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  1. Spitfire Training Day

    Hi chaps, Been mooted to have a DCS Spitfire training day/evening but before I can commit to some time to do this I need your input on when the best time to hold this would be. I'm trying to best balance the availability of all people from all corners of the globe and also acknowledge that outside of standard DDz evening some have other commitments that don't look kindly on 'another evening in front of that damn computer!' Also will need to know which versions you can operate within (v1.5.7 or v2.1Alpha). Please vote and comment. Many thanks Fen
  2. Spitfire Training Day

    Ok chaps, committing to Wednesday the 30th August for this. I have a days annual leave so will be available most of the day for consultation. Will be hosting a 1.5.7 server and have plenty of hot start spitties available for those who need them!
  3. DCS Delectations

  4. Screen_170720_234452.jpg

    From the album DCS Delectations

  5. Spitfire IX template available

    Mucking around with the new template. Stock under skin and VH_Rock's excellent improved Roundel and Invasion stripe templates mashed together. Quick and dirty but I like it! Thanks ED and Rock.
  6. Spitfire IX template available

    For example, in an MP mission I have been building I spawned in an airframe looking identical to the one in the OP. By using the Lctrl+ ' menu I changed the skin to an RCAF D-Day late scheme but kept the codes. I then - still in the same airframe - changed again to the full stripe RCAF scheme and changed the codes to a rather more famous Spitfire: Cool feature huh? I can confirm that the host can disable the skin/code swapping feature as part of the server difficulty setting options.
  7. Screen_170715_194021.jpg

    From the album DCS Delectations

  8. Screen_170715_193925.jpg

    From the album DCS Delectations

  9. Spitfire IX template available

    Lctrl+ ' That should bring up the rearming window Snack. It now has new options to change livery (skin) and also the code and serial letters. The skin above is actually only a blank with roundels, the codes are generated as on the fly and can be changed by users. For example, for the aircraft pictured above I simply typed '9GQMJ627' and it arrayed the letters and codes as shown. The first two characters are the two-digit squadron ID code, the third is the individual a/c letter and the remaining 5 are the serial number In 2.1 it works in both single and multiplayer, however, it is a function of the 'Ground Crew' menus and I can only be accomplished on the ground. I have noticed some multiplayer servers give you the ability to change skins and others disable the function.
  10. Spitfire Training Day

    Chris - 1.5.7 only went from Beta to Release version yesterday, so as of time of writing the OP it is current release version and should be at time of planned training.
  11. Bloody marvellous Nick - great job mate. Thank you very much!
  12. Screen_170710_234510.jpg

    From the album DCS Delectations

  13. Screen_170624_215558.jpg

    From the album DCS Delectations

  14. Spit Fuel Consumption

  15. Fuel Consumption - Weak Mix.PNG

    From the album Spit Fuel Consumption

  16. I'll just leave this here....

  17. Mobo and Processor Replacement

    Thanks to my marvellous family and friends generosity on the B'day I'm able to consider a MoBo and processor upgrade. Now having sourced the bits (Intel Core I7-7700K 4.20 GHz, Gigabyte Z270P-D3 Intel Socket 1151 Motherboard and 16G of DDR4 RAM - cos the DDR3 RAM I have currently is incompatible, balls!) I'm reluctant to commit to purchase because I'm not sure how to proceed. The issue being that the existing Windows 10 install is to an Socket AM3 AMD chipset and Gigbayte Mobo; can I just disassemble the old, put the GFX card and current HD in the new, plug in the PSU and just let it sort itself out on load... or am I in for a whole world of pain? Your thoughts much appreciated.
  18. New Mustang Soundmod WiP

    Courtesy of Jafa, whose name you may remember from Il-2 mod days. Oh boy.... Dunno about you chaps but I'm almost indecently aroused by these noises!
  19. New Mustang Soundmod WiP

    Update - this looks like it's turning into one helluva Sound Pack....
  20. DCS Spitfire IX Tips

    Hello chaps, After some conflab with some of you who are testing this module I thought I'd provide a common point of reference for some hints, tips and advice for operating this particular module. Lets just start with the obvious - it's hard. DCS WW2 aircraft are all tricky in their own rights but the Spit has it's own foibles particularly in ground handling and takeoff and landing, which no amount of Il-2 or CloD can prepare you for. Compound this with some very flexible control set-up options and our differing hardware can mean that everyone's control system is peculiar to them (particularly regards curves etc), with the result that one person's experience can differ from another and thusly their advice - whilst completely correct for their set-up - is not always helpful to others. With this in mind the best place to start is with some genuine tail-dragger instruction and behaviour primers; the best I have found are on the following threads and will provide you with some excellent insight as to WHY the aircraft is behaving the way it does: Essay, PART 1: Why taildraggers are tricky and how to overcome it! Essay, PART 2: Getting the tail up... ESSAY, PART 3: Landing and stopping. Some are incredulous at the Spitfires behaviours but if you have read the above you can see it DOES exhibit characteristics familiar to all taildragger aircraft. Do bear in mind we are at Beta-release so some refinements are always in the workshop. What I can tell you is that it IS manageable, almost (!) predictable and once you have figured out what you're doing wrong, can be consistently and safely taken off and landed. I had trouble myself on the first few takeoffs, and landings were a nightmare. However, by thinking through the issues logically as to why the aircraft was behaving in such a wayward manner I managed to adjust my technique to narrow the error margins and make takeoffs and landings a much less fraught affair. TAKEOFF First and foremost: ALWAYS ENSURE YOUR TAIL WHEEL IS STRAIGHT BEFORE COMMITTING TO TAKEOFF! As you make your final turn on to the runway and come to a stop around the centreline, if possible, go to external and check the tailwheel. Chances are it's pointing the direction you just turned from! If you power up now, guess which way you're gonna be headed? That's right - into the grass! As you get to the runway heading you should already be applying brake/rudder opposite to your turn in order to stop the a/c on the desired heading; the trick is not to stop dead once you've got her lined up but let the momentum carry you forward and roll a few yards/metres to ensure your tailwheel is pointing straight down the back of the tail. Now for the power up and takeoff roll: Your most fundamental mistake and the main cause of your woes will be over controlling, mainly on the rudder. Small and sharp inputs, of a high frequency are demanded. You'll practically be dancing on the rudder pedals. Example: Philstyles excellent youtube vid detailing his mastering of the takeoff Take good note of his rudder technique. Do bear in mind his rudder deadzone that he applies in this video is applicable to his pedals and set-up and is not a guaranteed cure to your issues unless you have a spiking input or some slack around the 0 point of your rudder pedals. As such I would not recommend that everyone mimics his curve profile. These aircraft have significant inertia - as such you have to pre-empt the airplane and the inputs have to be ahead of what's happening. Hold an input too heavy and/or too long and by the time you realise that it's effect has taken hold you have too much acceleration and inertia in the direction of that first control input for any countering input to be of any use. This is where Il-2 and CloD show their inaccuracy with small planes with big engines; as one who has soloed powered gliders I can confirm that the rudder inputs required in DCS on prop powered planes is significantly more realistic. Ergo what you are used to in Il-2 or CloD is significantly easier than real life. Trust the visual cues and your judgement; if you even suspect or sense the nose is moving left a bit then get a quick stab of right rudder in; if it still seems to be going then get another in, then another; you might put one too many stabs in and you sense the nose coming right now - but because the input was small and you're acting quickly you should only require a stab of left to correct. Short and sharp. It will take some dings and a few attempts to get the knack of this and actually takeoff. It will take even more till that take-off becomes a clean, elegant affair but at least you will be airbourne! I will strongly suggest everyone has their elevator trim set at at least 0 or -1 for take-off to avoid the sudden nose up tendency as the aircraft lifts out of ground effect. As Phil suggest use a maximum of +8lb Boost (red ringed gauge to RH side of dash) - this gives the nicest balance of acceleration and manageable torque forces. By moving it up promptly it will give your rudder better bite thanks to the propwash being blown over it's surface. That's it for now, the rest I leave to you. It will be frustrating, you will curse, you may even cry. However, as long as you can evaluate what is going wrong, why it's going wrong and what you're bringing to that equation, you can figure what you can do to correct it. PRACTISE and CONCENTRATION are two absolute bywords when getting the Spit off or back on the ground. Good luck chaps. Next time we'll discuss landing.
  21. DCS Spitfire IX Tips

    Some dogfighting and frustrations courtesy of Burning Skies server; also some nuggets of wisdom (ahem!????) from yours truly regards, fighting in the Spitty:
  22. Being Sid Viscous...

    You've got the gist of it there Steve, Basically the new terrain engine that the new maps (Nevada and Normandy) use cannot support the legacy Caucaus map in it's current iteration; hence the version 1.5 and 2.0 separation. Eventually the Caucasus is to be re-modelled within the new terrain engine and this where we will see the merge. If you want to use Normandy you'll have to either i) wait out the 2.5 merge (could be a good few months away yet) or ii) download the 2.0 alpha and run it parallel to your current 1.5. You will then be able to update it to 2.1 when Normandy is released. I suspect both installs will eventually reach 2.5 around the same time, and you'll end up with two identical installs; otherwise it could be that support for 1.x will cease and you'll need to start from a 2.x install. I know - sproglet dependent! - that I shall be aquiring the 2.0 install soon and so have a parallel install ready to update as I'm gonna need to get some Normandy action in ASAP! ASFAIK all modules available for 1.5.6 are operating in 2.0 currently...