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  1. Wossit like to fly then? I'm really tempted by this but I haven't got any pedals. Also, just got a 32" 144h curved screen in anticipation of all these freebies we get on Friday
  2. Han is now the producer? Thats good news.
  3. I think that is a really good idea. We wouldn't loose them and quite possibly it would actually encourage people to explore them.
  4. Hello Colin. Not trying to be atagonistic or anything but can I ask what compelling reason there is to delete them? Are they harming anyone or getting in the way of anything or costing anything to retain? Does it slow these boards down or something? As you know, the Dogz have been going for quite a while now. Are we ashamed of our history? I don't quite understand the motivation to get rid of 'stuff'
  5. "No mister Bond. I expect you to fly....."
  6. Hi Tony and welcome to the DangerDogz
  7. Yeah, it’s got a….ambitious. We hope to be cooking in it by October 😫
  8. Hi Mick, new kitchen? Good fun innit?😧
  9. Mmmm....will check this out later on tonight 👍
  10. Southend to Heathrow - a well known holiday route, lol.😎
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