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  1. Mayhem

    Just Dropping By

    Thanks guys, miss you all.
  2. Mayhem

    Just Dropping By

    Hey all, been a while. I'd be around to fly with you guys but having moved to a more rural area (which has it's benefits believe me) my internet access is now limited to satellite. Hopefully, that will change soon but until then please keep my ping woes (600 to 800 milliseconds) in your thoughts and prayers. I've been checking out the lasted advancements in DCS and it's really got me itching to partake in some co-op/dogfight action. With the latest additions to the DCS universe it's really starting to shine and looks absolutely stunning. My work hours suck right now as well which just adds to my lack of social time. Still around though, still a dog, still love to fly, just life and circumstances right now are not cooperating. Yeah, it's a bitch, but it's one I chose. In the long run it'll all work out and I'll be back in action, much to the dismay of some no doubt.😆
  3. Mayhem

    We need to talk...

    "1) 32-bit Program Support - we have to acknowledge the possibility that at some point in the future, windows support for 32-bit programs will disappear - this means no more Il-2:1946! There are of course ways around these things but this is an important aspect that must be recognized." A bit late to the party but with virtual machine technology I don't really see this being that big of an issue especially as PC's get more and more powerful running IL-2 1946 through virtual machine the background should run fine. I've personally run IL-2 using the WINE 'emulator' in Ubuntu Linux and it worked fine save for the anti aliasing which was an issue with WINE itself and possibly fixed by now. Having spent extensive time playing games through DOSbox and Virtualbox if you set things up properly you can click a shortcut and start the game/sim as simple as that. It's also possible I believe to condense everything (Emulator/Game/Sim) into one executable, or package at least, that folks could download to alleviate the work of setting it all up from scratch. As to which operating system to run a virtual machine of, I'm thinking XP might be better but Window 7 runs IL-2 perfectly too. As for dwindling participation, I'm not sure what to do about that. I'd be flying with you all but I've been extremely busy for the last few years.
  4. Mayhem

    Perfect Mode Question

    Yeah, look it up if you get the chance. It's supposed to make for a much smoother gaming/sim experience.
  5. Mayhem

    Perfect Mode Question

    Nor have I Jabo. The reason I ask is I'm thinking of getting a new monitor/graphics card with adaptive sync capability. AMD is using a open Freesync technology while Nvidia has gone with a proprietary G-sync they created. Both essentially accomplish the same goal of adjusting monitor refresh rate on the fly but the monitor has to have the respective module to work with the respective syncing tech. Nvidia G-sync monitors cost about a 300+ more USD for essentially the same thing and it kind of torques me off that Nvidia chose to go the proprietary route. I can get an ultrawide 34' LG curved with Freesync right now for about 530 USD while the same thing in Gsync is 900 bucks. I'd have no problem making my next graphics card an AMD but I'd hate to loose perfect mode in IL-2. Sounds silly I know, 1st world problems LOL.
  6. Mayhem

    Perfect Mode Question

    Does anyone know if perfect mode is still unavailable on AMD GPUs? Just wondering if perhaps the limitation changed after all these years of IL-2 updates, modern graphics cards and drivers?
  7. Free HD movie rental from Microsoft. Nice visuals, I figured some of you guys might enjoy watching it. https://slickdeals.net/f/10169096-stalingrad-2013-hd-rental-free-at-microsoft-store
  8. Mayhem


    I given enough stick time I bet Tom could fly that thing better than the pilot. Matter of fact, I guarantee it.
  9. Mayhem

    Free Bos Start Edition Key

    I'm offering a free BOS start edition key to anyone who wants it. You get 2 planes to start and have to unlock the others through single player accomplishments but hey, its free so..... If you want it let me know.
  10. Mayhem

    Bos For 8 Bucks

    Hello gec! Ok update. I went through the laborious process of using the G2A resolution center. After several exchanges with the seller, and after providing them with all the info they wanted (too much actually) I was finally issued a refund. I still have the start edition game key registered to my il-2 BOS account so I basically got the game for free. However, thinking this might be just the case with this one particular seller, and getting tired of waiting for responses, I purchase a second copy from another seller through through the same sales page. Result was, the same thing, start edition key. The sales page clearly states 8 planes included and says nothing about start edition which to my knowledge seem to be only available in RUS. This was just a matter of deception, or perhaps ignorance on the part of G2A and the sellers and not gec's fault at all. I got a free copy of the game out of it, though I'll have to unlock the planes through single player accomplishments. I have a second unused key for this "start" edition, so if anyone wants it, I'll be glad to donate it.
  11. Mayhem

    Bos For 8 Bucks

    Yes Sir, that's what I bought. I have an open ticket at G2A now. We'll see what happens.
  12. Mayhem

    Bos For 8 Bucks

    Hi Arthur, bought it from G2A and after plugging the provided key into the BOS site my account shows "start edition" activated. Seems this was a special edition only offered in Russia? Since my internet kind of sucks now that I moved out to the country (satellite), its better for me to download at night which I haven't done yet, so the game isn't installed. I did shoot and email to 1C support and here's their reply. Looks like you get 2 planes to start and have to unlock the other 6 through the campaign thus essentially bring you up to standard edition perhaps? Hi, Initially, you only get 2 aircraft. The remaining 6 aircraft you can get during the campaign You will not be able to use the option "ACTIVATE UNLOCKS" http://il2sturmovik.com/activate-unlocks Detailed description "Start Edition" is available on its DVD-box and on our website http://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/2257-opisanie-startovogo-i-standartnogo-izdanij-ig/ r on DVD-box games It is impossible to improve the "Start Edition" to "Standard Edition" or "Premium edition" As the details from the link are in Russian, here's the translation via Google. - Start edition contains two aircraft : LaGG -3 29th and a series of Bf 109 F- 4 - Another 6 aircraft ( Yak - 1, 69 -series , the Bf 109 G- 2 , IL - 2 AM- 38 (Model 1942 ) , the Ju 87 D- 3 , the He 111 H- 6 , Pe- 2 87 Series ) is available for free in the game , passing career. - It is also possible to purchase 2 additional premium aircraft La - 5 and FW 190 A- 3 in our store http://il2sturmovik.ru/store/ - This publication contains the key for the version of the game from the site to Steam it is not suitable . - Drive to the game is not required . - Release Date November 19, 2014 All in all, I'm fine with this as I'll pretty much exclusively be playing offline anyways. But its good information for anyone thinking they will just buy this and hop online with you guys having all 8 planes unlocked straight away. I'll be sure to pick up the La 5 and the FW 190 when the go on sale sometime, but this ought to keep me busy for a while.
  13. Mayhem

    Bos For 8 Bucks

    Beware I bought this and seem to have been given a "start edition" key that only has 2 planes.