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  1. Cornwall this morning! Gina and I take a short hop between St. Mawgan and Culdrose.
  2. DD_Arthur

    New Toy Mmm

  3. You mean....the bondage club is closed too!!!!!
  4. I play golf...and I miss playing golf.
  5. Wow. At these prices I'm starting to wonder about renting a virtual machine instead of owning a box of components that will be obsolete by year three?
  6. Yes, they're all making that universal signal that means "Gentlemen, start your tumble-dryers"
  7. Very many congratulations Major https://www.stephanniecamossephotography.com/post/2019/06/22/tyler-kendall-bozeman-mt-engagement
  8. Looks pretty good. I've updated and installed the UK scenery - a six and a half hour process - but other than a little, local trot around I've not explored it yet. With the new height map the Jurassic Coast looks very authentic except for the freakin' trees! Not only has it trees on the beach a' la CLoD but also trees up the cliffs! Interesting to see Heathrow in the near distance at the end of your movie. I wonder if Boris will one day be able to afford the courage of his convictions and build a new London Airport out in the Thames Estuary?
  9. DD_Arthur

    New Toy Mmm

    There are shortages of all chips at the moment. The car industry is on short time working all over the world at the moment as supply cannot keep up with demand. Chip manufacturing is not an on-off industry. Think of a steel works. Once production ceases it takes time to get all the processes going again. Many closed down during early lockdowns last year and the added demand for devices during lockdown was not anticipated by the industry. They're struggling now to reach pre-lockdown levels of production but it will come back.
  10. DD_Arthur

    New Toy Mmm

    Just no. Thats just too much. Prices and availability will come down eventually. I don't think it's due to bit coin mining so much as a world shortage of chips at the moment.
  11. Followed this Airbus from takeoff in Gibraltar in realtime and live weather as it climbed and headed north. i can just imagine the drinks trolley on board doing a roaring trade. "When do we touch down in Birmingham, Miss?" "In an hour and twenty minutes sir" "Great. I'll have a treble brandy and coke, the wife will have a double vodka and granny will have a large gin and orange."
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