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  1. Jabo


    Sheriff probably knows better, but I understand these are F-35A's Mick, the F-35B is the STOVL variant. We have the B variant as our F-35s are a replacement for the Harrier whereas the Aussies have bought the F-35 to replace their F-18s
  2. So it turns out that I’ve bought the wrong mobo. Back to the drawing board...
  3. So some definition of the word fun I wasn’t previously aware of...
  4. Oooo. Shiny PC bits have arrived!
  5. I went for a Z370 board simply to keep the cost down, there was no way I could afford to spend £150 more on the 9900K so the Z390 didn't seem to offer enough to offset the price although I get your point. I'm not considering anything more than a very light overclock once I'm happy that everything is good, so a solid, reliable board was all that was important. You've got a great setup there with that board and processor Kev!
  6. Interesting, I hadn't realised we'd gone for the same CPU - what mainboard chipset did you go for? Z370 or Z390? I don't think I have a problem with reconfiguring the sims, as they are all installed in folders off my system drive. I should be able to install windows, add the shortcuts back in and Robert is your mother's brother. It won't work like that of course - I suspect I'll be installing the bloody lot, but hey ho. I'm just debating at the moment when I shall do the work - I have a fortnight off at Chrimbo so that would be best but the stuff is due on Tuesday so...
  7. I've got OS installation withdrawal symptoms Arthur. Windows 10 has been super reliable so I haven't felt the need - so a major upgrade seems to be the sensible time. It'll be fun...
  8. I have - just pushed the button on a 9700K, mobo and some odds and ends. RAM is courtesy of Sid so there's an upgrade there too.
  9. Isn’t it. You’d fall over else
  10. I'm not sure there's much I can't do right now, the 980GTX is still going strong (just as well, I'm still paying for it), but the i5-2500K is getting a bit long in the tooth so maybe time for a change - I'm not considering VR at the moment so I'm not maxing the graphics at this point. If Sid still has the memory available, I'd save a few quid and buy the bits separately - I have a compatible water cooler so don't require the big air.
  11. I'm considering an upgrade to this (assuming my Christmas bonus comes in) - worth the money? https://www.scan.co.uk/products/3xs-z370-overclocked-bundle-intel-core-i7-8700k-coffee-lake-asus-tuf-z370-plus-16gb-ddr4-be-quiet!-d
  12. Jabo


    Salty tea anyone?
  13. Jabo


    I feel somehow damaged.
  14. And why not? Video works now - probably all due to vexatious problem of the Sidmouth border post-Brexit.