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  1. Painless's persona has 15 characters; Jabo's has 18. I'm wondering if there's a 16 character limit? That's a very computer value... I think I might be able to manually dig out the file which constitutes the user database and manually edit Nick's name; make him Bertie or Bert rather than Bertrand, see if that works.
  2. Sorry you missed it Nick. I'll try to remember to put a reminder out the day before to avoid people missing out.
  3. Congrats to Arjen on his first Gong! Despite encountering heavy enemy fighter opposition prior to RV with the RAF Mitchells he and his squadron were assigned to escort, Lt Efftee led and organised his squadron with great decisiveness and they downed many e/a before racing to catch the heavies under their charge, escorting them to a successful drop on their target. 2nd Lt. Casey Baker miraculously survived a head on collision with a Fw 190A-8. Knocked completely unconscious and trapped in the falling wreckage Baker had a million-to-one shot when remains of his aircraft hit the steep slope of a tall river bank and slid into a muddy, silty bog at the bottom. He was rescued by friendly ground troops and taken to a nearby aid station. Apart from a light concussion he suffered no further injury! Some one get that guy a lottery ticket! 2nd Lt. Zook aborted due to technical issues with his a/c but not before claiming a Bf-110. 2nd Lt. Funflaque again aborted due to technical issues with his a/c but made it safely home. Congrats to 485th for their victories. After further discussion with 9th AF HQ, Group have decided that if whilst on air patrol near the frontlines, should a squadron see little or no enemy air activity after 20-30 minutes on station squadrons are free to expand their search area and also search out and attack enemy ground targets - but only if identification of targets as enemy is absolutely unequivocal. It will be left to the squadron commanders discretion, with the forces he has available and availability of suitable targets as to how this is carried out, but group recommend leaving at least one flight high as cover in case our Luftwaffe friends decide to show up late. Next mission on the board is October 12th 1944. (To be hosted Tuesday 18th August.)
  4. Not officially, but I think some here may have mentioned Post Scriptum... I've been looking with interest at Hell Let Loose; as an old player of Day of Defeat it certainly looks incredible and would certainly scratch an itch for WW2 FPS I occasionally suffer with but as I barely have the time to keep my DCS and GBS commitments as it is, my head says "No"!
  5. Unlikely Colin. We had both Perf and Funflak hard crash out of Il-2 last week and we were able to progress, can't see your early departure causing an issue.
  6. The reports are with Pat and he's looking into it, but yes, again, After Action Report process failed. So last night never happened, and you were never here....
  7. Howdy all. I have updated the Groups tally sheet - it now looks like this: Rosters for the 402nd and 485th now look like this:
  8. Ok chaps, the AAR for the 8th October mission flown this evening was accepted by PWCG and we have progressed. Alas, for the 402nd, this means that both Lt. Chris Bloobair and 2nd Lt. Jasper Jacobsen are now PoWs, though Lt. Bloobair was able to claim a Bf 110 prior to the tragic collision that brought them both down. Lt. Per Fesser returned safely to base after suffering a critical malfunction with his airplane just prior to crossing the front-line. Likewise 2nd Lt. Funflaque of the 485th. Shame for the 485th that they had such a quiet mission, particularly when the 402nd seemed to have more than enough to keep them occupied. We will review the possibility of revising squadron orders to better synchronise the area of operations that this Groups units will operate over, thus trying to ensure that if one squadron is engaged on ground attack and the other on air cover that the air cover group is doing so over the ground attack squadron. The next day of operations is the 10th October 1944. (Mission Event will be Tuesday the 4th August. Chris, Dennis, I need your new persona IDs as soon as possible.) Scores as follows:
  9. With Fruitbat again away on TDY that means 402nd leadership duties will fall to FT, BluBear or Perf.
  10. You don't Todd; the updater should automatically search for the Beta files to copy across you cannot as far as I am aware pull any element over in a copy/paste operation
  11. Howdy gents! We have a new update to the Stable Release branch! Version High lights include the P-47, Channel Map and various lighting fixes, Supercarrier ops tweaks for the F-14 and a huge host of other fixes for both the core engine and individual modules; comprehensive to say the least! Details below:
  12. Fascinating insight chaps. Just a case of damn bad luck. It's amazing considering the sheer volume of sky that two entities, so relatively tiny in comparison to the vastness that surrounds them, can so catastrophically gravitate towards one another, particularly in light of the fact that that you were each chasing different bandits!
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