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Status Updates posted by Jabo

  1. starting rebuild mates £1300 pcs laptop after repair - customer service? what joke

  2. As of 6am this morning Jabo became an uncle - omg responsibility beckons

    1. B16Enk


      Belated congrats..!

  3. is off to see the new Star Wars film - Woohoo!

  4. is off to see Jimmy Carr at the ICC in Birmingham - Not really my cup of tea, but...well...I've been told I'll enjoy it

  5. was a bit bored today so took the rig to pieces and cleaned everything in nice, soapy water (ok, maybe not quite), installed it all back in a new case with new fans, cables & LEDs so I can see where to plug things in, re-worked my standard build iso to include a few exra programs and reinstalled the lot - takes about 30 minutes now. I'll get the controllers sorted in due course - but it's been a nice day.

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    2. DD_Brando


      ... took the rig to pieces and cleaned everything in nice, soapy water ...

      I just put mine in the dish washer and now I'm trying for the guinness record for hugest paperweight ;)

    3. Crash


      At the end of next week I will be stripping my rig down, cleaning and then popping in the 780 Ti and 4k monitor :)

    4. Jabo


      Brando - did you forget to pull the BIOS battery first?

  6. So I was in the attic earlier looking for my rucksack. Didn't find it before finding a large colony of bees who've set up home in my roof. Needless to say I exited the attic with alacrity and no rucksack.

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    2. DD_Brando


      Sure they're bees? Wasps are more likely to swarm in attics - and you need to get them removed if they are wasps.

    3. Jabo


      Definitely bees

    4. BadAim


      It's funny that I just saw this. A local guy just got killed by a swarm of bees while doing an attic cleanout and his partner got put in the hospital. Retreat was most assuredly the best option, discretion being the better part of valor and all......

  7. Has a new computer chair £125 reduced to £50 - happy days!

  8. watched 'American Hustle' last night at the pictures. Good film, recommended.

  9. is waiting for the BOS d/l link....Aargh

    1. Crash


      Probably available Monday night Jabo

  10. Just got two new tyres for the Focus - £230! Aargh!

  11. is busily disassembling the Swichbox Mk2 in preparation to start...Switchbox Mk3!

    1. Crash


      Pix or it isnt happening :)

    2. Jabo


      pix up now - so it


  12. now has a permanent role (no longer on contract), so have bought a new camera to celebrate! Woot!

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    2. Jabo


      have 2x 32GB Class 10 SDHC cards ready to go! Camera should arrive tomorrow!

    3. Jabo
    4. Friar


      congrats Nick!

  13. well done Apple. Your alledged 'fix' just lost my Contacts list. The lot. Marvellous.

    1. fruitbat


      not got it backed up olnline? have my contacts in 3 different places online now, just in case....

    2. Jabo


      Well actually yes, despite Apple's endeavors to get me to use iCloud, I do keep backups - the only question is where?

  14. flew in a Tiger Moth from Duxford this afternoon. What a day...

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    2. Jabo


      There will be a thread and piccies shortly

    3. Jabo


      Flew over the Red Lion on the crosswind leg with me at the controls - How many had a similar view 70-odd years ago?

    4. FoolTrottel
  15. is feeing suitably patriotic...

  16. is heading out for a night on the tiles...

    1. Jabo


      And spent Saturday feeling the worse for it...lol

  17. watching our cricketers busily snatching defeat from the jaws of victory...10-2? sheesh

    1. Jabo


      ok, so they had me fooled.

  18. will be offline for a short while practising my PC rebuild technique. No problems, just time for a declag of the innards and a fresh win 7 install. Gives me a chance to sanity check the build disk I've put together for Painless too..

  19. is masking up the Seafire for final uppersurface paintwork.

  20. Ouch - Stuck a screwdriver in the end of my left index finger today - That only leaves me one to type with...

    1. Flyboy583


      oooohhhhhhh multi task buddy!

    2. Jabo


      not possible right now. this REALLY hurts...

    3. DD_Brando
  21. Brrrr. It's a bit chilly on the old paws today.

  22. has a new Dremel and is starting work on the 'Switchbox v3'

  23. is happy now 'proof of concept' button bay is working!

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