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  1. BluBear

    New Toy Mmm

    That is a tasty bit of kit there Crash!
  2. That is famously the favoured tipple of Captain Lewis Nixon from 101st Airborne, as documented in Band of Brothers. I've yet to try it, despite seeing it once in a bar in Barcelona. Fursday Fun Facts brought to you by BluBear
  3. Having watched the track back, it is indeed a spectacular crash sir! You are one lucky sausage Berty. It also illustrates the extent and complexity of the damage modelling in GBS, quite fascinating really. I'll try and do a little vid of it at some point.
  4. Oooooooh nice! Headcorn is a pleasant surprise, is Lashenden in the works also?
  5. You were missed sir, I hope the gremlins are dealt with swiftly!
  6. The mission didn't 'take' chaps. Last night was nothing but a yuletide dream.
  7. Cool vid Rox, I must remember to record TS as well to splice it in. Although, there's rarely any singing in the 402nd! Tracks + Fraps + Premiere. That is my method. Tracks do seem to be quite stable in GBS, more so than the old ntrks of '46 that seemed to deteriorate after time elapsed; although there is I believe a file size limit for a single track in GBS. I don't have any experience of DCS tracks so can't comment. I try to remember to hit record whenever there is action, then replay at a later date for screen and audio capture in Fraps. Here you can of course hide the UI
  8. I may be missing something, but can these not be added on to the next AAR? Or do EA actually have to be destroyed in a mission in order to make a claim against it?
  9. Created in Photoshop using the two official PSDs (rgb and alpha) and exported using the appropriate DDS plugin that GBS uses. Sidly took care of the 485th skins though, so you may want to tap him up old chap.
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