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  1. Hi! Hi! Nothing happened Crash, except life and shit. I have re-located to Svalbard, the high arctic(yeah, like Norway wasn't enough), so we gotta keep them snow teddys away from time to time. They seem especially fond of goofy looking trackIR hats, so it's been a challenge. Now I live in a bunker and ready to go. Still tuesdays, thursdays and sundays? UbiZoo on saturdays? Cheers!
  2. Hallo! Crash pm'd me the log on stuff at IL-2 BoS forums back in august, how many more months of quarantine for the logons before they can be used/safe? I have a couple of dogs now, just for you guys.
  3. Kimosabi

    Messing Around In Jets

    I particularly like the airbrakes more than anything. That and the climb indicator. More than anything.
  4. Excellent new picture viewing thingy on the forums, Rog. I like it!

    1. Kimosabi
    2. B16Enk


      :) Glad you like it. Some missing icons which I hope to fix shortly!
  5. And it's all done in "silent mode"!
  6. Celebrated my return to boats with dropping a gearcase on my foot. It's all good though cuz my foot saved it. It's good to be back!

  7. That's it. Next payday I'm getting an external HDD and copy all my shit. Sorry to hear about your loss, Arthur.
  8. Mah G-suit squeeze mah balls. *eeeeeeeeeeee*

    1. fruitbat


      muhahahahah, i just shot me a mig with a missile, try running from that biatch ai:)

    2. Jediteo


      The Aim9B, the ultimate "Oh no you don't" weapon.

  9. Kimosabi

    Just Wanted To Say Hi To All Here.

    Hello Gothkrieger Steve! Welcome to the Dogz!
  10. I was getting rid of WoT today but the stinkin' folder thing keeps crashing windows explorer.

    1. Crash


      does it show in control panel/ add-remove programs?

    2. Kimosabi


      I uninstalled the game from there but I want to get rid of the folder as well. Looks like I have to disable a couple of DLL's to get proper access to that folder.

    3. Kimosabi


      YESS! I got the feckin WoT folder deleted. Had to disable thumbnail view in Explorer to access the folder. Enabled it again, after deleting WoT and all is well again. :)

  11. Average gunners in 4.10.1 are awesome. Four B17G's should go down but won't. I want but they won't. May have to upgrade to a Knackfurst.

  12. Kimosabi

    Another Lucky Mustang Pilot!

    +1 Noob in the cockpit. Over correcting and making things much worse for himself. Atleast the first one Bluebear posted had an engine mishap and the pilot literally saved the aircraft.
  13. Kimosabi

    Holy Sh*t!

    The best part for me was the pass. That sound is just so brutal and throaty I have to admit, I almost creamed. Engine, fuselage wind and prop noise packed together with the doppler effect. Shit!