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  1. So I succumbed to buying the MB-339 today to get a slightly faster fix in this, and whist its not a grey jet, it goes someway to scratching that itch.... The clouds in this game are just something else, it doesn't really matter to me at the moment where I'm flying, just give me broken clouds!!!!! I love them!!!! Edit, I had no idea where I landed, other than north west ish of London, after a bit of searching on google maps (sorry microsoft.....) found it was Abingdon Airfield, just south of Oxford, https://goo.gl/m
  2. Fighters are for protecting the bombers. If fighters can take bombs, no point in the bombers. Want to bomb something, take a ground attack plane, want to shoot other planes down, take a fighter... My two cents....
  3. I got around to patching this yesterday, all 29 gigs of it! Had a bimble around the grand canyon then somewhere in England (don't actually know where i clicked, somewhere in the middleish!). Turned everything up to Ultra for shits and giggles, and in 4K, my eight core overclocked to 5.0Ghz and Rtx 2080Ti with 11gig of memory and superfast fibre, can just about get mid 30's fps, lol. But, but, those clouds are so bloody amazing!
  4. Todd made a 1 v 1 mission in RoF way back when, in the same style as the old one on il2, so it is possible to do in GB, lol. Not by me though, life is to short to use the GB ME.
  5. And something a little bit quicker.....
  6. Since we don't have one..... I'll start,
  7. Its a step in the right direction.... but its still sub sonic!
  8. mmm, pretty..... Might mean my current desktop background might change soon
  9. Axis. Just cooler tanks! But where's my tiger, sniff.....🤣
  10. Its good, and I got it for free (Enough DCS miles!) Laser guided rockets are great fun, and the helmet cuing system is v cool.
  11. You need to enable 'mods on' in the game as well, in settings.
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