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  1. Excellent! Allies again for me please and I've d/l'ed the new icon arrangement
  2. You had to roll back to after the 20H one? I’ve only just installed that one!
  3. That was great fun Colin!! Very well done. 'Fraid I arrived late and couldn't get my mike to work so my call sign was "Who's that in the Sherman?" but managed to join the action, navigate to the bridge, shoot someone in a Panzer IV who was lying in ambush, get destroyed by Artie (didn't we all), drive round the flag, get destroyed by Artie again and actually knock bits off a Bf110. Excellent!
  4. That looks perfect to me. If you are flying Spitfires 15km gives you enough time to set rads, revs, trim and seating position and then concentrate on the close. Friar's map looks a bit....tight?
  5. Can Vander's mission generator do this? It has a dogfight mode......
  6. Above Keswick in the Lakes...... Another big update is also due this week.
  7. I think they just declare it officially released and bung it out on Steam at full price for four months until the next Spring sale.
  8. I think it should be externals off and icons off too. I don't see a problem with friendly fire as far as the tanks are concerned and if you have icons on then the tanks are going to stand out for the planes like a cornish pasty to a seagull with much the same effect.
  9. I have 'centre VR view' on my sticks hatswitch. Each time I get in the cockpit I simply centre VR view to how I want it. Setting up each plane individually? Not on yer' nellie! Also; just a reminder to people who have a Rift and are using horrible SteamVR to run it; NOOOOOOoooooooooooooo!!!!! Use this instead, much, much better https://gitlab.com/znixian/OpenOVR
  10. It was a Windows update that screwed up a Windows product! I had to do a reinstall last week after it failed to start up. Pleasingly, it retained all my stick, throttle and button assignments.
  11. Agree very much. If externals are on then we can park up our tanks, hit F11 and a take a stroll around the map with our mouse and spot the baddies.
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