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  1. Thank you very much FT. Will commence rotating now
  2. Is the server rotating missions? It seems to be stuck on the Bodenplatte map
  3. Hmmm...okay. We'll have to be the 363rd. FG to fly P38's on PWCG and we'll start on 1st. October 1944 and be based at Petit Brogel. Can't get it to generate a mission for more than four planes atm.
  4. I understand Tom. I've used PWCG in RoF and BoS. I'm just setting up this latest version now. I was thinking of simply generating a mission with PWCG, testing it myself and if it runs ok sending it to FT to run as a coop so we can compare with what we've been getting from Vander's generator.
  5. I would prefer to start at dispersal but with a warmed up engine. Does that make sense? I wonder if we should run a trial mission on Tuesday?
  6. I think this is normal. Over cooling - as well as over heating - represent problems for aero engines therefore the technochat gives a warning. An engine starting from cold would be within the parameters that would give an over cooling message. As the engine warms up these messages should cease.
  7. Is this when starting from cold in a quick mission? Is it on a winter map? Which plane or planes is this happening with?
  8. Bucky! Bloody hell, hello m8! Nice to see you here again
  9. Slipped into a little blue number myself tonight
  10. Spent an hour tonight on a Flying Circus dogfight server put up by someone who had created it using Vander's generator and was hosting from his own pc. Very good fun indeed. Returning from my dawn patrol I managed to bounce the host and his wingman. Didn't quite end how I'd planned it but we all ended up on the ground........ On my second sortie I tried the same tactics; a wide, climbing sweep over the front into Hunland and then a return with the rising sun at my back to try and bushwack the bosche. In VR this is all magnificent but what I thought was an Albatros DVa turned out to be a Halberstadt CL.2 equipped with a Becker 20mm autocannon with which the a.i. gunner proved to be a bit naughty
  11. Four months with Lightnings and then see the war out on Mustangs? Sounds good to me.
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