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  1. Many fun times. Can't believe the first one i went to with you guys was coming up 10 years ago.
  2. Great list of planes though👍 Looking forward to the p40's particularly in the cliffs engine.
  3. Oh well, As i didn't (notice the pass tense) have the Hornet, I bought the naval warfare bundle, and the Persian gulf map, with discounts and dcs miles for $90 🙈
  4. Light weight version for TOAD, 870 meg instead of 1.56 gig
  5. fruitbat

    4k skins light

    Version 1.0.0


    For TOAD
  6. I accidentally missed out the yak 7, so there is a little 30 meg download attached to this post that will correct that, Unzip and copy into C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\Mods\4K Default Skin Replacements for BoM-BoS-BoK and disable and re enable "4K Default Skin Replacements for BoM-BoS-BoK" in JSGME This will add a 4k default summer and winter skin for thew Yak 7 data.7z
  7. Looks the perfect place to enjoy the corsair 👍
  8. My first carrier landing attempt, Admittedly I was being talked down by Tom!!! And Jester was less than impressed🤣😁 And a rather nice vid, after i jumped into Tom's Tomcat afterwards, and watched a landing from the backseat (with time to do some external shots too). Good fun
  9. I need to spend some more time in her, its on my list over the holidays, i don't want my f16 to get jealous though 🤔🤣
  10. That file you've highlighted is an old different version of the mod in 2k skins. Fyi, I've altered stuff in the other folders that you have shown there as well, adding normal maps and 4k skins for all other planes that didn't have them, and have removed the normal maps and skins for planes that have been updated to 4k by the devs.
  11. I was thinking the very same thing earlier. I'd say great minds think alike, but on balance, probably mediocre minds think alike is more accurate 🤣
  12. Ft, could use the key i have already got, on that email if you want.
  13. I cant wait for them to finally squish this bug!!!
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