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  1. This weeks BoS update is rather more involved than most being a complete re-install of the game. Worth a read of the dev diary; http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/page-2#entry90146 Before sending my present copy of the game off to the recycle bin I made a copy of my control settings....just in case You can find yours in the game folder/Data/Input.
  2. DD_Arthur

    Our GB Server is up and running

    More 'Dogz server...... I'm under the impression the G14 is just as fast as the K4 below 22,000ft. As long as you keep the speed over 300km/h for the most part, it will just instantly pick up and scoot onwards and upwards when the throttle is fire-walled. The big plus is having the option of the lovely 20mm cannon instead of the cumbersome 30 and it's limited ammo. And being a helicopter when you need it
  3. DD_Arthur

    Gun sight not showing

    I've had a look at that mod as I'm interested in the icons masked by cockpit part of it but I'm not sure if I need anything else from it. Also, getting it all working would mean trying to cram even more 'stuff' to do with this sim into my - often confused - middle aged brain and I'm determined to keep some of it vacant for a deep dive into DCS.
  4. DD_Arthur

    DCS F-14A/B Pre-order Now Available at Heatblur

    We've got to call Painless's balls? Er....I dunno. What are we going to call Painless's balls? Pinky and Perky I suppose........
  5. DD_Arthur

    pilots bailing out under fire

    Nice video Grant. Can I make a suggestion? Instead of making a new thread each time you post a video, why not just add a new video to one of your existing threads? Then we can keep track of it all a bit better. S!
  6. DD_Arthur

    IL-2 GBS Resources

    Guys, The release order is as follows for vehicles, maps are harder to judge, but I won't put dates on any of them yet because they often change. Me-262 and Fw-190 D-9 are slated to come together. P-51D B-25 (AI) Tempest Mk.V P-38J Plus 8 more tanks in 2019 M4A2, PzKpfw IV Ausf.G, T-34 model of 1943, PzKpfw III Ausf.M to come together. SU-122, PzKpfw V Ausf.D, SU-152, Sd. Kfz. 184 to come together. GAZ-MM + 72K Sd. Kfz. 10 + Flak38 (Collector Vehicles) to come together after tanks done. Plus 6 more WWI kites in 2019 Fokker D.VII and D.VIIF and Sopwith Dolphin Albatros D.Va and S.E.5a Brisfit and Halberstadt CL.II and CL.IIau Plus 3 maps. Likely in this order, but this could change. Prokhorovka Map Bodenplatte Map Arras Map Plus... Bodenplatte Career Bodenplatte Scripted Campaign Another Payware Scripted Campaign or two from 3rd Parties Tank Crew Scripted Campaigns American and British Radio Calls Air/Field Marshal Feature Object Viewer New MP Lobby (Fingers crossed, this one won't be easy) PWCG Online Co-Op Campaign (Go chew on Pat about this) and hopefully many other tweaks and fixes etc. as we go along. Lots and lots of stuff to come in 2019. P.S. all this was announced in the beginning as part of our overall plan, but I've tried to give you some context. The order of the planeset releases is determined by what is possible when, no other reason. Planes can be restricted by the MP server operators if people complain. Jason https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/42521-when-the-p51-will-be-available/?do=findComment&comment=720883
  7. DD_Arthur

    DCS Future

  8. Just been on evilbay and made a bid on a used Intel i5 3570k and Asrock Z77 extreme4 mobo bundle - wiv' a big cooler. It all looks very very exciting Does anyone have any experience with one of these CPUs? Target overclock will be 4.5Ghz If i win I might even treat myself to a new case!
  9. DD_Arthur

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Mossie #3 takes to the air this morning!
  10. Like the HE111 landing at 5.10
  11. DD_Arthur

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    OK, it's that time of year where I get confused over what day of the week it is. I have a vague feeling that its back to school on Monday. Therefore, what better than to start building a new pc in the middle of the night! Got a lovely big case with some really good ideas about cable routing since I last did a build. Power supply goes downstairs, well away from the cooler in this set up. As usual I managed to fit the IO shield upside down first try and then trapped the fan cables behind it on the second. I knew I had a spare, new DVD writer from years ago in my big box of redundant computer bits but was disappointed when I found out it had a white front panel. Then ecstatic to find in the box a spare front panel in black. One hour later I had successfully fitted the black panel without breaking anything. Tomorrow - take a deep breath and rip out the PSU, HD and GTX970 out of my old system and bung it in here with all the rest of the gubbins and then I expect I'll have to 'phone my mate Bill Gates so he can have a rummage in there too. Hopefully....... Oh yeah; as you can see, it's an SLI capable board. Do you think I should mount the graphics card in the top or bottom slot? The CPU is going to be liquid cooled and I'm not sure yet whether the radiator is going to be bolted to the fan next to the left hand side or one of the two fans that live in the top of the case.
  12. DD_Arthur

    ethics question.

    Try and avoid firing on your team mates too!
  13. DD_Arthur

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    Lol, understood
  14. DD_Arthur

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    Hmmm.....see Sid's comment above on the walking dead........🚾 Are we generally saying it's best to have the O/S on the SSD?
  15. DD_Arthur

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    OK, the rest of my click and collect bits and bobs from ebay are awaiting me at my local Sainsburys. If my head stops throbbing I might amble over and pick them up today. I'm installing a new mobo, cpu and ram. My gtx970 card and 500gb hd will be put back in and I'm also installing a 480gb SSD as E drive. My plan is to put BoX and DCS on the SSD and retain everything else on the old hd. Is this a good idea and should I expect to have to phone Microsoft to confirm my copy of Windows10?
  16. @Grant; this 'combat landing' business is a modern method of trying to avoid naughty men around airfields equipped with hand held anti-aircraft missiles. Not really something the crew of a He-111 would have to deal with.......
  17. DD_Arthur

    Our GB Server is up and running

    Yeah, I know..... Thats why I'm flying a '190 - an aircraft with a similar armament to a frigate. My engine failed as I'd exceeded safe engine limits for too long a time.
  18. DD_Arthur

    So the new rig is dead(ish)

    Bugger. Does sound like the mobo is u/s. Good luck with this Jabo. S! m8
  19. DD_Arthur

    Our GB Server is up and running

    Christmas day with the Dogz!
  20. Hello Mikey. Glad you're enjoying our Cliffs of Dover; Blitz server. Our public, T/S server password is; sheep
  21. Dear Mr. Crashes; tell us something about yourself. First name, where you are in Oz, etc. We have another active member in Oz. Would you like to fly with us sometime?
  22. Here you go; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hague_Convention Have a good read and tell us what you discover about firing on vehicles marked with red crosses.