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  1. Great couple of days chaps, really enjoyed myself:)
  2. fruitbat

  3. Anthill Inside - Hex

    Now thats cool. Does Ponder Stibbons come with it as well?
  4. New Rig For Papabear

    VR ready means a 980.
  5. Ddz Forum 10Th Birthday!

    could be a possibility.
  6. Ddz Forum 10Th Birthday!

    Happy birthday dogs forums, and thanks for 10 years work Rog. Oh, and lol, nick
  7. New Monitor Advice

    The hit on the wallet was not small at all unfortunately, but after having it for just over a year, I'm very very happy I did decide to push the boat out. 1080p just looks so blocky You need a 980 to run 4k (or two 970's). When I got mine in dec 2014 the 980 had only just come out, if I was getting now I'd buy a 980ti. This is the monitor I got, https://www.overclockers.co.uk/samsung-u28d590d-28-3840x2160-tn-4k-60hz-1ms-gaming-widescreen-led-monitor-black-mo-204-sa.html It was £500ish when i got it, and another £500ish for the overclocked 980. GFX card, https://www.overclockers.co.uk/gigabyte-geforce-gtx-980-g1-gaming-4096mb-gddr5-pci-express-graphics-card-gx-148-gi.html I'm seeing my monitor for around $500 in the US now, after a quick search. I did think about getting the 32inch until I saw the price, when I bought my 28inch, the 32inch was £1600, screw that! Good thing about having a card that can run 4k, is that it will be able to do VR as well, I'm hearing that they're saying a 980 recommended as min for VR as well.....
  8. New Monitor Advice

    Nice upgarde. Someone whould have to prise my 28inch 4k monitor out of my cold dead hands though!
  9. Bit of a leftfield thought here, might get burnt at the stake for it, but what about flying it blue? Defending bombers vs swarms of Hurris and Spits to London and back?
  10. Right bases, wrong types, should be Mk1's for both hurri and spit (spit mkII at the end of the battle, no mkII hurris in BoB). Will have a look for the correct HSFX codes. Edit, Hurricane Mk1 12lbs 1940 Spitfire F 1 1939
  11. Ssd Problems

    I've used acronis, and I have to say, was very impressed.
  12. Dcs - Current Status & Goodies To Come...

    Mmmmmm, dabble... For all those that are about to take their third year university exams on 'DCS modules'....
  13. Oculus Preorder 6/1

    Right about the Sony part. Have you seen the build quality of Chinese knock off i phones, and their ability to spontaneously self combust.
  14. Oculus Preorder 6/1

    I've heard the sony one is going to be play station only. Although that would appear to be a very dumb move, but who knows. By the way Vive had there big announcement yesterday. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-35229548 A front mounted camera which can overlay the real world , so you can see without having to take it off. Good idea me thinks, although is going to push the cost up.