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PWCG P-38 Lightning Strikes Co-op Campaign - Next Mission Sunday 12th July 21:00 BST


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  1. BAD NEWS: the After Action Report process failed yet again. No idea why this time. The error log seems to infer that PWCG couldn't find any of our air frames referenced in the log-files, kind of implicating there were no log files. Which is odd as Nick and I were able to progress our test mission just fine last Friday, so logs are being written. Bundled an error report package off to Pat for some kind of hope of explanation. Good News: Twas all just a horrible dream (AGAIN!!!!) for some of us. For those who got kills, bloody frustrating I know....
  2. 402nd FS line up for next mission (05/10/44): Red 1 - Maj. Tom Fen Red 2 - 2nd Lt. Jasper Jacobsen Red 3 - Lt. Arjen Efftee Red 4 - 2nd Lt. Louis Zook White 1 - Lt. Arthur Smedley White 2 - 2nd Lt. Peter Lamarr White 3 - Lt. Chris Bloobair White 4 - *vacant* Blue 1 - Capt. Kevin Fruitbat Blue 2 - 2nd Lt. Bertrand Finknottle Blue 3 - *vacant* Blue 4 - *vacant* Pilots not participating: Lt. Per Fesser - 24 Hour Pass 2nd Lt. Luke Rocks - TDY to 9th Fighter Command HQ (off ops for forseeable)
  3. Jabo and I ran a test session last night - a patrol from which we had a successful engagement then I deliberately forced a game crash from task manager to simulate a disco. Happy to report fully successful AAR process with all stats recorded.
  4. Ok lads and lassies, the DServer PWCG is now updated to v.10.0.0, which should include new routines to fix the issue of an entire mission having to be binned if one user suffers a game crash mid flight. I would like to test this one eve, Friday or Saturday after 2200 BST; if any one could assist it would be most agreeable.
  5. A good number of luvverlee Pony skins here, courtesy of Il-2 skinning doyen of old, Bo_Nidle: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/56030-bo_nidles-skins-repository/
  6. Arthur, I can't tell you on how many levels I'm impressed; the calibre of the flying is top-notch, well done Arthur & BB, and is certainly a joy to watch; however, the choice of soundtrack is inspired! It elevates what could have been a fairly monotonous one-take of some decent formation flying to a captivating and joyful celebration of what we do. Thanks, Arthur, for putting a big grin on my face this morning!
  7. Well, after all that drama and heartache, the After Action Report failed anyway, my suspicions fall on Perf's freeze and disconnect. Same happened back on the 1st of June with Arthur's machine restarting without warning (thanks Bill Gates). Both FT and I suspect that PWCG is expecting to see a definitive mission ended routine in the logs (for when you click "Finish Mission" after landing, bailing or being killed) but when you disco, it doesn't register as something PWCG recognises and when it comes to the AAR process it can no longer determine whether the disco'd pilot is alive, dead, wounded, a prisoner or just plain safe and sound and subsequently throws a wobbly. So the good news is for all of you who bit the dust today one way or another: it was all a bad dream! As far as PWCG is concerned it never happened and the 5th October 1944 mission is yet to be flown. Nick, some consolation may be found in Pooka having an identical problem to you with de-synchronisation of engines just after take-off; it may be worth you two having a conflab on TS at some point to see if there are any common peculiarities to your set-ups or any potential double bindings. The loss of controller inputs both at mission spawn - or even mid-way through a mission is a troublesome and insidious one and one I think I've bumped into once on a standard co-op evening a few months back. I suggest that anyone who suffers from this from hereon in logs it here in a dedicated thread thread so we can build up a picture of what may be happening when it occurs because it's got to be either Il-2 and/or windows issue, and we need some better data before we start reporting it to 777. After all that (and another round robin of 35 minutes of restarts *sigh*) I rather enjoyed the mission. Hope those of you who managed to see it though did too. Next event will be on Tuesday 7th July. 2100 BST cut-off time for inclusion.
  8. In preparation to tonight's event, a little re-shuffle is required in the Command Structure of 402nd FS. The painful loss of Capt. Nick Jabeaux has left a leadership gap in White Flight. Ergo, Lt. Arthur Smedley will be OC White flight hereon-in, with Lt. Chris Bloobair taking over the second element. As a basis going forward if we get a full compliment, then 402nd should look like this: Red 1 - Maj. Tom Fen Red 2 - 2nd Lt. Jasper Jacobsen Red 3 - Lt. Arjen Efftee Red 4 - 2nd Lt. Louis Zook White 1 - Lt. Arthur Smedley White 2 - 2nd Lt. Luke Rocks White 3 - Lt. Chris Bloobair White 4 - 2nd Lt. Peter Lamarr Blue 1 - Capt. Kevin Fruitbat Blue 2 - 2nd Lt. Bertrand Finknottle Blue 3 - Lt. Per Fesser Blue 4 - *vacant* This of course is highly dependent on pilot availability so expect some shuffles from mission to mission to accommodate any absenteeism. Also I may choose to vary the Red 2 position as I see fit; cos I'm the ****ing boss. So there.
  9. Note to Squadron/Flight Leaders: During form up and ingress Perf pontificated (rightly it turns out) that any AI escort flight assigned to your squadron will not pick you up at the RV unless the two following rules are adhered to: 1) You hit the RV waypoint exactly, and 2) You hit every waypoint from lift-off to the RV As such I have adjusted the initial waypoint settings in PWCG to bring them lower and closer to the airfields to make hitting these easier as part of our orbits. I will also tweak each squadrons waypoints en route (where possible) prior to each event to make them more rational as some are, well, somewhat abstract to say the least....
  10. Ok gents, so two days of rough weather have kept us grounded and it is now the October 5th, 1944 and we have a pending mission. The updated rosters for the 402nd and 485th are shown below. Welcome 2. Lts Jasper Jacobsen and Bertrand Finknottle to 402nd after the untimely departure of Nick Jabeaux and Dennis Wingy. Also the 370th FG board has been updated to reflect our latest successes. Next mission is to be flown on Sunday 28th June 2020, 2100 BST.
  11. Bad luck chaps, but it happens. Nick, Dennis, if you can let me know the names you'd like for your new personas. Sorry gents, but you're back down to 2nd Lieutenants. I need this info soon so I can run the necessary admin prior to this coming Sunday's campaign event. As for everyone, else, hope you enjoyed it! Seems like there was some elation, some drama, some surprises, some anxiety and some satisfaction - a good mix if you ask me! The results are in:
  12. Good news! FT and I successfully generated, ran and completed the After Action Report process for a campaign mission with PWCG hosted on the Dedicated Server last night. As such Tuesday nights mission will be hosted on the DServer.
  13. Apologies to all that last night was a bust; obviously there were a number of technical issues, many of which that were no one persons fault, but considering it took 40 minutes to get from server up (2120) to ultimate scrubbing (2200) there is obviously some work that is required. I have my suspicions that my internet connection is partially to blame; it may also have to do with the server being hosted by a player - DCS seems to run happier with a segregated host/client architecture and I suspect GBS may be the same. I will look into options hosting the campaign on the DDz dedicated server with FT. I cannot guarantee this will fix all the issues (lord knows I've experienced the occasional kick/crash even flying our usual coops) and may require a full campaign restart but I will know more in the coming days. As for personal technical issues; gremlins strike, we've all had them and on occasion even a full test prior to joining an event does not completely eradicate the chance of them occurring. However it will help mitigate the chance of spawning in and finding your TiR has gone for a burton or that for some reason a controller detection has decided to go south. Personally I'd recommend a quick mission free flight or a test on the DDz dogfight server. Speculatively, it may help to fly the test on the Rheine map before joining the campaign mission as this could load textures into your RAM, minimising the information that your PC is having to process and the load it is having to cope with when attempting to join, making a successful connection more likely. Maybe. The upshot of this is: from hereonin, if we have all players successfully spawned in but your hardware screws up, then sorry we continue without you. Even if it's a gremlin that didn't show itself in the test prior then you're an abort. Done. We cannot continue doing 40 minutes of restarts every time. As for pre-organisation of who's flying which position - this will help lessen the time taken to ready up but will always be subject to vagaries and interference of Real Life. Leaders will have to prepared to be flexible and adjust to on the spot deviations promptly and decisively. It would help if those partaking read and thoroughly understood the SoPs The point of me writing all that guff was not just to stroke my own ego or cos I had nothing better to do; it plays an important role in getting everyone in server and airbourne in the minimum of time. How? Well it means that the required information to be imparted at briefing is condensed down to just the following: 1. Formation assignments (or any deviations from prepared) - 1-2 minutes 2. Target - type and location - 10 seconds 3. Navigation - waypoints, points of note & egress headings - 1-2 minutes 4. Loadout - 10-20 seconds 5. Runway in use - 10-20 seconds 6. Any other matters lead wishes to bring up - 30 seconds Everything else is known and should not vary between missions. Thus a briefing could be over in as quick as 3 minutes. As for start time; next mission is scheduled for 23/06/20. This mission will have a participation cutoff of 2100 BST. If you are not in comms prior to this you will not be flying. If you have not entered server and selected you plane by 2110 you will not be flying.
  14. Hi chaps! Alert to all: NEW VERSION OF A-4E IS AVAILABLE! Available here: https://github.com/heclak/community-a4e-c/releases/tag/v1.4 TAKE NOTE!:
  15. Next Tuesday '38 Campaign Mission is on the 23rd June old fruit. Glad you enjoyed it, it was awesome looking back over my shoulder and seeing all those Lightnings in formation. Wonder if Arthur got any good cinefilm of the event?
  16. Hi Llama, great vids! Please note I have moved this to our general discussion area, known in these parts as 'Jim's Place' after our late founder and patriarch Jim Blairgowrie.
  17. Next mission is 02/10/44 (to be flown on Sunday 14/06/20). Scores as of the morning of the 2nd:
  18. Well, gents, for the first time I get to say... Welcome to Debrief! (Whoot!) 01/10/1944 Firstly, great job guys on all making it back. Particularly well done to the 485th for hitting their targets so unequivocally. 402nd - Reconnaissance of the frontline East of Bastogne. Great takeoff, form up and ingress to recon area, cruise alt Angels 16. Well flown gents. Spotted two contrails high over frontline, shortly after two Fw 190s dived through the formation. Broke formation and pursued one through cloud, lost him then reacquired him twice then came up on his 6 as he climbed south east and shot him down with a 2 no. 2 second and one no. 5 second burst, confirmed by Wingy and Zukker. Jabo claimed a probable in the same vicinity but couldn't get it confirmed. Regrouped squadron over Bastogne and we flew back to the frontline. Zenith squadron called mission complete so we RTB'd. All a/c down safe. To address some issues brought up: 1. Stuttering mid-mission; this is an AI issue and occurs when we fly close enough to the mission area to spawn the enemy and friendly AI air and ground units. I will tweak the numbers of these down further. 2. The multiple restarts were a pain and I am VERY conscious of those who suffer most for it, and can only apologise. For future I suggest the following: a) All players restart Il-2 prior to joining the P-38 Coop Campaign server b) All players DO NOT TOUCH A SODDING THING WITH THEIR CONTROLS UNTIL ALL PLAYERS ARE SUCCESSFULLY SPAWNED IN COCKPIT. In 402nd we basically call "Red 1 is in", "White 3 is in", etc, until everyone is in cockpit then we begin startup. c) We start even sooner. A 2100 start time perhaps?
  19. Just use the natural metal or olive drab generic for now Rox. I'm hoping to make some historical 402nd skins for the future - when I can find the time...
  20. Llama, I only have room for you in 402 currently. For tonight's adventure the provisional 402 lineup will be: RED 1. Fenrir 2. Wingy 3. FT 4. Zukker* WHITE 1. Jabo 2. Blubear* 3. Arthur 4. Lllama BLUE 1. Fruitbat 2. Rox 3. Perf Please note those names starred have not confirmed and therefore this arrangement could very well change.
  21. Lol! Some sminky looking stuff there. That P-38 quadrant... *dribble*
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