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  1. DD_Fenrir

    Need a force feedback base for your WartHog?

    I feel a sudden need to re-mortgage....
  2. DD_Fenrir

    Dedicated DCS evening

    We now have the following DCS owner/operators: DD_APHill DD_Arthur DD_Artie DD_B16Enk DD_Bongodriver DD_BluBear DD_CaptJackG DD_Crash* DD_Fenrir DD_FT DD_Muscobe DD_Papabear DD_Sid DD_Snacko DD_T_O_A_D DD_Wingflyer If I have missed anyone from this please advise and I shall add you. It is my belief that this represents a significant portion of the membership and as such is deserving of a dedicated DCS evening. However, this should not substitue a regular evening for the existing sims so I have created a poll to see which other evening would be more agreeable. Please vote for the evening most convenient for you.
  3. Thanks for this Chris. Well found. My heart was in my mouth watching his approach, even knowing the outcome.
  4. Happy Birthday Fen  :)

  5. DD_Fenrir

    Whatcha Flyin'?

    Generally the missions I run on Normandy do ok on 16GB; some intelligent spawning and de-spawning units helps. Take note that the memory manager that is being currently trialled in the Open Beta branch may help with loading Normandy, which I know some with 8GB had issues with. Actual performance when in mission with 8GB... good question!
  6. DD_Fenrir

    DCS WW2 Sale

    Thinking of starting in DCS with WW2 modules? Or considering expanding your existing hangar of WW2 types? Maybe you've put off getting the Normandy Map & Asset Pack until prices came down? Well, now here's an opportunity: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3476473&postcount=140
  7. DD_Fenrir

    warmed up engines

    Well... about f_ing time!
  8. Hi boys, whilst finding some stuff to listen to during my working luck I stumbled upon a great channel called Aircrew interview. I've posted some of the ones I found particularly interesting:
  9. Well, if you flew for Mother Russia at least you won't miss the clatter of tractor engines...
  10. Hi Dave, BoX is fun but with only two nights (and maybe soon only one) to fly my focus will be on Sunday night Coops and CloD Thursday with some DCS thereafter. If I could join a BoX session on any other night it would be after 10pm. As such I don't believe my opinion should be weighted in this particulat straw poll.
  11. DD_Fenrir

    Lancaster MkI 1/72 Revell

    Excuse me whilst I remove the appendage terminating my leg from my cake-hole.... The B-type Roundels (just red & blue) look good, but the C-type (with white and yellow rings) appear ill-proportioned and the red - at least in the photo - doesn't appear to be centered correctly. Apologies if I offended Arjen.
  12. DD_Fenrir

    Lancaster MkI 1/72 Revell

    I'd ditch the roundel set from that decal sheet that came with the set FT; looks 'orrible!
  13. DD_Fenrir

    Version 2.5 Graphics Question

    Are you chaps running with "deferred shading" on or off?
  14. This is where Painless asks for photos...
  15. DD_Fenrir

    Version 2.5 Graphics Question

    Hey Gypsy. Can you post a screenshot so we can better see what your looking at? I have my suspicions but don't want to send you on a wild goose chase changing settings etc if I'm wrong.