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  1. Hello and welcome Llama_Thumper! Don't believe everything they say on TS. Especially what they say about me.
  2. Pakistan International Airlines Crash So far.
  3. When we try to learn English. It is not that bloody simple! Because we use compound words. Some examples of direct translation. Flodhäst = hippopotamus (river horse) Pepparkakor = ginger snaps (pepper cookies) Fruktkött = pulp (fruit meat) Björnbär = black berry (bear berry) Jordnötter = peanuts (soil nuts) Tandkött = gums (tooth meat) Bröstvårta = nipple (breast wart) Kofångare = bumper (cow catcher) Blixtlås = zipper (lightning lock) Tvättbjörn = raccoon (washing bear) Färgglad = colorful (color happy) Prästkrage Daisy (priest collar) Återvinningstation = recycling station (re-winning station) Dammsugare = vacuum cleaner (dust sucker) Sugrör = straw (suck pipe) Kylskåp = refrigerator (cool/cold cupboard) Spårvagn = tram (track wagon) Sjuksyster (or, sjuksköterska) = nurse (sick sister) Sjukhus = hospital (sick house) Tandläkare = dentist (tooth doctor) Matbord = dinner table (food table) Välgorenhetsorganisation = well doing organisation= (charity) Over and out!
  4. Sweper

    New Toy Mmm

    Full Moon Fever.
  5. No electric guitar but still electric. Father and daughter Smith.
  6. Now we're waiting for CaptJack
  7. I'm solly. Havn't had fresh air in a week. My bwain is a bit dizzy. Well, it started with a boil in my arse, said the frog.
  8. I would have write something funny but changed my mind. I don't know how to delete the post.
  9. Sweper


    Jawohl! No shortage, yet.
  10. Sweper


    Today was shopping day. There was some shortage of merchandise, hither and thither, but in whole I got what I needed. Fortunately there was no shortage of beer. The staff seemed to work hard to fill the shelves. No worries!
  11. Sweper


    Thanks, I am fine! And prepared.
  12. Sweper


    Post what's happening today. Even tomorrow is today if it is tomorrow. Meh.. Today in Falkenberg. Full storm. The peak will be 35 m / sec according to the weather sites
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