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  1. Corporal Snafu and Technical Sergeant Fubar seem to have tamed the Gremlins in 'Maybe, Baby?!' as the aircraft performed flawlessly. White Flight formed high astern of Red flight enroute to target, but slowly overtook. Crossing the line, bandits were spotted swinging into our rear section and Red flight engaged. White continued on to target. I followed Capt. Cloister on his run on target. White 2 had a go and then I was cleared for a bomb strike myself, destroying the remaining locomotive. We searched the town for more targets, but finding none, befo
  2. from Wikipedia for what its worth. Reflecting its nautical heritage, the term "captain" is used as a military title by more junior officers who command a commissioned vessel of the Navy, Coast Guard, or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ship of patrol boat size or greater. Officers below O-6 who command aviation squadrons (typically O-5 commanders) usually use the less formal title "skipper". 0-5 being Lt. Colonel and below.
  3. 2.Lt. Alistair Starling encountered a recurring technical gremlin that required an immediate return to base. Claim: 1 Jeep: damaged/ probable. "Last seen: smoking, and headed for the hangars at a high rate of speed." (Signed out of motorpool by one "Aircraft Technician Fifth grade, Corporal Snafu", coincidentally, also assigned to the aircraft of one "2.Lt. Alistair Starling") Following entry in the aircraft's Gripe Sheet: "Aircraft and systems intermittent, then suddenly unresponsive. Rapid onset. Symptom's include choppy but functional radio receiver, aircraft surgin
  4. Squawk


  5. An Excellent Mission to get me back into the flightseat. I had my hands full just keeping track of our flight and making sure I made it home, Almost. (I was just a little cranky I DC'd on the way home. ) Well done to Flight leads Painless and Friar for keeping us all together. Looking forward to many more, but Hopefully not with disco's. A special thanks to Friar for helping getting me sorted prior to.
  6. room for a fresh recruit? Alistair Starling; reporting sir.
  7. Squawk


    Ad Squawk too.
  8. Squawk

    Squawks Adventure Abroad!

    From Gitwick to Duxford, and back again.
  9. Just some interesting info gleaned from my new bedside reader. "The Hurricane II Manual" Section 2: Handling and flying notes for pilot. Engine Limitations: Max Take-Off : RPM = 3000 Boost = +12 Temp (Coolant/Oil) = -/- Max climbing (1Hr): RPM = 2850 Boost = +9 Temp (Coolant/Oil) = 125/90 Max Rich Cont. : RPM = 2650 Boost = +7 Temp (Coolant/Oil) = 105/90 Max Weak Cont: RPM = 2650 Boost = +4 Temp (Coolant/Oil) = 105/90 Combat (5min) : RPM = 3000 Boost = +16 Temp (Coolant/Oil) = 135/105 Oil Pr
  10. Squawk

    F-5E Tiger Ii

    Just need the F-14 next. "Mig 28's! No ones been that close before."
  11. Gives a whole new perspective on why Skynet went homicidal on our asses. Humans are dicks!
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