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  1. ...and done - check your PMs mate.
  2. Welcome aboard Walker! Glad to see you here. Our normal flying days are Sundays (GBS), Mondays (DCS), Tuesdays (GBS) and Thursdays (DCS) starting at 7:30 - 8pm BST but other members of the group, particularly in the US & Canada, also meet at other times more conducive to their timezones. I will PM you with our Teamspeak server details which is our standard method for comms when we're flying together. We also use our own servers to host co-ops and dogfight maps, but we can sort that out when you first join us online. Looking forward to seeing you in the virtual skies!
  3. I'm definitely game for a trip up the Amazon in that.
  4. Will do at the end of the month.
  5. The results of which we can then ignore...just like the good ol' days.
  6. Jabo

    Noobs R Us

    Welcome Tinribs. A while ago I managed to get TB running on a iPhone and then a Galaxy Tab 3 - it was an interesting experiment, but the limitations of the system were such that I gave up on it in the end. There's a post somewhere about it.
  7. Nope, me either - I'll let you sort out the niggles Sidly.
  8. Bertie is fine Tom, let's make that change and then we'll see at the next round. Interestingly, the test mission than you and I ran successfully was before my original persona lawndarted.
  9. Are we running another mission tomorrow night - I could come up with a new persona name?
  10. Tell them to pay for their own bloody server and then they can turn the frickin' externals off all they frickin' like. Freeloaders.
  11. As I understand it Dave, unless PWCG is able to process the file, we (OK, Tom) cannot generate the next mission in the sequence so while a manual tally board is an option, if the import fails then we're flying the same mission next time anyway.
  12. Apart from GBS and CloD (which I'm getting back into), these days I'm only really playing Forza Horizons 4 and a smidgen of Skyrim very occasionally. FPS games don't really hold much interest for me although I've played Battlefield and Black Ops before.
  13. Could it be something to do with me/my pooter? It seems that anytime I take part the mission fails but the one time I miss (last Sunday) it all works fine...
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