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  1. 08/01/1945 2nd Lt Franklin Onbach Air Claims: 1x Bf 109 Destroyed Ground Claims: 4x Artillery, 10x AAA, 1x Truck, 1 x Wagon
  2. How does this coming Thursday the 27th suit everyone? 2030GMT bums on seats in cockpit.
  3. Meant to type C-123 but somehow typo'd...
  4. Thanks all for your responses. A taster of what is to come:
  5. Hi chaps/chapettes, I have completed the building of a WW2 mission for the Mosquito based upon the real life operation outlined here: https://www.docdroid.net/9wEZRXq/the-bombs-of-retribution-britainatwar201108-pdf It is an evening mission, taking about 2 hours from engines on to landing, involves some long range flying, and in the latter half some night ops! There’s room for pilots and navigators and even an option for some Mustang drivers if required. Tried to find a good balance between authenticity and playability so whilst not dirt simple, it’s not a varsity grade mission either. You’ll be able to see your aircraft icon on the map as well as your mission track and waypoints and our usual labels will be on to assist spotting. Night ops shouldn’t cause a heart attack either; I will provide instructions as to the necessary switches to operate to get the cockpit lit to a useful level and your landing strip has been provided with some Heath-Robinson illumination! Please let me know if you’re up for this so I can make necessary adjustments and we’ll try to arrange a date where no one will miss out. Fen ROSTER 140 Wing Command Flight 1. EG-X NS840 - Pilot: Fenrir, Navigator: (Bob?) 2. YH-M HX920 - 464 (RAAF) Squadron Red Section 1. SB-F NS944 - Pilot: Fruitbat, Navigator: 2. SB-S HR187 - Pilot: FT, Navigator: 3. SB-G NS926 - Pilot: Bob, Navigator: 4. SB-P HX919 - 21 Squadron Red Section 1. YH-V NT174 - Pilot: BluBear, Navigator: 2. YH-X NT174 - Pilot: Papabear, Navigator: 3. YH- B LR291 - Pilot: Wingflyr, Navigator: 4. YH-F NT124 - Pilot: Zukker, Navigator: 487 (RNZAF) Squadron Red Section 1. EG-T HP294 - Pilot: Bremspropeller, Navigator: 2. EG-U HP933 - 3. EG-R LR333 - 4. EG-P NT184 -
  6. One wonders if the pilot was equipped with a "top-up tube" should an inflight lack of inflation be detected... Tower: "November Romeo, did you declare an emergency?" November Romeo: "Roger... *puff*... that... *puff*... Tower...*puff*...
  7. A sobering but fascinating read: https://www.docdroid.net/9wEZRXq/the-bombs-of-retribution-britainatwar201108-pdf#page=5
  8. Hands-On: XTAL 3 Has Wide Field Of View Without Distortion (uploadvr.com) A steal at $10,000... !?!?!?
  9. 05/01/1945 Fenrir Air Claims: 2x Bf 109K-4 Destroyed Ground claims: 0 Took heavy damage during dogfight, heavy fuel leak, force landed deadstick at Odendorf Airbase.
  10. https://www.blueridgejournal.com/navy/lingo.htm#S1 I was going to post this in the DCS section as it's contents would mainly apply to those of us mad buggers who like to try and land 50,000lb of fire breathing monster on an area the size of a football pitch (that's moving away from you at 30 odd knots), however, I found it so entertaining and interesting that I thought you other (less deranged) types might find it absorbing also.
  11. I want an F-14D now... *sniff*
  12. Now hear this...! Get it here now dogz! https://08jne01.github.io/community-a4e-c/
  13. Happy Christmas everyone! As most of you will be recovering from your Christmas exertions we will postpone tonight’s scheduled campaign mission and resume in the new year. Rest up lads and see you refreshed for 2023!
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