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  1. Thanks Tom, here's mine... 1. DCS 2. GBS (BoX) 3. CloD 4. Il-2:1946 1. Thursday 2. Monday 3. Sunday 4. Tuesday 5. Wednesday 6. Friday 7. Saturday
  2. Booked my tickets for the show, full weekend pass. Will figure out accommodation at some point... FYI - early bird discount finishes this Friday.
  3. Interesting little article about this year's Legends here chaps, seems our theory on a non-P-51 horsemen display could be on the money. Also, more than four Buchons, woot! https://www.aerosociety.com/news/legends-assemble/
  4. Looks like we may finally witness a P-47 being put through its paces this year if this video from the weekend is anything to go by! Must be Richard Grace at the helm, that's certainly not the usual sedate approach usually taken by Stuart Goldspink - no offence to him of course, he puts on a wonderful Hurricane display, just never seems to wind up the Jug. Also, this could be the year of warbird aerobatic teams, if the Horesmen cometh and we get to see Nellie B as part of the new ULTIMATE FIGHTERS team. (Hints of Breitling Fighters most welcome) https://www.facebook.com/1785419121510239/posts/2378405305544948/
  5. Where did that come from?! Nice
  6. Gents, I've been struggling to find the time this year to commit to my ideal two nights a week, sometimes even one is difficult. This is regretful, but hopefully only temporary. Currently it's the combination of a new home-life situation and a demanding job that often leaves precious little evening time or energy for anything else. Having reluctantly made the decision to ditch Sundays a while back due to focusing on the newer sims, I have missed the banter with certain dogz for some time now. Honestly, 1946 doesn't really do it for me anymore, I've been well and truly bitten by the DCS bug so tend to gravitate there should I find myself with an evening free to fly. Even CloD is losing it's appeal in recent months due to its developmental stagnation and drop in regular Dogz numbers. I want to spend more time in BoX, but if I only get one evening free it's simpler to just fire up DCS. (plus, there has been considerable investment here compared to elsewhere ) Perhaps as Tom says, another review is in order?
  7. So as long as i'm careful installing (always) then it might work, nice. I'll check the manual for pairing and placement etc and report back Thanks FT.
  8. Hey guys, here's a crazy thought... I've read conflicting reports, some say yes, others say no no no, but what if I just added the 16Gb to my existing 8Gb to make 24Gb*? Will it do any damage trying or just a case of switch off and whip out the 8Gb if it has a hissy fit? *quick maths
  9. I'd say it's more likely to tie in with P-51 Berlin Express that's been resident in Area 51 since FL17 when her canopy disintegrated. They've got unfinished business there.
  10. Well they have performed with Sabres, Lightnings, Bearcats and Spitfires so I suppose it's possible... There is a Sabre in France now (Fred Akary exchanged Moonbeam McSwine for one).
  11. Although not yet on the official Flying Legends page, I see the Horsemen list the 13th and 14th show on their own website: http://horsemanflight.net/schedule Can you imagine if they ferried three P-38s over for it! 😎😎
  12. Howdy chaps, For those of you that fly DCS with me, you'll know that most of my time these days is spent swearing whilst it takes most of the evening to load with my measly 8GB of RAM. Every update it gets worse as more and more goodies are added to DCS. So, I'm finally pulling my finger out and ordering some new RAM for my (now 5.5 year old) i5 rig. The big question I suppose is, should I go ahead and buy 32GB outright, or go in at 16GB to start with and see where that gets me? Will I really benefit from 32GB with the age of my rig? I used the crucial scanner to help identify roughly what I can take, which helpfully reminded me that I have a Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H mobo. After a bit of searching on ebuyer, I've got my eye on this nicely discounted (£75.14) 16GB set of Corsair Vengeance sticks that should be compatible: https://www.ebuyer.com/389201-corsair-16gb-ddr3-1600mhz-vengeance-performance-memory-cmz16gx3m2a1600c10r I've been expecting to pay about £120 for 16GB, hence my question of just stumping up the extra cash, biting the bullet and going for two sets of the above. It's been a long time since I upgraded, so would be keen to hear any advice from fellow Dogz before I click the buy button. Thanks in advnace!
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