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  1. APHill

    The Way

    Salute! I came upon this nice little program for DCS. It Imports waypoints from DCS F10 map into the planes navigation system, like a Data Transfer Cartridge. Supported modules are: F-16 F/A-18 (make sure you are not in the TAC menu) A-10C and A-10C2 Mirage 2000 AV8BNA Harrier Ka-50 Blackshark AH-64D Apache Multiplayer is supported as long as the server has ownship/player exports turned on. It saves time and typing. Here is a link to GitHub: https://github.com/aronCiucu/DCSTheWay AP
  2. Wish I could be there but alas duty calls and I will be in Winchester Virginia fighting the Rebs with my civil war shooting group the First Michigan Volunteer Infantry. (Army of the Potomac) It's our annual fall national matches. Best of luck to you all. AP
  3. FT 

    Is it ok to give Hawkeye98 the public TS password before he is an official member?


  4. Hi FT

    This guy Hawkeye98 has a post, and PMed me too, as how to join us and I am not the guy to ask that question as I joined by asking Jim.

    Anyway I told him that you would know the "official" method. He ask me for the password to our server just today. I haven't given it to him, but I don't want to scare him away either.

    1. FoolTrottel


      Hi AP... 

      Thanks for pointing him out to me... he's got some decent replies to his post in the mean time, and I think it will all be good and end well... 

      Good thing you did not give him the password yet, first let him introduce himself a bit more.

      There are others capable enough to scare him away!! :)


    2. APHill


      LOL! I was trying not to scare him.

      I figured you would see the post but wanted to make sure.


  5. Happy Birthday here to Tom.


  6. And a good birthday for yourself. Make sure to enjoy.

    1. APHill


      Thanks Ross,

      My wife and I are going to my favorite steak place tonight. Outback steak house.

    2. DD_Sheriff


      Picture of a Goanna in my backyard after a air strike by a Kookaburra bird. Known as a "Lace Monitor Lizard"


  7. Happy Birthday Ross!


    1. DD_Sheriff


      Why, thankyou Sir


  8. I won't be able to make it today. Its a flower buying afternoon with the wife.
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