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  1. No TrackiR or VR Pretty though. I was all set to buy in but...no pretty pretty 3D.
  2. Morning everyone...well afternoon for some of you. A couple of months ago I put up a Korean War DCS public dedicated server that has been running 24/7 since then. The name is "The Forgotten War 1950-1953" If anyone is interested it is a Player vs Environment (PvE) mission with lots of ground targets via the F-10 comms menu. Mark smoke, details, etc. F-86F Sabre and P-51D planes available. There are also lots of AI Mig-15s in the air to play with. There are also Hueys (no weapons) to server as Bell-47Gs for pilot Medevac. The mission is edited from Surrexen's Operation Secret Squirr
  3. I eventually did finish my 6DoF. After talking to Sid tonight I remembered this thread.
  4. It is on sale from DCS right now. 10.00 USD off...still on the fence on that one though.
  5. I have booked a room for three nights in Cambridge and have tickets for both Tuesday and Wednesday. Let me know how or where I can meet any of you, I would very much enjoy that. Tomorrow I am off to Silverstone to watch some races.
  6. I have not booked it yet but I did find a room to rent in Cambridge for Monday-Thursday so I could attend both days. It looks like there is a shuttle running from Cambridge to the event every half hour.
  7. That sounds great, I will look for a hotel room in the area for Tuesday through Wednesday nights. I might not make the show on Tuesday but definitely looks good for Wednesday.
  8. Thanks BluBear, I might do that. I am going to spend one more day in London and then I will head north to Duxford for a day. Kent is an easy hop by train I assume. Any recommendations on where to stay?
  9. Oh good call! The HMS Belfast is one I had not thought of, good call. Duxford is on the list.
  10. I finished my bicycle ride from Krakow Poland to Hamburg Germany a week and a half early. So my wife said go to England. Here I am standing in line in Hamburg at the British Airways counter looking for suggestions. I have scoped out the Shuttleworth collection, where, how to get there, etc , and also plan to visit the British Museum, Donnington, Silverstone and other cultural venues. Any other suggestions?
  11. That is the roller coaster modeling the "racking" that you feel on the old wooden stuff. Flying is not as jumpy.
  12. My wife riding a roller coaster. I have a lot of smoothing in the profile and it still needs lots of tweaking.
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