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  1. Reflected (imho the best DCS Mustang skinner out there) has updated all of his P-51 skins to make the most of new shaders and rendering technology available and they look better than ever! Go find them here chaps: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/index.php?PAGEN_1=3&set_filter=Filter&arrFilter_pf[filetype]=6&arrFilter_pf[gameversion]=&arrFilter_pf[filelang]=&arrFilter_pf[aircraft]=85&arrFilter_DATE_CREATE_1_DAYS_TO_BACK=&CREATED_BY=reflected&sort_by_order=TIMESTAMP_X_DESC
  2. OpenBeta users rejoice! Lots to chew on here gents: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/changelog/ for the TL;DR crowd, F/A-18 gunsight now improved, F-16C finally gets proper gun-pipper, lots of small improvements to F-14, M2000, Harrier, Viggen, C-101and the JF-17. A biggy is an improvement to night lighting overall, with many fixes for both the Normandy and Persian Gulf maps an added bonus. Could be a biggy, so those on limited connections: be warned!
  3. Use the AoA indexer (the three light cluster on the left wind shield frame with the amber ring between a green or red chevron) to tell you if you are "on speed". If you have the amber ring this gives you your appropriate AoA of 8 degrees. Green chevrons is too slow, red too fast. The issue here is, that while you require 8 degrees AoA, the glideslope is 3.5; ergo you need to ensure that your nose is pointed 4.5 degrees above the horizon on your approach. It sounds to me, Arthur, that while your AoA is ok your nose is too low ref the horizon - you'll need to set the nose higher to give you the correct glideslope. Bear in mind to the knock on effect to your engine power - because you're essentially falling less quickly you'll require a touch more power to hold "on speed" at this new attitude.
  4. I ignore the HUD - typically I leave it in Cruise or Air-to-Air mode - and use meatball, centreline and AoA indexer only.
  5. So you've been practising and lately your finding that you can land your shiny little DCS Hornet (or not so little Tomcat) on the good ol' Stennis 9 out of ten attempts , not always pretty but generally safe - you must be getting pretty good eh? Might even have had a shot at passing real life US Navy carrier quals, hmmm? If you have jumped on the DCS: Supercarrier bandwagon and pre-purchased this exciting looking addition to DCS: World, then be prepared to re-programme your technique for getting aboard 'the boat' and to have your carrier landing skills tested even further. "Why?!?!" I hear you cry in disbelief, " it's a carrier, the same sub-class of USS Nimitz as we have just with shiny new textures, toys and deck crew!" True. It's also got a brand new feature to DCS carrier ops. It's called the burble. Sounds cute enough. I can almost hear you thinking: "Something with that innocuous a name surely couldn't cause me that much grief?" Well... What is the burble? To paraphrase the AOPA webpage: And the Fighter Pilot Podcast website: Still, no biggie right? Again I can hear your thoughts: "Bit of rough air in the final stages of approach - can't be that bad?" Well if your definition of 'not that bad' is first a patch of rapidly rising air that will cause you to balloon out of glideslope (and over every last wire!) unless you chop throttle - to idle - followed immediately by the exact opposite, a patch of descending air that will try and throw you into the ramp well short of the wires and can require a solid burst of full military power to control the sudden descent rate (remembering your engines were spooling down to idle because of the updraft you received a second earlier) then my friend you are an uncustomarily unflappable customer, cool as a cucumber in ray-bans and a darn sight more imperturbable than I. Be prepared gents....
  6. Gentlemen, this will be a modern jet focused campaign. We will fly as part of the Western Allies/NATO forces against AI controlled aggressors. Planning a schedule of one Monday a month (so approx. every 4 weeks) to allow me to build and tailor each mission and give people time to prep for each. I have flexibility to allow for whatever aircraft you want to fly for a given mission, or if you want to fly a certain type throughout the campaign then that should be doable too. The first mission will require a mix of CAP, CAS and some CSAR - 2 or 3 Huey/Hip drivers needed! Please sign up below and state what aircraft type(s) you would like to fly during the campaign.
  7. Welcome the Caucasus, specifically, Georgia. Why are we here? Good question. 8 months ago a mining operation in the South central region, not far from the Armenian border near a town called Patara Darbazi discovered very large deposits of highly valuable metals; Rhodium, Platinum, Ruthenium, Rhenium, Iridium and some Gold have been discovered in quantities that indicate that this source has the potential to rival some of the world’s largest producers. These metals are VERY highly prized, essential to the production of electronics and avionics and the discovery has already boosted Georgia’s economic status. If the projected quantities are realised, then Georgia potentially becomes a major player in the supply of precious metals to the world electronics industry and a primary economic power in the Black Sea region. Sufficed to say, this has caught the attention of a certain neighbouring former superpower. Russia will be eyeing this situation with a combination of covetousness, resentment and concern. Since the Russo-Georgian war of 2008, relations between the two countries can be described - at best - as strained, with Russia’s official recognition (and tacit support) of the two Georgian secessive states of Abkhazia (to the West) and South Ossetia (North central region) not assisting matters. After the war Georgia received limited assistance from NATO and the U.S., primarily focussed around keeping some form of peace in the region. Georgia’s economy has not previously allowed it the ability to build up the military forces it would like, to both subdue the separatists and feel confident of repelling any Russian military involvement that action against the separatist states would inevitably attract. However, that equation just changed. With its new-found mineral wealth and the concurrent ability to now purchase significant levels of modern Military Equipment, Georgia could unwittingly (or otherwise) escalate the situation in-region, by either initiating conflicts with the secession states or by presenting such a perceived threat to Russia that it pre-emptively takes military action. Adding potential fuel to this rather inflammable cocktail is Russia’s recent behaviour in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. The former Warsaw Pact states are understandably wary of their former Puppetmaster at this time, and Georgia – only too aware of its recent history with Russia - more than most. In an effort to promote peace and stability in the region, the US and some of its NATO partners are actively offering assistance to the Georgian government (for some recompense, naturally) and this includes advisory, training, logistics and the supply (for purchase, naturally) of military hardware. The geopolitically savvy of you may also recognise the ulterior motives of this move. Firstly, through US and NATO influence we could potentially limit any Georgian military action on the secessive states and secondly send a message to Russia that further territorial intimidations or annexations are not viewed favourably by the Western alliances and, with forces in theatre, dissuade them from such actions. Whether this action is actually a cynical exercise by the Western alliance to exploit economic benefits from the relationship with Georgia and its new-found mineral wealth and, by doing so, inject even more Western interference into an area historically regarded by Russia as being part its sphere of influence – and thus perhaps adding yet more fuel to the volatile situation - depends on how pessimistic you are...
  8. Coming Soon: The Caucasus Marionette Campaign
  9. Hi chaps! 443 Campaign is still on hold as Wiggy rebuilds the template in the latest game version in an effort to side step some of the issues with Flak and AI a/c not engaging. So once again the 443 flyers will be descending en masses on the Storm of War server. Non-443 chaps are more than welcome to come join us, we will be using SRS if you have it but I'll try to be available in TS also.
  10. Hi chaps. We had planned an F/A-18 Air to Air Radar session this eve - it is still on but I am first obliged to partake in a 443 OTU instructor session for an hour or so. F/A-18 fun will begin at 2100GMT or thereabouts. Those taking part in the Hornet radar session will need to have the following controls bound, or at least know where to find them on the keyboard: Radar Antenna Elevation UP (or Radar Antenna Elevation AXIS) Radar Antenna Elevation DOWN (or Radar Antenna Elevation AXIS) Throttle Designator Controller UP Throttle Designator Controller DOWN Throttle Designator Controller LEFT Throttle Designator Controller RIGHT Throttle Designator Controller DEPRESS Sensor Select Switch UP Sensor Select Switch DOWN Sensor Select Switch LEFT Sensor Select Switch RIGHT Nose Wheel Steering/Undesignate Button Weapons Select: AMRAAM Weapons Select: Sparrow Weapons Select: Sidewinder Weapons Select: Guns
  11. Can you get the artificial horizon back? No. With your last remaining engine gone so went the generator supplying electrical power to keep the instruments gyros energised. In this case you should have gone to limited panel; use your Airspeed Indicator, Vertical Speed Indicator, Compass and Turn and Slip indicators, scanning each for a second in swift and regular pattern to try and inform you what the a/c is doing. It's called flying limited panel and is very hard. It will take practise.
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