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  1. PropNut

  2. Wing Mounted Rockets...yes!

    I have been out of RoF for too long. Haven't even attended the Monday night flights (9PM EST), Mechwarrior Online has me completely addicted (although I am still supporting the DD effort to destroy GIAP in the Sunday night, 9PM EST, SEOW missions.).
  3. The Plot Thickens.......

    As a long time RoF pilot I have to say the idea of using the RoF engine in WWII excites me. I have never been a fan of the business model, although I have spent much more on this game than any other over the years it really has been reasonable compared to the cost of buying a new game every couple of months. I can see myself buying a spitfire, ME109, ME110, etc when they are on sale.
  4. Happy Birthday Propnut!

    Let me know if you need any help.
  5. Happy Birthday Propnut!

    Which one? Here is the one that I made for AP Hill: http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/9235-custom-roll-out-flight-control-panel/ And a flight control box that I made and then sold on SimHQ (for a loss). http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/10008-got-bored-and-created-this/ and here is my roll-out simpit desk: http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/8345-and-now-for-something-completely-irrelevant/
  6. Happy Birthday Propnut!

    Thank you Gentlemen, my Mechwarrior Online addiction has kept me away but I do still check the forums on occasion to stay up to date. And I am still active in the DD vs GIAP SEOW campaign on Sunday nights (9pm EST). With my new birthday present I expect that I will be a good deal more distracted in future: My shiny new Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus
  7. Cell Phone Ad From 1969

    That commercial is from 1989...
  8. Tribute To The Beaver

    Hmmm...considering the email said that Captain Jack had posted "Tribute to the Beaver" this is not exactly what I was expecting...and certainly not the type of beaver I was thinking of at all.
  9. New Car For Our Summer?

    I think in this case the "Honda" of the submarine world This is the Harley of the submarine world David The Harley of the submarine world?
  10. New Car For Our Summer?

    Perhaps with today's fuel crisis you should consider an economical subcompact Japanese import?
  11. I have got to admit, that was funny.
  12. Computer Hell

    Hi Tom, You computer is first rate, you would not see a huge improvement by upgrading. I doubt that there is very much wrong with your PC, at the very very worst perhaps the motherboard has an issue but that is a fairly cheap fix (50.00-100.00). I am betting on an issue with either the memory or the SSD (more toward the SSD). Did you try removing it and installing windows on one of the large hard drives? Anyway, I will PM you my phone number (I think I did before when I made you the button box). Give me a call and we will see what can be worked out (that is if your son does not come up with the fix). You are fairly close so shipping it over here or even meeting in Lansing some evening for dinner would not be a big deal. David
  13. Logitech G35 Head Phones

    I have the G930 love the rig, very handy to walk around the house to get a drink and still be in communications with the group. I never tilt my mic up, always use the mute button. Good info though, thanks for the heads up! David
  14. Computer Hell

    Good call Rog, there are several threads showing Avast Antivirus causing this issue as well. Most recommend installing the free Windows Antivirus instead.
  15. Computer Hell

    Quick update: Your DxDiag shows that you are using a SSD hard drive. There is a known issue with these drive causing BSOD and constant crashes ( with some, not all) with windows 7 (yes, even after it has been installed for a long time. Has to do with the number of boots, or some such). A firmware update is required. Here is a bit of information on the issue: http://www.techsuppo...sod-644677.html You might check with the manufacture of your model and see if there is a firmware upgrade for it.