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  1. Of course I can't🤣🤣🤣
  2. fruitbat

    DCS F4U-1D

    Yep, me too🙈
  3. Oh, how flight sims have moved along.... This is the first flight sim i ever played (and took of and landed successfully!) Was on my atari ST, couldn't of even dreamed of what we have now, and goes some whey to explain my F16 love!!! Cockpit looks a tad different!!!!
  4. Spot the deliberate mistake on this landing approach..... Doh!!!!
  5. So, I bought the F16 on a whim yesterday, and happened upon a Fenrir in the evening, so.... Short mountain run vid, A much longer than i realized vid, 30mins!!! Tom, the bit of the flight where you tried to loose me is from around 17 mins, if you want to see it from my cockpit, plus my rather haphazard first landing is in at the end !!!! Twas fun!!!
  6. Maybe by next tuesday anyway, no chance by tomorrow after finding out what i have to do first!!!!!
  7. In theory I might be able to host a dogfight map on my second (old) pc on Tuesday nights to act as a lobby.
  8. Thanks Todd, i went hunting for it the other day after you mentioned it,.great little program 👍
  9. I'm not sure I want to go through 30 gigs worth of skins, deleting what I don't want!!!🤣
  10. A problem yes, but error no....... your skin folder doesn't exist on your C drive, so its perfectly correct I know, i'm not being very helpful!!!
  11. That works for me. Edit I might pick your brains on how to write a .bat file to delete all files smaller than a certain size from a folder though
  12. Well, its really because the skin situation is quite fluid with Box, as initially they all started out as 2k, but newer planes have been released as 4k, and some existing ones have been upgraded to 4k. This in turn means that the normal maps have been changed as well to fit 4k for these newer/upgraded planes, and don't necessarily fit well as well with the old 2k skins. A lot of the skins these days are 4k skins anyway, all from Bodenplatte for example, sooner or later everything is planned to be upgraded to 4k templates anyway. What it would mean would be, that I on my end wouldn't see your skin if it an old 2k skin, but would if it was a newer 4k skin (which is increasingly the more common), and if you were wearing a 2k skin, my mod if used in conjunction, would re dress you in a 4k skin on my end, which will also dress all the ai in 4k correct marking skins too.
  13. Great idea FT, can i make a request though? Would it be possible to add a check box to only download 4k skins, should be easy to do given the 4k file size vs 2k file size? I'm also planning to work on something for myself which can be made available to all once done. As it really offends my sensibilities to not have all 4k skins as default and in particular not have proper German markings by default, I'm planning on altering an available mod to change all the default skins to 4k, for the ones that haven't already been updated to that standard, including the relevant normal maps, and correct German markings. This will make all the AI planes and any of you peasants using 2K skins appear in glorious 4k correct markings goodness! Edit Made all the easier since i've just found a current list of what i need to change and not change.....
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