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  1. DD_Arthur

    Pooter won't boot

    Seems completely reasonable to me.....
  2. DD_Arthur

    Farming simulator - first flight

    DCS sale started yesterday and I just couldn't resist the urge to get the Harrier and the Gulf map
  3. DD_Arthur

    New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    Dear friends, As the development continues, we have new stuff to show you today. Let's begin with the Flying Circus project - together with our partners, we're finishing the next two planes: British S.E.5a made by Royal Aircraft Factory made and German Albatros D.Va made by Albatros Flugzeugwerke. S.E.5a combined all the main combat characteristics needed for a victory - speed, firepower and maneuverability. Its 8-cylinder 200 HP V8 Wolseley Viper engine enabled it to go up to 218 kph at the ground level. Its armament of two different machineguns was somewhat original - one forward firing 7.69 mm Vickers and one 7.69 mm magazine fed Lewis installed on a mount that made firing at the targets forward and above possible: Albatros D.Va was a symbol of the first half of WWI and its streamlined profile is easily identifiable. Powered by 6-cylinder 180 HP Mercedes D.IIIa engine and armed with two synchronized 7.92 mm Spandau LMGs 08/15, it had a completely rigid fuselage made of glued wood, which is now much easier to visualize in the sim thanks to the increased quality and complexity of 3D models: For Tank Crew project we're developing the interiors of the next two tanks together with our partners: PzKpfw. IV Ausf. G and T-34 made by UVZ factory at the beginning of 1943. In addition to these new tanks, the next big update will bring numerous additions to the tank system functionality and damage modeling. Today we can show you the renders of the new T-34 interior made by Uralvagonzavod. And finally, the news about our biggest project, Bodenplatte. At the moment, all buildings models for it are completed, including the unique historical ones, and most of them already have modeled damage. The work on the new AI-controlled ground vehicles required for this project has started. Of course, the development of the remaining aircraft is progressing at full speed. Today we can show you a couple of screenshots showing the building damage on the Bodenplatte map: And here's one of the new AI-controlled vehicles - Willys MB off-roader. You can see the increased level of detail we have set up for all new non-player controlled ground vehicles: You can discuss the news in this thread
  4. DD_Arthur


    Really nice pictures Swep. This was a track day somewhere local to you?
  5. DD_Arthur

    Airshow Details

    It's looking good but.......
  6. DD_Arthur

    Our GB Server is up and running

    The view in VR
  7. DD_Arthur

    Cool down Period after DCS.

    You've got a railway round your garden! What gauge is that? (slinks off to bite carpet in rage of intense jealousy)
  8. DD_Arthur

    Farming simulator - first flight

    The weird world of DCS in VR No, I don't mean the ability to do standing up in the cockpit take offs. Thats an added bonus! DCS has a VR button in the settings page. Press it and all the graphics settings are drastically reduced. Result? Game looks and performs terribly. Go back in and wind up all the settings as high as you dare and in VR the game looks great and performs really well.
  9. Thats just brilliant. I know you've built these things before for trucks and racing sims before PropNut but is this the first for flight sims?
  10. DD_Arthur

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    Yeah, I saw that. Hopefully will cure that slight stuttering of the scenery progression when looking out in VR.
  11. DD_Arthur

    DCS F-14A/B Pre-order Now Available at Heatblur

    Whats it like flying over the carrier in VR Crash?
  12. DD_Arthur

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    Holy sh#t DCS!!! OMG the cockpit!!! Just did a takeoff as wingman in my Farmer. Flight leader went to afterburner as we went down the runway. Gobsmacking.....
  13. DD_Arthur

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    I mean....where do you start? Apart from getting it going I've done no fine tuning or anything. I've still got the blue ring down at my feet. It's still rough and ready. I'm still going through the 'Blade Runner' moment. I'm flying a Spitfire. The cockpit is.....just right. It's not too big - like a P47, where it seems there's room for another one standing. It's not too tight, like the FW190D. Now that really is one steel and glass coffin! I look down through the perspex at the sweep of the wings and below the trailing edge I can see the earth between racing clouds. Ahead and to my left a distant smudge is slowly resolving into a Heinkel. It gets bigger and bigger and it's round and fat. The sun twinkles on it. It's big. I slide my little Spitfire in behind it. I open fire and big chunks start to fall off. Lots of smoke just above my mirror. I sit inside my cockpit and my aircraft is alive. I fire again and can't see too much now because of the smoke coming out of it but yes, it's on fire. Really on fire. This big, fat aeroplane which I'm alongside of is on fire and the crew are crawling out and their chutes are opening. The tail is riddled by bullet holes. I have to jink out of the way as the Heinkel drops a wing and lurches towards me. It goes under me and I loose it. It's gone. I hurt something in my neck looking for it. I've managed to put my 'plane in a steep dive. The ground starts to come up. No, I really don't want to do that. I REALLY don't want to do that! I feel some....unease, as the the ground comes rapidly up into my face. And it's over and I think I'll take this thing off...... I'm sweating.
  14. DD_Arthur

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    Oh my giddy aunt!