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  1. Yes. Realism was set to Normal. Now it's set to what you said. And I saw your ReShade settings. Thx! Cheers! Just so I am clear.. There is no tail lock? I watched the videos you posted and some others.. And they said the tail wheel was steerable with the pedals. So, I guess it does not just lock if it is steerable?
  2. Thanks, I'll have a look through that stuff. The prop pitch seemed tied to the throttle, so I wasn't messing with that yet. PS: can you share your ReShade profile .ini ?
  3. Thanks, Where in the hell is the P-40 manual? I don't see it in the game folder.. and Google was no help... I am just spinning like a top on the taxiway.. I need help with this bugger.
  4. Yea, I was just surprised they had a Spit in the East European theater? Is that realistic?
  5. I just bought Bom. Had Stalingrad but I never liked the map. [emoji6] Why are they putting a Spit in this game? [emoji12] Sent from my Moto Z Play using Tapatalk
  6. Very cool Roger! Which printer did you get? My buddy started a company called Maker Mark in Cleveland. Sent from my Moto Z Play using Tapatalk
  7. I'm waiting for them to fix the resolution. And the waffle/screen door effect.
  8. I visited a friend who had the same setup as I have and also had a oculus rift. I was not impressed enough to drop any cash on it yet even though the price has dropped. Don't get me wrong, it was awesome. But it's not there yet for me. The main problem was that the graphics were like looking through a screen door at 3 inches away. They call it the waffle effect. So details are not so clear. I am confident this will be improved soon. The other thing is hand recognition, which is also coming along. I definitely will get one someday.. [emoji16] Sent from my XT1635-02 using Tapatalk
  9. Arthur, you must not be using ReShade 3.0? I found this thread that says it does not work with IL2 BoS.
  10. Is that bos? It kept crashing my game when I tried it. Sent from my XT1635-02 using Tapatalk
  11. Have any of you guys tried the new ReShade 3.0? It was release last Jan and has an in-game GUI to edit and create profiles. I love it. I didn't want to permanently install it into my game, so I just made a folder and copied the game's .exe into that folder. The folder structure has to be the same (ie. dcs has the game exe in a \bin folder). Then run Reshade and install it into that folder and delete the game exe. Then edit the dlls ini file for the correct path. And make it a jsgme mod. It will install the correct dll for OpenGL, Dx8-9, and Dx10.
  12. I'm always Dandy Painful! I have IL2 4.12.2n HSFX v7.0.3 installed. Is that the flavor of IL2 you chaps are running?
  13. What is the current flying schedule for the Dogz? Thinking about stopping by for a fly sometime.. ;-) What days do you fly IL2, CloD, DCS, CFS2? What day is free Whisky day, etc.. Is this first post up to date with what versions of the games? Cheers! Snacko out!
  14. Thanks for posting all of that ODH. The video to install is even long. 30 minutes. But I might give it a look. Too much yardwork to do right now though.. ;-)