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  1. Sweper

    Flying Legends 2018

    Rather. Frankly, I would rather have the Italian color scheme (of any kind) than a grayish green camouflage of J11.
  2. Sweper

    Flying Legends 2018

    I found some information about CR.42 on an airplane forum I am a member of. "Had it not been for parts picked from worn out J 11's this would not have been possible. This Fiat CR42 carries the English registration G-CBLS and the production number is 920. That airplane was delivered to the Swedish Air Force in May 1941, then became J 11 with FV No. 2542. Used by F 9 and arrived already April 13 the following year lost at an accident at Tårdnatjako in Lapland."
  3. Sweper

    All debriefy and things

    Here is a picture from 2016 where everyone is dressed in official DangerDogz clothes. Well, most of them. Me at far right.
  4. Sweper

    All debriefy and things

    What a nice photo of a collection of nice chaps. Nothing has changed. Well, the hairline is a bit further up and a bit thinner. Other than that, I can still recognize all of you 😉
  5. Sweper

    All debriefy and things

    I suppose your'e having a delicious meal at the Curry house by now!
  6. Sweper

    App Icons disappeared on home screen Samsung

    Nope, no guest icon visible. The only guest is my double, but then I am a bit tipsy 😂
  7. Sweper

    App Icons disappeared on home screen Samsung

    Thanks FT for your support. The funny bit is that it didn't make a full factory reset, since that will delete everything in the phone. Apps, contacts etc. Just the icons disappeared on the splash screen. On all three pages. I really want to know what the heck I did that caused it. I manually "restored" all app icons since they were still in the phone. No big deal really. The only icons that are missing are those shortcuts one can save to the splash screen directly from the browser. Checked and no major update was made resently, latest was in February.
  8. Sweper

    All debriefy and things

    Is there a way to teleport?
  9. I don't remember what the heck I did, an uncontrolled swiping move before turning the Samsung off? It is a Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) almost similar to the Galaxy S7 I think. All of a sudden all app icons are gone from the home screen. It seems that the phone have switched it self back to original version like when bought from the store. All the original apps and programs are in the phone though. They just disappeared from the home screen and all what is left, is the weather app and the Google search bar/window which are there when the phone was newly installed. Also the bottom icons are still there. Any one know what happend and if there is an easy way to recover all app icons to the home screens . I don't want to do it manually I hope.
  10. What (little) can be seen on the video, from the beginning until the accident occurred, they were not synchronized at all.
  11. Sweper

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Yes, it is a flying FW 190 A8 and it is stationed in Sweden. Unfortnuatly it isn't the BMW 801 engine, but a russian ASH82 one. Short story, from what I read in the comments: Many Flugwerke "parts" were required to re-build this aircraft. Which was crash landed on a farm in Southern Sweden by Ludwig Nitzsch of 1./J.G. 54., at the end of WWII. Ludwig returned to the farm on his release from the authorities and married the farmer's daughter. He lived in Sweden until his death 1998?
  12. Sweper

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Some facial expression and g-turns
  13. Sweper

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Vampires still going strong.
  14. Thanks for an intresting trip report. Nicely done Chris. Do you or anyone know which airfield that was used in the movie: Twelve o' clock High from 1949 with Gregory peck? You mentioned Big Beautiful Dog. Here she is one day prior to the crash. Duxford 2011.
  15. Sweper

    Piece of Cake - 30 years ago

    Good points perf I gotta read that book. I have read Goshawk Squadron which was a good read but not nearly as good as Piece of cake. And, a lot shorter story by the way.