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  1. DD_Arthur

    Need a force feedback base for your WartHog?

    I don't think so. Obviously, must be something similar but this is whats inside these things;
  2. DD_Arthur

    Need a force feedback base for your WartHog?

    Aha!!! It's arrived Size comparison with what it's replacing; Initial impressions; very nicely made, very neat, very smooth in operation and very plug and play. Me like
  3. DD_Arthur


    Beautiful Clouded over here.....
  4. DD_Arthur

    New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    Spitfire IX through the clouds
  5. DD_Arthur

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    This is some wild freakin' ride!
  6. DD_Arthur

    What a Hoot

    I'm in lurvvvvv again...........
  7. DD_Arthur

    Surving RAF Pilots from the Battle of Britain

    The convention in these things is to accord the rank you held when your service comes to an end FT. He almost certainly would have been a P/O during the BoB - it's the lowest rank of RAF commissioned officer. Wing Commander Elkington of 1 Squadron would almost certainly have been a P/O during the BoB too.
  8. DD_Arthur

    19 June session

    Stuka loopy with Sid and AP tonight.
  9. DD_Arthur

    IL-2 GBS Resources

    I'd delete everything except the single, stock coop that comes with the game and install the above, yes.
  10. DD_Arthur

    IL-2 GBS Resources

    Yep, the update to version 3.005 has done something to the .msnbin file. None of the coops in the vault nor anything I've got or anyone else has got will now work. However, that nice man TX_Tips is on the case and has already updated his coop missions to the latest version. TipsCoOPs Pack Five 35.zip TipsCoOPs Pack Four 35.zip TipsCoOPs Pack One 35.zip TipsCoOPs Pack Three 35.zip TipsCoOPs Pack Two 35.zip
  11. DD_Arthur

    Geoffrey Wellum Obituary from The Times

    I've met Geoffrey Wellum a few times in recent years. One of my closest friends retired to Mullion a few years ago and Geoffrey enjoyed the pub and the local chippy too. The Times has it slightly incorrect in that he didn't live in Mullion, he lived in Predannack - a few hundred yards away. He moved there as he had fond memories of flying from the airfield there in the war. Although I knew who he was I never asked him about his RAF service but he did have lots of interesting memories of Walthamstow (a place I knew well as a kid) before the war and before it became the sh#thole it is today. May he rest in well deserved peace.
  12. Update your game now to fly FW190 A8/F8!
  13. I think that is a good idea as it gives plenty of time and a tangible target date.
  14. Sorry Mick, not trying to rain on your idea it's just this bit "BOX would remain every other Tuesday". I thought the agreed plan is that BOX will - in the not too distant future now - become the regular Tuesday night fixture.
  15. I was under the impression we would eventually be moving up to BoX being every Tuesday as we gradually transition away from '46.