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  1. Announcing: Ramrod 564: The Amiens Prison Raid (aka Operation "Jericho") Proposed date: Sunday, 18th September 2022 Briefing Start Time: 1930BST 2030BST 1830GMT Mission Commence Time: 2030BST 2130CET 1930GMT Estimated Mission Time: 1hr 45min - 2 hours Requirements: Official Modules: DCS: Channel Map DCS: WW2 Asset Pack DCS: Mosquito or DCS: P-51D Third Party Software: Simple Radio Standalone (SRS) Realism Settings: Hud icons: Off Map icons: Own aircraft only This will be a PvE mission (enemy AI only) Slots Available: Mosquito FB.VI = 17 aircraft available - 1x pilot, 1 x navigator slot available in each Mosquito B.IV = 1 aircraft available - 1x pilot, 1 x navigator slot available Mustang IV = 18 aircraft available - 1x pilot slot available in each Mission Map: (recommend right click and 'open image in new tab') Please reply below to indicate your interest and availability, and which airframe and/or position you wish to fly. Thanks in advance! Fen.
  2. 02/02/45 New CO Maj. John Denymere Air: 1x Fw 190A-8 Destroyed Ground: 2x AAA, 1x AAA Barge, 1x Howitzer Good mission. Encountered 2x e/a enroute to primary target. Both shot down by Red Flight. Took out 2 objectives (moving train and AAA barges) and attacked targets of opportunity; wiped out AAA guns around Koblenz and decimated an enemy artillery battery. However lost 2x a/c to terrain collision (White 4 at the barges and White 1 at the artillery) and were bounced out of the low cloud by e/a; a Bf 109 crippled Red 2 as we regrouped after the barge attack (he managed to make a friendly airfield). The 109 shot back up into the cloud and was not seen again. Red 3 got caught on his own after attacking the artillery site by two 190s and despite his best efforts and Red 1 attempting to interfere, he eventually succumbed to their fire. Red 4 and White 2 exacted vengeance by downing his attackers.
  3. We decided he did Crash, since it was an unfortunate tech issue beyond your control that led to your crash.
  4. The Stable Release is now being brought up to parity with the recent slew of OpenBeta updates:
  5. Me too! Papa-Fen is coming also. Will book a room at Cherry Hinton too.
  6. 01/02/45 New CO Tim Fenymann KIA Air: 1x Bf 109K-4 Destroyed Ground: 1x Facility, 2x Truck Red Flight engaged a single 109 enroute to target and then made a successful dive bomb attack on the Stronghold. As we were climbing up to cover, a gaggle of some 10 enemy aircraft were seen moving to engage. Unfortunately, the squadron was overwhelmed and we lost 6 of out 7 aircraft including the new CO, however at least 4 of the e/a were also accounted for.
  7. Yay! Bomb fuses are here boys!!!!
  8. No Swep, alas, though I wish it were! Nice idea though; I see my garden wall "falling down" in the near future....
  9. Fen is in! Bringing the old man as well. I’ll aim to be there just after 11.
  10. 31/1/45 Franklin Onbach - KIA 1 x Fw 190D-9 The acting CO was involved with head-on collision with an e/a whilst the squadron fought a bitter dogfight with just west of Cologne.
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