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PWCG P-38 Lightning Strikes Co-op Campaign - Next Mission Sunday 12th July 21:00 BST


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  1. What's better than 4 bombs, well eight of course....
  2. I'm afraid i won't be make it tonight, alas. Apologies Tom.
  3. It's no slouch air to air either, although for pure air to air i prefer the F16. Vid showing TWS mode vs 4 Mig 29's, Vid showing helmet acquisition and firing sidewinders off bore, V's 4 mig 21's on our server,
  4. Well, the latest thing on my list has been to use JDAMs in conjunction with the Tpod. First finding the targets and then send the co-ordinates to the bombs ready for drop, whist in the air.... Well, after a lot of trawling through out of date vids showing how to do it, success!!! Here is a vid of dropping 4 JDAM's in one pass on 4 targets The Tpod is very powerful once you get you head around it, Here's a vid of it being used in conjunction with Mav F's, use the Tpod to find, and lock the target, then slave that to the Mav F, the advantage of this being able to have the target locked way beyond the range of the Mav camera, and meaning you can fire at max range of the missile without having to get to close to nasty SAM's.... Really enjoying the Hornet for ground attack at the moment
  5. The hunt the ASI game is my least favourite aspect of the P38, especially when one of your props has all 3 blades curled around its engine housing!!!
  6. Tooling around in a Huey, taking off from Hawkinge. Flying out over Folkestone, then up the coast to Dover and then sight seeing Dover castle, My Huey flying sucks, but its a real fun thing to sight see the new map in!
  7. Finally got around to trying out the new P47, very nice indeed
  8. Yes, i used to do it before i got my new hard drive. You use the 2 links TOAD linked above. You install the prog in the second link, and then you can run the command prog in the first, and it will download the difference, between which way your switching. If you have fast internet and no data limit worries it works well, otherwise it will be less useful.
  9. Weelllll, that and the F16.... I'm not helping am I????
  10. I've just been messing around on our server, and could take off and land both the 14 and 18 on the super duper carrier
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