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  1. Everything you mentioned FT has bugged me from the onset of the sim. Plus TrackIr works differently for me in it. I have fidled and fiddled and can not get it to perform as in the original or Clod both those games feel more natural than this one with TrackIr
  2. multi-sim control key and axis mapping

    I have a Microsoft FFB stick, Saitek X-45, X-52, and Ch pedals and trackIr. I base all my settings from IL2 Sturmovik 1946, but that was originally based of Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator, back in the 90's LOL I have a Joystick Prog I started to mess with a year ago, then got overwelmed with it. Hoping to control them all with just one prog. http://whitemagic.github.io/JoystickGremlin/
  3. WTH? DOVER CLIFFS SHOW GOING WEST IN THE MIROR lol Dam caps! Here is my Conf.ini atm
  4. Nevermind I figured it out. The Conf.ini was corrupt somehow. I renamed it and let the game build a new on, and now I have 58-60 fps in Blitz on said track. I thought possibly I drug the one from Clod Mod over and broke it so I did just that and it runs fine with that one too. I looked at the text lines and they look the same short EpilepsyFilter=1 [game] mirror=0 But even if I add those it still has no effect on FPS. So who knows. If your suffering from said complant give it a try. I made a track for testing if ya want it. Dover Radar.trk And incase you want to try it, here is the half fps corrupt conf.ini
  5. DAM!!!! I thought it was going to be as good on that note :-( I realy don't want to upgrade hardware for it, since all the rest run fine and this is still limited to BOB
  6. I'm getting 60 fps flying around the towers at dover with the Mod version, and only 29 with Blitz, Single player Free flight mission all the settings for video are the same between the two. Anyone else take a hit like that?
  7. Merry Christmas!

    Yes Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you all!!!
  8. Merry Christmas!!

    Yes, Merry Christmas D_Dogz and a Happy New year to you all!!!
  9. Still downloading here. anyone know if and what settings we can carry over from the original to this? IE ammo belts, keyboard and joystick config etc?
  10. HSFX7.0_to_7.03.rar FoolTrottel posted a topic in ****Announcements**** HSFX7.0_to_7.03.rar View File Update HSFX 7.0x to 7.03 Disable all JGME Mods first. Extract to your game folder. Submitter FoolTrottel Submitted 11/30/2017 Category HSFX 7 Checksum
  11. Coming back to the kennel!

    Howdy Pup! Sounds like my life short the Retirement, I got another decade or so to go :-(
  12. My Headphones are tired

    I have repaired and limped this set of Platronics along for well over 10 years. Anyone have any suggestions on something of quality without the price ;-)
  13. sale on

    OK I added Moscow premium. Last year I made the mistake of buying BOS premium and then the two collector planes. Doh! If someone here buys the Standard BOS can I give them the serials to these two planes, Then later on if they feel the need give me a couple? I tried to get them credited back immediatly, but I never received anything on the 190 I did the other, but its still listed as if I bought it it.
  14. Any Promo codes for battle of Moscow? And is that BOX?
  15. Perfect Mode Question

    I never pay attention to tearing outside of the cockpit Snacko, its the tearing inside and cockpit bars or near objects on the outside of the aircraft that bother me when turning my head in game. The only thing that annoys me on the terrain on the ground IE trees and buildings loading in.
  16. We need to talk...

    Delta, Sid, Sweper Agreed! I'll ride whatever wave you guys surf! I only play in the winter, I gave up over 10 years being a mentor and voice in the community. I now put more effort into me and my time with the wife, especially when the outdoors allows us too. I prefere1946 only because I don' t have to buy anything new and it still feels natural to me. Clod is a close second. Bos is installed, but it came in late and I have no real time with it single or multi. DCS is a bloated control freak with odd graphics and poor play IMHO And the Spitfire pissed me off!!!!! it turned out nothing like what I have read about it. I just watched something the other day about a German 109 Vet saying how easy the Spit is to fly compared. I nearly cried in laughter when thinking about it, and wishing to get him to fly DCS.
  17. Perfect Mode Question

    Agreed Jabo! But tearing is quite visible to me, so Vsync is always on at my place, And depending on the Game my rig pushes 60fps most of the time. DCS is the only game that drags it down to 30 or less, and to honest that game isn't that much fun for me. between the cost of nods, crappy explosion graphics and flight models that exploit us being human. I only mess with it if the crowd ar hand is. But I did learn something here to try, V-Sync off and triple on with DCS. Instead of Vsync on and Triple on like I have it.
  18. Signature adjustment here now?

    I'm feeling a bit daft today. Sat down to work on my Photobucket and signature here. I looked at my profile, and no longer see where my signature is to edit it. I'm getting the itch to spend time indoors, winter is coming on. It still a 50f degree day here, but short on time to do anything, due to leaving the house at 13:30 today to go drive the Company tour bus again. So I choose to fiddle with this.
  19. Photobucket Image Browser Unblock

    Thanks, so there is no need to remove or close my Photobuckets then if people realize they can get this addon?
  20. Signature adjustment here now?

    Oh Blimey! Just figured it out, had to step away from trying and Bam there it was all along LOL Account Settings, not Profile :-/
  21. Perfect Mode Question

    Anything over 30fps shouldn't be detected by the human eye correct?
  22. This guy is just afraid of his wife as Artie is. You git ur bloody arse out der n mow da fookin lawn ya wanker!
  23. Hey all, I just picked up a GTX 970 used for a 130 clams locally off the Facebook Market app and I'm stepping up from my GTX 660 Ti Well no real problems and it nearly doubled my frame rate in DSC using Win 7 64 the reason I bought it. But I have my machine as a triple boot (Win XP, Win 7, Win 10 ) to accomidate older perifials and software that I still use and to step into the world of Win 10. Well I found out the GTX 970 has no drivers for XP sort of a bummer, but not a buzz kill just yet. I did some research and found this site. http://mattpilz.com/windows-xp-drivers-nvidia-geforce-gtx-970-980-980-ti-titan-x/ And it worked like a charm. I even just played IL2 on it the install from the other drives exe. Going to zip a backup of this guys page and add here just incase it goes away and someone here needs it. Nvidia XP Driver Hack.zip