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  1. Best umbrella I've ever used 🤣
  2. Don't know, but i do know thats flying on a part of the map they consider only 15% done, and using lower texture quality than on the more completed parts of the map!!!
  3. helicopters are addictive!!!
  4. Some Apache stuff, Take off and landing practice, And getting buzzed by a Tomcat,
  5. Formation landings in a Viper,
  6. One small word of caution Chris, whilst the scenery side of Msfs is amazing, they didn't put quite so much work into the flight part.
  7. DTOS bombing has arrived for the F-16, now I can look at stuff and make it go boom boom!!!
  8. Also, if you want the new fixes for the mossie, which negate my post from before (elevator trim fidelity and brake response rate), all you need to do is copy the updated beta 'default.lua' file into your stable version.
  9. Don't worry, complex engine management isn't complex!
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