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  1. You need to enable 'mods on' in the game as well, in settings.
  2. A few vids tooling around, New York, the Pyramids and Ha Long bay.
  3. Here you go, Unzip this, has three icon mods in it, 1) plane icons (just a small triangle), 2)remove all other plane icons from the map,. 3)Removes floating waypoint icons. icons.7z
  4. Glad you have finally had success Colin👍
  5. This plane is going to be so much fun! fun
  6. Anyone want to join me on an amazon expedition in one of these... Thinking of starting at the delta, and trying to find the source!!!
  7. Me too, just bought the all singing dancing version of it. The thought of flying over anywhere in the world with those gfx is just to tempting. Already planning my site seeing trips. Early doors is going to be a jumbo in the grand canyon 🤣. The himalayas, the central highlands in Vietnam, the serengeti, flying up the amazon.... oh and crashing into my 🏠!
  8. S~ Fruitbat, 

    Hey it's Badger, long time pal, just getting back into flying and I don't have the teamspeak server IP and password can you send it to me please, please tell all the Dogz I said hello and hope to fly with you all soon.



  9. He's coming around... i have video evidence of him in a Tomcat! I have often thought about Hell let loose and Post scriptum, after watching several vids by nano on them (pretty amusing). I still occasionally fire up elite dangerous, want to find more time for assetto corsa and enjoy the assassin's creed games for some open world fun (mainly in the winter when i have more time). Have been getting my fps kick occasionally in starwars battlefront 2, and will definitely be getting star wars squadrons on day one of release. Flying an x wing in VR is not something I'm going to pass up on! At the moment though due to work, I'm not doing much, other than learning the f14, f16 and f18 in dcs. Learning 3 jets is an undertaking, although I'm pretty competent in all 3 now which is pretty rewarding.
  10. Track ir support is in the latest build.
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