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  1. 370th FG Awards and Promotions: None. Personnel: A new pilot has been posted to the 485th Fighter Squadron - we await confirmation of his identity. Rosters: 410th BG Awards and Promotions: None. Personnel: No changes. Roster:
  2. Mission Date 22/11/44 402nd FS - Attack Transportation Targets, Rotterdam 485th FS - Attack Rail Targets, Den Haag 410th BG - Attack Transportation Targets, Gouda Debrief: 370th FG 402nd: Despite fierce AAA resistance the 402nd pressed home a determined attack and whilst only a handful of enemy vehicles were found (and destroyed) they wrought terrible carnage upon the enemy's flak arm, escaping with only moderate damage to one airframe and minor damage to a second, and all 8 aircraft returned successfully to base. All told the 402nd claimed 38 gro
  3. Thanks FT you're a bloomin gem!
  4. Thanks FT 2 Q's: 1. Do you need a Livery folder to still exist (albeit empty) in the DCS 2. Where does the .cmd file need to go?
  5. Just found out that it is possible to move your "Saved Games" folder to another disk and Windows will retain the connection to DCS core files, so if like me you were running out of disk space on you OS drive, but have plenty of space elsewhere, then rejoice!
  6. That then would be a worthy candidate for a Bug Report on the ED forums!
  7. Syria was only recently added as a country option; it could be that the skin was created before the Syria as a country option was made available. You can edit the Description.lua in notepad though Rox; you could add the Syria code to the allowed country portion, but you'll have to find out exactly what that code is...
  8. Announcement: For reasons best known to itself, PWCG has awarded us NONE of the aircraft that the 402nd strafed on the airfield East of Cologne this past mission. The AAA guns, yes, the static planes, no, despite these being logged as valid targets in previous missions. I was credited with 5 in the in game score table - as witnessed by Painless - and I know BluBear got 2, Fruitbat 2 and Wingflyr 1. We have a .trk file to prove this, currently in the hands of BluBear should anyone wish to see it. Whilst they will not appear within the PWCG Squadron Logs I will be accounting for t
  9. Impressive medical work considering the initial prognosis required 69 days recovery...!
  10. Hi Sid, Poetic license on my part to try and explain why PWCG had deemed you KIA; I was as surprised as you to be honest. I suspect that perhaps there's a dice roll when coming down behind enemy lines as to whether you're captured, manage to evade back to friendly lines or are killed, and in this case you got unlucky. Given you were so close to friendly territory it seemed the best excuse to your demise was the shot whilst evading story...
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