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  1. Going cold balti Arthur? So in real terms, by buying BoN, I'm actually saving money...Er
  2. Oh to hell with it - I'll not be paying for a hotel and airshow tickets in July.
  3. P-47 Razorback? Oh my... And bugger, should have pre-purchased BoN rather than the Hurri.
  4. Just pre-ordered the Hurri. As I'm still hors de combat, I figure I can wait a while to get the Yak 9 and 9T as they're now full price and that won't change in the short term at least. Just BoN to pre-order now. I think I'll probably pick that up when the first of the included collector planes is launched.
  5. Every month it seems, there's always a reason for a sale. BoBP was something like 70% off at Easter and I think there's been another sale since then - you won't need to wait until Christmas.
  6. Hi all, Please welcome Llama_Thumper to the group! He's joined us via the GBS forums so has no idea what he's in for...
  7. Me too Dave, that clip is from a few years ago now though. Quite a few aircraft in that formation we've not seen in a while.
  8. Jabo

    New Toy Mmm

    Me for one. I caught a kid in my car yesterday afternoon while his mum took a picture of him! OK, the roof was down but it was parked on the drive at the time! As the car was locked with the windows up, that meant that he'd climbed over the car to get into the driver's seat! After I'd hauled him out, mum got both barrels.
  9. Sure, I'll hop on TS at 8
  10. Jabo

    New Toy Mmm

    It does seem that way sometimes. Parents clearly don't want to 'parent' any more.
  11. Sure, I'll give it a go Col. How about a chat tomorrow evening?
  12. Jabo

    New Toy Mmm

    I blame the teachers...oh.
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