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  1. Thanks for the welcomes and replys all, appreciated🙂 I Pasted the wrong specs for the computer that i wanted to use for IL2 great battles series. below is the right specs do you think that it will be ok. Sorry not very good at computers and new stuff. Processeur Quad-Core Intel Core i5-7400 (3.0 GHz) Motherboard MSI B250M BAZOOKA 16 Go Ram type DDR4 2400 MHz Disk système SSHD 1 To 7200 tpm Graphic card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3 Go Alimentation 350W Boîtier Moyen Tour Zalman Z11 Plus HF1
  2. Hello all I used to play on mission nights with the DD's and Blairgowie (IL2 1946) and had a lot of fun, i see that a lot of members are still around and playing. salute to you all. (met Arthur last night on the IL2 forum) 🙂 Due to R/L i have to restart again meaning re buy everything from computer to joystick and the extras and had a couple of questions. Joysticks: i was thinking about getting the saitek HOTAS G56 but a few people said they were not very good so had a look at the TM T1600 model (throttle & joystick) is this a good model. I have also had a look at the virpil and VBK models and might buy the gladiater joystick with a thrustmaster throttle. Anyway was just wondering and wanted a few reviews from players and their thoughts, i know it is each to his own but would the TM T1600 joystick and throttle be enough and good. I have the delan clip for head tracking so that should be enough and the computer i am getting is Quad-Core intel i7-7700K (4.2Ghz) , 16 Go ram DDR4 2400 MHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 Go. To be honest a bit of money came in so i am splashing out and fixed a 2000 euro budget on all that i will need to fly, hoping to get a chair with panels to be able to have all at hand so if any one knows any chair/gaming stations i will appreciate any help. Any advice or help is welcome and hopefully will see you all again on mission nights or just to fly together.
  3. Just heard the news, a sad day. ~S~Jim Thanks for all you did.
  4. Roberts

    New Dog - "Roberts"

    Yep ash i was there on your 1st sortie, good to see that you a part of the group...we puppie's have to stick together
  5. Roberts

    New Dog - "Roberts"

    How do you stop a French army on horseback? Turn off the carousel.
  6. Roberts

    New Dog - "Roberts"

    ~S~ guys thanks for the welcomes...no plz do continue with the french jokes, the meaner the better
  7. Roberts

    Wishing to join the DD squadron

    ~S~ all thanks for the warm welcomes, sorry that i didnt participate tonight in the ubi co ops, was invited in the afternoon to the family inlaws and then we were invited to supper, hard to say no cant i have a video game to do
  8. ~S~ all Hello all, i have attended a few of DD's co op nights and enjoyed the gameplay the team atmosphere and banter, i have played IL2 for about 1 year on and off but am looking for more than the usual dogfight servers and wish for a more team oriented play with a freindly atmosphere via TS. i had joined a "full switch squadron"
  9. Roberts

    ~S~ DD and Company

    Thank you BG sir will be there. as for the X45, well its Fubered so i will be grounded for a couple of weeks..Grr just a little piece broken but the most important, its the socket swivel base. would of thought for such a fundamental piece they would at least make it in metal. isnt capitilism great. Oh well, any ex army demo experts wanna help me in destroying sai tek HQ
  10. Roberts

    ~S~ DD and Company

    Thanks for the welcome ~S~ BG shame that i have just joined another squadron, i would of certainly taken up your offer..never know in the future if the JSAWG doesnt work out
  11. Roberts

    ~S~ DD and Company

    ~S~ all Was with the guys last night on the saturday co op nights and thought i would drop by to say hello. Hello Anyway had a great time with a friendly gang, will certainly be back for more. big thanks to BG for hosting ~S~ I go under =JSAWG=Roberts in HL so if you ever need a wingman or just someone to shoot at then give me a shout. Regards roberts