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  1. online servers

    Fantastic Mick. I do like the bakelite Codpiece - especially in that rather fetching blue and green. Will this years range be stocked by George at Asda or will I have to order off the dark web again? I'll pm you my size
  2. online servers

    BoX is a lot of fun! Watching FT dogfighting in the IL2 puts me into full-on Sid James mode too. How not to take off #1 How not to take off #2
  3. online servers

    Very good fun tonight. Big to Wingflyer, Delta and FT. Shall we make this a regular Wednesday?
  4. online servers

    Wot I did 2nite. Wiv' apologies for the sound
  5. online servers

    I think I can manage a bit of Monday and Wednesday - see you around eight thirty (ish)
  6. This weeks BoS update is rather more involved than most being a complete re-install of the game. Worth a read of the dev diary; http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/page-2#entry90146 Before sending my present copy of the game off to the recycle bin I made a copy of my control settings....just in case You can find yours in the game folder/Data/Input.
  7. online servers

    At the moment icons are either on or off and thats it. Icons on servers look like this; Official 1CGS Icons on EU server; and Coconut's Icons on server; Not really convinced by either of 'em. As you can see, as icon's are not configurable yet it's just a bit....meh. You see icon in distance, he sees you, gain height for merge, etc, etc and then its all in the wrist action. I'm not really sure if its worth the time or effort to put up a DangerDogz server yet. Apart from the very obvious problems that FT has pointed out, I think the whole dynamic of multiplayer in BoX is about to change with the next imminent update which will give us a coop mode that players will able to host from their own machines without using the DServer system. Another 'wait and see' methinks. At least it'll be a short wait this time! Anyone up for another Euro time get together for BoS one evening soon? Tonight perhaps or Monday, Wednesday......Friday.....?
  8. Avro Anson in CLoD?

    Really? Sounds painful. Couldn't they have just held hands?
  9. Avro Anson in CLoD?

    But how the hell did Ivan end up in the channel?
  10. Went on this this tonight... https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/21490-finnish-virtualpilots-dynamic-war/ In fact there was a lot of this... and even a little bit of that...
  11. We need to talk...

    I want to see if you look like Jacques Cousteau
  12. We need to talk...

    I want to see a picture of you wearing it Crash
  13. Vsync off? Tried it, frames do go up but I find the screen tearing I get too distracting. I'm happy with what I've got now. Game is smooth and looks pretty good with Reshade and these re-worked maps. Now they just need to fix....well, a whole host of stuff and develop and release more content and have a full time other job
  14. After some fiddling I'm starting to understand whats going on now. Applied Reshade to my game this morning to give it some life and vibrancy and checked some graphic settings. This is Blitz running on everything high or max as I can in version 4.3; It's also choppy, stuttery, etc. Not good. By disabling extended clouds, distant static shadows and lowering tree quantity to medium I get this; Much more like it. Note that mirrors on my system cost 10fps too. It's also MUCH less choppy. Perhaps the smoothest CLoD has ever been for me. Now if only they could do something for force feedback, the A.I., the GUI, etc, etc.
  15. This is what I get with 4.5. Used to be a solid 55-60fps in version 4.3 and I'm pretty sure the scenery did not pop up like it does now. New scenery looks better but theres still a whole lotta' shakin' going on with trees and their shadows and plenty of general stuttering all over. Been rather disappointed by this patch. Performance is so so, force feedback is still terrible and the a.i. still barrel roll into the attack whilst sounds, visual effects and netcode seem to have taken a step back. Looking forward to what BoX and DCS bring in around the end of January a great deal now.
  16. We need to talk...

    Two year warranty? Good sign; they've got confidence in their product
  17. We need to talk...

    Have you got your christmas pressie set up yet Crash?
  18. RAZBAM AV-8B in progress

  19. We need to talk...

    Mmmm........nothing is going to happen overnight but its certainly going to happen in the near future. Local government and the NHS (but not the MoD) have already had a great cull of all things Windows XP and in their terms of reference this really was an 'overnight' thing. I've no doubt Microsoft have already made their own sound business decision about the future of 32bit support - we just don't know it yet. I have a feeling that too many businesses and governments relying on 32 bit applications will not slow down any Microsoft decision but actually accelerate it. The temptation to declare an end to security updates for 32bit applications and the ensuing sales of 64bit supported software might be a tidal wave of liquidity too big to resist.
  20. We need to talk...

    Uh uh. It means a major player is abandoning 32bit support for its products. I suspect Microsoft won't be too far behind now. The writing is on the wall.
  21. We need to talk...

  22. Strange; for the same settings I seem to have worse FPS in Blitz than in the previous version and it's still lumpy, bumpy, choppy CLoD. I was under the impression the switch to 64bit and DX11 would have improved this?
  23. Wow wow wow!

    Looks great! Do we know how imminent the 2.5 release is yet? I find the DCS forums.....confusing......