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  1. Fen wants to know who 'Tim' is, how he's controlled by a potentiometer and what nefariousness Crash is up to!

    1. Crash


      HA HA HA, note to self LEARN TO CHECK WHAT YOU WRITE ;)

  2. 7 hours in traffic today. And if anybody tells me it's the weather I'll hit 'em. It's not snow that's the issue - it's the retards who take their vehicles out in it!

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    2. Jediteo


      "Two things are infinte, the universe and human stupidity; and I am not so sure about the universe" AE, some people really ought to stay home on snowdays. Driving in snow really needs to be taught. My sympathies Fenrir, its is never to late for a killing spree.

    3. Kimosabi


      If all the n00b drivers stayed at home, I'd have way more space to go sideways. They always get in the way of my drifts! Bastards! :D

    4. rox


      yeah last weekend it took me 2 and a half hours to get home on a journey that lasts only 50 minutes. best part was a guy who slipped way off the road 5 meters away into a field, and was pushing the gas constantly, wanting to get back on the road apparently, and probably being utterly puzzled as to why his wheels were rotating on the spot and not pushing the car out of snow which was high enough to hide half his wheel span in the first place. lol

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