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  1. Not next week. Bugger!
  2. This weeks BoS update is rather more involved than most being a complete re-install of the game. Worth a read of the dev diary; http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/page-2#entry90146 Before sending my present copy of the game off to the recycle bin I made a copy of my control settings....just in case You can find yours in the game folder/Data/Input.
  3. My God! he's created........Frankenstick Run!!
  4. Yep, it's part of BoK but it's also a 'collector plane' so it will be available to purchase separately.
  5. I don't think I can see flaps down Jack. I can see those two big radiators and the flaps on those are fully open. Found this;
  6. Looks like the shows over for now. Had a bit of a heavy night with friends yesterday and when I came down to get the coffee on this morning there was just one chick in the nest. I then had to go and launch a Dreadnought. When I returned the nest was empty. Went and sat in the lower part of the garden and found mum feeding one of her chicks in a nearby tree. Adios!
  7. Here we go; a bit more from this morning. After a pretty wet, windy week it appears we're down to four chicks now and after another week on a high-protein diet of creepy crawlies things are looking pretty cramped in the nest. I think they've been hatched just over a fortnight now. Mum also has a good look at my camera! When she's not feeding them she's spent a great deal of time trying to see off a pair of big, clumsy love struck Pigeons that have tried to set up home next door.
  8. Lovely piccies Jabo Really hope they can get the Sea Vixen up and running again. The pilot deserves it.
  9. Great stuff!
  10. I think you're exactly right Jabo. This morning, in much better light; Definitely mum here. I've left the tripod in place now but will give it a rest for a couple of days as I don't want to disturb 'em too much. I've also loaded kiddo's Super-Soaker with one part ammonia to fifty parts water to keep next door's moggy at bay
  11. More from kitchen door cam. 9 p.m. this evening. I think thats Dad feeding 'em but wifey is convinced it's Ma.
  12. Soon.......
  13. Thanks Chet. I'm pretty sure we're all OK over here just a bit stunned by it all........
  14. This afternoon - from my kitchen door
  15. Forget about the magneto switches - they're not connected to anything. If you're in the Hurricane or the Spitfire make sure your radiator is in the fully open position before you do anything else. Make sure throttle and prop pitch are at zero. Now you've got to grope around with your mouse to find the fuel cock. On the Spitty look at the bottom edge of the instrument panel, just to the right of the joystick and you'll see an up and down lever. That's the fuel cock. On the Hurri look down to your left in the area of the throttle and radiator control and you'll see the er...thing, around there...er...somewhere. ( yes, I have forgotten ) Once you've got your radiator and fuel cock open give her a little open throttle and press I. Once the engine is running you'll have to wait a couple of minutes whilst it gets up to temperature. Remember to put prop pitch back up and then.......Vrooomm.....hopefully
  16. Latest update to the game has given us - amongst a load of other stuff - a pretty amazing rendition of mirrors
  17. Is the DH Comet the most beautiful piece of machinery ever to take to the air? It screams 'speed' in a uniquely art-deco way.......
  18. It did for me On checking this morning, found my guns are loaded with tracer, cotton wool and egg fried rice. What is a good .303 load out for CLoD?
  19. Hi Tonar, Yep, follow Perf's link and do as per the instructions. The beta download will ask you for a code. Just ignore that and keep going. TrackIr disk? Don't worry about it. Just go to Natural Point's website and down load the latest software. https://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/downloads/
  20. Hey! I'm Japanese too!
  21. The best video of DCS Normandy map in earlyaccess that I've come across, so far.
  22. A bit more flapping around on the Wings of Liberty server