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  1. Well, that's a bit shi....

    Need I say more? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-42561169 Sufficed to say I just ordered my new PC... with an Intel chipset. Fuuuuuuuu......dge.
  2. Awesome 2.5 Update Vids

    LoL, you're not alone there Mel!
  3. Awesome 2.5 Update Vids

    Happy New Year all! Wanna see more of the upcoming re-engineered Caucasus map? What about the F/A-18? Well, volia! and:
  4. Sold! I'm in arjen. Mainly seems to be breather fighter action there but happy to wing up and take the fight to the wily Hun!
  5. DCS last hurrah 2017

    Hi chaps! Am planning a day of DCS for Friday the 29th December, all day event. Turn up at your leisure and any agenda you have we'll look at. Look forward to seeing some of you online. Till then, a very Merry Christmas to you!
  6. Some have traced blame for launch failure to their Anti-Virus software Snack... might be worth investigating that route.
  7. Wow wow wow!

    2 weeks... The last comment by Wags 10 days ago was " coming weeks" - which has been interpreted about every which way possible. I was hoping pre-christmas but my pragmatic side thinks perhaps early next year.
  8. Wow wow wow!

    New rendition of the default caucasus map coming free to all with the imminent merge to 2.5:
  9. We need to talk...

    It's like you read my mind Mick. My tinfoil hat must be slipping!
  10. We need to talk...

    +1,000,000,000 We needed to take a purview on the future for the Dangerdogz and a discussion of what the combat flightsim genre is looking like and where it is headed is irrevocably tied into that vision. No-one, least of all I, was talking about binning 1946 anytime soon but we needed to acknowledge it's successor(s) and where we would likely end up looking in the future. From all the discussion here the trend looks towards Il-2:BoX, though I wouldn't write CloD off yet, especilaly with v5.0 on the horizon. There is justifiable and entirely practicable argument for allocating future facilities for both. The issues with BoX will come in who owns what map. CloD v5 looks like it will be a straight expansion of the existing game.
  11. We need to talk...

    Just for info, there is no dedicated DCS hosting on the DDz server or any particular evening dedicated to DCS - any hosting is done ad hoc by DCS owners generally after a primary event (Il-2/CloD), or on pre-arranged events, generally on unallocated nights. I would agree with the general sentiment that DCS - as much as I love it - is not for everyone and that a more accessible sim in the vein of CloD or BoX would be more appropriate for the Dogz. Regards attracting BoX or CloD players - the fact is we have never really made a recruitment drive in either area. There will still be a wide array of new and even existing players unaffiliated who could be persuaded to join us. The group was running for many years under Il-2:1946 and it's predecessors and the DangerDogz more relaxed approach to flight simming was fairly unique; no training regimens, no attendance related membership, etc. These casual flyer attractions brought a regular influx of new members even when the game was 10-12 years old. I feel that the same would be true nowadays.
  12. We need to talk...

    One aspect not yet addressed is the sea change in the way we purchase sims: the days where we got 100 airplanes with 10 or so flyables for £35/$50 are gone; the fidelity of 3D modelling alone demanded by the community these days - let alone the FM and DM demands - requires a quantum increase in level of skills and time invested when compared to a similar output for something along il-2 lines. Ergo, we will get less airframes per buck so to speak. This means that the modern trend is to break down game content into individually purchased modules. Whilst this is great in that people only purchase what they want it can cause issues. For example, an aircraft set written into a custom hosted coop mission might contain only flyable airframes that are further purchase modules; a member that has not purchased that or those modules is by default excluded from that event. An extreme case I grant you but when applied to maps - as the trend these days is to make additional map content payware - the issue becomes more of an issue. DCS suffers particularly in this latter regard; I suspect BoX too. CloD doesn't yet but with v5.0 on the horizon it could well enter this category. The way we deal with issues of this nature will require consideration. The infrequent paid upgrades to Il-2 presented similar issues back in the day but with a greater number arriving in shorter intervals the issues could be more profound. The last thing any of us would want to do would be to exclude, alienate or offend our squad mates by using or creating content that they cannot access on a given flight night; but at the same time having to limit the content available for use on the grounds of lowest common denominator is also creating potential for discord. Again care and thought should be given to these aspects of modern flight simming in the multiplayer squad arena.
  13. We need to talk...

    ... about the future. The future of flight simming in general and the Dogz place within the idiom and the community. Now let's be clear, I have not started this discussion with the aim of having reached some definitive agenda or decree about how the Dogz will move forward from hereon in. Think of this as a brainstorming effort. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts, conjectures, opinions and even crystal ball consultations on the genre flight sim and what we think the Dogz will look like in the future. The first point of discussion will be the state of the sims we currently fly (if I miss any candidates please let me know). So in that vein let's look at our primary - Il-2 1946: Il-2 is a grand old lady, with a breadth of content unrivalled by any subsequent simulator offering. And it does not skimp on depth - it strikes a fantastic balance between simming enough realism to be satisfying without becoming inaccessible or tedious. In short, it's fun. With mod support we have unparalleled access to theatres and even eras. However there are issues technically and community wise that I suspect will come to make 1946 less and less viable as our primary sim in the future. It could be argued that perhaps some of these issues already are snapping at our collective heels. 1) 32-bit Program Support - we have to acknowledge the possibility that at some point in the future, windows support for 32-bit programs will disappear - this means no more Il-2:1946! There are of course ways around these things but this is an important aspect that must be recognised. 2) Player Base - the Il-2 community is dwindling. As people dedicate more time to more modern offerings or move squads wholesale to the next big thing the community around Il-2 contracts. Those still persevering end up in ever smaller and less relevant squads or go offline only. Newer entrants to the genre will generally want the newest, best looking and higher fidelity sims, and whilst some could be brought round to the delights of 1946, they will be a minority. We could perhaps pick up some these and also target the veteran disaffected types whose squads moved on to newer things against their opinion, both of which could boost our attendance in the near term but these cannot but delay the inevitable - that being that Il-2:1946 will eventually become a anachronism of the flight sim genre. If the Dogz stay with it then it is likely our fate will be similar. Pause cos babies making noise. To be continued...
  14. The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    I know we have a video of this display already a few posts back but I found another with slightly steadier camera work and a bit less wind noise and thought you chaps might like to see it...