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  1. Yeah, it’s got a….ambitious. We hope to be cooking in it by October 😫
  2. Hi Mick, new kitchen? Good fun innit?😧
  3. Mmmm....will check this out later on tonight 👍
  4. Southend to Heathrow - a well known holiday route, lol.😎
  5. Hi Doug, Casual Pilots Squadron? Nice bunch of guys. Welcome here.
  6. Standby..... https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/78818-mosquito-inbound/ 🤩
  7. DD_Arthur

    New Toy Mmm

    My eldest son’s son😍. In the early hours of this morning. No name yet but at 9lb9oz “Whale” is front runner at the moment 🤩
  8. Take off from Exeter bound for East Midlands airport. It took me nearly 3 hours to set up the flight management computer to do this, lol. After I hit nav I had to go and have a restorative cup of tea as my tiny brain was hurting so much🙃
  9. Hello Fosse My sincere apologies for replying so late - was on hols 'til late last week - but the short answer is no, it's not complicated. At least not the ones that I make. I use something called ShadowPlay and it comes with Geforce Experience - as long as you have an Nvidia graphics card. It's very simple to set up, has very little impact on frame rates whilst it's running and produces a nice video that is easily uploaded to YouTube without any loss of quality. Since I'm running a 1080p screen I can't really afford much of a loss in quality so this is important. ShadowPlay basically records whatever is on the screen at the screen resolution. There are lots of other programmes around to record stuff but in my experience they all have a bigger systems footprint which has a negative impact on fps. i should add that FruitBat makes some very splendid videos of DCS on his lovely big 4k screen using something that comes with Windows. The other thing about the stuff I make is that it's all one take; all I'm doing is pressing the record button and then changing views in the sim from cockpit to external, etc. To cut between scenes properly you need to use an external video editing tool to edit and join different sections together. This obviously gives the chance to make some really beautiful, epic stuff if your so inclined but takes a great deal of time to do it properly and when it comes to MSFS2020 there is one major problem with this: Unlike IL2 or DCS, at present the sim does not have a decent, built in track recorder. It does have a bit of an under-developed, crappy one and third party apps are also available too but at present they have quite a lot of limitations and for one reason or another are not quite up to snuff yet in my opinion. Here's a link to the best one available on Flightsim to. https://flightsim.to/file/8163/flight-recorder Also, I've seen some of Blubear's vids of IL2 and he's really rather good I think so I'd like to know what he uses for editing. Anyway, despite the limitations, I have a few handy things I can use to try and make things interesting. I use TrackIr which allows me to not only look around the cockpit but also 'extend' my view when I'm recording externally. Also, I have a wireless XBox controller that I use for external views and panning around which is very handy. One thing that MSFS does have that the others don't is a drone cam option and it's here that my XBox controller comes into it's own. With it you can; This means you can do some pretty stuff with careful use of the sun, the scenery, the weather and the auto pilot! Autopilot in MSFS becomes pretty important when all the recordings you make are one-take and you're juggling joystick and XBox. Infact I've discovered that the autopilot in my lovely little Kodiak is good enough to navigate the Mach Loop! Perhaps I'll try and make a movie of that soon. Hope this helps. S!
  10. Some of the beautiful women of Arbroath on their way to Condor for a double-bagger night.
  11. Welcome to the Dangerdogz Mosquito
  12. Exeter to Dunkeswell on Friday evening with live weather
  13. DD_Arthur

    New Toy Mmm

    This morning.
  14. Swiss Airforce make mincemeat of the Mach loop! 😎
  15. An example of the kind of standards reached by some of this freeware...
  16. Don't worry; savvy Russians who trade with the outside world have long taken precautions against sanctions and Putin. For rich Brits who want to hide their wedge we have the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and the British Virgin and Cayman Islands. The Russians use Cyprus for exactly the same purposes. 1C Games Studio is registered in Limassol
  17. Hi Chris VR works quite nicely in MSFS. I'm still dithering about whether to upgrade my VR to a Quest 2 or buy a decent screen to make the most of the eye candy. I've got the all singing, all dancing, deluxe everything-you-can-eat version from the MS store. However, if I had the knowledge then that I have now I would buy the bog standard cheapo version from Steam....and I hate Steam too. The store version's installation and update process can only be described as Machiavellian. Basically Microsoft wants to clasp us to it's ample bosom and never let go. I'm sure they'll sort it out one day but for the moment I would honestly recommend Steam for the simplification it lends to the whole process. The deluxe versions of the game give you extra planes you won't miss and extra airports you won't notice. Better to save your cash for planes you actually want. There are quite a few now on the market ranging from terrible to wonderful. Be aware that the stock planes that come with the sim are beautiful but some of the add-on stuff available often falls short of these standards. Due diligence is required before purchase and - with a few exceptions - avoid buying anything from within the ingame 'store'! As for add-on scenery or airports; don't be in a hurry to buy any. There is a truly vast amount of free stuff available from here https://flightsim.to/ Again, quality varies but at least it's easy to download and install and equally easy to get rid of if you don't like it. A lot of it is really good. For instance the freeware version of Gatwick airport available to download from Flightsim to is a labour of love by someone and universally acknowledged to be superior to the two payware versions available. Also, the sim is being regularly updated and these updates have a habit of breaking the functionality of add-ons on a regular basis and yes, this is becoming trying for add-on developers! Also, the regular world updates made to the sim mean things bought and paid for months ago can become redundant. As an example; There are three payware elements here. The city centre, the airport and the aircraft. I bought them all around eight months ago. Two weeks ago Microsoft released World Update 8: Australia which has rendered my city centre and airport add-on superfluous. The airplane is a Piper Seminole by Carenado. Carenado make beautiful, value for money aircraft which set the visual standard for other add on developers. Not surprising really as they're also responsible for many of the stock aircraft which come with the sim. If you've used any previous versions of Flight Simulator or XPlane with 28fps being the norm, performance of MSFS2020 is going to be a rather delightful surprise. It runs beautifully on my eleven year old cpu. Paris at daybreak; Visiting the BT tower; Flight modelling as mentioned by FruitBat? Well...it's not quite up to DCS or GBS yet but like them it is based on blade element theory and being only eighteen months old it can only improve. Apart from a Spitfire I've avoided any other WW2 birds as I know I'll only be disappointed by the FM. As you correctly observed; if you're flying GA or an airliner then as long as they hit the numbers (they do) then fidelity of flight model is really not that important. As a matter of interest, this is the closest you can get to flying a WW2 era four-engined bomber in a modern flight sim; here we are departing Oslo for Heathrow There are around four hundred and fifty various switches, levers, dials, circuit breakers, etc. and they are all animated and work correctly! I spend a lot of my time generally flying around Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Cornwall. It's where I live, it's an area I'm very familiar with - especially from the air. It's this kind of flying where MSFS really shines for me. Getting a bit lost in low cloud on the approach to St. Mawgan a couple of weeks ago. Live weather! Good luck and hope this helps.
  18. Steam VR is a pain in the arse if you use a Rift. However, even though you might need to run Steam to access the game, you do not need to run Steam VR; Make sure Steam VR is off. Run OpenComposite, click on 'Switch to OpenComposite' and close the app. Run the Occulus launcher. Now run the game. Enjoy an extra 10fps and all that added smoothness.....
  19. "Peach fronted" ? I like that......
  20. Hello Billy and welcome to the 'Dogz. Don't worry about times too much - we have north americans who meet up when the rest of us are fast asleep. Also, you're not the first Canadian Leopard driver to be a member of the 'Dogz.
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