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  1. Jabo


    Given I've just this minute got home from work, no, I haven't 😉
  2. Jabo

    Upgrading - The fool's way

    Interesting that everything they suggest is AMD/ATI...
  3. Jabo

    Thinking of water cooling

    I've also got a Corsair liquid cooling CPU setup - the Hydro H75 from memory - I wasn't happy with the performance of the 2 fans it shipped with (v. noisy) so I swapped them out for a pair of Alpenföhn fans which, while not cheap (about £20 each) are the quietest fans I've ever found for the PC. When the machine is not being pushed, it is completely silent unless you're right by the case (and even then I think that's due to the GPU fans) and even when in a game the noise level is still very acceptable. CPU temperatures are typically about 10 degC above ambient when idling and I've never seen them reach 60 degC under load. All in all, I like it a lot.
  4. Squeee! Would prefer the razorback version though.
  5. Jabo

    Any Flypast magazine readers?

    I used too subscribe, but it just got way too expensive. I'll have to go and purchase this edition though! Lol
  6. Jabo

    Graphics Cards

    My Gigabyte GTX 980Ti has two DVI ports and an HDMI port which seem to work together happily enough.
  7. Jabo

    Strong Password

    Her ID isn't that safe - after all, she told her company her password and they put it on the interwebs!
  8. There's a lot to like in that video - loving the droplet effects on the canopy and goggles
  9. Jabo

    Graphics Cards

  10. He was indeed Arthur - he was promoted to F/O in July 1941. Interestingly he was shot down and wounded by Helmut Wick on the 16th August 1940, not returning to active service until the 1st October.
  11. Further to the discussion in the chatbox following Geoffrey Wellum's passing, it appears my information was not correct - The surviving pilots who fought during the summer of 1940 are; Flt Lt William Terence Clark DFM - 219 Squadron - Blenheims Wing Co John Francis Durham Elkington - 1 Squadron - Hurricanes Wing Co Paul Caswell Farnes DFM - 501 Squadron - Hurricanes Squadron Leader J. S. Hart - 602 (Canadian), 54, 81 and 602 Squadrons F/O John Allman Hemingway DFC - 86 Squadron - Hurricanes Flt Lt William Robert Kent Hughes DFC, AE - 23 Squadron - Blenheims Flt Lt Ronald MacKay - 234 Squadron - Spitfires (Not verified - if he is still alive he is 108!) Flt Lt Archibald McInnes - 601 & 238 Squadrons - Hurricanes Flt Lt Maurice Hewlett Mounsdon - 56 Squadron - Hurricanes Thought this might be of interest.
  12. Jabo

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Never gets old that.
  13. Jabo

    Geoffrey Wellum Obituary from The Times

    It should be on the 'must read' list for anyone interested in the Battle of Britain mate - I can get you a copy if you can't find it over in your part of the world.
  14. Jabo

    Geoffrey Wellum Obituary from The Times

    Stick to the book.
  15. Jabo

    Geoffrey Wellum Obituary from The Times

    Quite agree Mr P. A truly great man.