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  1. Steam account attempted hacked

    Account attempted hack while I was away on Saturday, I discovered it late Sunday evening. Reset the password again. This email was generated because of a login attempt from a computer located at (RU). The login attempt included your correct account name and password. The thing is that I had to login to the DD site again. Now I'm assuming this person may have tried to access (same password....maybe) the DD site and reset the cookie for my login? Anyway.... beware.
  2. Not really hell, but a challenge for sure!

    Very nice work! There is a wealth of information on this kind of stuff over on the DCS forums if you have questions https://forums.eagle.ru/forumdisplay.php?f=96
  3. might be worth a look

    So we're registered, you'll need a password and mum is the word on that one. It can be pretty intense and always unpredictable. I didn't survive my first number of sorties, flying alone and set upon by 4 enemies at a time. I was doing OK with the Spit, staying above the 109's till I took AAA damage. Don't fly here alone. Another day there were 4 of us and we never saw a fighter - known as the Somme Turkey Shoot. Another thing. I've been helping a newer pilot with some basics of combat and since we're in this squad server I've asked him to put on the DangerDogz tags, sort of a field promotion as it were. Should I ask him how he feels about sheep??.... DD_Jorge_S if you see him.
  4. Memory leak in Normandy online

    For a while I haven't been able to stay in a server. Windows would actually tell me I'm out of memory and shut down DCS within a minute of joining. No problem in single player at all. Some searching and adjusting to let Windows manage page file size fixed that. Control panel/ system/advanced/performance settings/advanced. System managed size. With the monitor running memory use creeps up gradually and seems to stabilize around 12.5mb memory (of 16) used after 1/2 hour in server. Stutters of 2-3 second much reduced but I still sometimes get the 30 second pause that kills. Strangely, I don't get the complete system lockup (while testing alone) that has been plaguing me recently - I think it may be teamspeak related
  5. Throttle

    https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3157517#post3157517 Translated the text here: In the control unit there are 3 mechanics GVL224 (ORE, Screw pitch and universal with the bent rod). Mechanics are iron, axles on bearings with non-contact sensors. On the handle of the throttle there are 16 buttons. Front panel: - 3 axes on variable resistors (potentiometers); - 8 buttons in one unit; - 4 toggle switches without locks in the extreme positions (like 8 buttons). On the side panels of the housing 2 axes on variable resistors (potentiometers), Total we have 8 axes and 32 buttons. The case is made of acrylic 3mm thick, collected as a 3D puzzle ..., available in black, white and transparent. The price is 140 US dollars plus the transfer of $ 22 from outside Ukraine. Dimensions of the body (without height of the handles) width 225mm, depth 200mm, height 45mm. A different model: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=188989
  6. might be worth a look

    So were there any plans for the Dogz to register for this? May I register the squad?
  7. might be worth a look

    Sounds like fun
  8. Newbie in need of assistance

    Can't tell you how many engines I've fried - have Rad control slider advanced but rad closed till you touch it. You may as well, and very likely should, begin to use checklists. You can get away without in fighters (as long as you're OK with the occasional fried engine) but bombers get more complicated. The Hurri has engine operating limitations on the right canopy rail. DCS is going to have the next big news/ map release and if you start flying that you'll have no choice but to begin using checklists for everything.
  9. Not as optomistic as I was

    First time I've heard that.
  10. Not as optomistic as I was

    Heh, in the thread MP started at ATAG some guy posted an "uh oh" and I did a "+1" in the next post. MP actually read through and disliked my post.
  11. Not as optomistic as I was

    When the PR guy of any organization leaves it's usually because he can't stand the difference between the tale he's supposed to spin and the truth. On the other hand, in MP's case it could just be as simple as they have no interest in developing the single player aspect of the sim. Time will tell. Forgive me for being suspicious of those who are motivated by profit.
  12. DCS Spitfire IX Tips

    Spotting isn't so much the problem for me. Just before they're rendered as aircraft proper from the label exaggeration they seem to vanish for just long enough that I often loose sight and have a semi-panic moment.
  13. Not as optomistic as I was

    A nail in the CloD coffin. Not the last nail but it's very disturbing that TFS has possibly the most important member leave at this critical stage. Once all the agreements are signed and 777 lays down the law he quits. Very telling of the true intentions of the new owners. There was some veiled talk that the reason 1C acquired CloD was to kill it's competition with BoS (meaning to kill CloD) and it's looking more like the truth. As Churchill said " Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning".
  14. TF patch 4.312 via steam

    by Admin (Philstyle) It was my decision to close it (I pushed Reddog to put the lock on); a few main reasons: 1. SoW's position on TFS has been made clear now, we're just restating existing material 2. We run the risk of it turning into an echo-chamber for the few of us who have criticisms and still care. There's scarcely 200 people, max, playing CloD in its peak times now. Even if 10% of CloD players harbour strong criticisms, that's only 20 people, 10 of them probably posting here. 3. I'm hoping SoW can push in a new direction and leave CloD behind - A point I've made a few times already. The constant "dipping" our pokers back into the TF/ CloD fire is distracting us from doing that. TBH, as one example I'd rather be seeing, talking about and flying with ACG on your DCS server - which has some great missions btw, I just wish it was up more, and more folks were flying on it. 4. The recent "explosive" (nice phrase!) posts are hiding a lot more that could also be said. Some of it potentially very damaging. I wanted to cool the wheels before it escalates to that . . .