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  1. PropNut

    DIY Pendular Rudder Pedals

    Sorry for the late response Crash. Yes I have seen that before, I am a moderator at XSimulator.net. Nice rig. On my own 6DoF; the guy that is selling me my motors should have them off his rig by today and I am supposed to pick them on in Detroit on Thursday. He as messed me about before on this so I am not holding my breath. I already have five motors (three on my driving simpit) and he is selling me all six of his. Worse comes to worse I will have to wait until I find another matching motor and use the five that I already have. Course if I do get these six motors I will of course still find a sixth matching motor and turn my driving simpit from 3DoF to 6 DoF of course
  2. PropNut

    DIY Pendular Rudder Pedals

    Thanks gents, it was fun to make. This is current project : Turning this: Into this:
  3. PropNut

    DIY Pendular Rudder Pedals

    Thanks Dave. I get a giggle every time I see your signature picture.
  4. PropNut

    DIY Pendular Rudder Pedals

    So, I wanted a new set of rudder pedals; my Siatek combat pro set were getting on my final nerve. Then I saw something that made my heart bleep dedey bleep. The new Thrustmaster Pendular Rudder System. Wow, I really liked the way they look....and then I saw the price. And I gulped, gasped, and coughed. 550.00 USD.....ouch.So. I made my own for 20.00 USD The black 3D printed bits here and there are mostly housings for heavy duty flange bearings that I had a box of in the shop. More bearings inside the brake pedals to keep things smooth. The center hall effect pivot is a 1/4" bolt with skate bearings supporting it on both sides of the steel arm. This thing is unbelievably smooth and strong. The adjustable springs make it easy for me to dial in the tension that I want from none at all to some type of Russian interwar years experimental biplane experience (think East German Womens weightlifting leg exercise machine) The brake pedals are equally adjustable from tension to the angle position. Took me two weeks to reverse engineer thrustmaster's design and build this but well worth every second. If my own rough work is any indicator of how good the Thrustmaster pedals are, and you can afford them, go get em. This thing is amazing. Started with some pictures of the spendy set, and created a solidworks model to see how to make things fit. Realized that I needed some linear hall effect sensors...so I designed some using a magnet and hall effect IC. Tossed in yet another Teensy ++ 2.0 and kicked it with a touch of MMJOY2. Adjustable throw for the rudder and tensioning system. Total out of pocket? 20.00 USD did I mention that?! I might canabalize my Saitek combat pro's for the really nice brake pedals in install them on my new rudder system. My pedals look a little crude...but they really do a nice job. Need to think about that for a while.
  5. PropNut


    Thanks guys, I will look at my options once I get there. My wife did urge me to grab a plane from Hamburg to London for a few days so I am pretty sure I should be able to show up for at least one event if not the big one.
  6. PropNut


    I will be in Hamburg in the beginning of May and again early June (riding my bicycle down the Elbe river). I might be able to hop over there for an airshow...it would certainly be awesome.
  7. PropNut


    Any possibility that you can get them to change the date to sometime in May while I am over there?
  8. PropNut

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    Absolutely. Need to figure out shipping but I do have a couple of boxes around that should be perfect. I will separate the water cooler from the motherboard to make it easier. Let me know in PM what your address is so I can find a price for shipping.
  9. PropNut

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    Didn't know you wanted one, I have an i7 3930x w/16gb ram with self contained water cooler that I ran at 4.5 that you could have had for postage.
  10. PropNut

    online servers

    Sorry for butting in gents; thought I might be able to help. I have been testing a Dserver hosted on one of my gaming computers in the Man cave. I started flying again with the guys using your public TS and offered to host as I have the extra computers to spare. We usually have anywhere from 4-12 pilots per night. The usual suspects; AP, CaptJack, etc Hosting a BoX server is almost exactly like hosting our old RoF server, the interface is the same but the mission editor seems to have lots more features. As for server management; you can set it up to auto rotate or choose one to load from a saved list on the server. So you can upload the new mission at any time and use a remote login screen to change the mission when you are ready for it. All fairly easy. There are some great missions that you can borrow/edit for your use out there. I recommend Coconut's dynamic campaign mission. I am not very good at creating missions, although I do know the basics. I am sure those of you who have been making missions for 1946 can pick it up pretty easy. I am sure Roger can set up server space like he did for us when we were flying RoF. Hope this helps, if you want to check out what we are playing you can log into my server "Propnut" with the usual DD password.
  11. PropNut

    Wing Mounted Rockets...yes!

    I have been out of RoF for too long. Haven't even attended the Monday night flights (9PM EST), Mechwarrior Online has me completely addicted (although I am still supporting the DD effort to destroy GIAP in the Sunday night, 9PM EST, SEOW missions.).
  12. As a long time RoF pilot I have to say the idea of using the RoF engine in WWII excites me. I have never been a fan of the business model, although I have spent much more on this game than any other over the years it really has been reasonable compared to the cost of buying a new game every couple of months. I can see myself buying a spitfire, ME109, ME110, etc when they are on sale.
  13. PropNut

    Happy Birthday Propnut!

    Let me know if you need any help.
  14. PropNut

    Happy Birthday Propnut!

    Which one? Here is the one that I made for AP Hill: http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/9235-custom-roll-out-flight-control-panel/ And a flight control box that I made and then sold on SimHQ (for a loss). http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/10008-got-bored-and-created-this/ and here is my roll-out simpit desk: http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/8345-and-now-for-something-completely-irrelevant/