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  1. Was kind of indifferent to the concept when I first heard of it. A new payware carrier DLC? Meh, rather have new planes. Then I saw this: Damn you ED. My wallet is smarting already...
  2. Update to Vicious Virgin II - http://www.mediafire.com/file/z15z4hnirnp7wrf/P38J25_402nd_E6_T.zip/file
  3. Thanks, Nick, regard yourself a Captain! You'll be Leading White Flight Note to others, if you don't like formation flying then volunteer for Blue or Green Flight Lead! That way you shouldn't have to do any tight formating! 1. Red Flight Leader - <insert name here> may lead the squadron if the Squadron CO is absent/deems appropriate; If CO leads, Red Flight leader takes the Red 3 position 2. White flight - Jabo 3. Blue Flight - <insert name here> 4. Green Flight - <insert name here>
  4. Hold your horses there boys, there are still some hurdles to cross: 1. The unit we have chosen, is, to the best of my knowledge still unavailable; there seems to be a way I can manually add units to the a campaign structure but for some reason it's not working currently with the USAAF squadrons. Pat Wilson is investigating. As soon as I have a solution I will let you know. 2. Need some volunteers to play flight commanders, ideally 3-4. These guys will start at Captain rank, and will, well, command flights! 3. Once the above are established I need to create a campaign and run a couple of test missions before we commit because there are bound to be teething troubles, and I suggest myself and the Captains do so in a private server whilst the rest of the Dogz play co-ops/DFs on the DDZ Dedicated GBS, to avoid the sucking off teeth, twiddiling of thumbs and the impatient exhales of frustration. 4. Once done we can go all in!
  5. Not that I am aware of Dave but I shall have a snoop around at ED forums and see if there's any gen on doing so. Stay tuned...
  6. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/56052-370th-p-38-skins/?tab=comments#comment-856585
  7. Yup. It gets easier with practise. Plus, some will be right so those you can leave in place.
  8. click the cell to highlight the offending binding then hit the "clear" button... Unfortunately no quick and easy mass clear option that I m aware of. Sorry Dave.
  9. Thanks kev, that was a lotta fun! Cheers for the vids. Early tip - learn how to turn on your RWR and radar!
  10. I think Dave is spot-on here; having a D/F host available to act as a lobby for people either late for a co-op start or subject to an unfortunate event mid-mission is a great idea and would certainly help attenuate the sometimes 20-45 minute wait till next co-op commences. The logistics is the issue. The options are: 1. Have a second DangerDogz GBS Dedicated Server This requires I assume another VM and the resources (time/money/willpower) to run. or Someone with a spare PC and a good/reliable connection (and the wherewithal/will) to host . 2. Latecomers/early departures host on their home machines Plus for low cost. However, anyone hosting a Reserve D/F Server will only do so whilst they are not in a co-op; latecomers would have to host themselves. Since no-one knows when they are going to be late/suffer an unfortunate event, everyone potentially would have to be able to host so, as the first one out or first latecomer, they can provide the platform for others. This requires the necessary computing horsepower to run a mission with a reasonable amount of AI, a reasonable network connection, the requisite ports open and at least one D/F mission in their personal vault to draw on. Comms could be as simple as setting a keybinding for TS to jump to a particular channel away from the Main Lobby. Personally I enjoy the full take-off - fly - fight - fly - land experience and would not want to compromise that too much, however, I appreciate that it's not for all; perhaps a the alternating of air-start/full length missions might be appropriate.
  11. New update to Stable folks and it's a biggy! You Viper owners who don't partake in the OpenBeta will be pleased to finally get your electric jet! Many fixes & tweaks for the Mighty Tomcat, Walleye introduced to the Hornet along with a host of fixes, the C101 got a ton of love, new Pit models and textures for the M2000 and the Harrier and - a highlight for me - completely updated and improved Spitfire engine sounds; a real treat on the lugholes in my opinion! Hold on to your butts...!: DCS C-101 by AvioDev DH light will not illuminate now, when triggered, if secondary DC bus is not powered or RAD ALT CB is pulled. Added radio altimeter switch functionality. Added canopy fracturing lever functionality and effects (depressurization, visual effect and sound). C-101CC main altimeter baro setting synchronization in multicrew: the rear cockpit main altimeter uses the forward cockpit altimeter pressure setting. C-101EB VHF radio (ARC-134) multicrew synchronization implemented. Added explosive depressurization to Mission Editor failures. Several fixes regarding canopies functionality both in multicrew and in single player. Corrected radio altimeter name in ES localization (Radioaltímetro <-> CC Radioaltímetro). Added depressurization due to damage of front or rear canopies. Improved fractured canopy model and texture of cockpit view. Cabin will depressurize now when ejecting. Fixed binding to keyboard and HOTAS of ARC-164 UHF radio knobs and switches. Added IFF Reply Test Lamp and IFF Test Light control inputs, which were missing. Fixed Standby Horizon Pitch Reference Adjust binding to keyboard and HOTAS. Added hypoxia (oxygen starvation) effect. Added ARC-164 (C-101EB UHF radio) multicrew synchronization. Cockpit labels are now readable when using low textures option (increased resolution). Fixed binding to keyboard and joystick of ARC-134 (C-101EB VHF radio) knobs and switches. Fixed binding to keyboard and joystick of C-101CC V/TVU-740 radio knobs and switches. Implemented binding to keyboard and joystick of console and instrument lights dimmers. Implemented binding to keyboard and joystick of cabin temperature control. Implemented binding to keyboard and joystick of intercom knobs and dials for C-101EB and C-101CC. Fixed ADF-60 frequency select knobs for keyboard and joystick binding. Implemented binding to keyboard and joystick of SCAR control panel, SCAR display panel and RGS2 sight knobs. Implemented binding to keyboard and joystick of IFF panel knobs. Implemented binding to keyboard and joystick of AoA indicator knob. Improved cockpit lighting in external view. Fixes in ADF-60 keyboard input: Function selector switch TEST position is spring loaded now. Gain knob is functional now. Fixed HSI digits brightness binding to keyboard and joystick, that got broken with latest updates. Binding to keyboard and joystick of DH (Decision Height) set knob. Implemented binding to keyboard and joystick of FD pitch adjustment knob of ADI. Fixed crash in V/TVU-740 multiplayer sync. Stick pitch trim button is now animated. Airbrake throttle switch is now animated. Added toggle function for airbrake (“B” key). Fixed brightness of ADI/HSI digits in C-101CC rear cockpit - made independent from the forward cockpit ADI/HSI brightness. Altimeter baro setting knob moves now correctly when binding it to keyboard and joystick (Main and Stby altimeters of C-101CC and altimeter of C-101EB). Fixed CC ADI/HSI brightness control by keyboard. Solved some errors (amber color) in inputs, related to UHF and VHF radios. Solved issue with Kneeboard current position mark point not working when using keyboard, and amber color error in control inputs. Solved amber color error of optical sight brightness in control inputs. Fixed typo in ES version affecting amber error in control inputs, regarding an Armament CB. Fixed amber error in control inputs regarding IFR Hood. Fixed an ES localization issue causing an amber color error in some intercom control inputs. Added binding to keyboard and joystick of Optical Sight Brightness (knob animation for now). Added binding of keyboard and joystick to emergency fuel lever. Fixed binding to keyboard and joystick of TACAN volume knob and mode dial. Fixed gyro platform sync button (synchronizer and heading set) behaviour: it now turns correctly left and right and heading synchronizes accordingly. Fixed VHF-20B keyboard control for the radio mode and sound volume. Fixed binging to keyboard and joystick of Gyro Platform knobs. Fixed binding to keyboard and joystick of VHF/NAV equipment VIR 31A knobs (mode and volume). Fixed clock set function and animation - now clock hands and knob can be adjusted and moved smoothly and in a realistic coordinated manner. Map box cover will move properly now (slowly instead of instantly) when using keyboard or joystick commands. Added animation and functionality of following control stick and throttle elements: -Flight Control Stick GA Button -Flight Control Stick TCS Button -Rain Repellent Button (system not implemented) -Stores Release Button -Stores Release Guard -Fixed Weapons Trigger -Trigger Safety Catch -Fuel Enrichment Button -MPR Button -PTT Button -Sight Range Selector Handle in throttle grip Fixed Standby Artificial Horizon pitch adjustment. Fixed MPR function, it now disengages once electrical power is lost. Implemented optical sight brightness (both forward and rear cockpits). Optical sight depression rotaries are now correctly animated ( i.e. do not change values in an instantly manner), the first one is limited to value 2, other two got cycled animation. Optical sight AUTO/MAN/TEST stich got TEST position spring-loaded. Removed AFM_LODS and SFM_LODS folders. Fixed Enrich label in throttle. Added red texture to Trigger Safety Catch. Removed SFM binaries from the module config, removed redundant C-101CC FM dll (single dll is used for both aircraft with FM varied with input parameters). Trigger can be depressed (animation) only if safety catch is unlocked (both cockpits). Stores Release Button can be depressed (animation) only if guard is open (both cockpits). Control input names reorganization (WIP). Increased opening speed of map box when using keyboard or joystick buttons. Improved animation of PTT Pushbutton. Smoke will only work now depending on guard and safety catch and Easy Flight setting in DCS interface (for now, until we make our own specific condition in Options "Special" tab of DCS interface). Any weapon release and gun trigger will only work now depending on guard and safety catch and Easy Flight setting in DCS interface (for now, until we make our own specific condition in Options "Special" tab of DCS interface). Reorganized and edited names of Smoke System in control inputs. Fixed Throttle model of C-101EB (removed MPR button). Fixed duplicate texture in canopy frame area of external model. Command “Force cursor to show on/off” can be also mapped now to mouse. Fixed pilot harness external 3D model. Added default keyboard mapping for Stores Release and Trigger. Improved AOA indexer 3D model. Fixed 3D model of ejection seat once ejected and separated from pilot. Modified auto-trim due to airbrake extension, to make it stop when reaching airbrake extension/retraction limits. Added airbrake auto-trim cutout malfunction. Fixed engine sound that was broken in the latest update (real engine sound still WIP). Fixed startup training mission. "VOR ON" step after startup will not pass without moving the NAV Volume selector in VOR-ILS-MB equipment. Gear up and gear down commands added. Gear emergency extension works now when using input command. AoA indicator does not jump anymore from max to min and vice-versa when turning the knob with keyboard or joystick button. Control stick can now be hidden using keyboard or joystick commands, not only click-spot. "Ventilación Emergencia / Emergency Ventilation" depressurizes now cockpit. Gear override button (crash button) has now a press and release function. Added Fuel Enrichment Button functionality. Linked C-101EB idle click-spot to throttle model. Normal brakes are lost now when hydraulic power is lost. Braking only available through parking brake. Fuel enrichment will only work if engine computer is ON. Added engine computer failure (manual mode). Improved clock needles 3D model. Throttle friction wheel can now be assigned to keyboard and joystick. Removed throttle friction wheel from rear cockpit. DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations Add bindable toggles for AFCS panel Add bindable toggles for Pilot Display Control Panel (PDCP) Add correct default axis assignments for Thrustmaster TPR pedals Ignore STAB switch in all radar PD modes (always earth stabilized in PD) Fix radar altimeter aural warning remaining on forever when fix is lost while it was on Reduced radar altimeter inaccuracy over water Radar altimeter accuracy now also depends on the depth of water; it is more accurate over shallow water Improved trimmer behavior A/G impact point solution over water jitters less now (this affected rockets the most) Fixed INS confusing spawn position if 2nd ship was too close to the carrier Fixed TTG on dest not working if dest was left of the nose Fixed being unable to detect small RCS aircraft Fix not correctly identifying aircraft carrier when on deck in a tight battlegroup Added CAP-9M/CATM-9 to allowable stores Updated mission fail trigger logic for Quickstart “Watching the Devildog - Laser Guided Bombs” Updated mission fail trigger logic for “Watching the Devildog” SP and Coop versions Further tweaking of pitch moment with flaps Further tweaking of pitch damping Improvements to flight model testing systems Fixed Padlock not working Fixed CTD on back to spectator after flight is delayed Possibly fixed CTD when using ACLS/Autothrottle - please give us feedback. Fixed untracked contacts in TWS not timing out Added F-16 to the RWR threat library. Added HQ-7 to the RWR threat library. Slightly reduced drag while maneuvering to improve maneuvering performance above Mach 1 Further improvement of internal FM Test Systems Adjusted high drag penalties for fully deployed slats/flaps at high speeds Tweaks to buffet and full flap/slat deployment drag at high speed Small adjustment to AB thrust at mach 1.2 Fix for ripple bombs counting empty stations Adjust default Num0 snap cockpit view Fixed missing weapons for wingman in Normandy Dissimilar Air Combat Training Quickstart mission Removed A2G set command for "Watching the Devildog" SP and COOP carrier start versions Added Cage The Bear campaign cold start version. Thank you Kaba! Several fixes to Cage the Bear hot start version. Thank you Kaba! Fix for TCS line-of-sight not displayed on HUD in TCS slave mode (TCS slaved to radar) when it is tracking Fix the ever-so-slightly misaligned radar scan coverage lines on TID Reduced chaff effectiveness against AIM-54C Added AIM-7F to loadouts Updated to latest AIM-7M Fixed smoothing errors on rear of fuselage Improved appearance of exterior canopy Re-positioned HGU-33 knob for visor-down in exterior (int pending) Updated shader defs Tweaks to memory management Fix to ACLS wing drop in close when HDG and ALT hold are engaged Adjusted drag penalty for full flap deployments at high speed Adjusted buffet for slat and full flap deployments at high speed Fix to buffet at full flaps DCS AJS-37 by Heatblur Simulations Fix to 80% ground collision-warning always on in HÖJD mode. Fix to ejection not working. Fix to intermittent CTD when using Weapon selector + LD-Bombs. Fixed CTD related to changing cartridges. Idle-cut off command for Warthog HOTAS or similar throttle. Probable fix to erroneous glideslope indication with TILS. Guard against undefined behavior when selecting Bx-waypoint without loading data cartridge before DCS A-10C Restored the extending boarding ladder. DCS A-10A Kneeboard in HUD only view (LAlt+F1) will not overlap TV screen, moved to left side. DCS Ka-50 Shkval optics will not track targets that are obstructed by buildings. DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM VTH Radar elevation bar is now visible only in BA2 and BAH modes Fix for MAG unlock, slaved and not Radar TWS heading arrow fixed RDI lock ranges changes for all close combat modes Mag lock triangle resized to match radar square VTB colors changed to match real one RDI contacts detection fix when exiting from close combat modes WSC AG memorize feature fix, now will save PCA/AG setting and will reset hud to NAV Fix for CNM Neutral (PCA) when pressed in close combat modes. RDI in TWS will now have a single bar tracking BA2 re enabled as next to BAH Radar unlock available only via WSC depress TDC position and radar range doesn't reset after unlock or close combat modes exit Cockpit Textures: - Updated and Added all New textures - Added English cockpit livery - Changed Textures to match the color of modern Cockpits used today in the Ada - Remapped new items and altered existing items older Cockpit Mods will not work! 3D Model: - Removed older VHF Analog Radio - Added newer VHF Digital Radio - Changed UHF Radio to be more accurate - Added Hand Lantern - Changed "Sec Carb" Cover to be more accurate - Removed Pneumatic Hammers from Canopy Frame (not in operations anymore) - Changed Canopy Frame to be more accurate - Changed Ejection Seat adjustment operation - Changed Ejection Seat Harness - Added Gun Camera Wiring - Added NVG Filters - Added NVG Goggle Mount and Goggles with Carry Bag - Removed older Eclair Control Unit - Added new ECM Indicator - Added/Remodeled various items within the existing 3D model for better edges/shapes and accuracy - Added JVN/NVG Switch for Night Operations with NVG - Changed the Flood Lights now used with modern Cockpits used today in the Ada Coding: - Added F-16c to RWR database - Implemented new Radio - Implemented new ECM - Changed Radio stations to match real aircraft - Now 1-20 - Correct Spacing on INS Panel Display - Enabled Easy Comms with new radio - Enabled new EEF Button to mute warning lights to match real airframe - Enabled new NVG’s with multi position interactions DCS AV-8B by RAZBAM Cockpit Textures: - Fixed Spelling mistakes Coding: - Corrected drag index calculations - Implemented Bingo for VREST page - Implemented Cruise for VREST page - Added F-16c to RWR database DCS SA342 Gazelle by Polychop Simulations Fixed not working sounds. Fixed duplicated controls entries. Fixed RWR symbols. Added NVG capabilities to SA342L and SA342Mistral. Corrected Mistral missile. DCS Su-33 by ED Fixed radiomenu error after bolts from carrier. DCS Spitfire IX Corrected engine sounds (External, Cockpit, Distance). DCS Fw 190 A-8 Fixed prop governor on cold plane. Electrical circuit breakers correction that had an influence on gear selection and weapon usage. Added the ability to assign radiator open/close function to the keyboard DCS UH-1H Startup mission trigger fix. DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC Implemented special menu option to test the new SPO-10 function. Note: Labeled as “Experimental Features” which upon activating, will switch to an updated version. Users who do not wish to participate in testing, should leave it unchecked, which will basically allow the use of the current and default version of the SPO-10.Leave feedback at: https://leatherneck-sim.mantishub.io DCS MiG-19P by Razbam Increased automatic flaps up behavior to 500 kmh and allow flaps to come back down when speed is reduced and still commanded down MiG-19P Paintkit Russian flight manual Weathered and Factory fresh cockpit textures officially added. Selectable now from the module special options (you can delete the mod as it´s included in the module now) New main menu and loading screen wallpapers New cockpit and external model with VR improvements Fixed seated pilot being ejected 500 meters away from the cockpit CampaignsM-2000C Red Flag Campaign by Baltic Dragon. Mission 7: fixed issue with AI flights not following player.Worlds Apart 2026 Campaign by Low Level Heaven. All missions updated with bug fixes and improvements.Mi-8 Oilfield: Fixed crash of Mi-26 at start of the 5th mission. Removed AI Yak-40 that collides with Mi-26 in 1th mission. P-51D: The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign by Reflected Simulations: Revised triggers AI follow tasks fixed Dozens of new voice overs added to help the flow of the missions More ambient effects added More ambient AI flights added Map markers added to aid navigation where needed Stock radio callouts reduced as much as possible Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger Campaign by Reflected Simulations: Revised triggers AI follow tasks fixed AI FW altitude fixed in mission 4 AI rules of engagement fixed in missions 5, 8 and 9 Pre-landing waypoint added to avoid a slow flying home in mission 3 New voice overs added More ambient effects added Spitfire IX The Big Show Campaign by Reflected Simulations: Revised triggers & timings AI follow tasks fixed Dozens of new voice overs added to help the flow of the missions More ambient effects added More ambient AI flights added Map markers added to aid navigation where needed Stock radio callouts reduced as much as possible A-10C Sturmovik campaign - fixed bug with frequency. F/A-18C Aggressors BFM Campaign by Mapple Flag: - Added manual INS alignment instructions in briefing and kneeboard. - Updated radio frequencies for channels. - Updated voice over trigger timing. Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger Campaign by Reflected Simulations: - Enemy units hidden on F10 map. - Adler 1 and 2 will drop their bombs in mission 5. P-51D: The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign by Reflected Simulations: - Enemy units hidden on F10 map. - Mission 14: enemy aircraft changed to FW-190A-8s, as it happened in real life. Spitfire IX The Big Show Campaign by Reflected Simulations: - Enemy units hidden on F10 map. - Mission 1: altitudes of enemy units adjusted A-10C Basic Flight Training Campaign by Maple Flag: - Corrected Flight Examiner aircraft altitude and waypoint timing in Missions 12. UH-1H Worlds Apart - Spring 2025 Campaign by Low-Level-Heaven Mission Development. Updated missions 7, 8, 9. The Museum Relic Campaign by Apache600. Updated MiG-15 and F-86F skins.
  12. DD_Fenrir

    DCS Clouds

    From todays Newsletter.... Yay!!!
  13. Well someone else can organise it as I've got enough on my plate at the moment thanks!
  14. Well, in that case Sid, for those willing to allow 46 to occupy disk space, we could host one-off events for nostalgias sake; I for one would happily join an occasional 'Greatest Hits of 46' night, especially if we get to fly something we don't have in these other games (Lanc, Swordfidh, Mossie etc...). You could lock one in once a month or quarter or whatever. Select a date and throw a big announcement on the forums. If it takes the place of GBS/DCS I'm sure people won't mind every once in a while.... And if some do turn up expecting either of those and are surprised, well they should read the bloody forum. Simples. I meant to run Jericho again this year on it's 75th Anniversary but got so caught up in other stuff I clean forgot.
  15. DD_Fenrir


    Since no bugger in the world seems to support, attend or even hint at a desire to fly Il-2:46 on a Monday evening, I propose this be turned into a 2nd DCS night for those unable to DCS on a traditional Thursday slot. Thoughts...?
  16. I'm at a quandary as to whether to 'Like' the last video or not; exciting combat action definitely deserves a thumbs up yet I wouldn't want to appear entertained by your bitter disappointment at a friendly AI collison… ah the internal conflict!
  17. Okay so set up a test campaign on my PC to see what the gen is currently... Accomplished: Generated a competitive co-op campaign. Going by the list at the top of this thread I was able to generate a mission for the 9 of us, with spaces allocated to individual players! Nice! Played the mission with AI occupying all the absent DDz slots and it was 👍 Pros: It worked! Cons: No prototypical FG available for P-38 currently. Florennes seemingly unavailable as an airfield to operate from. Only hot start runway available. Runway spawns slightly misaligned with runway On ending the mission and attempting to get PWCG to accept its results and generate a new mission I got an error warning. More work needed methinks.
  18. So mission 7 went ahead last night with Wingflyr joining me to help flesh out the ranks of 443 sqn. A took Red 3 position with WIngflyr slated as my wingman in Red 4. Our mission was to escort a squadron of Mosquitos on an anti-shipping sweep of the Seine Bay. Trouble was brewing as soon as we spawned in, with a solid overcast, rain and a gusting wind. Then Red 2 had "engine trouble" (DCS kept CTDing) and had to bow out which moved myself and Dennis up to Red 2 & 3 positions respectively. Taxi was swift and organised but as we powered up for take-off the gusting crosswind certainly made things, well, shall we say... interesting! However we got up without incident and after an orbit to join up we set course for our RV with the Mossies. In the murky light of an overcast dawn holding close formation was somewhat more challenging than usual but it was when Red Leader, Wiggy, pushed us out into combat spacing that things got really tricky; references disappear when attempting to formate on a silhouette at 100yards! Half hour of this at wave top height was quite a workout and I was actually relieved to see the Normandy coast appear. The Mossies turned West on their search and we gained a bit of altitude to try and cover them, dropping our jettison tanks as we went. One flight quickly picked out a freighter of some description for attack and as I watched they ran in dropping clusters of 500lb bombs around the unfortunate vessel. A series of geysers erupted around the ship, punctuated with a few brief flashes of smoke and flame. As the carnage subsided we saw... nothing! The ship and evidently gone down in a matter of seconds. Good work Mossies! We orbited and for a moment I picked up contacts against the lightening eastern horizon and called bogeys, but they soon resolved into the 2nd flight of Mosquitos and we continued round on their tails to escort them home. At this point they suddenly decided they'd had enough of the delights of the Seine Bay, powered up and promptly beetled off into the distance leaving us for dust! Home then at a slightly more respectable altitude but still the vigors of combat formation on a silhouette! Then, about half way back across the Channel Red 3 (Wingy) suddenly pulled up into a steep climb and was quickly engulfed in the overcast. Concerned he was under fire or had spotted a bandit on his 6 which the rest had missed, I frantically searched our tails but found nothing. A little while later I saw a distant contact emerge from the cloud descending fast for the sea. It kept descending until it I could no longer discern it from the murky waters below... Concerned for Red 3s status I broke radio silence to establish if he was ok. Relief swept over me as Red 3s voice crackled over the radio in response - whilst cross checking some instruments he had become disoriented and found himself in the soup. He was heading home on the prebriefed courses and would either attempt to rejoin enroute or meet us at home base. Good show. Wiggy pulled us into close formation not long after, and as we crossed the English coast we were ordered into echelon. A Long descending turn over Tangmere got us lined up for the runway at Funtington and we made a snappy show of our break to land. The cross wind again reared it's head as touchdown loomed and I made a firm if slightly untidy arrival on terra-firma. White section got down safe and we ambled back to our dispersals. Red 3 was having trouble navigating in the murk so wisely decided to put down at the first airfield he happened upon, which turned out to be Ford so not a million miles away. Unfortunately the gusty conditions conspired against him and he 'pecked' his Spits propeller but aside from that and some bruising to his pride, both he and the aeroplane were otherwise undamaged. Mission 8 next - late afternoon bomber Escort to Rouen!
  19. Thanks FT, you are a proper gem. X
  20. Hi Mayhem, I hope you don't mind but I moved your post into it's own thread to keep the P-38 Campaign cleaner for trying to solve issues with the setting up and running of the campaign. For my part, as a confessed doubter of the GBS series the passed 2-years updates have really turned this sim into an enjoyable and immersive experience and the BoP stuff has really popped a cherry on the cake. P-38 is AWESOME (though I would say that, LoL!), the P-51 is fun and competitive, the Spitfire a joy, the Tempest a beast and the Jerry stuff, is, well, late war Jerry; fast, packs a punch and dangerous but requiring disciplined flying to make the best of. I can recommend.
  21. Ah...! Now there's a sage suggestion. Good plan chum, colour me on board.
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