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  1. As long as jsgme is used, its a non issue.
  2. I take it you can see them fine Arthur???
  3. Couple of screenies, First the default 4K winter white skins replacement, Then a couple of the Moscow summer map Told you!
  4. Here is a screenie of my installed mods for BoX , that I am using and give my seal of approval for.... I'll up-date this as and when new stuff or improved versions thereof become available. On some maps (winter generally) I prefer the old sky mod, and the Moscow summer replacement for the Moscow autumn map is purely aesthetical but i much prefer its look over the standard textures.
  5. New Topic 😁

    Welcome Gypsy
  6. There is now an update for the 4K version which covers all the default winter skins as well now, plus the Bf 110G2 has been added now a 4k template has been finished, see here, https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/35423-mod-historically-correct-official-skins-2k-and-4k/?tab=comments#comment-597695
  7. IL-2 GBS Resources

    I've found these 2 PDF's to be useful to me, I emailed them to myself and downloaded them on my phone for quick 'on the fly' so to speak consultation... Pilots notes Mar 10 2018.pdf BOX_Quick_Guide_V2.8.pdf
  8. I have no problem with Spits! Or nice double layers of clouds...
  9. Well, what i have now learnt after playing around with this mod, is that i can set whatever i want to be a default skin for any plane, which i like alot! Works in the campaigns... Glorious 4k skins of whatever you want are possible. Will retro change any tracks you have recorded as well! This means tracks recorded online, can be altered before making a vid to show what skins you desire.... No thread is complete without a 4k spitfire of course,
  10. Who has what

    Have you tried it recently Craig, its got a lot better since i stopped playing it 2 years ago. I like it now!!! Plus it has VR now.
  11. Here is a mod to correct the German skins, giving ALL the official German skins the Hakenkreuz, https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/35423-mod-historically-correct-official-skins-2k-and-4k/ First download the link in that thread and unzip. Create a Mods folder in your il2 bos install and place the unziped folder in there. Then use JSGME to activate it, Start the game and check mods on, restart the game and enjoy correct markings on your German planes, Enjoy!
  12. Screen Shots

  13. Who has what

    All of it.
  14. Lol, just downloaded and finished installing. About to fire it up.
  15. online servers

    I'm tentatively researching some stuff, although mainly with the idea for co-op missions. Really waiting for 3.0 to drop, i'm hoping it will be possible to rip missions from the new single player mission stuff, and convert them into the new co-op mode. And of course to then tweak settings etc as to the dogz requirements.