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  1. hmmm. I had CH pedals once. They developed an internal short that caused all kinds of strange problems ... random reboots... on a Win XP machine I think
  2. OK so he has a list of requirements... 1. Get a group of friends and a person willing to host an event. - I think we have that covered 2. It can be as long or as short or as organized as you want ... OK, it has to be at least a little organized. - we can manage here.... 3. Set the time period and make your alter egos in the campaign. - "characters" covered... 4. Schedule a time and fly. - what are we waiting for?
  3. 1. GBS 2.CloD 3. DCS 4. 46 1. Tues 2. Thurs 3. Mon 4. Fri 5. Sun
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