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  1. yep. so u can feel like home again
  2. Hi JP!! great to see your ass here again
  3. hmmm interesting yes ... luckily all is good
  4. so size does matter than?!
  5. The rig will work as fast as the slowest element in it. So those old 2GB sticks could dictate the speed of those new 8GB. I'd strip all old out and put just those 2x8GB in.
  6. Nope. He switched to VHS-2 rifle now The old AK is now in vitrine.
  7. in 2009 Butcher and me where in Duxford. I remember how drinks are expensive in UK back then, but i finally found the reason why. Jabo was stealing the money jar! nevertheless, i was in Duxford again in 2012, but 2009 in Red Lion Hotel was really something for me. Not to mention girls walking around in 40-50is close , Americans on the neighbor table singing american war songs and even some Germans singing German war songs. White cliffs of Dover are still ringing in my head. definitely one of the best days of my life. Can't wait next opportunity to see you guys again
  8. SE5A ?
  9. dl-ing them. Mirrors are not working for me. DNS error?
  10. quite early! thx m8
  11. and some more and finally uh almost forgot the most important one me and Mrs. Sorry to missed you there Ovy