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  1. New version of SYN_Vander's brilliant mission generator up. You can now select all the planes irrespective of the map https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/43276-il2-great-battles-easy-mission-generator/page/8/
  2. DD_Arthur

    New Toy Mmm

    Hmmm....lets see; 3.7ltr. V6 which gives it three times the power of my Golf but weighs 300kg less? Bloody........
  3. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/52553-and-now-for-something-completely-different/ Anyone up for it? It could be an 'event', periodically, if you see what I mean? We used to have them......
  4. Just did it and......still no mirror. However, lol, game now runs better than ever!
  5. Good stuff! I'm deffo going to rid myself of the open beta and settle on the stable version I think. I've not had a problem with the Spitty gunsight yet but I notice my mirror does not want to play in the stable version. Is that 'normal' at the moment?
  6. Bought the Nevada map in a sale several years ago and never got round to installing as I didn't think my system would run it back then and I promptly forgot about it. Doh!
  7. DD_Arthur


  8. Is it a giggle or is it a gaggle?
  9. Veni, vidi, et emit eam in venditionis
  10. DD_Arthur

    Summer's here!

    Looks fabulous!
  11. 21.00gmt? Hmmm.....sunset @21.30 and low tide @22.14 weather scorchio. Will be on Branscombe beach, hopefully mildly sloshed
  12. Thank you Tom. Will give it a go on the morrow.
  13. Flew for about fifteen minutes tonight on our server without t/s as my headphones are having a benny. Nice patch! VR much improved and very smooth on the stable version now. How the f#=5 do you fly in a straight line in the Spitfire?
  14. Yesterday that big glowing ball thingy appeared in the sky for the first time in what seems like weeks. To mark this event we drove down to the Eden Project yesterday evening to see Niall Rodgers and Chic do their 'thang and very enjoyable it was too! Incredulous youngest son after witnessing a spot of 'dad dancing'
  15. Just got the Spitfire, Normandy map and the WW2 assets pack in the DCS sale to support hosting
  16. I couldn't possibly reveal that sort of information!* Is there an aircraft in this game that is easier to land - and easier to spin after landing - than the Spit. mk.V? Flaps down, wheels down and at ninety miles per hour just pull the stick gently back, close the throttle completely and then take your hand off the stick and it just settles down with a single bounce and......thats it Then you can concentrate on not spinning! *Have you put the cheque in the post yet Artie?
  17. Some short vids from the last couple of BoS evenings
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