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  1. New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    Yes, just a quick test of my controls to make sure I didn't loose them. With VR in ED you have to completly uninstall ED, and get a 'Partner Key' from Frontier. Then you use that key to get a free VR version of ED from Oculus.
  2. New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    That looks like the best map so far. I bought a Oculus Rift for half price last week and have been setting up my games. Finally got bos/bom setup, but haven't had a chance to fly it yet.. Hopefully I'll find time today.. Sent from my Moto Z Play using Tapatalk
  3. Il-2 1946 Cup Jet Age Module Simpit

    Doh! The QMB did not have a map selected. It was blank. Now it works. With the 100 options on that screen I didn't notice. And the Single Mission works now. So I fixed something. Now to patch to 3.1.. Cheers. Thanks guys. Your the best. I got no answers to the same post on the SAS website since yesterday...
  4. Il-2 1946 Cup Jet Age Module Simpit

    Ahh.. ok, so this has issues from the start? Ok, I'll install that stuff.. Thx.
  5. Il-2 1946 Cup Jet Age Module Simpit

    How do I know which QMB will work? I tried about 5 different planes and didn't change anything else. But none worked. Data was Corrupt... Simple Missions are built into the game, so why don't they work? I have not even tried an old mission yet... But I'll try one right now. Ok, I loaded up an old DDZ very simple mission. Stock map Online game. All I see is blue sky. Press F2 and I can see my F16 externally, but cannot get into the cockpit or even start it up. F1 does not take me back to the blue sky, so it seems I am not the pilot. IDK Seems like I should be able to get this 'base' BAT working before I move onto new stuff. Thanks for the info.. I will lookup that other stuff..
  6. Il-2 1946 Cup Jet Age Module Simpit

    I finally tried this two days ago. Downloaded via the torrent, and followed the instructions. Instructions were a bit confusing because they said to run the setup installer. And also said to extract all of the files into the game folder. Since my torrent download had all 29 zip files, but NO setup exe installer, I extracted all of the zip files into the game folder. It didn't work. Nothing worked.. After reading some more I noticed that there was supposed to be a setup exe in the torrent download, but it was not there. So, I started all over and installed using the setup exe. Still it doesn't work. QMB gives me a Corrupt Data error, and when I load a mission all I get is a blue sky(or dark night sky). There is no cockpit. Argg...
  7. I wasn't able to make this one last Fri. But it looks like they had fun..
  8. Found out about this a few weeks ago before they decided to take 2 weeks off. They host these BoS Bomber/Fighter missions every friday at 19:00 UTC. Sounds fun.. http://www.battle-fields.com/commscentre/showthread.php?26884-Friday-Night-Bomber-Flights-July-21st-19-00-UTC-quot-Tretiak!-quot
  9. Spitfire IX template available

    A post on FB said that with the recent patch, you can pick your own skins in MP. Someone else also said you can do it in SP. But I have not been able to find that feature..
  10. Not really hell, but a challenge for sure!

    That is one crazy Frankenstein stick Rog!! Makes me wonder if somehow a force feedback device could be made to attach to your chair? FF is always in a controller if I'm not mistaken? Last winter I put 6 Transducers on my cockpit and love them. But for some games they just use the audio to shake, which is not always realistic. DCS is the best using SSA software for shake events. I've had a helicopter collective for about 2 years now. And it definitely helps with flying the helios. So natural to just lower it to go down, and pull up to go up. And the longer arm gives finer control. I hear in 3D VR it is also much easier since you can judge distances way better.
  11. New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    Yes. Realism was set to Normal. Now it's set to what you said. And I saw your ReShade settings. Thx! Cheers! Just so I am clear.. There is no tail lock? I watched the videos you posted and some others.. And they said the tail wheel was steerable with the pedals. So, I guess it does not just lock if it is steerable?
  12. New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    Thanks, I'll have a look through that stuff. The prop pitch seemed tied to the throttle, so I wasn't messing with that yet. PS: can you share your ReShade profile .ini ?
  13. New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    Thanks, Where in the hell is the P-40 manual? I don't see it in the game folder.. and Google was no help... I am just spinning like a top on the taxiway.. I need help with this bugger.
  14. New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    Yea, I was just surprised they had a Spit in the East European theater? Is that realistic?
  15. New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    I just bought Bom. Had Stalingrad but I never liked the map. [emoji6] Why are they putting a Spit in this game? [emoji12] Sent from my Moto Z Play using Tapatalk