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  1. So lets see... Car not fueled - Check Camera batteries not charged - Check Food & Beer not bought - Check Bag not packed - Check DD Shirts not found - Check Yeah, I'm all sorts of ready.
  2. That's too bad Hunter, I was hoping to see you both this weekend. Hopefully you'll be able to make the trip another time. ~S~ Jabo
  3. Hunter, if you read this I will bring a litre of distilled water with me when I head to DX on Friday.
  4. Hey Beebop, long time no see. I'm gradually working my way through the collector planes as and when there's a sale so I will get to the U-2 and the Ju-52 in time - it's just that there's more mileage in the fighters for me.
  5. All of it except the U-2 and the Tante Ju
  6. Jabo


    Thanks Prop! And thanks for stopping off here on your way back home.
  7. Jabo

    Summer's here!

    Or damnit, I'm going to embrace that mid-life crisis.
  8. Steady on Arthur - we won't have any of that sort of thing around here thank you.
  9. Tom has asked me to post some news relating to the discussions and polls recently and the new schedule which will be run initially on a trial basis with a view to it becoming permanent in the fullness of time. So, after due consideration, starting from Sunday 16th June (this coming Sunday) the flying schedule will be changing to; Sunday - GBS Monday - IL-2 '46 Tuesday - GBS Wednesday - CloD Thursday - DCS I have also been asked to point out that this is NOT necessarily the final version and there is always room for changes to be made, but the key thing is that if you want to ensure that your preferred sim continues to flourish then numbers are what's required. Cheers all Jabo
  10. It's too bad you couldn't stay for the second day Dave, it was definitely an experience! Thanks to everyone who was able to attend on either day! Photos to follow once I've had a sleep.
  11. Jabo


    I was listening to this as well Arthur despite Radio 4 not being my first choice of station. Worth a listen!
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