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  1. Cat's out of the bag then. Now I can reveal the true intel I received. Top-secret killer SS robo-rabbits were stationed in that field and I wiped out the bloody lot of them. My wing bombs despatched any surface critters and the 500lb-ers appear to have tunneled right into the burrows eliminating their production line. I'll accept a DFC&bar minimum. Nothing for the nav naturally, he didn't even turn up.
  2. Last minute intel suggested a pack of deadly SS attack dogs were stationed in that outbuilding, trained to pounce on any fleeing prisoner. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 😁
  3. Despite the losses, I'm really impressed with our results on target.
  4. Have to say that was one of the most immersive experiences I've had in all the decades flying online hairy-planes. Damn good show @DD_Fenrir and thank you. And I made it back home!
  5. Thanks again for your patience this evening @DD_Fenrir, you are a gent. It's clear you've put a great deal of time and effort into this and I'm looking forward to being a part of it on Sunday. Getting across the channel is my aim, everything else will be a bonus!
  6. I have just installed this, no idea what I'm doing. Perhaps we could have a run through tomorrow please mate?
  7. I definitely like the idea of North Africa and the mod looks pretty convincing to me.
  8. Sounds good to me @Friar, looking forward to it too. Currently on holidays in Sandbanks until Friday morning, I'll be dropping the family off home then diverting straight up to DX for the afternoon/evening. I'll book the usual curry house shall I? What time will work for everyone? I know @Jabo will be up later than most is that right?
  9. Ticket and car pass booked for Saturday too.
  10. I'm certainly still game! Plus, they've just updated the flying list and it's looking delicious. 17 spits, 6 hurris, 2 lysanders, blenheim is back, seafire, 2 staggerwings, swordfish + lots more https://www.iwm.org.uk/airshows/duxford-battle-of-britain-airshow/flying-list To confirm, stay at usual cherry hinton holiday Inn express.
  11. How have I not seen this before?! @DD_Fenrir prepare to salivate
  12. My goodness Zuk, I'm sorry to hear this. Thinking of you old chap, I dearly hope things improve. Real life always comes first, but know that support is here if you need it. Take care mate
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