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  1. Ok I'm in, but maybe not attatch it to the rest of the system
  2. I got a little smoker box and chips for the grill, the other kid ghosted me lol
  3. 🧑‍🎤 867530ooooooooooooo Your Answer will be less than ten 🥂
  4. Merry Christmas Swep and all!
  5. Miss the old man, even FB sent me a notification the other-day. I noticed he is down to 10 followers now and 6 of them are us.
  6. I watched this one the other-day, it is from the perspective that aligns some with most of our experience virtually. At this point with out the official conclusion, this guy see's it the same way that I did and do.
  7. T_O_A_D

    GPU ???

    Thanks Crash, I asked here first because I know and trust my Friends before the rest. I am more interested in the 4k but would like to be able to do VR if so inclined, to spend the money on it. I just spent a grand on a 42" LG 4K TV designed for gaming. It is sweet, 4k looks awesome on it even with the 970, but it lacks the hsp, for BOS AND DCS but original IL2 AND COD type games once the config is tweak, smooth as butter, and gorgeous for what they are, were. o I now finally have a monitor that will display 2" gauges, @ 2" so I can lock in my seat position and Head track from there, and throw away my zoom key, this should create a realistic sized atmosphere roughly even without VR. I think anyway.
  8. T_O_A_D

    GPU ???

    So EVGA announced they were not going to offer the 4k series of Nvidia. I'm a bit bummed over that, I have been saving to jump into a new card at that level, since It took so long to get there and the pricing looks like it won't be much more or different than the 3k series has been for way too long. Any recommendations on other makers? I have an ASUS 970 atm but not impressed on it physical structure. I had to brace it to keep it from sagging in the case. All my older EVGA were built like tanks. NewEgg has been promoting off brands that I'm unfamiliar with Yeaston, Maxsun etc. I have a Gigabyte Mobo and it has been flawless, so I'd consider one of their cards. All my ASUS mobo's and this 970 have worked flawlessly through the years. I had an AsRock and MSI bite me though. I may still consider a 3080/90 depending on how and if the 4k series affects the pricing. I haven't done any research on the latest from Radeon, any of you? Thanks in advance. https://store.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/store/?page=1&limit=9&locale=en-us&gpu=RTX 4080&category=GPU,DESKTOP https://store.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/store/?page=1&limit=9&locale=en-us&gpu=RTX 4090&category=GPU,DESKTOP&gpu_filter=RTX 4090~11,RTX 4080~10,RTX 3090 Ti~3,RTX 3090~7,RTX 3080 Ti~5,RTX 3080~7,RTX 3070 Ti~5,RTX 3070~11,RTX 3060 Ti~4,RTX 3060~7,RTX 3050 Ti~0,RTX 3050~7,RTX 2070 SUPER~0,RTX 2060~1,GTX 1660 Ti~1,GTX 1650~1
  9. Poor kid,on second video, just got a full dose of reality, as many others did too I'm sure. Often said Lives can't be replaced, but material things can. This event can almost disprove that statement about material things. One thing about this, is the only videos I've seen are poor quality, surely someone had real cameras there and not just cell phones.
  10. OMG! Total shame on all accounts! Edit: after viewing the Fox vid The 63 Pilots never even saw it there at those angles. We've all done it virtually 100's if not 1000's times. With our experience we know how easy it happens. I'm just wondering how in a show? I figured they would have routes a ceilings established between flights.
  11. I'd say keep, I just found out last night the UBI has deleted the Maddox forums. I was trying to remember this command fps START SHOW and I could not find it anywhere, for an hour and finally remembered it myself. needless to say, I was gutted to find out I could not utilize that area for memory jarring. Not to mention all the lost words from our fallen through the years.
  12. Well that's one way to get the Luffty's to did a hole for your pool lol
  13. T_O_A_D

    Graphics Cards

    Yep, and most of us strays are lucky to get a meal, let alone what ever we want spare no expense LOL
  14. Yes it does, the older we get the smaller our original circle gets, at times it feels like it's all closing in. Other times I'm more jealous that they are done and gone, and enjoyed some of the most advancements of man kind in their life times, and just in time before we move forward with our demise LOL
  15. Sorry to hear this Zukker, same things here almost. We lost my Mom to dementia last fall. We just lost my Dad In-law to Pancreatic cancer, in May on my Wife's Birthday of all days. He didn't fight it due to previous surgeries, leaving him with only one blood vessel feeding his stomach, due to previous bought with throat cancer 16 years ago. He made it another 18 months healthy sharp and able to take care of most things up till the last three weeks. I did get him fishing twice to a spot 3 1/2 hours away and camped for a few days each time. Get your Dad out there if at all possible. Now my Mom in-law is requiring our help now that he has passed, he was able to tend to her almost right up to the end. Plus not to mention all the added work of two house holds, here locally to chase. We struggled for over 5 years with my wife's health, but finally went Holistic and now she has here plethora of ailments under control. I hope you can get your Wife's under control!!! Good luck and see ya once we survive and figure all this out. Dealing with our Circle of people fading away and all the material things that have to be dealt with, when your mood is not in it plain sucks!!!
  16. T_O_A_D

    Graphics Cards

    Ah, I too have been watching this decline in pricing. My thought too little too late is, get the biggest and fastest you can afford, so what if it bottle necks the cpu, in the next year or two, it will probably need replaced any how. Then your card may be enough still or your next bottle neck LOL
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    From the album: Junk

    Yep I got one, just so you know.
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  19. Mine is simple my head set is usb, so splitting the two is straight forward. With a single sound card IIRC you plug the big speakers to the rear jacks, and the headset and mic to the front jacks, manipulate it with the sound card software and then TS. I can't test it though I no longer have and split cable headset.
  20. Happy Birthday here to Tom.


  21. Adding this here so I can show it to someone. You guys can chime in if ya like. I'm wondering if shielded wires are needed.
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