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  1. Hello Gents, Im back in the digital saddle again. Got DCS, and Box running. Ive taken the old HDD where BoX was installed and just moved it into the new rig. Had issues trying to get it running without re downloading the whole game (limited internet speeds) Launcher ruan but when I hit play I got a dll error. turns out it was DX11 needing an install. One would think by now Win 10 would come preloaded with it. just need to get ts up and looking forward to flying with you mutts again!
  2. Very nice! Looks darn near like what I see from the office. Question is.. Is airborne Icing going to be modeled. Hahaha
  3. Nice system and typically expensive. It will run BOS just fine (or awesomly!) Have you look at AMD systems? Just curious.

    1. Squawk


      Very, but Beggars cant be choosers in the GPU market today.   I did but for the same price at Origin PC the Intel gave slightly better performance.


      Haven't had and AMD chip since my old Dell days when Radeon 9800s were the thing.  CPU cooked and I had to get a monster heat sink for it. (the Vid card fried itself too...)  Looking back it was probably the horrible Dell Case design but it sent me to Intel/Nvidia and I havent had reason to switch since.

  4. Seems like the Gremlins have multiplied. Did Snafu and Fubar feed them after midnight? It looks like I'll be out for an undetermined period of time. My 980 started going shiny side down and I'm making do with an old Nvidia 570. With the "Great Desert" that is the current GPU market, I don't know which direction I shall go. Don't feel like paying $800 for a card that has lower performance than my old 980, so thinking of getting a Prebuild just for a card. Was hoping to pick my parts but I think this would do. 'IF' its in stock as it says. Intel
  5. Its not so bad, as the kits are simple. But I have a magnifying lamp if I need it but it just makes my eyes cross. Here's my current setup. I've since organized a bit. Note the 69' Fastback in assembly. I started that kit in 2001. (Hated the look of testors enamel so shelved it. Its back on with acrylics.) These little buggers were hard to see. Yes they are bog standard army men. (were) Mostly to try out some paint and brush techniques. Getting a little wild. Dollar store toys are cheap practice. Close up on the Mustang.
  6. The "Project" Revel F4U-4 in 1:48 It's been sitting on my shelf for at least 10 years before I got around to it. So much easier to do larger pilot figures. My messy workstation, I liked the cheapo airbrush so much I went out and got a decent gravity fed one from paasche. Also did tests on spoons to get the color right. I think it turned out well. Kit had a gimmick, where the wings and gear were hinged. Great idea 'in theory' Wing joints broke, and the gear don't sit quite right. (Gear does twist and fold like the rea
  7. A couple more. First up, a Revell Mig3 1:72 Another inexpensive practice kit. Seat weathering. Great Decal! On the shelf. (Fussing over cockpit details... Why? just, Why?) Airfix P39-Q 1:72 Third go at pilot figures. I think I'm getting the hang of it now. Spent all that time getting the seat stippled just right, and then when I glued the pilot on, it covered it all up. More putty filler, but not as noticeable. (Kit had gaping holes in the underside of the wings for the gunpods, but I wanted
  8. Also built around the same time period. Airfix Yak-9D 1/72 Only the 2nd attempt at painting pilots ever. Masking Spinners..... Yep, not a fan. Official, period correct Yak9 Jig, right? I read about it on an IL2 forum. Seems Legit. Masked and assembled. (simple kit) Had to learn how to putty and sand. (hint, do NOT thin Tamya Grey with glue....) Thought I'd be smart and use Blue Tak for the cammo masking. Another learning mistake. Overall passable for my
  9. Hadn't completed a kit since I was in my teens. Got back into the hobby while I was away from the Dogz and isolated even further 'up north' a couple years ago. (Sorry for the pic dump, been saving these up on my phone starting 2018, Finally got around to posting) Started with an SBD. Cheap kit, had to drill the dive brake holes myself. Flight Officer Bean reporting sir. Bits n' Bobs half completed. First ever attempt with an airbrush and mixing my own paint color. (couldn't find the right blue)
  10. Corporal Snafu and Technical Sergeant Fubar seem to have tamed the Gremlins in 'Maybe, Baby?!' as the aircraft performed flawlessly. White Flight formed high astern of Red flight enroute to target, but slowly overtook. Crossing the line, bandits were spotted swinging into our rear section and Red flight engaged. White continued on to target. I followed Capt. Cloister on his run on target. White 2 had a go and then I was cleared for a bomb strike myself, destroying the remaining locomotive. We searched the town for more targets, but finding none, befo
  11. from Wikipedia for what its worth. Reflecting its nautical heritage, the term "captain" is used as a military title by more junior officers who command a commissioned vessel of the Navy, Coast Guard, or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ship of patrol boat size or greater. Officers below O-6 who command aviation squadrons (typically O-5 commanders) usually use the less formal title "skipper". 0-5 being Lt. Colonel and below.
  12. 2.Lt. Alistair Starling encountered a recurring technical gremlin that required an immediate return to base. Claim: 1 Jeep: damaged/ probable. "Last seen: smoking, and headed for the hangars at a high rate of speed." (Signed out of motorpool by one "Aircraft Technician Fifth grade, Corporal Snafu", coincidentally, also assigned to the aircraft of one "2.Lt. Alistair Starling") Following entry in the aircraft's Gripe Sheet: "Aircraft and systems intermittent, then suddenly unresponsive. Rapid onset. Symptom's include choppy but functional radio receiver, aircraft surgin
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