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  1. I had to manually install it as the JSGME didn't work.
  2. Happy Birthday AP!

  3. APHill

    A4 E Problem

    Hi guys I have the A4 (latest version A-4E-C.v1.3) installed like this: C:\Users\username\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\aircraft\A-4E-C It shows in the module manager but not in the game. Not in instant action or in the ME. I have had it running in the past. I recently uninstalled and reinstalled DCS for another issue and have not been able to get the A4 running since then. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  4. My Preferences are BOX DCS Monday Tuesday Wednesday Possibly some Saturdays
  5. Salute guys, My preference is GBS over DCS. As to committing to certain days of the week, well, being a male, I'm not good at "committing" to much, as my two ex-wives could attest to! Tuesdays work for me flying BOX, I just need to make more of an effort to show up. Regards AP
  6. Happy Birthday Dennis!

  7. FT I have been having trouble spawning in on the German side. Its the same issue I was having with all aircraft a while ago that I fixed changing realism settings but that was on my server only. I can "create" a RAF aircraft but not a German one at least most of the time on our server. Sometimes it will spawn me in an aircraft but most of the time it wont. I don't think it has to do with realism settings on my end. Is there something that limits the number of total AC per side on our server?
  8. Got it sorted out. It was operator error. No surprise there. I had to uncheck all the boxes that say 'Cannot select side, group, aircraft, position' etc. DOH!
  9. Before all this steam updating with CLOD Blitz, way back then, while it was still TF, I could host multiplayer missions, I could make and run them no problem. I could select a flag and chose my aircraft click on “create” and vola! I was in the pit of said aircraft. Not anymore. I can start the server pick a flag select an a/c click on “create” and it shows my selected a/c and my name under it. I can’t get in the pit. Anyone know what might have changed? It appears that I can’t pick an a/c on my own server anymore. Strange.
  10. APHill


    That is an airfield marker fire that needs to be set on the ground in the ME
  11. Here are a couple more. The Airfields war was the one we were flying the other day. Unzip as in the above post. There are lots of AI bad guys (aircraft) that re spawn as well as re spawning ground targets (in Fighter Sweep II) Dogfight missions.zip
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