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  1. Thanks for an intresting trip report. Nicely done Chris. Do you or anyone know which airfield that was used in the movie: Twelve o' clock High from 1949 with Gregory peck? You mentioned Big Beautiful Dog. Here she is one day prior to the crash. Duxford 2011.
  2. Sweper

    Piece of Cake - 30 years ago

    Good points perf I gotta read that book. I have read Goshawk Squadron which was a good read but not nearly as good as Piece of cake. And, a lot shorter story by the way.
  3. How on earth did he manage to get the gear up before belly landing?
  4. Sweper

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    More from our friends in the west. Regarding the narrator, from what I read in the thread, he is welcoming the Norwegian pilots when they are returning back home after the war has ended: " They are from NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) and he is welcoming the Norwegian pilots home after WW2. We were ocupied so the pilots hadnt been on Norwegian soil for 5 years. He is saying how they are smiling to him with the Norwegian flag painted on the planes." I have to admit that I am proud of Norway's efforts during WW2 Norsman:
  5. Sweper

    Piece of Cake - 30 years ago

    Coldn't agree more. I read the book first, (which I bought with my own money at Duxford). One of the funniest book I've read. If, one can appreciate Brittisch humor and banter, of course Then I bought the series but didn't watch it until we visited Painalot's place in Waterlowille. Then I got Fighter Pilot from Mr Friar him self. Also a darn good read. Yes, I can imagine how Derek got the story for his book. Maybe.
  6. Sweper

    For train buffs

    Pic's from a tiny train museeum in Germany last year.
  7. Well, to make a short story a bit longer, I still have issues with my knees and my left rudder foot. Because of this, I am not very eager to fly IL-2 Coops on Sundays, BOX on Mondays and IL-2 Coops on Tuesdays. It is just too much for me. I would prefer Thursdays for BOX to get some space in between. But. Club cykling starts this Thursday (6:30 PM), the only day of the week we are all together. Heck, I just can't let my vote be taken seriously. I let others decide
  8. Today I finally launched BOS for the first time and it seems to run fine. So far.. Since I am an old Git and got reading disabilities, amongst other things, I will accept some help from any Gentleman that have time to spare with a crippled Dog.
  9. Sweper

    Who has what

    Nice to see you again Lothar!
  10. Sweper

    New Topic 😁

    Welcome to the kennel Gypsy!
  11. Soon, Father! Downloaded but not installed yet. Edit: Downloaded installed but not played.
  12. Time to buy. https://il2sturmovik.com/store/battle-of-stalingrad/
  13. Sweper

    Mastering the Emil

    A really good and informative read. Take off speed at 120 km/h! I wonder how many tires I had blown, with my 200 km/h. Those slats seem to be more trouble than help.