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  1. I will never miss another Sunday Mass; It's a Miracle! Well done chaps, glad you made a success of it whilst I sipped on muddy bog juice.
  2. Hello mate, I had the same issue a while back and it was one of the mods conflicting with the latest update. It was either Grass or Multicoloured tracers, I removed them both and it never happened again. Hope you are well Sven, it's been a while! S!
  3. Whilst I was hoping that my collisions only occurred in the dream world, I am of course pleased that we may have ironed out the combat report gremlins and glad to see it all went through. Well done 402nd for hitting some key targets and keeping things together on what was a fun and hair-raising little post-drop fur ball. Chris Blooblair sends his apologies to Jasper Jacobsen for the un-sighted bell flop in the face, typically when the 'threats' had been dealt with. At least we survived, that's something! 2nd Lt Casey Baker reporting for duty Sir!
  4. Aha, so my initial recollection was mostly correct. I would conclude then that on my part, a combination of target fixation and you being almost certainly obscured by my canopy frame for the majority of the collision course. And judging by that last footage, I was certainly hidden under your nose so we were both blissfully unaware of our impending 'amalgamation'. 🥴 Fascinating stuff really! You can only imagine just how difficult it was to achieve accurate combat reporting at the time. S~ Sir!
  5. Spectacular! Thanks Arthur and Jabo. It's all a little hazy, but If I recall, I was climbing up onto a bandit travelling in the opposite direction to this one with a single '38 long to it's six not in firing range. You can tell by my behaviour I am blissfully unaware of you Arthur! I didn't even see you until the very split second before we collided. Looking at the angles, I suspect you were obscured by the canopy framing for most of the collision course and I was fixated on my target. Having said that, perhaps I misjudged the angles and what I was actually pursuing was your 190 and all I could see was Jabo's '38 as you were obscured? Any chance we could see it from my perspective? I'd be interested to see how it differs from my recollection!
  6. What a beast it was, can you imagine the cacophony?
  7. The older I get, the more of a pacifist I am becoming, so this does indeed interest me. To be honest, flying has always come first for me, the combat is secondary. Realistically, I'm not sure I will achieve my goal of a PPL any time soon; certainly not in the next decade and then who knows what the general aviation industry will look like then? So MSFS + VR sure does look like a desirable way of getting part way to fulfilling the yearning and flying around some jaw dropping scenery with a bunch of mates off the interwebs sounds cool yeah?
  8. Fear not. It's an endorsement old bean, a rite of passage. Just wait until he asks you to hold his hand, whilst chest deep in the English channel so he can remove his under-crackers in order to wave them like a flag at the French.
  9. You've already spent too much time with Painless it seems.
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