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  1. That would be nice of you mate.
  2. Regarding to Lenovo 450E specs, Crucial site: https://www.crucial.com/compatible-upgrade-for/lenovo/lenovo-k450e#memory My PC:
  3. I am running my pc on 8GB RAM only and need an upgrade since it take ages to load GBS. I currently use one set of Crucial DDR3L-1600 UDIM installed. Can't find an equal one in any stores. Or, Crucial brand. My Lenovo 450e PC recommendes max 32GB. Need two 16GB but will be happy with one 8GB.
  4. Aha... I spawned at Provok... as usual.
  5. No vehicle to blow up at Tiger start. At least, I could not find it.
  6. From the movie Fury, how it was made, but also intresting documentry about real tank battles.
  7. Cool! Thanks for your work Friar.
  8. No issues Friar. Even though my pc isnt the newest around. Thanks for a fun mission!
  9. I think: One crew member, number one, looks through the gun sight (the aimer). Another crew member, number two, adjusts the horizontal and vertical adjustments. The aimer tells number two how much he should adjust. A third crew member fires the shot (or, any of the crew except the aimer). A fourth man loads the cannon. There may also be a fifth crew member depending on how many projectiles are taken. I think the tank is best used by having live crew working together. My 5c
  10. Friar, at one point, when we spawned in, no Tigers spawned at all. After we re-connected to the server, it worked again.
  11. Yes you are right. But one could learn how to use those little triangles and so on. If one could place a tank you know the size of, on each spot.. well that might be a bit too advanced, maybe
  12. Tanks Crash, I will have a look at it! Where do I put it?
  13. Hello Friar! Would it be possible to make a special map for target practicing and to get to know the gunsight? Using an exact zero-point, where you line up with your tank of choice, and then put up signs with different ranges, like 100m, 200m, up to 1000 meters. I don't know, of course, how to do the signs and so on. I have seen signs on the Quick mission map, but with arrows instead. Maybe use these? On flat ground of course. Cheers
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