day

    I'd happily join in with this matey, although I don't seem to be able to update to 1.5.7, is that because it's beta? Currently running 1.5.6.
  9. A bit more video of the landing: https://youtu.be/3LdrY79g99Q
  10. If you're on the Facebook, this is worth a look:
  11. Bloody quick thinking from that man, all in a matter of seconds. Tom and I were at the AirSpace end and saw it all unfold, from our viewpoint I thought he'd come down on the M11. Glad to hear she's repairable. Looks like he's one of the Yakovlev team: http://www.yakovlevs.com/the-team/pilots-and-crew/
  12. Great pics Nick! These are some of your best yet, going to grab one for desktop background methinks No news on who was Velma pilot as yet.
  13. She looks better off in this picture! Seems as though the gear cycled up or was banged up just in time.