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  1. Perfesser

    DIY Pendular Rudder Pedals

    Salute sir. Beautiful stuff.
  2. Perfesser

    Upgraded X52 Throttle finished

    Beautiful work
  3. Perfesser

    Lancaster history

    Not quite sure what to make of this. I present it without comment. The story of Lancaster LM582 and its crew on the night of the 17/18th of December 1944 https://onenightindecember.wordpress.com/2016/03/22/2-pilot-pod/
  4. All the same stuff is available in cockpit. Go to the map, open briefing, specification tab.
  5. Agreed but knowing how to bleed off speed, how to loose altitude without gaining speed, how to abbreviate a landing are certainly skills I would consider a prerequisite to combat flying.
  6. Landing is all about speed control. Elevator trim is your cruise control for keeping your speed in check. A little more complicated than I could explain here but on approach you should not be doing much with the stick, full nose up trim and throttle adjustment should set you down in the right spot. If you want to learn the basics I'd be happy to spend some time on landings with you. Let me know or join me on TS.
  7. Perfesser

    How do you recover from a stall?

    At first you're just falling out of control from engine torque , no flight surface is doing anything ... there isn't enough air flowing . Chop power, center everything and wait till it stabilizes and you can identify the direction of spin. Then opposite rudder to stop the spin, then begin to pull out of the dive gently.
  8. Perfesser

    How do you recover from a stall?

    Try this.... sorry about the volume... crank it up
  9. Perfesser

    New headset

    Apparently my headset has given up, or rather the mic has. I'm looking at these: https://www.amazon.ca/HyperX-Gaming-Headset-Nintendo-Switch/dp/B00SAYCXWG/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1544546435&sr=8-2&keywords=hyperx+cloud+2+gaming+headset I'm blessed with ears big enough that if I could learn to flap them I might just fly. Need a comfortable set. I'll still be on but mute ... enjoy it while you can.
  10. Perfesser

    TV show. "The Attackers"

    Hmm. It's free content .... Amazon Prime and search for it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr-Zz5HbO7Q
  11. Perfesser

    TV show. "The Attackers"

    Got Amazon Fire Stick a while back. I found this Russian TV series about a WW2 Yak3 squadron. The flying sequences are laughable, War Thunder rendering or something. They have 5 or 6 non-functional Yak's but plenty of old trucks and equipment, German and Soviet both. Hannomags, Opel Blitz, at least 2 PZ IV tanks, AA guns and assorted kit. At least 1/3 of the actors are women. The Yak's are towed around giving the impression of taxiing and taking off but all the details are missing. They climb into a U-2 biplane and "contact". Jump in and start rolling but the plane doesn't rock at all and no prop wash. Plane stops and guy jumps out but the prop is still spinning wildly, obviously no engine there. LOL and the subtitles... guy crashes and crawls to a trench.. Normally it's "are you ok"... here it's "are your arms and legs intact?" Instead of "dismissed" it's "you may be free". Great comedy.
  12. Perfesser

    Trim on British planes

    Doubt this could have anything to do with the server. It's also happening with the 109. Saitek. Ghost inputs.
  13. Perfesser

    Salute to this 109 driver

    It's not that so much as we fought hard and long and neither one of us was able to pull the trigger. We both tried vertical and horizontal scissors, energy tactics ... both of us working so hard we stalled out a couple times. Great, evenly matched fight. Salute to the pilot.
  14. Fought this guy a couple of weeks ago.. wish I knew who it was.
  15. Perfesser


    Salute! Thank you.