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  1. Cheers for the heads up Bill. Be seriously considering thi... oh, will you look at that; appears it's just materialised on my HD... funny that! 😏
  2. If by that you mean large font, single syllable instruction sheets and a rubber hammer, then yes Mick.
  3. Ok, good to know. So I'm thinking of a provisional syllabus starting with the following: Air to Air Radar Modes (general principles, all applicable aircraft) Fox 1 Air to Air Missile Employment - Semi-active Radar Homing (SARH) - F-14, F-15, F/A-18, M2000C, MiG-29, Su-27, SU-33, J-11 Fox 2 Air to Air Missile Employment - Infra Red (IR) - A-4, AV-8, A-10, F-5, F-14, F-15, F/A-18, M2000C, Viggen, MiG-19, MiG-21, MiG-29, Su-25, Su-27, Su-33, J-11 Fox 3 Air to Air Missile Employment - Semi-active Radar Homing (ARH) - F-14, F-15, F/A-18, MiG-29S, J-11 Guns Guns Guns! Radar Warning Receiver - Western Aircraft Radar Warning Receiver - Russian Aircraft Missile Evasion - Air to Air Missile Evasion - Surface to Air
  4. Chaps, given that most event nights wrap up at 2230BST/GMT would you a) feel comfortable with and b) be interested in doing 1 hour specialist training lessons in certain aspects of DCS systems/aircraft/tactics on a non DCS night after activities with the designated sim have wrapped up? I was thinking I could make a little class up and those who can attend do, but we record the class for upload to youtube at a later time so any non-attendees can still benefit. That way we could perhaps concentrate the DCS night on more co-op style play and do dedicated training on select subjects on these "after hours" periods.
  5. Some of you DCS jet dudes/dudettes - particularly those of you new to the world of operations scented with AVTUR - will no doubt be somewhat puzzled by some of the codewords and acronyms bandied about. These form part of the Multiservice tactical brevity code - a standard series of codewords used by the US/NATO, these are terms that are homogenised so that everyone knows what's going on and what information is being imparted. Or, at least, that's the idea... List is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiservice_tactical_brevity_code Get swotting! Ones' you'll hear commonly: BRAA Tactical control format providing target bearing, range, altitude, and aspect, relative to a friendly aircraft. Bruiser Friendly air-launched anti-ship missile (ASM) (for example, Harpoon, Exocet, or Penguin missiles). Buddy lock Locked to a known friendly aircraft; normally a response to a spike or buddy spike call and accompanied with position/heading/altitude. Buddy spike Friendly aircraft(s) air-to-air indication on radar warning receiver (RWR); to be followed by position, heading, and altitude. Bullseye An established point from which the position of an object can be referenced; made by cardinal/range or digital format. Clean No radar contacts on aircraft of interest. No visible battle damage Aircraft not carrying external stores. Cleared hot Ordnance release is authorized. Cold Attack geometry will result in a pass or rollout behind the target. On a leg of the combat air patrol (CAP) pointed away from the anticipated threats. Group( s) heading away from friendly aircraft. Crank To maneuver beyond the range of a missile; implies illuminating target at radar gimbal limits in a beyond visual range engagement. Faded Radar contact is lost. (Termination of track plotting is not warranted.) Defensive/defending Aircraft is in a defensive position and maneuvering with reference to an active threat. Fox one Indicates launch of a semi-active radar-guided missile (such as the AIM-7 Sparrow).[1] Fox two Indicates launch of an infrared-guided missile (such as the AIM-9 Sidewinder).[1] Fox three Indicates launch of an active radar-guided missile (such as the AIM-120 AMRAAM and AIM-54 Phoenix).[1] Fox four Historical term indicating air-to-air or air-to-surface cannon fire. The term in current usage is Guns, Guns, Guns.[2] Laser on Directive to start laser designation. Locked Final radar lock-on; sort is not assumed. (BRAA/direction) Lost contact Radar contact lost. (drop track is recommended.) Lost lock Loss of radar/IR lock-on (advisory). Maddog Launch of friendly active radar homing missile, such as the AIM-120, without radar guidance from the launch aircraft. The missile will rely on its own radar to find a target and will generally track the first target it sees. Magnum Launch of friendly anti-radiation missile (such as AGM-88 HARM, ALARM). Marking Friendly aircraft leaving contrails. Merge/merged Information that friendlies and targets have arrived in the same visual arena. Call indicating radar returns have come together. Mud Indicates radar warning receiver (RWR) ground threat displayed followed by clock position and type. (type/direction) Music Electronic radar jamming. (On air interdiction (AI) radar, electronic deceptive jamming.) Nails Radar warning receiver (RWR) indication of AI radar in search. Add clock position/azimuth and radar type, if known. Naked No radar warning receiver (RWR) indications. Notch All aspect missile defensive maneuver to place threat radar/missile on the beam (directly perpendicular). Modern pulse-doppler radars remove ground clutter by filtering out returns from stationary objects; putting the threat on the beam permits the defending aircraft to be confused with ground returns and hence disappear from the threat radar. As missiles guide by creating a direct intercept course, this is also used to reduce the missile's speed and thus its ability to maneuver if radar lock is maintained. Paveway Release of laser-guided bomb or bombs Picture Provide tactical situation status pertinent to mission. Pitbull Informative call that an active radar-guided missile (such as AIM-120, AIM-54, Meteor) is at active range and no longer requires radar input from launch aircraft. Playtime Amount of time aircraft can remain on station. Popup 1. Informative call of a contact that has suddenly appeared inside of meld/CCR/briefed range. 2. Criteria used as a self-defense method, within the ROE, to protect friendly air defense elements from hostile aircraft. Range Two or more groups separated primarily in distance along the same bearing. Raygun Indicates a radar lock-on to unknown aircraft; a request for a buddy spike (position/heading/altitude) reply from friendly aircraft meeting these parameters (to prevent friendly fire). Rifle Friendly air-to-ground missile launch. Saddled Informative call from wingman/element indicating the return to briefed formation position. SAM (direction) Visual acquisition of a SAM (surface-air missile) or SAM launch; should include position. Shackle One weave, a single crossing of flight paths; maneuver to adjust/regain formation parameters. Skosh Aircraft is out of or unable to employ active radar missiles. Smash Directive to turn on/off anti-collision lights. Spike RWR indication of an AI threat in track, launch, or unknown mode; include bearing, clock position, and threat type, if known. Splash (A/A) Target hit with expended munition. (A/G) Weapons impact in lethal area of target Tally Sighting of a target, bandit, bogey, or enemy position; opposite of no joy. Vampire Hostile antiship missile (ASM).
  6. Thanks Siddley, will investigate as I too found frame rate has suffered since the last Rift S firmware update.
  7. Hi Dave, My suggestion was more of starting point for discussion and to generate positive/negative feedback than as a full-proof solution. What I suggest is that we volunteer/nominate 4 representatives to hash out in a private TS committee, each having chosen their first preference a different Sim. We'll each pour over the results and try to come to some sort of a consensus. If the Dogz approve of this course of action, then I'll try to organise a gathering this week. I volunteer to be the DCS rep. I would nominate the following members: Sid for GBS FT for CloD Jabo for Il-2
  8. Mi-24 inbound! https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3931016&postcount=199
  9. Well, thanks for your feedback gents. It's nice and all but... ain't that easy. There's more questions to be considered: Hosting? DCS looks after itself for the moment... some co-op style missions are WiP by me but at least we have a DF server we can roll in on at any time and practise what we like. CloD - similar to DCS. Some co-ops might be nice but we don't have a repository as such. GBS - DF server is good but for the co-op element we are reliant on FT/Arthur/other to provide co-ops; are they available on these days? Does FT permanently have to sit there editing co-ops and not fly? Does he even want to? Il-2:1946 - Are FT/Crash (our traditional '46 hosts) available on a Wednesday? Do they even want to host still if they are? If not, who can/will? My suggestion was based purely on the numbers. These elements have yet to be considered and as such will require input from the affected parties.
  10. My suggestion: GBS BoX is now our primary and logically occupies the #1. Tuesday slot. DCS would logically be then the #2 Thursday slot. However in order to give members a better chance of flying the primary sim in a social manner, I believe GBS deserves two nights a week in order to allow exposure to the greatest number of members. Ergo #3. Sunday should also be GBS. CloD then moves to Monday, and Il-2 1946 to Wednesday.
  11. But then Sid can't make DCS Thursday... This is not gonna be simple. We're gonna have people left out whatever we decide. At some point we just have to go with what's got the numbers and if it's inconvenient then tough titties - if virtual flying socially with the dogs is important to you then you'll you do what you can to make real life arrangements to allow you to fly the nights you wish. We cannot pander to everyone's convenience. It's impossible. Everyones suggestion thus far has merit, which makes it doubly problematic.
  12. Howdy chaps. Results are in. Before I announce the results, a quick explanation of how the voting was scored: For simplicity, I went with a "points based on preference" philosophy, so First place = 1 Point, Second place = 2 points, etc. As such it was a "lowest score wins" structure. Ergo, for the sims a voter had a total of 10 points (1+2+3+4=10) to distribute amongst the sims. For the days a voter had a total of 28 points (1+2+3+4+5+6+7=28) to distribute amongst the days. Where a voter only applied a preference position to one or a few of the total available sim/day choices, the remaining points total left available to the voter were applied equally over the remaining un-preferenced choices. For example if a user chose only Il-2: 1946, that scored 1 point. The remaining sims then scored equally (10-1)/3 = 3. The scores as follows: Sims 1. GBS/Box - 55 points 2. DCS - 63.5 points 3. CloD - 78 points 4. Il-2: 1946 - 83.5 points Days 1. Tuesday - 80 points 2. Thursday - 95 points 3. Sunday - 100 points 4. Monday - 101 points 5. Wednesday - 114.5 points 6. Friday - 141 points 7. Saturday - 152.5 points A total of 28 out of a potential 35 members voted, representing a round 80% turnout. Spreadsheet attached for transparency. Please feel free to double check and tell me if I made any errors. DangerDogz Voting 2019.xlsx
  13. Will post the results tomorrow lunch time.
  14. For transmittal of forces - as long as the eye of the rose is both mounted and aligned correctly, and one end of the rod is fixed in my mind it *should* work. Use the FFB as axis and the assign the Warthog buttons. Simples! He says...
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