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  1. First flight on the new winter channel map, and some pics,
  2. I'm just downloading, going to log on and try to fly it shortly in my fatigued state, lol
  3. Holy crap, video cards in stock!!!!!!
  4. When i bought my 32inch 4k monitor, at the time, 60hertz was all you could get!
  5. Personally i would prefer 4k as my overriding factor. But that requires a card that is less common than rocking horse poo. I have been 4k for 4 years now and i couldn't imagine going back. I think I'm lucky though, some people swear they see the difference between 60 and 144fps, be dammed if i can.
  6. As the thread title says.... DCS Reference - Airgoons
  7. I don't have an answer, I'll look for another site I guess. @DD_Arthur can you see previous pictures?
  8. Sure, if you can suggest a site which doesn't compress 4k screens as little as that one, and that is as easy to use, generating share links. I would use the Dogs, but I think the screens loose a bit of quality during the upload compared to what I use, and I ran into problems linking them on other sites, plus the interface is much more awkward. Your problem is still odd, as I use BT too without issue, and you could see them straight away over on the il2 forums, and they are the same links.... Anyway, a few more for you not to see for a few days, lol, See if you can see them here Chris, https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/58030-dcs/?do=findComment&comment=1105641
  9. Some screenies from tonight,
  10. First joy ride in the Pacific,
  11. SAM hunting in the Viper, HARM's and JDAM's,
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