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  1. That's pretty unequivocal.
  2. That looks pretty bad - Is the guy who's been jailed an employee of ED?
  3. It would be nice to see a different Horseman display mount this year, but it's all good!
  4. Having talked things over with a few people on TS, the idea was put forward that perhaps we should swap the regular nights for GBS and '46 so GBS got the Sunday primetime slot but 46 would still be available for the luddites (myself included). If attendance for '46 continues to dry up then we could maybe look at 2 nights a week on GBS and put '46 out to pasture, except perhaps when we want a change from the Eastern Front? Just an idea like I say, but it seemed a pretty popular option.
  5. Personally, I'll be sorry to see '46 and CloD go. For me, DCS requires too much effort to be moderately competent let alone competitive and GBS doesn't have the planeset or scenarios that hold my interest all that much. It doesn't matter really though - I fly so little now anyway that my input to the group is token at best. That said, I do think that the group as a whole needs to find a way forward that suits the majority of regular flyers. Our decisions when '46 was THE sim were easy - now there are 4-5, making everyone happy is going to be nigh on impossible. I will go along with the majority view for the good of the Dogz, whether I decide to fly or not.
  6. How about a 3 ship Corsair display - there's enough of those in Europe I think? Oo, oo - Dragon Rapides!
  7. Definitely a wish Tom, but on the 'Will it be at Legends' scale it's at the unlikely end somewhere after a visit from Fifi and Diamond Lil
  8. Three Sabres!
  9. So the theme for 2019's Legends is... Any guesses?
  10. So although next Summer seems a long way off for those in the Northern hemisphere, it's always cheering to get the dates for the coming year's Flying Legends - So 13th and 14th July 2019 - Who's up for this? 1. Jabo (Hotel booked Friday - Sunday) - my 20th consecutive Leg ends! 2. Crash (Hotel booked Friday - Sunday) 3. Painless 4. Delta 5. BluBear 6. Sweper 7. VARP Thor 8. VARP Hunter 9. Sid 10. Fenrir +1
  11. Thought it might be useful if we pinned a post with useful links and things at the top here. IL-2 Mission Planner http://il2missionplanner.com/ (Thanks to Thrudd)
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