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  1. Jabo

    Corona Gathering.jpg

    As good a reason as any.
  2. This event has been cancelled due to shutdown of the IWM site as part of measures to combat coronavirus.
  3. Never mind - the 4th gen F-16 is the V variant hence Viper
  4. When did the F-16 become the Viper as opposed to the Fighting Falcon?
  5. Jabo

    Recruitment update

    @SONofHORUS - Worth bearing in mind that we don't fly '46 anymore. The squad is now on IL-2 Great Battles, Blitz (occasionally) and DCS exclusively. I'll PM you the details unless FT beats me to it.
  6. Yep - picked it up during the last sale
  7. I do hope the decisions of the development team are being driven by solid technical data and not the opinions of armchair experts who believe that aircraft A behaved in a certain way because it suits their world view. Who's to say whether or not the P47 would have shed a wing under a specific set of cirumstances? It's difficult for the devs I'm sure but we've seen the fallout of poor decisions here before...
  8. I prefer that too Mick, which is one of the reasons why I enjoyed FT's loooooooong missions in '46, but I know some people prefer PvP so...
  9. Great to here you back on comms JP. Is it you I need to speak to about my Canadian visa application, or do you have 'people' for that? It's a good time to buy Bodenplatte too, as there's a sale on at the moment and it's reduced for the first time (25% off I think). Sale is on to the 9th March. I think I may invest in Flying Circus as that's also reduced.
  10. That's my assumption Sid, AFAIK there's no way to disable the other aircraft view without using a mod of some description. Like Colin, I also flew (albeit briefly) with a much reduced icon view and no other aircraft on the map and although it was certainly more challenging, it was by no means impossible to find targets so I'll stick with it for now. While we're on the subject of levelling the playing field, should we also consider separate comms channels for red & blue
  11. With my dodgy eyesight I find it hard enough to pick up aircraft against a background as it is but in the interest of balance I am prepared to give it a try. That said, if I find that I have to turn back on any of these settings to give me any chance, I will not use any advantage unfairly. Although I don't know for certain, does VR's lower resolution not lead to larger dots at long range compared to a higher resolution monitor display?
  12. Like Arthur says, this is a step-change in complexity from '46 although with many hours in Blitz now, it wasn't too much of a wrench personally. I know I spend a lot more time now checking gauges in the pit rather than relying on the HUD. And at least it's not as bad labour intensive as DCS.
  13. Indeed, although I think that's not going to be flyable. Jug looks great too although I'd rather have the razorback version
  14. Jabo


    Standard area of sky covered by a normal Dogz 3 ship 'formation'
  15. Jabo

    Joystick woes

    I've got an x-52 pro you can borrow if you want Delta - full working order last time I used it but the mode switch sometimes is a little flakey. Still it's a temporary solution.
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