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  1. Can we all do next Monday?
  2. @wingflyr @Zukker @DD_Sheriff Howdy pards, in conversation with Zukker last night seems he’s got an few evenings next week where there’s an opportunity to continue your dive into all things F-14; let me know if there’s a specific day you can all make and I will endeavour to clear my schedule. My understanding is you want to get the skinny on Phoenixes and shooting stuff down that is far away, that right?
  3. Update to V2.1.0: https://github.com/heclak/community-a4e-c/releases/tag/v2.1
  4. Lotta fixes and tweaks lads:
  5. Great, thanks for confirming Wingy, look forward to seeing you chaps then.
  6. @wingflyr Hey Den, we still on for Wednesday this week?
  7. 12/02/45 Maj. Ken Shear Air: Nil. Ground: 2x AAA 1x Artilery 1x Locomotive 1x Railroad cars
  8. Notre-Dame de Paris Hotel des Invalides Palais du Luxembourg Pont Alexandre III Gare-Saint-Lazare Paris Gare du Nord There are plans to add 5 more airfields (Orly, Deadland, Friston, Poix, Triqueville) and they will be in early access. They will add these 5 and continue this work so that the total number of airfields will be more than on the Syria map. Orly (original airfield) Friston (regular airfield)
  9. Hotfix patch to fix some of the bugs introduced with 2.8:
  10. Ok, I have a busy week next week and it may require working late. I don’t want to set a date then have to rain check so we’ll avoid that, but if you guys are good to do an afternoon your time (Canadian) thereafter I can do any from Sat 12th onwards. Let me know.
  11. When do your clocks go back Wingy?
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