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  1. fruitbat


    Give it a few months, and Russia could be our new ally!
  2. Yeah, I play in 4k, and get shadowplay to output at 1080p from the 4k original, which means its downsampled. This gives a better quality 1080p vid, than recording in 1080p to start with for reasons i don't completely understand. Downsampling is also used by people with very high horsepower computers, to give a better image in VR headsets. The raw shadowplay footage looks much better, first win photos has degraded it (although i am very impressed by how little), then youtube does its butchering. At some point i'll upload a vid in 4k to youtube, to see what its like.
  3. Here's a little vid of some CLOD fun from tonight, including a rather interesting Hurricane take off!
  4. Little vid before Arthur's masterpiece.... Arthur, that's a 2.23 gig shadowplay vid reduced to 320 meg with win 10 'photos' as mentioned earlier. Obviously looses quality, but allows me to beat you to the deadline and have sound in the vid! I need to sort out the 'no sound with shadowplay in youtube' issue I have though, so I can upload higher quality stuff.
  5. fruitbat

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    Z390, bit silly not to really imo, although it's really only usb 3.1 support extra at the moment. Went for an ASUS® ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO, excellent board for overclocking. Re chips, its only the i7 9900k that's 'better' Intel wise. Costs a lot more money, and runs hotter when overclocked...
  6. fruitbat

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    No it won't. Says someone who has just re configured 3 flight sims.... By the way, I've got my i7 9700k overclocked @ 5GHz easily, you'll like, great chip.
  7. Once I have my new Pc, I'll start doing more than the exploratory work done so far. It will be a damn site easier to re create the missions from 9 lives in Clod, if i have the FMB open in both 46 and clod, on different computers side by side. Patience Chistoff!
  8. fruitbat

    One for FT?

    And here was me expecting bf110 stuff in this thread....
  9. I'm really looking forward to the Dora and Tempest (p47 meh!). I even had random dream about flying the tempest in box the other week, first time I can ever remember having a dream about a computer game!
  10. fruitbat

    Who has what

    The i16 and the E7 are really fun planes. Apparently theirs also a plane Sid likes a lot. Mig something or other....
  11. Lol, not sure the gunsight is the problem in that vid!!!
  12. Been flying the Spitty, absolute joy to fly, essentially 3 flavours, Mk IXe LF (merlin 66) Mk IXe LF clipped wing Mk IXe HF (merlin 70) Although you could make a Mk IXe HF clipped wing, the way modifications work, not sure that was ever actually a thing though. I know there was a fairly rare mod to add to the wing of the high altitude spits, which did the almost unachievable act of making a spit fugly, so taking some off of high altitude spits seems unlikely. Since its bank holiday and i'm feeling exceptionally lazy as i type, i can't be bothered to check in my copy of spitfire the history no more than six feet away.... The Gyro gunsight is a thing of beauty, and actually feels like cheating a bit, no wonder it was nicknamed the ace maker! 50's hit hard in this game to, so the 2 in the e wing are easily good enough to down fighters on there own if needs be.
  13. Broke down and pre ordered earlier as there was some new toys to fly. Both planes are v nice...