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  1. DD_Arthur

    New Toy Mmm

    Summer came back for one last look. 23 degrees today
  2. DD_Arthur

    Shuttleworth Airshow: Race Day

    Goody, goody.
  3. DD_Arthur

    New Toy Mmm

    Summer? It's over....sigh....
  4. DD_Arthur

    MS Sidewinder2

    PM me an address Jabo and I'll sort it out.
  5. Hi Todd, Pen and paper job first; Make a note of your graphics settings, camera speed settings, custom settings and settings on the launcher box - prefer web distribution, etc. Then go into the game files themselves which - if you downloaded normally - will be found at something like; c/x86programmefiles/1CGS/battleofstalingrad/data In the data file you will find a folder marked 'input'. This has all your control settings and should be a copy/paste job to save in a safe place. Once you've re-downloaded the game simply copy/paste back again. If you've downloaded any skins look in the data folder and find the graphics folder and skins will be in there. Save in the same way. When you come to re-download the game itself it will offer you Battle of Moscow. I don't know why but thats the one you want. Good luck. S!
  6. DD_Arthur

    Storm of War

    Hello Redtail and welcome to the Dogz My dad spent most of the 'fifties looking very much like this
  7. DD_Arthur

    MS Sidewinder2

  8. DD_Arthur

    MS Sidewinder2

    If any Dogz who have not got a MSFFB stick want it then pass it on. If not, then Yes please Mick! I've got one but I've been looking for a spare for a while now. While we're at it.....I've got FT's old Logitech G940 stick and throttle unit. They both work ok. I believe Jabo has the pedals for it too. Perhaps we can re-unite them and....er.....I dunno, something beautiful can happen, lol. Jabo; do you want the complete set?
  9. DD_Arthur

    Just Dropping By

    Hello Mayhem! Nice to see you around m8
  10. Oh. BoX on Tuesdays is fine by me but I agree, people should give an opinion.
  11. How many people turned up for '46 last night?
  12. Kuban winter map mod
  13. DD_Arthur

    Campaign editor

    OK, say twenty Dogz into the 0.01%? A quick, back of a fag packet calculation reveals.......congratulations to Sweper's big toe on his right foot. It just became our mission builder.
  14. DD_Arthur

    Campaign editor

    I'd say approx. 0.01% of the playerbase. Mind you, the playerbase is now 150k + so something will come out of this. I can't help feeling the DED guys time would have been much better spent learning how to parse the Mission Editor into something an ordinary klutz like me can use.
  15. DD_Arthur

    port forwarding

    TCP is good on cuts and bruises too.