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  1. 1/48 B-29 Superfortress

    Heres my sorry excuse for a B-29 model lol. i started building it when I was like 16 and got impatient and quit building it, that was like 3 years ago, so I tried to patch up what i could and make it half decent. The end
  2. Fun Commercial

  3. Which Car Is Faster? Batmobile 1960 Or 1989

    holy fruit salad batmobile?.... lol
  4. Formation Flying?

    one word EPIC.... lol.
  5. "chicks With Guns"

    lmao nuff said
  6. Minecrafters Check Ittt.

    take a looksy i got bored being all sick and what not.
  7. Hello From Nothern B.c.

    LOL nice one tonar... Pics sound cool to me.
  8. Real Il-2 Flies!

    Thats pretty sweet nice find man
  9. Cockpit 360 Degree Views....nice Link

    Dang that il76 got WRECKED.
  10. Computer Tech Class Im Taking.

    Im thinking i can get software deals from the school or my teacher might hook me up. ive been pretty good. i really dont know what you guys are running for il'2 anymore AGAIN. guess thats what i get for distaperin all the time.
  11. I got accepted into a computer class at a trade school where I'm from and its great I get to bata test windows 8. so basically my class is gunna hack it destroy it and dismantle this thing so we can tell Microsoft to get there Sh*t strait Just wanted to share that with my DAWGZ. i just want to get back in touch with all of you again. I tend to fall off the face of the earth time to time.
  12. Terrible thing too see when i come back to the DDZ forums. One of the greatest hosts. SALUTES JIM :icon_salut:
  13. Support Our Military America...

    Taaaduhhh... voted best of luck to them.
  14. Is Bg A Murderer?

    just stocked up on fire wood not too long ago.... aaaaahhh love the smell of a chainsaw.