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    My new fighter aircraft. It is a Honda CTX1300. 1261CC V4 powered with shaft drive. It can climb at an astonishing rate of 5000 ft per min. Carries six fifties and two 20 mm cannon. Top speed Mach 2.5 down hill hehehe. I drove six hours to pick it up and trailer it home one way. I did this due to super price. Oh it's an 2014 with 2700 miles on it. It comes with heated grips, forward road pegs, extended windshield, center stand, and the rear trunk. He in threw in a maintence manual.
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    From the album: Funflak

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    Just so you know it works...hehehhe
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    clock photo.JPG

    From the album: Funflak

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    clock photo.JPG

    All wooden pendulum clock I built over the last few days. It came bare wood parts and I added some color and then cleared it before starting assembly. I have about 16-18 hour total in it. I know its not an airplane but hey I have enough of them...hehehehe
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    Just finished building an all wooden pendulum clock from a kit. It took me about 15-18 hours to complete. First I had to paint some of the gears and pointers to give it depth. Then I cleared it all then started the assembly process. It is a wind up clock with a steel spring. I found the kit on Facebook, under puarlty.com. They have a number of working puzzle wood kits.
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    We need to talk...

    Here is the "old Farts" ideas: I feel for what we are all used to and how we fly, IL2 is king. I too am tired of CLOD for same reason as Swepers.. DCS is too complicated, to much button pushing that takes for ever to get into the air. Great sym but not for a squad like ours. BOS is about the same with more aircraft, but complexity turns me off some, but hey I'm old....OK? I'm not knowledgeable of Xbox syms due to not having one, but if the DDs go that route I'll follow. I truly enjoy my times with all of you and think of you as family and look forward to the time I get to fly with you. I appreciate you putting up with a guy who is getting slower on the sticks and flying into the ground and enemy aircraft...well at least I took out the target...hehehehe I appreciate all of your patience with my computer skills and guide me through the new stuff. That's my Two cents worth....Long live the Dangerdogz!
  8. Well me being on the bottom of the totem poll of computer geeks, I now have mine up and running. I did notice that the small letter engine and control HUD I normally use for throttle and pitch and rad settings are absent. Is this something I can turn on that's off or is it not available on this version. After finally letting my engine warm up I can now fly! I really like the ground scenery and how real it looks. Almost real compared to CFS of years gone by and IL2. I'm glad I updated my graphics card and added 8 gig of ram now totaling 16 gig.
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    Jesse Combs.jpg

    From the album: Funflak

    While at a large motorcycle expo here in Columbus, Ohio look who I ran into! For those that are gear heads and watch the Velocity Channel know who this is. I would have never believed I would ever meet her. I caught up to her while she was trying to do wheelies on electric mini bike motorcycle. Typical Jesse. She is currently pursuing her racing career riding motorcycles in induros type racing out in the desserts.
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    Funflak's new fighter

    From the album: Funflak

    My new Mach 2.5 fighter, can climb at 5000 fpm sporting a 1300cc V4 turbine engine with shaft drive. Armed with four 20 mil cannon, two on each side. main gear has 200mm tire bike is a 2014 model with only 2700 miles on the hr meter. I drove Saturday 377 mile one way to trailer this bird home due t fantastic price! $9300.00 out the door. Normally sells for around $13,000 looks like its never been flown. it also has Bluetooth connectivity, heated control sticks, and audio system.
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    Funflak's new fighter

    They basically took the power train out of the Pan-European and transplanted it into a cruiser frame platform so us old farts can ride all day in comfort.
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    Honda CTX1300

    From the album: Funflak

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    Honda CTX1300

    From the album: Funflak

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    Ages My new fighter! It climbs at 5000 ft per min and has a top speed of Mach 2.5. It is a Honda CTX1300 ( name here in the states). 1261CC V4 jet engine, and shaft drive. Even has heated control sticks. armament: four 20 mm cannon, two on each side of fuse. main gear support 200 mm tire.
  15. sorry to hear that Jabo, good luck rebuilding your steed

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    VPC MongoosT-50 flightstick

    Nice, it I don't fly Russian jets
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    Best Twin Ever?

    I did not know it exists. I first thought it to be a Mossy
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    Happy Birthday Jabo

    Happy belated B day Jabo! I hope you had a great day.
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    Windows 10 Free Upgrade Finishes 29/07/16

    I received mine when it was first available and have had no issues.
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    Toledo Expo 2016 photos by Funflak

    Photos taken at recent RC show at Toledo Ohio Expo. These models are a part of the static competition that first place receives $500.00, best of show $2,000.00
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    IMG 0693

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