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  1. This is the simple and straightforward solution. I've put up a dogfight server myself a couple of times whilst waiting recently. All we need is for more Dogz to be able to do this. If you can run BoS on your PC then you have enough resources to put up a dogfight server with a.i. Since we have all flown on our dogfight server we all have these missions in our games. They can be accessed by going into Multiplayer>Dogfight>Create Server and then selected from the screen. It's really easy and everyone should have a try at launching their own server and shooting down some a.i.. To be able to put up a Dogfight server that other Dogz can join requires two things; A reasonably strong, stable Internet connection. This is mine and I'm able to host through my PC whilst my router has at least four other devices connected to it. The other, vital thing is to have the correct ports on your router open. This is the biggest single obstacle to most people hosting. If your in the UK and are using BT, check this thread out
  2. Thanks Fen. Will do the updating malarky on my install now. Interesting quote from the above post regarding the MiG19; New cockpit and external model with VR improvements I've got the Harrier and the MiG19. In VR the Harrier is a much smoother, stutter-free experience than the MiG19. Interesting that VR performance can vary between planes in the same sim
  3. Givin' it another waz. Downloading 828 skins. Uploading 6
  4. Yes, you've created a monster FT. We need someone to be Marty Feldman to your Gene Wilder? Or what Fruitbat suggests? Just 4k skins. That would give us a much more managable number and give us a QC threshold.
  5. Ok, am uploading now. I think this is a brilliant and ingenious thing you've come up with here FT. I think the problem is the rest of us Dogz haven't quite considered what it's purpose is. The idea is we can all see what each others skins are when we fly no? Great. However, I notice I've now d/l'd from the vault whole squadrons of 109F4 and HE 111 skins with consecutive numbers that none of us will ever, ever use. I think this is a great tool for us but we all need to prune our skin folders first.
  6. Ah...ok. Have now halted the operation. Before doing this I gave my skin folder a severe pruning to get rid of all the old, often 2k skins that I'm never going to use and didn't want to inflict on other peoples drives. I see my skin folder is now at 19gig and growing and is now filling with skins that others have d/l'd over the years and don't use either. Thanks for your efforts FT but I don't think this is for me.
  7. You did indeed! It's now doing it thang' 608 local skins found and 1408 remote skins found. No idea what this means but it does sound very impressive.
  8. Ah...thankyou FT. That almost did the trick Now getting a message sayin' You cannot be verified as a member of the Dangerdogz. If you are a member, send a pm to FT mentioning this issue
  9. Not happening. I think I'm having trouble with getting the correct syntax in the registry entry to find the right path. Just to be awkward, my game is bolted into my pc thus; E:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\graphics\skins I think the question is how do I apply that path to the registry when I edit it in notepad? Edit; Match abandoned after twenty minutes due to goalies becoming hypothermic. What a waste of a morning.....
  10. Hmm...will try again later when I return from standing out here in the pissing down rain on a football field in Budleigh bloody Salterton. Under 15’s footie sigh.....
  11. Slight problem. My skins folder - along with the game - is on my E drive and I'm getting an error message saying skin folder does not exist in on my C drive.
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