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  1. 2nded - great podcast. Just received the book as a gift - I nearly went cross-eyed with the depth and breadth of the engineering on the initial scan read! Will require much slow and deliberate digestion.... nom.
  2. A vigorous pull through with a copy of the Radio Times would seem in order Mick.
  3. Absolutely Siddley - though Bob made a good suggestion last week when he suggested that maybe the inclusion of AI in our midst was causing the AAR failures so I’d like to try a few missions without to see.
  4. No mission tonight boys, the next is scheduled for this coming Tuesday the 26th. WARNING: as a result of the combination of the redux of the campaign and the reduced attendance in the past months I will be coalescing the P-38 squadrons; either the 402nd pilots will be transferred into the 485th or vice-versa. This will make admin easier for me and I’m hoping reduce the likelihood of issues in the future. The decision as to which way the transfer occurs will be based on a coin toss. Anyone one who has an issue on this matter is invited to write it down on a piece of paper, carefully roll said piece of paper into a neat cylinder, secure with a suitable fastening then keep upon their person in the same manner as a suppository.
  5. My fault FT, went in to update the OpenBeta branch and it all went pear-shaped; apologies, and thank you muchly for fixing my screw ups!
  6. Scoreboards & Rosters (as of the morning of the 29th December 1944): 9th USAAF 370th FG: 402nd FS 485th FS: 2nd TAF No.146 Wing 193 Sqn:
  7. Mission Date 28/12/44 402nd FS - Interdiction, Givet sector 485th FS - Bridge Strike, Houffalize 193 Squadron - Road & Rail Interdiction, Snow-Eifel Debrief: USAAF 9th Tactical Air Force 370th FG 402nd FS: 485th FS: RAF 2nd Tactical Air Force No. 146 Wing 193 Squadron: 370th FG Awards and Promotions: 402nd FS: 2nd Lieutenant George Vanderweit is awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Personnel: No changes. No. 146 Wing Awards and Promotions: 193 Squadron: None. Personnel: No changes. NOTE: 146 Wing have moved airfields to B-84 Rips
  8. The Mossie is now in Stable Release Branch! Channel Map winter textures and additional landmarks plus a plethora of other additional features and fixes for F-16, F/A-18, F-14 and others: DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics Fixed the crash in which user set failures can produce a high engine temp. Added BDU-45 programme option in stores page. Fixed the course line being off center when in DCNTR mode on the SA page. Fixed LAU-116 weight when empty. Fixed SIM mode reporting the wrong weapon when unboxed. Fixed the carrier take off mission for the Persian Gulf map with Chinese text. Fixed the throttle and stick animation from the external view. Adjusted drag values of payloads. Fixed JHMCS alignment result after head movement. Fixed JHMCS alignment after helmet device change. Fixed HMD page missing when hot/air started. Fixed TIME UFC and ET on HUD. Fixed JHMCS autostart, hot start. Fixed AZ/EL tracking of the group, but the B-Sweep on the RDR ATTK does not. Fixed return to a WACQ / VACQ / weapon change or lost lock radar can become stuck in the previous radar scan. Fixed switch 3 on the ground power panel activates AIM-9 growl. Fixed AI pilot hands animations. Fixed JDAMs arming wire after release. Refined engine response. Added ammo mixes, M50/PGU working selection. HMD alignment crash - Fixed. Static and AI units aren’t visible on AG radar - fixed. DCS: Mi-24P Hind by Eagle Dynamics Petrovich AI ATGM guidance process improved. (Petrovich will react to airframe oscillations and turns more precisely) Petrovich AI Target acquisition code refactoring (Petrovich now will not acquire targets in the night or dark enough environment. Petrovich will see targets in dark environments if illumination flares are used. Petrovich will see targets behind some obstructions that were blocking acquisition before but geometrically were not covering the target.). Known issue: in some specific relatively good light conditions Petrovich acquiring targets too close. Adjustments WIP. Petrovich AI additional separate bindings for keyboard or joystick added for: Turn to sight heading, ATGM launch align maneuver, Evasion turn (180 degrees) Unguided rockets burst launch logic adjusted (If previous rockets burst was not fully launched before weap. release button was released, next burst will continue it and launch what was left from previous burst before starting cut for next one) 9A623K main cannon parameters adjusted for more muzzle velocity Added different variations of ammo belts for main cannon Added new external fuel tank model (PTB-450) Added key bindings for dust protection filters and moving map adjustment Added clickable areas for wheel brake and parking brake Added functionality for timer device in Pilot-Operator cockpit. (Usage: set desirable amount of seconds on one of the round scales, set selector to desired scale left or right, after passing target reference switch timer to ON. After set seconds yellow light above PKI aiming sight will signal about countdown end for bomb drop. Used with bombing tables) Added Cyclic elements animations Added Engine fire effects, mission editor failures planner engine fire will affect engines now. Fixed Cockpit view limits adjusted Fixed Yadro-1. Frequency knobs had reverse direction of rotation Fixed Front cockpit chronograph watch incorrect hand movement Fixed SPU-8 Radio Source Select Rotary for keyboard or joystick mapped controls Fixed SPO sound desync in multicrew Fixed Inability to load less than 100% of main cannon ammo Fixed ATGM aiming sight view and TrackIR with setting "trackIR for external views" problems Fixed APU start switch Start/Crank mapping inverted Fixed Mouse external view camera control doesn't work after switching to ATGM aiming device sight view Fixed Pilot-Operator red light switches affect Pilot's cockpit lights Fixed ATGM aiming device sight view appears only partially on the screen at high resolution and GUI scaled Fixed PKP-72 altitude indicator is not moving at altitude below 60 meters Fixed Hot start SPU switches position changed to ON Fixed PKP-72M backlighting improvement Various instant action missions fixes Lamps transparent material shaders partial fix (flickering lights). Petrovich AI, Target list logic addition, Petrovich will put a aiming device moving mark on the target that is currently highlighted in the list for more convenient target choice logic. Petrovich AI, Target acquisition improvement. Now the target can be partially closed by obstruction but if Petrovich sees a considerable part of the target chassis it will be detected. Petrovich AI, fix for incorrect prioritization of targets in target list order in some cases. Petrovich AI, Added ability to track air targets and guide ATGM for attacking them. (Mi-24 ATGM aiming device abilities against air targets is limited to certain speeds, do not expect good results against fast movers and even helicopters can evade this attack with evasive maneuvering). In the next update we are planning to tune it more and add customization options for mission editor to allow restriction of this ability. Petrovich AI, Fixed tracking of moving ships/boats for ATGM attack. Fixed crash on Petrovich missile firing. DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations NEW: Added several engine failures for the mission editor: Engine Fire Engine Seizure Engine Turbine Failure Engine Oil Leak (slow, moderate and severe) Engine Compressor Stall Engine POP Stall Engine Supersonic Inlet Buzz Engine HPT Overspeed Engine AFTC PRI Failed Engine AICS Ramp Fail (open, closed and in pos.) Engine Exhaust Nozzle Failure NEW: Added a second readout row to the TID (including target aspect angle) as per updated software tapes in the real F-14. Fixed freeze on slow speed ditching. Fixed rare crash on speed brake extension. Reverted fix for flaps back to their original non-binary control state, following further SME feedback. Fixed AIM-54 missile desync in Multiplayer (fixed by ED). Fixed AIM-54 TCS silent-radar launches. Fix for radar-slaved-to-TCS targets not getting radar warning. Removed Heatblur copy of AIM-7 to use standard DCS: AIM-7s. Adjusted all mounting points to fit DCS: AIM-7s. AIM-7s will now drop and rotate in the air to the correct flying rotation. Explicitly disable lofting for AIM-7M and AIM-7F. Fixed accidentally disabling HOJ for AIM-7M and AIM-7F. Ignore surface targets in PD. Limit the max cow patty size on VDI to avoid clashing and overlapping at steep dive angles. Update TCS angles locally on pilot side to reduce lag in multicrew. Set mech and elec fuze switches to safe for cold start. Updated Quickstart missions by Reflected. Fixed NTTR Quickstart fuel load for BFM vs F16 mission. Fix missing sidewinder on pylon 8B in predefined loadout: AIM-54A-MK47*2, AIM-7M*1, AIM-9M*2, AIM-9L*2, XT*2 Plugged a gap in the rear of the canopy frame when canopy open or jettisoned. Ejection seat safety is now properly animated in exterior view / mirrors. Zipped all livery folders to reduce disk space usage and loading time. Added VF-31 Tomcatters NK101 (2004) livery from 59th_Jack. Added VF-32 Swordsmen AB200 (1976) livery from Yae Sakura. Added VF-33 Starfighters AB201 (1988) livery from Yae Sakura. DCS: AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations Improved landing gear suspension simulation Updated ground handling and associated parameters Fixed DCS: Crash when looping the aircraft Fixed shader loading procedure DCS: AV-8B N/A by RAZBAM Simulations Fixed: Route selection is not cleared when deselecting ROUTE. Fixed: Engine MPCD displays missing elements. Fixed: WPTs not shown in the EHSD DATA page when a WPT is DESG. Fixed: “-” button on the UFC not working when trying to enter negative OAT values. Fixed: VREST Outside Air Temperature will now only update with weight on wheels unless overdriven. Fixed: NSEQ C/S-T bug that caused the speed to increase after passing the first waypoint. Fixed: GBU-12/MK20 ODU FUZE does not revert to QTY, INTV, MULT. Fixed: SS FWD Long activates the LTP with Mavs E2/L DCS: MiG-19P by RAZBAM Simulations Improved: Roll control with aileron boost off or no hydraulic power. Fixed: RadAlt needle "jumping" when set to TEST. Fixed: Target lock remains after turning the tracking antenna off. DCS: JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations Fixed: AG radar EXP/DBS1/DBS2 modes Fixed: AG radar TDC axis movement in EXP/DBS1/DBS2 modes Fixed: AA radar detection with terrain mask when low vs low Fixed: device params are locked, and can no longer be modified by players Fixed: pilot must take-off and then land to enable AAP OFF button Fixed: AAP button logic - turning on any device will also turn on WMMC1 Adjusted: Take-off and landing roll pitching behavior Added: customized radio channel frequency (details in Doc/customerRadio_sample.lua) Added: more keybinds Known issue: C802AK cannot acquire targets (working with ED on the fix) DCS: SA-342 Gazelle by Polychop Simulations Added: RWR symbology for Added RWR symbology for: -CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt -CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln -CVN-73 George Washington -CVN-75 Harry S. Truman -Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer -JF-17 Thunder -NASAMs Sam radars Fixed: VR compatibility for helmet visor Fixed: Texture issue with Yugoslavian livery Fixed: Pilots were visible in empty / static Gazelle Added: Improved downwash effect Added: New pilot models Known issue: Old pilot models still show externally when further away for the Mistral and minigun variant Known issue: Some pilot animations in external view need tweaking DCS: C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev Implemented VR stick and throttle control, though it requires the most recent DCS: version from ED, that means it will not function correctly for the stick until the next major update of DCS:. Added Oculus Touch Controller default keys assignments. Added Oculus Touch controller input profile. Removed pitch/bank assignments as conflicting with the main joystick input. Made clickable switches VR-conformant. Made the following clickable switches smoothly animated: Both C-101EB and C-101CC: generator test, seat height adjustment, manual temperature control, stall warning test, emergency pitch trim, generator master switch. C-101EB: directional gyro fast sync, TACAN Mode Selector. C-101CC: rudder trim switch, V/TWU-740 test switch, Bomb Arming Selector, Mode Selector, Ripple Time Switch, Selective Jettison Switch. Added discrete bindings for the following C-101EB switches: UHF Main Mode Rotary, UHF Frequency Mode Rotary, TACAN Mode Rotary. Added discrete bindings for the following C-101CC switches: Bomb Arming Selector, Mode Selector, Ripple Time Switch, Selective Jettison Switch, V/UHF Main Mode Rotary, V/UHF Frequency Mode Rotary, VHF COMM Mode Rotary, VHF NAV Mode Rotary. Added normal map (bump) to C-101EB and C-101CC external model textures. Eliminated parasitic switches sound “clicks” at mission start, due to cockpit switches being set to initial positions. Clickability partially reworked: buttons and 2-pos switches now can be switched by both LMB and RMB. Removed “click“ sound from “hide stick“ function in C-101. Fixed airspeed indicator bug (triangular index) setting knob continuing rotating beyond the limit in some cases. Fixed the initial state of mirror clickspot. The mirror can now be toggled by LMB click, or rotated by RMB+mouse move or by mousewheel. Added Combined Flight Controls Mode.pdf to Docs folder. Torn off airframe parts masses (wings, etc) are correctly subtracted now from the total aircraft weight, also affecting the center-of-gravity calculation. Improved aerodynamic effects of damage. Implemented multicrew synchronization of the seat adjustment function. Fixed other seat sounds not heard in multicrew. Added missing stick/rudder “stop” sounds for another seat in the Combined Controls Mode. Fixed throttle idle detent sound volume, when it is activated from another seat in multicrew. Updated auto shutdown sequence. DCS: MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 Adjusted the alpha channel in the landing lights' texture. Added two Hungarian Griffen liveries by Jack. DCS: Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3 Fixed DLLs causing DCS: to crash Fixed code within MainPanel causing the Su-25 cockpit to occasionally appear. DCS: WWII Assets Pack by Eagle Dynamics Altitude Engagement Restrictions KDO target prioritization problem solved KDO lifepoints fixed AI is now affected by fuel leaks - severed fuel lines reaction added AD element losing most of its mass on receiving damage - fixed DCS: Black Shark by Eagle Dynamics Atmospheric pressure affects on the position of operating point - fixed. Flaming Cliffs by Eagle Dynamics Su-25T. Green blot on HUD eliminated. DCS: Combined Arms by Eagle Dynamics Incorrect sight MANPADS Stinger - fixed. Fixed using missiles of SAM SA-19 Tunguska when intercepting AGM (interception is only possible with autocannons). Fixed calculation of braking distance for AI (unit could stop further than the destination point). Unit control on the F10 map. Units located “off the road” start moving one at a time to WP with type "on road" - fixed. M1025 (HMMWV) displays as "Hummer" in the F10 map - fixed. Fixed "black screen" when using zoom on SAM SA-15 Tor “Gauntlet”. Adjusted the firing range for SPH M109 "Paladin". DCS: The Channel Map Added textures for the Winter season Adjusted the minimum and maximum temperature values for the seasons Winter, Autumn, Spring, Summer Improved the detail of settlements and roads in the area between the Abbeville Drucat airfield and the city of Amiens All bridges on the map are destructible Added a destructible unique prison complex of Amiens Added a cemetery near the prison complex of Amiens Added a unique complex Citadelle d'arras Improved long range LODs of bridge models for better VR recognizability Improved hangar collision models, roof collision matches model rendering For some objects, destruction models have been added, there were none before Fixed artifacts in the texture of the entrance to the railway tunnel Remove unused / less used assets Fixed flickering of coastline textures near rocks Fixed building of train routes on single-lane railways Small changes in the location of settlements near Hawking Airfield Trees in forests now respond to the DCS: trees visibility setting Fixed a bug when many objects got burn effect after destruction, for example brick fences Fixed bugs in the route building at the Detling airfield for bots Fixed bugs in route building at the High Halden airfield for bots Fixed bugs in night lighting of some building models Fixed many places where roads rise high above the ground forming unnatural slopes Fixed a lot of sharp corners on rail bends Fixed a lot of places of incorrect slope generating near bridges Fixed many cosmetic bugs in object models such as holes in textures, incorrect collisions, incorrect night lighting, etc. Removed Allied vehicles from V-1 launch pad scenes Optimized tree models Optimized some unique models, excess number of triangles DCS: The Marianas The new runway is added to Andersen Northwest Field New unique objects are added: NIKKO hotel T. Stell Newman Visitor Center Our Lady of Purification Catholic Church Vehicles can fall through bridges - fixed Helipads stick out - fixed Impossible to destroy fences - fixed Taxiway and runway lights bugfix on all airfields Visual improvements for river-sea entries, too steep roads and terrain glitches Fixed crash on Northwest Field. Campaigns DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Crew Part 1 Campaign by Stone Sky: Mission 3: a pair of MiG-29s did not taxi - fixed. Mission 8: cargo weight reduced by 400 kg. Fixed AI taxi issue in a few missions. F-15C The Georgian War Сampaign by Baltic Dragon: Mission 13: Resolved a possible dialogue timing issue when pursuing second tasking. Resolved dialogue timing issues during final tasking. Mission 15: Adjusted dialogue timing, fixed false ROE violation. The Enemy Within 3.0 Campaign by Baltic Dragon: Mission 18: Updated cloud cover (reduced the amount of clouds). DCS: F/A-18C Raven One Сampaign by Baltic Dragon: Mission 09: Updated elevation of WP 2 (from 15K to ground level). Fixed problem with Raven 11 being unable to destroy the SA-15. Mission 12: Updated skins for Iranian F-14. Small improvements to AI behaviour. Mission 13: Updated wrong WP number in one of the messages. Reduced the density of the cloud layer. Mission 14: Updated SA-15 logic firing at player (it should now be spoofed by jamming). Removed debugging messages seen during the mission. Updated PDF kneeboard document (wrong laser code). Spitfire IX The Big Show Campaign by Reflected Simulations: Mission 4: drop tank added. Mosquito added. P-51D: The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign by Reflected Simulations: Mosquito added. Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger Campaign by Reflected Simulations: Mosquito added. DCS: Fw 190 A-8 Horrido! Campaign by Reflected Simulations: Mosquito added. Adjustments for Channel map update. DCS: P-47D Wolfpack Campaign by Reflected Simulations: Mosquito added. Adjustments for Channel map update. DCS: F-14A Zone 5 Campaign by Reflected Simulations: SAM skill levels lowered. Wild card spawns at longer distances. DCS: F-14A Fear the Bones Campaign by Reflected Simulations: Mission 6: Hornet loadouts updated. DCS: F-16C Red Flag 21-1 Campaign by Bunyap Campaigns: Updated target waypoint altitudes on some missions. F/A-18C Serpent’s Head 2 campaign by Badger633 Mission 4. Adjust zones and flags to give more pilot flexibility. Mission 1 to 9 Super Carrier both versions. Add mission skip facility for Super Carrier versions. (Can be used with new DCS: mission skip facility). Missions 4, 6 and 10 all variations. Adjust Carrier ATC for Case 3 DCS: changes to avoid conflicts. F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion campaign by Badger633 ADD NEW OPTIONAL VERSION OF CAMPAIGN with increased difficulty. Generally. Clear fleet routes from static ships, convert all tankers to racetrack form, add infinite coordinate display time with space bar removal. Mission 4. Correct Boghammer fail zone so now active. Mission 5. Move incorrect targets outside of confirmation zones. Mission 6. Improved logic of 410 during contact. Mission 8. Improved logic of 410 during contact, correct lifter egress, fix unlimited weapons on EZ A2A version, timed SAM removal to avoid false RWR warnings during A2A refuel. Mission 9. Correct fuel amount EZ A2A version, add safety net for possible 420 AI bug. Mission 10. Improved logic of 420 during contact. Mission 13. Increase speed of enemy helos for radar visibility. Mission 14. Fix MIG attack.
  9. Yeah, me too Nick; in game stats showed that I had knocked out 8 guns & Bob 4; in PWCG it registered instead as 7 and 5 respectively. But hey, what's one pyric flugabwehrkanone between friends?
  10. Mission Date 27/12/44 402nd FS - Fighter Sweep, Zwolle sector 485th FS - Escort P-47 Fighter Bombers, target Duisberg 193 Squadron - Attack bridge, Raalte Debrief: USAAF 9th Tactical Air Force 370th FG 402nd FS: http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/13668-pwcg-p-38-lightning-strikes-co-op-campaign/?do=findComment&comment=145829 485th FS: A meagre showing from the 485th this morning, the CO on a 48 hour pass, some tech issues and a large number succumbing to "illness" (chief suspect being the discovery of a new and very friendly "hostelry" in Genk, attended by some most accommodating females... ) meant the 485th could only put 2 airframes up to cover a group of Jugs "attacking" Duisberg. Being woken at dark o'clock for the brief was bad enough. To find only two fit planes/pilots available was frustrating. To then see the waypoint selection of the mission planner thereafter was to define incredulity. Our RV was all of 35 miles from base but some genius had routed us on an additional 60 miles on a scenic tour of Holland prior to reaching the RV. Red 2 (2nd Lt Ian Bayles) and I in a disposition as sunny as the morning (it wasn't) took off and made our thoroughly cheesed off Grand Tour of the low countries, only to be given an extra dose of good cheer (sarcasm) to hear Leakage squadron calling out gleefully that half the damn Jagdwaffe had appeared in their sector and were flying like deaf-mute bunnies with impaired vision. I mean, credit where it's due they did a fine job of taking down Jerry, but each joyful refrain of "he's on fire!" or "roger, he's gone in, I'll confirm that for you" did not exactly provide much tonic for Zenith squadron's mood at that time. We duly met the T-bolts and faithfully weaved over their flight as they proceeded to Duisberg. We faithfully, if slightly expectantly, weaved over their flight as they proceeded to make a couple of orbits of Duisberg at 12,000ft. We then faithfully, if incredulously, weaved over their flight as they proceeded to head back to the frontlines without so much as make a rude gesture to Jerry, let alone release any ordnance or fire a single bullet. We then faithfully, if thoroughly embittered, weaved over their flight till we reached the front, at which point I made a very rude gesture at the Jugs and proceeded North looking for something, anything to vent my frustration upon. 80 miles later and now cursing the name of every poor bastard born because of the lack of anything of interest to be seen anywhere, to the North-east of Arnhem Red 2 and I happened upon various clusters of light and heavy AAA that seemed to be protecting bridges in the area. Utilising the murk of the morning twilight we accounted for 12 guns between us, then pissed off home having partially assuaged our ire. RAF 2nd Tactical Air Force No. 146 Wing 193 Squadron: http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/13668-pwcg-p-38-lightning-strikes-co-op-campaign/?do=findComment&comment=145830 370th FG Awards and Promotions: 402nd FS: 2nd Lieutenant Mitchell Martin is awarded the Bronze Star. Personnel: No changes. No. 146 Wing Awards and Promotions: 193 Squadron: None. Personnel: No changes.
  11. Err... I am but a lowly 2nd Lt., Sir, shouldn't a higher ranking and more experienced officer be leading? Lts. Artage or Apeehill would appear better qualified...
  12. Tentatively... yes. I uninstalled and re-installed PWCG to the latest version then ran a solo test mission, which 'took'. Success! I then rolled back the campaign so the evolution of the test mission was ignored. We'll run as is tomorrow and hope it all works. I have concerns that maybe I fluffed some coding syntax somewhere in trying to add a new player/persona - this should be easy but given the length of the campaign and the number of participants involved the user interface where you admin this stuff is now so bloated with superseded personae that I can no longer add or edit things there; I am obliged to manually edit squadron personnel database files in notepad and then manually try and match these up to a separate file that records which player had what personae assigned to them. Could be that I've muffed one of these edits slightly for one person, and when they're in the mission it makes PWCG throw a wobbly on AAR creation. That's gonna be a stone cold bitch to tie down if so.
  13. Hi all, The OpenBeta server had been updated by FT to accommodate the Mosquito's at the WW2 airfield; I have gone further and tweaked it to allow some more as demand seems to be high for this airframe. A such there are now 12x Mossie slots in case there's a flood of Dogz keen to get stick time in the Wooden Wonder. Also, I have discovered that as long as the mission creator pre-loads the wing mounted bombs so that you spawn in with them already attached then they will drop from the aircraft. They only refuse to release when you use the rearm menu to put them on the aircraft. Because of this each Mossie will be pre-loaded with a full bomb load of 4 x 500lb bombs when you spawn in. If you don't want them then please use the re-arm menu to get them taken off your aircraft. Plus the Mossies have a new target! There's now a power station protected by flak in the valleys East of Batumi airfield (the WW2 Axis airfield) - had an interesting run against it last night testing the mission and managed to flatten a couple of buildings whilst only getting a nibble from the flak. Got involved in a dust up with the D-9s shortly after but that's another story.... Furthermore, after requests to make the mission a little less gloomy, I have also changed the weather pattern; previously it was set to 'Broken 5' which whilst very interesting and quite beautiful in the air was masking the sun appreciably. I have in it's stead trialled 'Scattered 3'; it seems less gloomy but still interesting visually but I am open to feedback from the various users if this was too far or not enough. Let me know.
  14. The Mossie's engine settings are similar to the Spitfire IX but crucially not the same, particularly for settings above max continuous power. For your delectation and taken directly from the Pilot's Notes:
  15. Hey Roy, welcome to the pound! Look forward to meeting you virtually old bean. Next Il-2:GBS night is Saturday for tanks, Sunday for aeroplanes, though the latter is currently scheduled for the continuation of a PWCG based P-38 and Typhoon Campaign we (are trying to) run. Otherwise the next Il-2:GBS aeroplane general co-op session is next Tuesday. Should you wish to take part in the campaign please give the briefing thread here a read and be online on Sunday well before 2100BST to allow me time to perform the necessary admin to add you to it : If you dip your toes into DCS we have a night dedicated to it coming up on Thursday, with another on Monday.
  16. I need to test whether the PWCG build is at fault or it's set-up on the dserver is somehow corrupt. We shall retry a P-38 mission hosted from my machine tomorrow, like before, but this time my head won't be in my ass so it should work*. *Translation, the reason y'all couldn't connect last time is cos I had the wrong port open for mission transfer... d'oh!
  17. Updated first post to include today’s taxi take-off instructional video.
  18. Yes. But it will be a test run from my machine rather than the dedicated server.
  19. I am curious to see what your thoughts are and get as wide a consensus from across the community, so gents please vote in the poll linked below. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/281092-would-you-purchase-ww2-eto-night-fighting-modules-for-dcs/ Be honest. I'm not fishing for support one way or another, just curious to see if there's a demand in the community that could make it a worthwhile consideration for EDS development resources.
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