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  1. Nice photos Jabo. Just read this http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/29/last-sea-vixen-plane-foxy-lady-performs-emergency-landing/
  2. Sorry, couldn't resist playing with my two toys
  3. Welcome Spaulding!
  4. Wow, beautiful Arthur! You live in a nice green area, it seems.
  5. Nice try. We are getting some where Gear two stage up and down? Shouldn't cook the engine though. If engine not warm enough before take off, some heavy vibrations will occure. But it will disappear when revving and getting speed up at take off. If you want to pick a new plane just double click the flag, red or blue, and choose an airfield again. I would say prop pitch 100%, rad's fully open and full throttle at take off. When off the ground and flying a bit, (two-stage gear up) prop pitch 80% and throttle down a bit. Rad's could be a bit more closed, like about 80%. At higher altitude even less rads.
  6. Nice photos Jabo! Thanks for sharing. I like the odd look of some of them planes.
  7. See if I am doing this in right order.. Join DDz server Select Red or Blue Flag by double click it. Map. Choose the airfield you wanna fly from by zooming in the map and click that airfield. When you hoover the mouse over an airfield it will show Hawkinge-Fighters if you choose Hawkinge, of course! Spawn Aircraft Group. If you are happy with the plane that is visible in he pic to the right, just hit Create. Or, Pic any plane by double clicking the visable plane. A larger pic will show the same aircraft. Click the text/square above the pic. Now all available aircraft will show up. Choose the plane you want to fly by double clicking it. Choose whatever ammo and convergence you need in Loadout. If you already have Kev's ammo mod you don't have to. Hit Ok Hit Create! Bang! you will now spawn in at the choosen airfield in your choosen plane.
  8. I am using Fruitys non tracers too. Most rewarding watching the bullets hit
  9. Looks intresting. Thanks for the link Crash.
  10. Thanks for you help FT! Odd controls, jahwol!
  11. I gave it a try again yesterday but strange things happen. Oil rads seems to work, I can see it change from 0 to 100%. Flaps doesn't work using "toggle flaps". When using the flaps down on my stick I have to hold the switch constantly to move the flaps all way down. As soon I let go, the flaps move to neutral. Annoying. It works just fine on the RAF planes. Prop pitch nothing at all happens. Have set one key to prop pitch auto. Gaahh.. Would anyone be so kind sparing a minute or two helping me out of this I will be most greatful. Tonight?
  12. Just got the "Message". I will wait until more reports says it is safe. Have read some reports already whom claims it is like 50/50 having problems or not.
  13. Read today. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4406994/Broadband-customers-short-changed.html One of the comments: it's good to see i wasn't the only person suffering for 4 years with virgin on their laughable 50mb. it never went higher than 8mb regardless of time of day. totally disgusting. Virgin don't even try to help and had to make a call every month to get money back for being ripped off!
  14. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4385842/Photos-reveal-clean-operation-Blitz-struck-Britain.html