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  1. That's odd. Will check it out and get back to you....
  2. 24/02/45 Maj. Ken Shear Mission: Artillery Strike Result: The squadron proceeded to target area. As we approached the frontline but still someways from it, Red 1 sighted a bandit crossing his nose, slightly below, going North to South. ID'd as a 109. Squadron engaged with Red trying to draw bandits attention whilst White flight took him down. After much swirling Red 3 managed to damage the e/a when White 1 managed to saddle up and dispatched the bandit with a well aimed burst to the cockpit. Squadron regrouped and continued to target area where as the target was sighted, though partially obscured by cloud. As Red 1 commenced a diving turn to Port to try and setup an attack run unencumbered by the cloud cover, Red 2 spotted a pair of bogeys to the East. Red flight set up their attack run as White flight attempted to move to intercept and ID the bogeys, which turned out to be 109s. The e/a avoided the intercept and bore in on Red flight. Red flight made a succuessful attack run, destroying many field guns and AAA. However, Red 1 was attacked by e/a coming off target, he was wounded and set on fire, managing to just cross the river and over friendly lines before bailing out. White 2 was damaged by flak but both the e/a were dispatched by Red 3 and White 1 respectively. The remainder of the squadron flew North to a secondary Fortification target where 2 further aircraft were observed covering the taget area. These turned out to be Me 262, White 1 flaming one in a fantastic high angle deflection shot, and the other being heavily damaged by White 2 and last seen leaving the area at high speed venting fluids. Unfortunately Red 3 was hit by intense light flak during his attack run, and he too was only able to nurse his bird back to friendly lines before he was obliged to bail out. Red 4 was lost trying to neutralise the AAA guns, his aircaft seen to explode almost on top of a light flak gun site he had been attacking. White 2, having suffered damage force landed at a friendly airfield, and White 1 and Red 2 retuned to base, Red 2 also having recieved some light damage to his aircraft. 3 friendly aircraft destroyed (2 pilots recovered safely by parachute, 1 KIA), 1 friendly aircraft force landed damaged near Cologne, 1 further friendly aircrafy landed at base damaged. Personal tally: Air: - Ground: 1 x Howitzer 1x Truck
  3. For Friday night hows about: Booking.com : Hotels in Hungerford . Book your hotel now! 40 minutes from the airfield Edit: twin bed rooms are more, £140
  4. All tickets booked! No we just need somewhere to sleep...
  5. Yes Col, IIRC it needs to be called ‘SpitfireLFMkIX’ Whilst you are there also create a second called ‘SpitfireLFMkIXCW’ and copy them in there also.
  6. Hey chaps! My composite Spitfire Skins have been updated to version 4: These now feature better (darker) camoflage and roundel colours (both were still too light/bright before) plus I have removed fuel filler caps from ammo bay doors on the wings as these are only seen on some modern restorations were auxillary fuel tanks occupy the defunct ammo bays; naturally WW2 era aircraft did not have these!
  7. 23/02/45 Maj. Ken Shear Mission: Intercept Result: The squadron proceeded to patrol area. As we approached White 1 called out a bogey approaching and called White 2 to break. Bogey attacked and was I/D'd as an Me 109. White 2 managed to reverse positions and swiftly dispatched the bandit. Squadron continued patrol and a few minures later Red 2 spotted a gaggle of ~10 Me 109s North of the target. Squadron bounced the e/a and enagaged. 8 e/a destroyed. Good cross cover and call outs. 1 friendly aircraft destroyed, 1 friendly aircraft force landed damaged near Euskichen. Personal tally: Air: 3.5x Bf 109G (1 shared with Red 2) Ground: -
  8. Hi Col, sorry I couldn't get to a machine to check and answer this sooner. If the ststic pilot is definable as a group, then the action you need is 'Group Deactivate'. If not, that's something we can look into. Should be doable.
  9. A small hotfix patch for DCS OpenBeta available peeps:
  10. 22/02/45 Maj. Ken Shear Mission: Attack Dusseldorf Rail Yards. Result: Heavy damage. The successfully squadron dive bombed the target, three large buildings destroyed/heavily damaged and several rail cars destroyed. Red 1 engaged AAA guns immediate SW of target destroying both. Proceeded South down the Rhine looking for targets of opportunity. Much heavy flak South of Cologne. Red 1 slightly damaged. South of Bonn the squadron spotted and engaged a 5+ Me 109s heading west below and ahead. Squadron bounced the e/a and shot down 7 in total. Good cross cover and call outs. 1 friendly aircraft force landed damaged near Euskichen. Personal tally: Air: 3x Bf 109G Ground: 2x Light Flak
  11. Another resource for you fellas:
  12. 19/02/45 Maj. Ken Shear Mission: Attack Enemy Artillery position. Result: Artillery position wiped out. The squadron spotted and engaged a pair of s/e e/a just as we crossed the lines; however on setting up to bounce this formation a second group of 3x E/A were spotted closing on White Flight. White Flight ordered to continue pressing the attack on the first formation and Red flight instructed to reverse heading and attack the new formation. Red Leader was jumped by a 6th unseen a/c and took damage to his empennage but a/c was still controllable and fightable. Red Leader ordered all bombs jettissoned and a general melee ensued. All s/e e/a were eventually destroyed, with note being made of the heroic actions of White 1, Lt Barry Cuda; he destroyed 2 e/a before tragically colliding with a 3rd. Red 3 & 4 pursued a bandit to the SE and downed it, but on attempting to rejoin were engaged by a single twin-engined type identified as an ME-410. This was swiftly dispatched, however not before damaging Red 3s port motor and forcing him to abort the mission with Red 4 covering. Reds 1 & 2 and White 2 pressed on to target and strafed successfully. White 2 was hit by machine gun fire whilst attacking and was leaking coolant form the port radiator; despite this he pressed home the attack on 3 more occasions. With target destoyed and two of the 3 aircraft damaged the remainder of the formation set out for home. Red 4's adventures continued when he engaged a group of e/a alone over the airfields NW of Volkel, damaging an Ar 234 before suffering heavy damage at the hands of their escort. He however force landed safely on a single engine at Volkel - though his one good engine expired as he crossed the threshold! 2 friendly aircraft force landed damaged Volkel, 2 friendly aircraft force landed damaged Venlo, 1 friendly aircraft landed undamaged Venlo ; 1 friendly aircraft destroyed. Personal tally: Air: 1x Bf 109G Ground: 1x Heavy Flak 5x Artillery 1x Truck
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