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  1. Hi chaps. We had planned an F/A-18 Air to Air Radar session this eve - it is still on but I am first obliged to partake in a 443 OTU instructor session for an hour or so. F/A-18 fun will begin at 2100GMT or thereabouts. Those taking part in the Hornet radar session will need to have the following controls bound, or at least know where to find them on the keyboard: Radar Antenna Elevation UP (or Radar Antenna Elevation AXIS) Radar Antenna Elevation DOWN (or Radar Antenna Elevation AXIS) Throttle Designator Controller UP Throttle Designator Controller DOWN Throttle Designator Controller LEFT Throttle Designator Controller RIGHT Throttle Designator Controller DEPRESS Sensor Select Switch UP Sensor Select Switch DOWN Sensor Select Switch LEFT Sensor Select Switch RIGHT Nose Wheel Steering/Undesignate Button Weapons Select: AMRAAM Weapons Select: Sparrow Weapons Select: Sidewinder Weapons Select: Guns
  2. Can you get the artificial horizon back? No. With your last remaining engine gone so went the generator supplying electrical power to keep the instruments gyros energised. In this case you should have gone to limited panel; use your Airspeed Indicator, Vertical Speed Indicator, Compass and Turn and Slip indicators, scanning each for a second in swift and regular pattern to try and inform you what the a/c is doing. It's called flying limited panel and is very hard. It will take practise.
  3. Hi chaps! No 443 Sqn Campaign mission tonight, however... PhilStyle of Storm of War server fame has a public SoW WW2 DCS server running and coincidentally - 😉 - has recently allowed for sufficient Spitties at some of the airfields for a full squadron to join and fly ops. It would seem a shame to let an opportunity like this pass, so tonight we're going to 443 bomb SoW! 443 Sqn members be on Discord at 2000GMT and we'll figure out what to do - probably an off the cuff briefing in pit. I'm led to believe that SRS is enabled in server so it's likely we'll join SoW SRS. Non-443 guys, there'll be plenty of other Mustangs and Spitties to fly so why not come on in and join us? If only to see what some unfortunate chap flying his Fw 190/Bf 109 in a public server does at the sight of 12 odd Spitfires hoving into view!
  4. $25 to me....? Hmmmm. *fighting urge to open wallet* *losing....!*
  5. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4168367&postcount=233 Lots to look forward to!
  6. New pics of the next DCS WW2 map - The Channel Map!: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=260382 Note the airfields shown Detling (grass airfield) and Manston (with the Ponies in revetments). The harbour town shown is Ramsgate. I think this will be a paid module; confirmation should be forthcoming. Either way... WH00T!
  7. With zero attendance being evident for any Monday night Il-2:1946 session since the inauguration of the new flying schedule, and the fact that DCS Thursdays has been somewhat Shanghai'd by the 443 Squadron Campaign event, in light of the response to this thread: I am seeing a demand for an extra DCS day and am henceforth claiming Monday! So kick the tyres on your Hornet/Tomcat/Viggen/Mirage/Harrier/Warthog/Skyhawk/MiG/Sukhoi, whip the blade ties off your Huey/Mi-8/Gazelle/Ka-50 and clear the cylinders on your Spitty/109/190/P-51/I-16/Yak-52 - DCS Monday is back! Starting Monday 6th January 2020.
  8. Right, this idea having been floated over two months ago and attracted no dissent of any sort I will now assume is approved. New announcement inbound...
  9. Hey Nick, Dad and I will do the Friday and Saturday nights and depart Sunday morning.
  10. Well guys, some interesting developments in this weeks Newsletter! https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4160206#post4160206 Welcome to the Pacific!
  11. Count me in and PapaFen!
  12. Control Bindings > Axis > select the cell containing your sidewinder pitch binding > ff tune > tick "swap axes"
  13. Whaddya think of her then Arthur? Nice landing by the way - thought "ooof, he's a bit high and fast on finals!" but you greased it in bootifully I must say!
  14. Hi DD_Fenrir, Thank you for your donation of $50.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks DangerDogz Forum
  15. Big new update to the Stable for Christmas Eve chaps! Hornet jocks now have true TWS to play with - spamraams are on! More tweaks to the F-14! P-51D sound updated! Normandy map update! JF-17 available! New A-10C cockpit! It'll be a big b*****... be warned!
  16. Great turn out chaps, sorry some of you had technical issues/operating issues, but thanks for giving it a go. We lost a number of airframes throughout the mission (my own being one I'm sad to say), none to enemy action however (we think) and despite the paucity of kills (didn't even fire me guns ) it seemed to be well enjoyed by all - though I must ask what happened to you Dennis? You went MIA after the first contact with the 190s and I never heard a peep from you after! I was forlornly calling for White 4 on our way back home... Phil Style, of Storm of War and YouTube fame joined us yesterday and streamed the event, and even Nick Grey, Boss of the Fighter Collection and CEO of Eagle Dynamics turned up to watch and comment!
  17. Fancy a taster session flying the DCS Spitfire in one of the most authentic virtual re-enactments of late war Spitfire operations? 443 are hosting a mission this coming Thursday the 19th December that is not part of the campaign proper; as such they have thrown an invitation open to all you Dogz who'd be interested in taking part, whatever your level of experience. The hardcore boys will probably be using SRS, but its by no-means mandatory, and I will be in available in both SRS and TS to communicate and pass messages to those who aren't SRS savvy yet. Formation requirements will be considerably less stringent than a scheduled campaign night mandates, so as long as you can keep a respectable distance from the main flights you are welcome to tag along. You'll need the following modules to join: DCS Spitfire LF.IX DCS: Normandy DCS: WW2 Asset Pack 443 WW2 Asset Pack Mod [PM Fen for a link] Let me know if you're interested so I can make sure Wiggy allows us enough airframes in mission. Be good to see you there!
  18. Was kind of indifferent to the concept when I first heard of it. A new payware carrier DLC? Meh, rather have new planes. Then I saw this: Damn you ED. My wallet is smarting already...
  19. Update to Vicious Virgin II - http://www.mediafire.com/file/z15z4hnirnp7wrf/P38J25_402nd_E6_T.zip/file
  20. Thanks, Nick, regard yourself a Captain! You'll be Leading White Flight Note to others, if you don't like formation flying then volunteer for Blue or Green Flight Lead! That way you shouldn't have to do any tight formating! 1. Red Flight Leader - <insert name here> may lead the squadron if the Squadron CO is absent/deems appropriate; If CO leads, Red Flight leader takes the Red 3 position 2. White flight - Jabo 3. Blue Flight - <insert name here> 4. Green Flight - <insert name here>
  21. Hold your horses there boys, there are still some hurdles to cross: 1. The unit we have chosen, is, to the best of my knowledge still unavailable; there seems to be a way I can manually add units to the a campaign structure but for some reason it's not working currently with the USAAF squadrons. Pat Wilson is investigating. As soon as I have a solution I will let you know. 2. Need some volunteers to play flight commanders, ideally 3-4. These guys will start at Captain rank, and will, well, command flights! 3. Once the above are established I need to create a campaign and run a couple of test missions before we commit because there are bound to be teething troubles, and I suggest myself and the Captains do so in a private server whilst the rest of the Dogz play co-ops/DFs on the DDZ Dedicated GBS, to avoid the sucking off teeth, twiddiling of thumbs and the impatient exhales of frustration. 4. Once done we can go all in!
  22. Not that I am aware of Dave but I shall have a snoop around at ED forums and see if there's any gen on doing so. Stay tuned...
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