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  1. No, i'd say they're just protruding post impact as the wings have been creased backwards, probably breaking the spar in the process. Spitfire flaps are either fully down or up and only used for landing.
  2. Indeed, at DX they have always operated them on the hard from what I remember.
  3. Yes mate, owned by Christophe Jacquard I believe. I think it's been at Legends most years in the last decade. Lots of questions over whether it should have been operating off grass in the first place. It had a similar mishap a few years ago, clipping the grass on landing rollout sending shards flying.
  4. Regular to Flying Legends (down to display again this year) has had a serious incident at a show in France. Prop strike early on in the take off run causes the Mk XIX to flip onto it's back. Reports indicate the pilot is injured but will be ok and a member of the crowd was hurt by flying shards of wood from the propeller. Video here, shocking lack of emergency cover...
  5. S! And welcome Spaulding, to our mad house.
  6. Great example of hearing the pneumatic system in action.
  7. I should be able to lend a hand too
  8. I may take you up on that Dave, is that for both Friday and Saturday night?
  9. Incredible DC4 display!
  10. Hey Snacko! Good to hear from you old chap. IL2 Co-ops and Long DFs are run Sundays and Tuesdays with Thursday now being our dedicated CloD night. DCS is a little more ad-hoc with various chaps popping servers up after the action on the above days or other days of the week. Chat box or monitoring TS is usually the best bet for catching some action with the latter. Be good to fly with you again sir. S!
  11. Ok that answers that then!
  12. So, what is the gen with Legends this year gents, I feel i'm out of the loop. Who is going and who's booked rooms?
  13. Love Astons and love Spitfires of course. But this kind of corporate BS rubs me up the wrong way some times. Still, impressive visuals and V12 goodness!
  14. oooh, will check this out