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  1. New Toy Mmm

    Hauled my backside out of bed at six this morning on the promise of storm and tempest but 'twas a bit disappointing in the end....
  2. New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    Moscow the hard way
  3. This weeks BoS update is rather more involved than most being a complete re-install of the game. Worth a read of the dev diary; http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/page-2#entry90146 Before sending my present copy of the game off to the recycle bin I made a copy of my control settings....just in case You can find yours in the game folder/Data/Input.
  4. New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    FT, I think the generally agreed technique would be to fly above the clouds in such circumstances? 'Ere, Crash. Did you know about this; https://il2sturmovik.com/
  5. Broadband in the UK

    Dear Chaps, At last, after years of waiting, I appear to be eligible for superfast fibre broadband. This is quite exciting as my local internet speeds have until now depended on whether its raining outside or the wind is blowing in the "wrong" direction - I kid you not!! I'd like to get this right first time and not end up getting a poor deal from a less than fantastic provider soooo......who do you use and what has been your experience with them? I'm slightly wary of going back to BT - not least because one of my brothers has worked for them for 45 years and he says BT are shit! Any advice gratefully received
  6. New Game Launcher, New Set Up

  7. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    That looks really impressive FT The picture in your OP looks like it was taken in the early 1900's. Any idea what that scene looks like now?
  8. Broadband in the UK

    Well after six months I must say BT and I are very happy together. I've had no problems and so far as I'm aware my connection has not dipped below the promised 50mb/s. In fact they seem to like me sooooo much that they're upgrading me to 76mb/s before the middle of November. Good show BT
  9. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    FT thats fantastic! Oh yeah, tell us more about your Pope in the water. I'm intrigued
  10. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    Fantastic FT! And the Pope-mobile.......?
  11. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    So no 1:87 scale horses? Pity.
  12. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    This part of the bridge was 'hinged'? So it could be swung out of the way and allow clear a channel for boats to pass through? How did they pull this part of the bridge open? Capstan or horse-power? Won't you need a Pony? You know.......a little one
  13. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    You haven't been using a mould FT - you've been using a jig. Thats why they've come out slightly different. However, now that you've pointed out to us they're all different and some of them are twisted I will never be able to look upon the finished product without bursting into tears. On the other hand - from the picture it would seem the boats are all different anyway.................. Presumably you won't be.....er.....giving anyone the finger for a few days? Hope it gets better soon.
  14. New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    Still the best 'plane in BoX!
  15. New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    Something warmer?
  16. New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    This is going to blow your VR socks off, Crash
  17. The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Yeah...but it's still a good one
  18. A ferry - river crossing

    When we go down to stay with friends here We often take this from which we sometimes see this
  19. New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    A spot of sightseeing in the mountains............ and dogfighting over the coast.......... The Kuban is one big, BIG map!
  20. The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Holy shit!!!!! That was some flying. I like the "we considered the possibility of a go-around"
  21. A ferry - river crossing

  22. Well I finally got round to it...

    Fantastic! The noise when he opens the throttle for the take-off run.......