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  1. Yesterday that big glowing ball thingy appeared in the sky for the first time in what seems like weeks. To mark this event we drove down to the Eden Project yesterday evening to see Niall Rodgers and Chic do their 'thang and very enjoyable it was too! Incredulous youngest son after witnessing a spot of 'dad dancing'
  2. Just got the Spitfire, Normandy map and the WW2 assets pack in the DCS sale to support hosting
  3. I couldn't possibly reveal that sort of information!* Is there an aircraft in this game that is easier to land - and easier to spin after landing - than the Spit. mk.V? Flaps down, wheels down and at ninety miles per hour just pull the stick gently back, close the throttle completely and then take your hand off the stick and it just settles down with a single bounce and......thats it Then you can concentrate on not spinning! *Have you put the cheque in the post yet Artie?
  4. Some short vids from the last couple of BoS evenings
  5. Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting! Have used it with BoS very briefly and the game is running smoother than before and I'm getting a higher frame rate. I can't see much difference in clarity but I'm running the Rift CV1 and I haven't had any problems like the S guys are getting from these recent updates. However, I have moved up from the 'balanced' preset to 'high'. This also means I get much nicer clouds. Thanks Sid
  6. Excellent! That means SE5a and the Albi DVa too
  7. ok Tom - I think I get it!
  8. From tonights coops; Sid and Painless give it the old one - two and then FT levels everything else!
  9. DD_Arthur


    On my drive home today I listened to this and felt the need to share
  10. Finally started to have a proper poke around with settings for my Rift. For GBS have a good look at this thread; https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/34266-copypaste-settings-for-best-spotting-rift-odysseyodyssey-updated-personal-settings-for-migoto-v113/ I applied this guys copy/paste settings and advice and it's made a real difference for me. Also; Occulus Tool Tray - which I originally thought was part of the Occulus set up software - is available here; Haven't delved into the 3D Migoto mod yet but thats next on the list; https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/39748-3dmigoto-mod-icon-masked-by-cockpit-zoom-for-vr-color-change-sight-strengthened13-features/
  11. DD_Arthur

    My new way

    Nice set up Crash and particularly like the fine collection of models. VR has meant a change to my set up too; I've had to clear away all the crap I'm usually surrounded by - box files, printers, a couple of mountain bikes, etc. - so I can fall over/fall off my chair in safety
  12. Hope you all have the weather and a good time at Duxford next week
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