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  1. All I need is to get flying again. I'm in the planning stage of a new controls setup, based around a very comfortable armchair which I bought recently. My medical condition has worsened quite a bit in the last few years. I find computer / office chairs really wearing. Otherwise I'm good - discovering two sisters that I never met before has been wonderful.
  2. #Burys_best.rar View File Most all of us must have flown in one of Bury's co-op missions at some time. I found this collection in a dusty corner and set about converting the properties files using the * _ru * suffix. Now they all have readable briefings again . . . which makes no difference to the difficulty levels - see the screenshot extract the compressed files to your Missions/ Net/Coop folder in the usual way. Have fun! brando Submitter DD_Brando Submitted 10/23/2014 Category HSFX 7 Checksum  
  3. I'm still battling my way through The Secret War, by Max Hastings. Flt Lt Crook's book is next on the list
  4. I have this book on my Kindle - as yet, unread!
  5. Thanks for posting, Nick A splendid piece on one of the many brave women who supported the chaps at the front. I'm reminded of my adoptive mother, Beryl Griffiths, who married a Hurri pilot who fell into the Channel in 1940 and never returned. She had several cars before the war so easily obtained a driver's post in the ATS. Her stories of convoy-driving in crash-gearbox 3 tonners, at night in the blackout, from the Midlands to "somewhere in Scotland", were daunting just to listen to. For the under 50s; you need to forget motorways, street lights, synchro gears and seat belts, also power steering and headlights. Read up on 'double declutching' and then think, no rev-counter, no speedo, no lights,right or left-hand driving in a Bedford troop carrier or a 3 ton Studebaker. I think Beryl would have preferred the pilot's life! Bless 'em all!
  6. Amazing vid, thanks for posting! I really enjoyed the flying section and I felt chuffed at the short people reference My crazy cousin, Tristan, the ex-Tornado pilot, current BA long-haul captain, is building a tail-dragging, twin-seat stunt plane in his spare time; and I have first dibs on the co-pilot seat for his first accompanied flight! So I'm happy to be a mere five and a half footer - bring it on 'sides, he owes me one ...
  7. If you have a 256GbSSD and a 128GbSSD - then how many light-bulbs does it take to make an omelette? No, that didn't come out right. What I mean is, how many SATA ports are there on your motherboard? I have about 4xSSDs at last count, as well as a terabyte or 3 of HDs for storage. Thus I can have games on an SSD - with the OS on another SSD. Maybe another for Linux? It's all just storage space, just some of it is a lot faster to read and write to.
  8. I really enjoy the security that Acronis (True image) affords me. As well as the clone disk feature, the ability to save accurate back-ups of all the data on my system, and restore them, has rescued my nuts from the fire many a time. Just recently I plugged a 2TB WD My book into my router and configured a back-up to be sent to it. It took a couple of hours 'cos USB is slower, but now it saves a weekly update of any changes that have been made on my drives. So if I want to restore to an earlier point, in case of a failed driver or hack or virus, I can - just like Windows System Restore. Anyway, I set out to tell you why Acronis Clone Disk is so good. It just is! B
  9. No, you don't want to upgrade and take a bunch of problems with you, Windows 10 won't cure your problems. My recommendation is to back up your important stuff and then format your drive and reload 7. Make sure you have all passwords for when you reload programs. If the thought of a format & reload is daunting then you might want to consider why you are getting a frequent CHKDSK heads-up . What make is your hard-drive? And how full is it? Do you have more than one hard-drive? And is your drive partitioned? Et cetera. I use a 240Gb SSD - solid state drive - for Windoze (version 7 Home Premium, fully updated) and browser/ email, Adobe and whatever else. Secondly I have a terabyte hard drive, a Maxtor Blue, which allows me to store a lot of stuff, have an Acronis Backup section of 300 gb, I recommend Acronis True Image very highly. If your eyes became glazed a couple of lines ago, I'm sorry. I was alarmed by your post and intention to go to 10 as a cure-all. . . . . .
  10. Hi Slicker Glad to hear that you're sticking with Rise of Flight and really enjoying it I've been "rebuilding my flightgear" for about a year and a half now (and dealing with a lot of housework, lol) and I finally found a good deal for ten "On/Off/On" micro-switches. Got them yesterday and am restarting the project. With luck I'll have my server up by Christmas - you'll enjoy that. B
  11. Wishin' you a great birthday, m'lord, and many happy returns of the day, B
  12. DD_Brando

    A320 Crash

    Yup. I can tell you, from personal experience, that the loss of a child is something that the parents never recover from
  13. I use an Iiyama Prolite E2773HS which is a 1080p 27" gaming monitor with a 1ms response time and firmware that allows settings for gaming clarity. Very reasonably priced and high quality kit, I recommend this brand highly. and, yeah, I know it's a 27", but why not spoil y'self? S! Oh, and cheap as chips, high performance ...
  14. DD_Brando

    A320 Crash

    If it was a random, psychotic episode then it highlights the need for there to be a second person in the cockpit at all times - just the same as protection against terrorism. It seems pretty obvious that this guy just flipped, similar to those sad cases where people (usually men) decide that that they need to kill their children as well as themselves. Maybe regular psychological examinations of people in such responsible positions is called for.
  15. Nice one m8! Are these newer than the set I already have? B
  16. I would go with AMD if all you want is flightsimming and everyday stuff. An AMD4350 Quadcore on an AM3+ m/bd, with 8Gb of DDR 1866, a good quality 600W PSU, a solid-state drive SSD for your OS and progs, and a terabyte or two of mechanical drive. For superb eyecandy you could do worse than an AMD R9 290X. Sapphire make a good job with a 3 fan model. Catalyst drivers are well sorted out with a new release in December, the Omega drivers, no less Very stable For all the above you are in at around $700 still needing a case and a copy of Win 7. Have a look here for ideas. I guess you would need to watch one of their films if you wanted to learn how to make the ultimate saving and build it yourself.
  17. I would get new hardware and Win7 64bit. For one thing; you are limited in usage to less than 3.5 Gb of DRAM in 32bit OS. Also, the word is that MS plan to give away Windows 10 to owners of 7 or 8.xx when it is released...You'll be blown away by the smoothness of modern computing.
  18. Ah well, Betty Swollocks! When shall we see her like again?
  19. ... a can of paint, some screws and a roll of canvas and she'll be better than new. I'll get the two drunks removed as well.
  20. No rush. I'll get the lads to clear the chickens out and find a new spot for the sheep
  21. Oh dear, you'll have to put me on the list of sheep that will not agree ... My experience only runs to Ati/AMD cards where I've found a proper uninstall of drivers and registry remnants essential when upgrading graphics. Forcing both Windoze & the software setup to recognize the hardware is the key with AMD, hence the re-install. B
  22. I hang onto the prop until you're all paid up, Nick If you could PM me with your RoF ID then I'll transfer the beast over to you. No whingeing if you crash it and no refunds.
  23. Rog I can forgive you anything if it gives me the opportunity to laugh at the Steam-Updating gif in your sig! Have a happy new year, Enkels!
  24. Hi, fellow Roffers After a snap inspection of the camp, an old (but fully serviceable) Fe2b has been discovered in one of the hangars we inherited from 23 Squadron. We decided to pass it on to anyone with a twisted-enough sense of humour. Yes - it's there for the first applicant who needs it - and it is a good accompaniment to the Airco DH2 and the Sopwith Pup, against which the Eindecker, the early Halberstadt, and the Albatros DII may be arrayed. Fill your boots B
  25. I know that I had a 500 odd Mb update the last time I logged onto the game. I think it is because I was an early-access buyer of Ilya Muromets, though it doesn't show up yet in RoF. Release date is the 18th Dec afaik. Brando
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