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  1. Lol! Some sminky looking stuff there. That P-38 quadrant... *dribble*
  2. MiG-29 is a good choice. Pros - 3 versions in one purchase: the A, the S and the G. Manoueverable, powerful, fun! Looks great in cockpit and out. Former FC3 aircraft so systems simplified a bit thus making it easier to get into. Cons - Former FC3 aircraft so no clickable cockpit. Range is a bit of an issue as those Turmansky jets guzzle fuel! Landings can be tricky unless you follow the book exactly by the numbers.
  3. What's your fancy Llama? Propellorhead or jet jockey?
  4. That map edge issue was a brand new one for me Dave - never actually experienced it! It was damn bad luck that meant you caught the worst of it's effect. I have highlighted the issue to Pat Wilson, whether or not he can make any necessary changes, I can't say. For sure they won't come very soon if they do, in the interim I will have to scrutinise the mission map prior to committing to ensure a target area is not going to cause similar issues. Regards the timing, I'm happy to push to an earlier time from my standpoint, however, it becomes more of an inter-personnel issue as to whether it's more convenient for some rather than others; I'm trying to get a balance where we don't end too late for some, or start too early for others. There's some wiggle room but it is tight, not helped by me needing to know exactly who's in prior to generating the mission. Furthermore, additional admin factors, like checking the maps for targets too close too map edge will eat into start times some. I can push for perhaps a 2115 start if that helps?
  5. Gents I am sorry to report that PWCG generated an error report during the After Action Report process subsequent to tonight's mission; for why I cannot tell you, however I have bundled another error report over to Pat Wilson to see what went wrong and whether there's anything that we did that PWCG didn't like or an issue with PWCG itself. Will keep you posted. In the interim we will still be attempting the next mission on Tuesday 9th June, though it will ultimately be a recomencement of the first mission - regenerated to avoid the issues encountered in this evenings foray.
  6. Yeah.... Popped on last night and lo and behold, no issue spawning or landing on t' super carrier with Tomcat. The mind boggles...
  7. Negative Llama; that translucent property is an embedded alpha layer - painting a logo directly on top is not an option alas. Template is definitely a requirement as is an understanding of how the alpha embedding works else you end up with some very 'flat' skins.
  8. In that case Arthur you'd have been on the old Stennis - which I have left in for those without the Super carrier module. Tomcats in the 200 range and hornets in the 300 range are on the new carrier.
  9. Wierd! I logged on round 3pm BST and selecting Tomcat 200 which is specifically intended to hot spawn on the super carrier and it threw me in air start. Flew a mission, killed some stuff, came back to the super carrier and it refused me permission to land! Confused!?!?
  10. DCS Dogz, please note that the server is now running 2.5.6 Stable and I have requested it to remain on Stable for the foreseeable to keep it available for those Dogz members who do not partake in the OpenBeta. I ran a test on it this afternoon and whilst the Supercarrier appears, even for those of us who own the module, we are unable to spawn, takeoff or trap on it, I assume because the Server does not 'own' the module. I will converse with FT at the next available opportunity to see if and how we can get around this issue.
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