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  1. 45 minutes ago, DD_Arthur said:

    OK, the rest of my click and collect bits and bobs from ebay are awaiting me at my local Sainsburys.  If my head stops throbbing I might amble over and pick them up today.

    I'm installing a new mobo, cpu and ram.  My gtx970 card and 500gb hd will be put back in and I'm also installing a 480gb SSD as E drive.

    My plan is to put BoX and DCS on the SSD and retain everything else on the old hd.

    Is this a good idea and should I expect to have to phone Microsoft to confirm my copy of Windows10?



    I think it's a very good idea you ambling over to Sainsbury's, yes. You may well end up looking like a lot of the others imitating the walking dead as they do the same....

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  2. I went from 16 to 32 a couple of months ago, keeping the same type and speed of RAM. I didn't have any gains in mind other than DCS and other programmes are recommending 32 gig as the optimal amount to have when running their stuff under load so I did it for that because I like to be optimal with my hardware and give it room to manoeuvre. After having it in the pooter and using it a lot since installation I only have a couple of observations because there has been little to observe:

    1. No noticeable increase in load times, visuals, handling either to BoS or DCS or any programme. On my pooter '46 and BoS are quick loaders and DCS is usually slow. BoS settings are ultra whilst DCS is a mixture of high and medium settings, these giving me frame rates in the 90s and low 100s
    2. the pooter feels more stable in general, feeling smoother and I don't get the occasional 'overclocking warning' from my Asus X99 motherboard I used to have with 16 gig. This was cleared by going into the bios and changing the RAM setting from XMP back to auto, something it did on it's own sometimes after the pooter had been under load ie. playing 46, BoS or DCS for a few hours.

    My view is that whilst I can't see any noticeable gains I am happy that, along with my other hardware, I have more than enough RAM to cope with anything my programmes ask of it for a few years to come and that everything is working better in the background.

    To give clarity, my other hardware, mostly two years plus old, is:

    • Asus X99-A motherboard
    • Intel i7 5720 running at 3.3ghz
    • 32 gig of Corsair 3000 MHz Vengeance RAM 
    • 850 watt Corsair power supply
    • 2 x asus 1070gtx FTW in SLI
    • Creative Fatality soundcard
    • Asus 27" 2560 x 1440 144hz monitor with Gsync and secondary BenQ 19" monitor 



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  3. Useful link here chaps https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/41082-tips-flying-p-47/?tab=comments#comment-694959 

    The supercharger and turbosupercharger in the key mappings are completely separate mechanisms and are not linked on the P47....on this aircraft only the turbosupercharger mapping is relevant, the supercharger mapping is relevant to the I.16, Lagg3, Yaks, La5, Pe2 and A20. Did some checks just to make sure they aren't affected by each other before I changed my settings.

    I've done the linking of the throttle, RPM and turbosupercharger (shows as 'supercharger' lever in cockpit). It works but I haven't tested it much in flight.


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  4. I have the Persian Gulf map and it is gorgeous. What it does however is up the game folder size, I have Caucasus, Nevada, Normandy and Persian Gulf and they all total up to more than 90gb...Nevada and Persian Gulf are both about 32gb in size. This puts my install folder at a whopping 146gb. Something to think about too. 

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  5. First thing to check, from the hangar screen go into the 'Settings' screen. Select 'Game'. ensure 'Enable mods' and 'Show custom paint schemes' are checked. The mods needs to be on so that you can fly with the Dogz because we fly with mods on and the custom paint schemes need to be turned on here to be able to see them.

    Secondly, if you already have the above checked have you installed the custom skins into the right folder?  The path is '1C Game Studios/IL-2 Battle of Moscow/data/graphics/skins/.....

    This is where the aircraft skin folders are.


  6. I think the waypoints are displayed well and give you the right info easily seen. This is the briefing from a Ju52 mission showing the waypoints from take off to landing, pretty self explanatory I think.

    I also think that the written stuff that is part of the briefing is getting better (to the right of the map, not included here). This mission is by JadeMonkey, a third party, not done by the developers, and is good fun.

    Yep, the host sets the difficulty levels but afaik a pilot can choose whether to have speedbar/aiming assists on or off - I think. We are still learning here ;)



    Ju52 waypoints.jpg

  7. Hi Beebop, the yellow diamond is a game 'Aiming assist' for rockets.  Getting this diamond in your sight and following it means you will go into a dive and become a lawn dart unless you pull up....

    There is also a bombing assist, a yellow circle, so in an IL2 for example loaded with bombs and rockets you will have both visible. They are good for learning with.

    The teardrop is a waypoint indicator showing you heading to the next one. If you are attacking something it is red over the target.

    The aiming assists and the waypoint indicators can be switched off in the 'Realism' page available when you are in the first mission screen. It is down bottom right of the screen, click on it and it takes you to a settings screen.