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  1. MadTrooper

    New Patch And Controls

    Ack, Thanks WolfP.
  2. MadTrooper

    New Patch And Controls

    I have been quite bussy with work and familiy stuff and away from gaming all together for the last few weeks but I should be back and flying soon. I did not get a chance of checking RoF out since the new patch came out. This should be cool. So...guys, how do we get our profiles back ? Thanks. MT
  3. WOW, this is quite amazing ! Thanks for sharing that story.
  4. MadTrooper

    A Short Video Showing The New Cinematic Camera Effect

    Firing guns and be accurate in a ww1 fighter was probably really difficult and I'm sure it took these pilots a lot of practice. I guess you learn very quickly when your butt is on the line My gunnery is poor too but I find that it helps a lot when you get closer to the target and then fire. Adjusting gun sight views helps too. MT
  5. HI guys, For those that did not see this new video about the new Cinematic Camera Effect coming up in the next update, look at this: http://riseofflight.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=25017 Its quite amazing MT
  6. MadTrooper

    Landing Gear Operation In Il-2

    Your welcome Skypup and also you can use different switches as well to do the job. Whatever you want
  7. MadTrooper

    Landing Gear Operation In Il-2

    You can do it also by using a small free program called SVMapper. For example, flipping swith up = G for toggle gear; turning same flip swith off = G again. By turning the same switch ON and OFF the gear will fold and deploy.
  8. MadTrooper

    Our Rof Server Needs To Be Reset

    No worries David, There have to be an easy way to switch missions without having to edit them, I don't know. I'm away until Sunday. When I get back I'll try to look for an answer. Thank You. Mario HI Roger, This would be great. A 1GB Connection would be perfect for RoF. Thank You. MT
  9. I don't know if there is a way of having our server reset itself after every 2 hours or maybe we should set the missions with one round only for 40 minutes with 4 or 5 missions loaded so the server would always be running with missions during day time and we wouldn't have to worry about it. Right now there is something wrong with the server. When you spawn in, there are some sections of the screen that are night time and some sections are day time. Its really weard. MT
  10. MadTrooper

    Joystick Mapping

    HI Flyboy, SVMapper is a (Free) PC controller utility to assign commands to controller inputs. It can handle inputs from multiple controllers. I use it and it works really well. There is a download link here: http://thommos.com/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=MostPopular Give it a try. Its also pretty simple to setup. MT
  11. MadTrooper

    I Have Just Done It!

    If you want to know what you new PC can deliver, install Rise of Flight. And its FREE MT
  12. MadTrooper

    Intel(R) Core(Tm) I7 920 @ 2,67 Ghz - 2 Cores ?

    Yes but I had it ON and windows was showing me that I had only 2 cores :/ I'll try what you said (the OCCT). Thank You very much Fruitbat. MT
  13. MadTrooper

    Intel(R) Core(Tm) I7 920 @ 2,67 Ghz - 2 Cores ?

    HI, I went into the BIOS and diseabled Hyperthreading. Now I get this: Its says that I have now 4 cores, 4 logical Processors but the Ressource manager shows me only 3 cores but I guess it is because it count CPU 0 as one so 0,1,2 and 3 would be 4 cores. Why can't I see the 8 x cores like Fruitbat and Propnut ? In the BIOS I did not see anything about turning ON Cores individually. Thanks Guys ! MT
  14. MadTrooper

    Intel(R) Core(Tm) I7 920 @ 2,67 Ghz - 2 Cores ?

    HI Guys, thanks for the replies. David, this is what I get on my system I'll try the Bios and see... How I fond out, I went and cliked on Start / All Programs / Accessories / System Tools and then System Information. Leaving the curser on System Summary, look on the info on the Processor on the right. Thanks again. MT
  15. HI, I have just noticed looking at my system information that win7 sais that I have 2 Cores and 4 logical processors. Can someone tell me if it is correct ? I always thought that the i7 920 had 4 Cores. Thank you! MT