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  1. Morning everyone...well afternoon for some of you. A couple of months ago I put up a Korean War DCS public dedicated server that has been running 24/7 since then. The name is "The Forgotten War 1950-1953" If anyone is interested it is a Player vs Environment (PvE) mission with lots of ground targets via the F-10 comms menu. Mark smoke, details, etc. F-86F Sabre and P-51D planes available. There are also lots of AI Mig-15s in the air to play with. There are also Hueys (no weapons) to server as Bell-47Gs for pilot Medevac. The mission is edited from Surrexen's Operation Secret Squirrel. Mig-15s are also available to fly and missions for RED is also available via the F-10 menu. Since the Korean War server had been doing well I created and hosted a second public 24/7 dedicated server called "The Vietnam War". This server is also PvE. This server features the FREE community created A-4E-C Skyhawk ground attack jet as well as the F-5E Tigershark. There are forward FARPS for Huey gunship attacks. Again this is an edit of Surrexen's Operation Clear Field. Mission status/target designation/CAS and SEAD support mission are available via the F-10 coms menu. The server PC is dedicated for this use only, so it is pretty smooth overall. We have been doing weekly co-ops with 8-12 pilots with no problems. i7-8700 @4.5 32gb RAM 500GB SSD no GPU. Anyway, enjoy.
  2. I eventually did finish my 6DoF. After talking to Sid tonight I remembered this thread.
  3. So, I wanted a new set of rudder pedals; my Siatek combat pro set were getting on my final nerve. Then I saw something that made my heart bleep dedey bleep. The new Thrustmaster Pendular Rudder System. Wow, I really liked the way they look....and then I saw the price. And I gulped, gasped, and coughed. 550.00 USD.....ouch.So. I made my own for 20.00 USD The black 3D printed bits here and there are mostly housings for heavy duty flange bearings that I had a box of in the shop. More bearings inside the brake pedals to keep things smooth. The center hall effect pivot is a 1/4" bolt with skate bearings supporting it on both sides of the steel arm. This thing is unbelievably smooth and strong. The adjustable springs make it easy for me to dial in the tension that I want from none at all to some type of Russian interwar years experimental biplane experience (think East German Womens weightlifting leg exercise machine) The brake pedals are equally adjustable from tension to the angle position. Took me two weeks to reverse engineer thrustmaster's design and build this but well worth every second. If my own rough work is any indicator of how good the Thrustmaster pedals are, and you can afford them, go get em. This thing is amazing. Started with some pictures of the spendy set, and created a solidworks model to see how to make things fit. Realized that I needed some linear hall effect sensors...so I designed some using a magnet and hall effect IC. Tossed in yet another Teensy ++ 2.0 and kicked it with a touch of MMJOY2. Adjustable throw for the rudder and tensioning system. Total out of pocket? 20.00 USD did I mention that?! I might canabalize my Saitek combat pro's for the really nice brake pedals in install them on my new rudder system. My pedals look a little crude...but they really do a nice job. Need to think about that for a while.
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