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  1. It's the wrong mark of the Beau though. By the time of the North Africa campaign, the Mark 1 was out of service.
  2. Of course we've had those pesky colonials here too... And there might have been some goofing about as well Happy Tom And the diehards...
  3. Oh good grief - TONAR! Get yourself back in here mate - I'm still providing target practice.
  4. Well, if the recovery doesn't work, we can always fall back on the USB stick route to get you back up and running again. Always good to have options.
  5. Don't see why not FT - might give you a headstart Todd. Is there anything else on the drive other than games?
  6. I assume you mean that you have a 2TB drive rather than a 2GB. For most bits of recovery software that I've seen, the target drive has to be considerably larger than the source drive as rebuilding the file structure takes a lot of space while the software is doing its thing. The software companies concerned take the easy way out and say you need double the capacity on the target drive. This will also take a very long time with a drive of this size. Would it not be quicker just to download the games again?
  7. Hi Mobius, good to hear from you again mate. Just one thing to bear in mind regarding mods (for you and JP) , in order to connect to our servers you will need to run the game in 'mods on' mode even if you're not using them yourself. That's because if you want to run mods locally on your machine (like a lot of the guys do) then the server has to be running 'mods on' as well and therefore everyone connecting to that server also need to run 'mod on' irrespective of whether or not they use mods themselves. There's a checkbox in the Game menu under Settings to turn mods on when you get to that point. If you decide you want to use mods, then the best way is to use JSGME just like in '46 and there are a few helpful threads on the IL-2 forum explaining how to go about setting that up. PM sent with the TS details.
  8. Jabo


    Which days Tom?
  9. As you will be able to see JP, we've managed to nail the issue of everyone taking off...
  10. Hey JP, good to hear from you again! It's been a while.
  11. Just a placeholder for now - check here for up-to-the moment news about what's arriving (or not). Will 2020 be the year we finally get an IL-2 at Dux?
  12. So who's up for this one chaps? I'll start the ball rolling... 1. Jabo (Friday, Saturday, Sunday - room booked) 2. Crash (Friday, Saturday - room booked) 3. Sweper (provisional) 4. Friar (Friday, Saturday) 5. Fenrir (Friday, Saturday) 6. PapaFen (Friday, Saturday)
  13. Well done chaps. Personally I prefer to fly whole missions but the map size is problematic so this is a useful project. If I can be of assistance, let me know. I'm actively involved with the TF 5.0 Alpha testing at present, but I can certainly find the time over the next couple of weeks to chip in if required.
  14. Hi Jabo, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks DangerDogz Forum
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