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  1. We all like the Chuck's Guides that have been available for most of the DCS modules as a nicely condensed version of "what you need to know" in a relatively quick reference format, unfortunately a Chucks Guide wasn't forthcoming for the Tomcat; for a very good reason it turns out. As a US employee working for a contractor with links to the DoD he could not be seen to be generating materials that could be beneficial to countries that the US of A holds in some disregards - in this case there was some concern that an F-14 Chucks Guide could be used by the Iranians as training material for their actual F-14 pilots! I shit you not. However, given the recent hoo-ha regarding manuals, a Russian and sensitive materials it might not seem so far fetched but in any case, Chuck decided not to risk his career or his liberty and declined to produce a Guide for the Cat in the off chance someone decided he was a persona non-grata. Fortunately another gregarious soul has stepped into the breach. MD-44 of Air Group 51 decided to give it a bash - and not a bad job he's done either! Available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XIeS6AVfHLxk7ePSpUxqmfeQNGlUUwU1/view
  2. The DCS: Fw 190A-8 is available for pre-purchase! https://www.digitalcombatsimu...om/en/products/planes/anton/
  3. Happy Birthday Fen !!  :) 

  4. Another BIG update today chaps. Lots of fixes for everyone, plus the I-16 is available! Will add to mission ASAP:
  5. Fen's booked Holiday Inn for Friday night only, attending the practise day Friday and Legends proper on Saturday and RTB that eve. Papa-Fen will be my wingman. 😀
  6. Not at all Arjen. First we need to fix the schedule, work out what the most popular night is and what the most popular sim is. It makes sense to put that sim on that night, then work down the pecking order. That way when we go to the wider community to recruit we can say authoritatively "we play X on this night, Y on this night and Z on that night" and they can decide if it's something they want to get involved in. As for dropping 46 or CloD from our flying schedule? There is still room in the week for both the older sims - there are 7 days after all chaps, and only 4 sims - and there are people here, some of whom have no interest in DCS - understandably - and some whom have not yet been converted to the delights of GBS or are not keen of - potentially - spending a lot of $$$ to be able to play it. Some of these members are solid (if not crucial) supporters of the squad so by default they deserve to have the option of voting to keep their favourite supported. Either that or we risk alienating - or even elbowing out of the squad - old friends.
  7. We need to start moving on making a decision on when we fly what. This being the DangerDogz, I believe it should be a democratic process. To do so, I propose a series of votes/scoring templates to in order to establish : a) what prioritization to assign the various sims we have available. b) what days people prefer to fly. If you could please put the four sims in order of your personal preference, with 1. being most favoured. Then do the same and for the days you would most like to fly on. Here are mine as both submittal and example: 1. DCS 2. GBS (BoX) 3. CloD 4. Il-2:1946 1. Thursday 2. Sunday 3. Monday 4. Tuesday 5. Wednesday 6. Friday 7. Saturday I will collate the results in spreadsheet which I will make available to all members on request and we can make decisions thereon.
  8. Re: CloD. It's got a bit stagnant lately, low numbers, and a bit of a "same old, same old" aura creeping in; however, it is still: 1) a flight sim 2) a good number of us own it 3) we have a strong presence in the CloD Community because of it (therefore could be a door to recruitment, which we need to work on) 4) there is an expansion out soon to bring a new terrain and many new a/c. Plus, and from a personal standpoint, just because I don't fly it weekly does not necessarily mean I don't wish to fly it all! The server can be fun, particularly if you team to achieve an objective rather than just operate a collection of lone wolves. For these reasons, keeping a toe in the water with CloD could be prudent. It seems to me that GBS and DCS have the most numbers attending. These then I suggest should move to the Sunday (GBS), Tuesday (GBS), Thursday (DCS) slots. Perhaps have CloD Wednesday, and Il-2:1946 Monday or vice versa. There's still Friday/Saturday also. Are we leaving these unassigned?
  9. Good call Mick. If the current allocation of particular sims to specific evenings is causing you to miss out regularly then perhaps a re-organisation is in order. I myself can only really fly two evenings a week; as the squad DCS flagwaver, I've been concentrating on providing support for DCS users on these nights and joining other sim nights when I can.
  10. The Big boy tripling heading with UPs other vintage steamer the #844 Northern & a diesel - impressive stuff!
  11. No joke - the Ishak/Rata is now in DCS! I knew this was in progress but it apparently launched today into the Open Beta. 😀 The fanfare has been somewhat subdued..lol! https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=240529&highlight=I-16
  12. Dave, forgot to add the "nose wheel kneel" to the Take-off section - only valid for the carrier, naturally, but still as you've elaborated, your VR adds complications for keyboard/clickable-pit usage!
  13. Start-up: I just use the clickable cockpit buttons as mapping these would be a waste of something more usefully at your fingertips in combat or wanted in a hurry, i.e. during landing or refuelling (and there's a great deal of those...!) Taxying: having the "Nosewheel Steering" button handy seems a good idea, particularly for airbase ops with their concurrent takeoff/landing rolls but on the boat I find using the default keyboard bind fine as it's generally on and I leave it there. Takeoff: "Wing Sweep Auto", "Full Flaps", "Master Reset Button [for the CADC]" would be my go to choices here. You might able to bind the "Manual Sweep Override Lever" but I find it fine - and satisfying - to use the clickable cockpit. Having all your Trims to your HOTAS mapped is a must, as in all flight regimes you'll be tickling them regularly, particularly pitch. "Launch catapult" is a potential but as you'll only ever need it in that specific situation on one or two occasions in a given mission, why not leave it on the keyboard? most of us have moved it to the Spacebar however, as with a joystick, the default binding for that button to "Trigger" makes it moot and it's a darn sight easier to access than the "LShift+U" combination that the launch command is on by default. "Retract Gear" for once airbourne also recommended, but again, if buttons at a premium, you should only need that on two occasions during an entire mission, so... Landing: The usual run of commands to get your a/c in dirty config for landing, ("Gear Down", Flaps Down", etc). "Hook", sure, but again, it's nicely accessible clickably in 'pit, and you should be getting it down well before you commence the pattern so it shouldn't be coming at a moment of task saturation (unless you forgot it!) and you'll only use it once, so is it worth a HOTAS button? Your call. What I will say is "Speedbrake In/Out" is essential on your HOTAS, and if you have the buttons, "Activate DLC" and the associated "DLC Thumbwheel Up/Down" would also stand you in very good stead. Weapon systems.. now there's a can o' worms. I'll elaborate more on those later....
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