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  1. Footage of at least 2 stupid mistakes strung together to result in the end of a pilot. Overconfidence and target fixation. This is also the first time I had experienced the new blackout model and didn't learn from the first one. Then I insisted on staying behind the bad guy and shooting when I knew I was pushing too hard. New recruit Karl Spartan reporting. https://youtu.be/2Stq6kb3qOI
  2. FYI- Their start time is 19:00 UTC, 2 hrs earlier than the normal P38 campaign launch. I could do this .... anyone else? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/52777-scg-campaign-sundays/
  3. Still having trouble getting the 20 skin file. Downloads about halfway and leaves a part file on desktop. Any chance of splitting the regular skins into 2 files? 1 to 10 and 11 to 20?
  4. Hell, I can never ID a plane until I'm ready to shoot and check the crosses or roundels on the wings. Turn off the icons and you will improve quickly. Your brain gets lazy with icons on all the time. Try Unprofessionals server or Tuttavola (?)Both have AI. Finnish will show where the action is by the icons on the map, almost always near ground targets. Watch the AAA or A to A gunfire to pick out the enemy.
  5. One of my go to servers. Love to get a dozen Dogz in there for some combined arms action.
  6. This thread on IL2 forums. Page 1 has a couple missions, page 2 tips for adding tanks into missions. The server is a great one to join for some action(or grab the mission to use with Dogz icons). Capture the next flag along a line and your spawn points move up all the while fending off waves of enemy tanks while an air battle rages (sometimes being bombed by them). https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/63972-new-combined-arms-pvp-gamemode-advance-and-secure/
  7. After being damaged in the engagement on ingress we dropped bombs and Zukker and I headed home and stumbled on to this. Curious the 88's were not returning fire but initially I was setting up each pass from their high 6 and breaking off at a safe distance. As for the circling bombers PW has found the cause and is on it as of Oct 24. https://youtu.be/ITLXaStkyWU After this I took another couple leisurely passes on the 88's before spotting 3 FW 190's climbing up through the clouds and I turned into them calling for help. Then a fourth showed up. I got good hits on one and he wen
  8. I wish..... it's a bit of a monstrosity though.. maybe better suited to a sim pit. I'm still using the X52 throttle (and stick as buttons)
  9. My new stick came!! The band is playing and a parade and ...... it's too tall to use on the desktop .. (music fades....) Something must be done! Should be about 2" lower, the desktop is an inch thick but my knee is almost underneath it already. Need a dish to mount the thing. Enter the pickup truck coil spring seat. Cut out the center and a few other places, add some holes and we have a mount. Cut a hole in the desk, put a few screws in and success!!! Learning to fly all over again.....
  10. Looking for the last few missing skins. Just got the one from BluBear but I'm sure there are a couple I'm missing(T-bone..). Don't see them in the skins section, I guess posting them in the thread doesn't do the best job of of keeping everyone up to date.
  11. VKB Gladiator is supposed to be the best entry level stick these days. The x52 stick isn't the best but does have a throttle as well that can be used with a later stick purchase. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByJtWxEDPPw I used a x52 for a few years, now a CH stick(good and solid but low res sensors) and changing soon to a Winwing Super Libra
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