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  1. Exploring the Persian Gulf map at sunset. Interestingly, since the last Beta update VR performance seems to be slightly inferior to what we have here, the stable version. In VR this is all simply astonishing!
  2. DD_Arthur

    New Toy Mmm

    Possibly Swep! I'm more reminded of holidays in Greece when a look over the rooftops would reveal loads of 'unfinished' buildings with a few rods sticking out from concrete roofs. Wasn't it a local tax dodge or something?
  3. DD_Arthur

    New Toy Mmm

    In a fit of spur of the moment, weather- induced boredom we decided to let the train take the strain and spend a couple of nights in central London wandering around doing the touristy thing. I was astonished by how much the skyline has changed in the fifteen years since I last had the opportunity to walk over Tower Bridge. All this high rise glass and stainless steel is all new to me!
  4. As discussed tonight, some of us are using an icon mod that cuts out all the arrows, distances and names and just leaves a small blue or red triangle. Details and download of the mod can be found here https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/38978-mod-icons/ As you can see, this guys made a mod with a variety of options. I'm using the third one down and this is what it looks like in our coops. In my game goodies are blue and baddies are red
  5. This is what I'm running at the moment with an RTX2070. My cpu is older and running at 4.4ghz with 24gigs of DDR3. When I first set up my Rift for DCS I used the VR graphics preset. It reduces all the settings. On my machine this preset made the game look grim and run terribly. I then took a deep breath and ramped everything up. Guess what? Game looks and runs great in VR! Don't quite understand but this works for me. Since then I haven't played with my settings at all as the game has run better in VR following recent updates so if I've got any wasted or wasteful settings I'm all ears
  6. Ok, we seem to have the Bf110 formation flying thing sorted. Which type next? How about I16's?
  7. Undoubtedly and much better than the Gefreiter Balls-Up approach too
  8. I had to think about this a bit () and have come to the conclusion that I got lucky.......but; I'm using the Hugh Dundass method. I seem to remember his wing pioneered the use of the Spitfire as a jabo in the north african and italian campaigns. Of course I might be talking out of my backside so I suspect Fenrir might really be the guy to ask. Basically the idea was to approach the target at six to ten thousand feet which was above the effective range of light flak but allowed a good view of the target area. The approach route would be governed by the chosen low level escape route after the drop to avoid murderous light flak. Fly past the target and watch it disappear under the leading edge of the wing. When it reappears under the trailing edge of the wing do a half roll down onto the target and approach the drop at a sixty degree angle. Watch the target disappear under the nose and then the difficult bit; count to two, three or four depending on height and speed and drop bombs. Simples
  9. Hello Screwball and welcome to the DangerDogz forum We don't fly any of the sims we use through Steam. We have our own servers for DCS, GBS and CLoD. Of course, you have to have Steam installed to run CLoD but as a group we don't really use Steam for anything. We are essentially a coop based squad still and meet on several evenings GMT throughout the week. We fly GBS on Sunday and Tuesday evenings at the moment. We have several Canadian members. Infact we have active members across North America, the UK, Europe and Australia. I'm sure we'd be very pleased to welcome an old hand from '46 who'd like to fly with us so please feel free to tell us a little bit about yourself.
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