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  1. In anticipation for this, I've finally decided to follow the advice of a lot of people regarding elevator trim, and have added two new controls to my control bindings, which are a quarter of the trim inputs, and allows for much finer elevator trim control. Much much easier to achieve hands of flying now, well worth it imo. Its actually very easy, first navigate to here, Open the 'default' LUA file, and copy in the lines (use something like Notepad++). to here, the --Tail Trim Wheel-- section lines 525,526 in my screenshot. Save and open the game, now you will have 2 new commands you can map, Trim Elevator Nose Down Slow Trim Elevator Nose Up Slow I've still got the original commands mapped for fast adjustment, but on my HOTAS the new ones. Well worth doing I think.
  2. Just recently a mod Blackhawk came out, well worth a go if you want to try a helio for free. Its got pretty good reviews for the FM from ex helio pilots, and is certainly a lot of fun and a completely different flying experience to planes. Can get the mod from here, Showcase: DCS UH-60L Black Hawk Mod (skywardfm.com) Here's a little vid of me bimbling around and breaking it with a heavy landing!!!
  3. Now for something different, low level under NVG's......
  4. HARM's, who needs HARM's when you have a HTS pod.....
  5. Its very cool to see one flying regardless 😎
  6. The perfect Tomcat (he says before listening)!!!!
  7. As the thread title says, [Mod] Historically Accurate Skins 4K [Updated 1/2/22] - Page 2 - Mods - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum (il2sturmovik.com) I use the 'complete' Gives all German skins their proper markings, and also proper kill marks on the relevant allied skins. Is up to date with the rework of the default skins in the last patch.
  8. Hi again Lewis, we'll be flying tonight at 8pm if you want to jump on comms
  9. Hey Col, couple of observations, re the 500m, if that's horizontal separation, its way way to close, wants to be couple of clicks at least (time to sort out pitch, trim, various rads, speed at the merge etc...). If that's height, way to low, fights going to be limited by proximity to the ground, we used to start at 2000m alt from memory, which worked well.
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