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  1. Roberts

  2. Just heard the news, a sad day. ~S~Jim Thanks for all you did.
  3. New Dog - "Roberts"

    Yep ash i was there on your 1st sortie, good to see that you a part of the group...we puppie's have to stick together
  4. New Dog - "Roberts"

    How do you stop a French army on horseback? Turn off the carousel.
  5. New Dog - "Roberts"

    ~S~ guys thanks for the welcomes...no plz do continue with the french jokes, the meaner the better
  6. Wishing to join the DD squadron

    ~S~ all thanks for the warm welcomes, sorry that i didnt participate tonight in the ubi co ops, was invited in the afternoon to the family inlaws and then we were invited to supper, hard to say no cant i have a video game to do
  7. ~S~ all Hello all, i have attended a few of DD's co op nights and enjoyed the gameplay the team atmosphere and banter, i have played IL2 for about 1 year on and off but am looking for more than the usual dogfight servers and wish for a more team oriented play with a freindly atmosphere via TS. i had joined a "full switch squadron"
  8. ~S~ DD and Company

    Thank you BG sir will be there. as for the X45, well its Fubered so i will be grounded for a couple of weeks..Grr just a little piece broken but the most important, its the socket swivel base. would of thought for such a fundamental piece they would at least make it in metal. isnt capitilism great. Oh well, any ex army demo experts wanna help me in destroying sai tek HQ
  9. ~S~ DD and Company

    Thanks for the welcome ~S~ BG shame that i have just joined another squadron, i would of certainly taken up your offer..never know in the future if the JSAWG doesnt work out
  10. ~S~ DD and Company

    ~S~ all Was with the guys last night on the saturday co op nights and thought i would drop by to say hello. Hello Anyway had a great time with a friendly gang, will certainly be back for more. big thanks to BG for hosting ~S~ I go under =JSAWG=Roberts in HL so if you ever need a wingman or just someone to shoot at then give me a shout. Regards roberts