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  1. They'll be a new spotting system introduced with the next update - along with the Hurricane being released too I hope. When does the present sale finish? Next Tuesday........
  2. Lol. In my experience the best way to visit Portsmouth is by submarine ‘cause you end up at Gosport next door and they don’t let you out ‘til you’re tied up to jetty so you miss most of the beautiful scenery 😆
  3. Ohhh...nearly😃 If you ignore the large naval base, the ships and the large expanses of water then it does look a lot like er...Coventry! Yes, it’s Portsmouth👍
  4. Okay, git #3. He does not actually live here but lives close to here.....
  5. I use the icon but I don't have the hud up. I press H to get rid of the hud, server messages, chat and icons. I then press I and It gives me just the icons back.
  6. Ahhh....now that does sound like a civil service negociated contract! I wonder if this is all a bit of a contract dance? Flying Legends comes roaring back in 2022 with Nick Grey having to put his hand deeper into his pocket but joyfully re-united with Duxford?
  7. Woke up this morning to grotty weather here so decided to take a quick flip around Dunkeswell - our local GA airfield = in real time weather. Note the proximity of two other abandoned airfields. Apologies for the sound, I think the game is slightly bugged at the moment.
  8. Go to the IL2 Great Battles forum and click on the top where it says IL2 STURMOVIK. Then login at the top right and then go My Profile on top right again. Then click on License Keys in the red box and that will give you a list of what you've got and whether it's activated. Copy your Tobruk one and then....................not too sure but you've got to paste it into a box in Steam as CLoD is a Steam only game. I think you have to click on your Blitz edition thing in your library where it might say something like 'add DLC' as it's treated as a DLC for CLoD/Blitz. Basically you've got to paste the freakin' code somewhere in Steam!!
  9. Don’t want to sound too cynical but I can just imagine the sales brochures in five years time; ‘Bovis Homes welcomes you to it’s exclusive new development at Bader Way, Duxford’.
  10. Goodwood has the infrastructure to handle the sort of crowds FL attracts but surely this event must be an enormous cash cow for the IWM, no?
  11. If you're having trouble getting trackir to work; open it and update to the latest drivers. There's a little box up in the top right corner on the main settings page. Did the trick for Pooka and I.
  12. Yeah, I'm up for it. Oh course, it means wearing my Oculus Rift backwards again...sigh...
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