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  1. Funflak

    My new fighter aircraft. It is a Honda CTX1300. 1261CC V4 powered with shaft drive. It can climb at an astonishing rate of 5000 ft per min. Carries six fifties and two 20 mm cannon. Top speed Mach 2.5 down hill hehehe. I drove six hours to pick it up and trailer it home one way. I did this due to super price. Oh it's an 2014 with 2700 miles on it. It comes with heated grips, forward road pegs, extended windshield, center stand, and the rear trunk. He in threw in a maintence manual.
  2. Funflak's new fighter

    They basically took the power train out of the Pan-European and transplanted it into a cruiser frame platform so us old farts can ride all day in comfort.
  3. Funflak

    Ages My new fighter! It climbs at 5000 ft per min and has a top speed of Mach 2.5. It is a Honda CTX1300 ( name here in the states). 1261CC V4 jet engine, and shaft drive. Even has heated control sticks. armament: four 20 mm cannon, two on each side of fuse. main gear support 200 mm tire.
  4. sorry to hear that Jabo, good luck rebuilding your steed

  5. VPC MongoosT-50 flightstick

    Nice, it I don't fly Russian jets
  6. Funflak

  7. Best Twin Ever?

    I did not know it exists. I first thought it to be a Mossy
  8. Happy Birthday Jabo

    Happy belated B day Jabo! I hope you had a great day.
  9. Windows 10 Free Upgrade Finishes 29/07/16

    I received mine when it was first available and have had no issues.
  10. Toledo Expo 2016 photos by Funflak

    Photos taken at recent RC show at Toledo Ohio Expo. These models are a part of the static competition that first place receives $500.00, best of show $2,000.00
  11. The Dangers Of Virtual Reality

    My son who is the electrical engineer in the house is well into this and is pre-ordering his system as well. Also the little bugger showed up with a new 24" LED wide screen monitor to replace the one that was blinking on and off. We tried a new cable and did not help and the new monitor works perfectly. He's my favorite son!!!! Course he's my only son...LOL
  12. There's All Sorts And Kinds Of Modeling ...

    What an imagination FT
  13. Why Did I Watch This?

  14. Guess The Aircraft!

    It looks to be an early tri-motor aircraft. Love the smiley face on the wheel cover. Possibly WWI era me thinks
  15. Dude Perfect Stereotypes

    Loved it! Junior rocks