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  1. Happy Birthday Kev :) 

  2. Buttkicker and banana should never be in the same thread title. That aside, other than a piece of sound software, what is banana and its particular relevance to VR?
  3. Yep, i read that start up thread you linked, and thought, auto start ftw!
  4. fruitbat

    Take off and carrier landing...

    Yep, even killed something in it now!!!
  5. fruitbat

    Take off and carrier landing...

    Tom's effort,
  6. fruitbat

    Take off and carrier landing...

    By DD_Sheriff esquire....
  7. fruitbat

    Skatezillas updater

    Thanks Crash
  8. fruitbat


    The only reason we still retain a seat on the security council, is the fact that we have nukes on submarines, and have the potential to wipe out individually most countries in the world, if we were so inclined. The security council is a joke anyway. Russia and China veto or abstain on any resolution that might set any precedent, that they can't smack down there own populations to keep the current ruling elite in power in both countries.
  9. fruitbat


    Whilst i don't disagree there's truth in that, I don't think it follows that if you have bad friends, you get rid of them, just to get even worse friends instead.... S Arabia is a case in point. Horrible government, in a region of horrible governments. Cutting off selling arms to them would be a massive hit to our defense industry but probably viewed as 'morally' (although morality is a completely subjective human construct) correct in today's society. Would it change S Arabia's policy's in anyway, of course not, they'd just buy of USA, Russia or China instead. Its a loose/loose situation either way. I've thought for a long time now, that politics and F policy is not about choosing the right thing, but choosing the least reprehensible option...
  10. fruitbat


    I think the correct terminology is Britain would be Russia's useful idiot! God help us if it happens.
  11. fruitbat

    How do you recover from a stall?

    Lots of things you did wrong I'm afraid. Straight away you need to throttle right back, by keeping power on you are accelerating the stall. Then stick neutral, waving it around also isn't helping! Then when you do bring the power back, you engage it again to soon. So, throttle back, stick neutral, and full rudder into the direction of the spin until the plane stops rotating (careful not to keep full rudder on to long and send the spin into the opposite direction). Once and only once the spin is negated, power slowly on to build up airspeed and then pull out of the dive. Hope that helps!
  12. fruitbat


    Give it a few months, and Russia could be our new ally!
  13. Yeah, I play in 4k, and get shadowplay to output at 1080p from the 4k original, which means its downsampled. This gives a better quality 1080p vid, than recording in 1080p to start with for reasons i don't completely understand. Downsampling is also used by people with very high horsepower computers, to give a better image in VR headsets. The raw shadowplay footage looks much better, first win photos has degraded it (although i am very impressed by how little), then youtube does its butchering. At some point i'll upload a vid in 4k to youtube, to see what its like.
  14. Here's a little vid of some CLOD fun from tonight, including a rather interesting Hurricane take off!