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  1. gec

    Flying Legends 2018

    u and Fen have done it in the car ?
  2. gec

    little problem with tickets

    that's also a good idea.
  3. Oi comrades ! Mi son bought tickets for hem self and hes girlfriend for FL for both days. For some reason he was sure i'll be there both days. Terms say that tickets are non refundable unfortunately. Was thinking if maybe anyone knows anyone in IWM Duxford who could arrange refund for hes tickets or exchange those two - two day tickets for 4 Saturday tickets. thx
  4. gec

    Flying Legends 2018

    looks like I'll be there with good part of my family too My son Ivan with hes girlfriend, my youngest sister with hears husband, hes parents, my wife and me. Looks like we r conquering Duxford looking forward
  5. gec

    Flying Legends 2018

    i'll be there
  6. gec

    Flight Sim Platform Poll

    i'm not flying much lately but Il2 is still my first choice for all the reasons Swep all ready mentioned. Did try all the rest from the list and apart from looking a bit better, just did not hit the right place.
  7. gec

    New Toy Mmm

    yeah .. at home. and by the way i torture it, could easily end up like that but it is so fun toy specially for people like me that loves to fix things and constantly trying to upgrade and make it better. Probably, when everything starts to run as it should i'll be bored with it. Right now .... lots of problems to fix
  8. gec

    New Toy Mmm

    Speaking about new toys ... pls don't mind the mess
  9. gec

    no permission

    Thx Rog !!!
  10. gec

    no permission

    i can not access this thread: all in all in the Announcements forum I see only one thread and that's Propaganda room. not sure if that's correct.
  11. gec

    no permission

    no rush m8
  12. gec

    no permission

    Oi Jabo. Nope. Accessing (or better to say "not accessing") using PC
  13. gec

    no permission

    yep Don't care mucho 'bout propaganda too but people do post there from time to time
  14. gec

    Flying Legends 2018

    i'd like to attend next year but would not take single room. if anyone is willing to share the room with me that'll be great.
  15. gec

    hello fine gentlemen

    yep. so u can feel like home again
  16. gec

    hello fine gentlemen

    Hi JP!! great to see your ass here again
  17. hmmm interesting yes ... luckily all is good
  18. gec

    P-39 in service

    so size does matter than?!
  19. gec

    Memory upgrade

    The rig will work as fast as the slowest element in it. So those old 2GB sticks could dictate the speed of those new 8GB. I'd strip all old out and put just those 2x8GB in.
  20. gec

    How Expencive Are Those Drinks

    Nope. He switched to VHS-2 rifle now The old AK is now in vitrine.
  21. in 2009 Butcher and me where in Duxford. I remember how drinks are expensive in UK back then, but i finally found the reason why. Jabo was stealing the money jar! nevertheless, i was in Duxford again in 2012, but 2009 in Red Lion Hotel was really something for me. Not to mention girls walking around in 40-50is close , Americans on the neighbor table singing american war songs and even some Germans singing German war songs. White cliffs of Dover are still ringing in my head. definitely one of the best days of my life. Can't wait next opportunity to see you guys again
  22. gec

    Guess The Aircraft!

    SE5A ?