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  1. Interested too, again, just finding the time!!!
  2. I seem to be able to use it pretty effectively 😇
  3. So, you can also fire Amraams off with the JHMCS helmet as well, which is very satisfying and helpful in a dogfight (under 10 miles) Switching to dogfight mode with the 'Dogfight/missile overide switch - cycle' key, and then pressing TMS up, which switches you to the the Boresight mode within the dogfight mode and gives you a lovely circle directed by your helmet where your looking and directs your radar at that point. Simply look at your target, pressing TMS up until a nice square appears around your target, and fire your missile, rinse and repeat.....
  4. Look forward to you joining us for some flying then
  5. Block 70/72 is the latest version i belive, block 50 is what we have in dcs, and the 50/52 were the last to be called C's i think. The V designation is for the block 70/72's and existing f16s can be retrofitted to this standard, along with some being built from scratch, these are all for other foreign states though, not the US.😇
  6. His videos are pretty good, I've watched most of them, particularly him trying the dcs hornet and Viper, he's flown both in real life.
  7. As to our conversation last night about what keys do i think are most important to be mapped on your HOTAS, multiple targeting and firing in TWS mode and firing sidewinders off bore using the jhmcs helmet, here is a thread.... First keys that i think are really important to have close at hand on my throttle and stick. NWS A/R DISC MSL STEP button, This is nose wheel steering, but more importantly when flying holding it down, will enable you to swap missile types during a dogfight. RDR cursor switch up, left, down and right for cursor manipulation in the radar, Right MFD OSB 19, This button enables you to switch between slave and bore modes for your missiles and you will want for using the jhmcs helmet Uncage switch, This is for locking sidewinders using the jhmcs helmet (can fire them without, but means holding your head tracking on the target until you want to fire, once caged you do not have to be keeping it centered exactly on the target) Dogfight/missile overide switch - cycle, for entering dogfight mode, TMS up, down, left, right for taget manipulation Countermeasures management switch - FWD, for chaff and flares Plus the obvious stuff like triggers for guns and missiles etc! Next, here is a couple of vids showing the use of TWS radar mode and ripple firing amraams on multiple targets. You can enter TWS mode from the default RWS mode by holding TMS right for a second, and vice versa. Once in TWS mode, the targets will initially appear on your radar as small filled in in squares (until a couple of sweeps) then turn into the larger white square (track targets), you can then use TMS right to turn them all into system targets (hollow squares). Then TMS right again to bug the closest (bugged is hollow square with a circle around it). You can fire at bugged targets. TMS right will cycle through all the remaining system targets, bugging them one by one. You can only have one target bugged at once, but up to 10 system targets. It is then just a question of firing, TMS right, firing, TMS right, firing etc.... Next here is some stuff about Sidewinders and the JHMCS helmet. Once your in close fighting, press the dogfight mode switch. If you have amraams as well as sidewinders,it will default to amraams, press and hold NWS button to switch to sidewinders. Then press the right mfd OSB 19 button to change it from slave to bore. You can now lock with the helmet and using the uncage button cage them as well. Vid in action plus the tacview view as well. I have added the two missions below, i used as practice for myself and in these videos, if you have the Persian gulf map and want to practice it yourself, migs are unarmed. Any questions just ask here, hope this helps a bit Missions.7z
  8. Yep, you read right, somebody foolishly allowed us to fly helicopters. I say fly...... Great way to wind down after flying jets in multiple combats!!!! Tom showing at least one of us can hover properly (after i ahem landed)
  9. I'm getting better, after reading the DCS forums a bit regarding refueling in a F16, I've changed my throttle axis to 'Slider' as recommended, and it gives much better throttle response and ability for finer adjustments during air to air refueling than before. Refueled during the turn this time
  10. As the thread title suggests! Done by using two different systems, Tacan for the initial approach and to get to 10 miles out 3000 feet and aligned with the runway, before switching to ILS at 10 miles out till touchdown. Lovely day for a flight.... First vid is the Tacan approach Second is as i switch to ILS, Got to love the modern tech!!!!
  11. Little vid and a couple of pics of an F16 and an i16 flying in formation together, thanks FT! My F16 computer wasn't particularly happy with me, holding 15 degrees of AOA to fly around 170 knots, to let FT's i16 formate on me!!!! But to be honest she's never that happy with me anyway🤣
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