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  1. Back in buisness - it worked deleteing the Multicoloured tracers, hurray. The Earth is back on its rotating plane again. Just dont get in front, or even near me FT and it will be ok
  2. I was actually thinking the Multicoloured tracers is the culprit. Gonna remove the mod and see how it works Thats the only changes Ive done lately. Cheers
  3. Everytime when firing the guns I get an error message like the pics below. I tried two different aircraft, M262A and the FW 190A8, with default ammo set up and default skin etc. When I delete the pop-up messages, the aircraft keep flying straight forward with no stick or controls, keeps firing the guns until empty. When out of ammo, the plane reacts normal again. If I push the gun button again, out of ammo, no error message. I have restarted the game, even the computer, but no change to the better. It happens in both Qick mission and in coops.
  4. It worked! Thank you Sid!
  5. I would like to add what I discussed today about the cheat sheat in the cockpit. Instead of the photo. The cheat sheet is displayed only on Allied aircraft, not on axis aircraft. I have, as shown in the photo below, the folder PNCP Option 1. I can not find anywhere where I select all aircraft. Inside the folder above, there are two folders; data and documentation. The data contains a new folder called graphics. And there's another folder called Planes. All planes in that folder are allies. I can not find where to change to: all aircraft. I do not find the mod anywhere on the forum.
  6. Flew three missions today in different aircraft. So far so good.
  7. Haven't updated yet. Thanks for the reminder.
  8. I tried, but no action when I clicked the link in the thread. Is it this one in the BOX libary?
  9. What is this "crash dump" file? Can't find it in my PC.
  10. Only tested a Qick Mission. P-38 on the ground, started the engines, moved around external and inside the cockpit a couple of minutes. Works so far. Last time game crashed was during 109E vs MIG dogfight, about 5 -10 minutes into the mission. No messages, game just shut down and I was back at the Windows screen. Seems some people still have crash promlems what I read in TOADs second link.
  11. Done FT. Repaired 5 or 6. See if that helps, too.
  12. When you mention it. Opened the cover and I could hardly see the components. I need to vacum some dust 😬
  13. Sounds reasonable. Checked my current version and it is version 441.12 I will start with download the new version.
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