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    On 14/11/2017 at 10:51 PM, delta7 said:

    For me il2 is still the king- it offers the diversity of planesets and gameplay that the others simply do not. However how long can it still reign ? 

    If it is coming to its end then obviously we must look at alternatives. So here are my thoughts on the pretenders to the crown

    CloD - this is a hobbiest development, cant see where its going or how fast

    DCS - too complicated for the more casual type of flyer which I think is the majority

    BoX- looks to be the best option, but still frustrated by cost of getting into it and lack of some game modes such as co-op. If they can fix this then Id be willing to move to it

    Where does that leave the Dogz , well firstly unless we sort out the finances and support the site then at one point we will be even more casual. 

    I also dont believe we will recruit many more younger players to join us as the WW2 sim base was always smallish and generally appeals to older folk with the likes of battlefield more suited to the younger generation.

    For the established players the variaty of sims has split even this small base,with mod versions and other sims.

    We are known in the IL2 community and have a server for CLod so that leaves the alternatives and why would anyone established in BoX leave their squad for us?  

    So in summery to keep the Dogz going I think we sort out the finances and wait developments. Once BoX has co-ops then we can have a further discussion on hosting these, however this would split the group further as we already host il2, CloD and DCS.


    I agree with delta's comments.

    I also think that there are two aspects that need addressing by the Dogz. What we fly and how we cover the associated costs. This is a topic about what we fly so I won't comment further on website and server costs.

    What we fly as a group is the most important reason for us being together. As individuals we can fly whatever flight sim we want when we want, sharing these times with others that choose to take part. However as a group that chooses to spend time together at certain times on certain days then we have to fly something at those times that is accessible to all that turn up. By accessible I mean it has to have minimal cost implication, relatively simple to run on pcs and relatively simple to set up and fly. The only sims that I know of that meet these criteria are IL2 1946 and CloD so it is understandable that these are the ones flown officially on particular days at particular times. We are so used to the '46 sim by now and, apart from computer glitches and pilot error, I believe it suits our purpose brilliantly. I would like to see IL2 46 flown by the Dogz until the time comes it naturally falls due to lack of technical or pilot support. CloD just doesn't do it for me because there is no variety. Some Dogz have said that even though it represents the period well it can be repetitive. 

    I will fly IL2 46 for as long as it is physically and technically possible. It is fun, frustrating and I love the banter from the Dogz. I have absolutely no control over the technical support and progression of the game so the length of time it remains workable is guesswork, I am just grateful that it still works after all this time. I would like to believe we have a few years left in the game. We have a huge collection of missions to fly and Dogz are making efforts to improve and provide more content, teamwork and competitiveness in order to keep our pilots and perhaps encourage new members. What would be a shame in my view is IL2 46 dropping out of favour amongst the Dogz because pilots are spending their valuable flying time on other sims during official IL2 46 flying sessions. Their choice but my view.

    I will be concentrating on setting up and supporting BoS etc. because that is my next step outside of '46. The content and plane set is expanding and it interests me. I understand that doing so isn't supporting the Dogz as much because I have chosen not to fly CloD and I also understand that this path is going to cost me money to get the full sim. Not every Dog would want to pay for content but unless CloD expands to make it more than just a speciality sim I don't see how we can move on from IL2 46 when it eventually expires.

    So, for me:

    1. IL2 46, 2. BoS etc, 3. CloD 4. DCS


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  2. On 18/10/2017 at 1:37 PM, DD_Arthur said:

    Well after six months I must say BT and I are very happy together.  I've had no problems and so far as I'm aware my connection has not dipped below the promised 50mb/s.

    In fact they seem to like me sooooo much that they're upgrading me to 76mb/s before the middle of November.

    Good show BT:salute:

    Same here...took them on six months ago when I moved and I'm getting a boost like you too!!

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  3. I really enjoy flying Operation Jericho, cheers Tom for putting it together. One of the best parts is the feeling of realism in the mission, it works really well for me. Browsing through the 'net today I found a short Pathe News film about the raid that shows what we are out to achieve and how accurate we are in what we do! Brilliant stuff.


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  4. Pardon my perceived lack of understanding but from the DCS/Eagle Dynamics forums I believe my version of DCS World 1.5.5 will become DCS World 2.5 at some point in the future. I am asking because the Normandy map and assets looks very good and I would like to install them but can't because my version isn't ready for them yet. Is it worth downloading and installing DCS 2 and are all my current aircraft in 1.5.5 compatible?


  5. Theresa (my daughter) flew from Eindhoven to Manchester today of all days. Storm Doris made it interesting.....

    "Take off was bumpy. Above the clouds was pretty. Manchester closed their airport while we were in-flight. Then they opened it for landing. Circled for landing for 20 minutes. Tried to land twice...couldn't. Got diverted to Liverpool. 10 minutes before landing at Liverpool a fight broke out. Three minutes to landing and a very drunk idiot decided to walk up and down the plane....laughing and cheering at himself while 100 people are screaming at him to sit his butt down. 1minute later he does it again and a woman passes out (bear in mind it feels like we're on a rollercoaster). The plane landed sideways.10 people threw up around me and we've been sitting on the plane for 25 minutes while police taserd said idoit. Police escorted the fighters off and the paramedics are here treating the woman who passed out. And due to the shortage of baggage handlers (we're not next to the terminal, out in an open parking spot) we're going to wait a while before we can get our luggage. I need ground beneath my feet...pronto. And someone please give this cabin crew a massive bonus #bumpyflight #groundnowplease#imtoooldforthis "

    Looking forward to a Dad Hug later when I pick her up from her uncle's in Droitwich, he was good enough to offer to pick her up so had to contend with the diversion.

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