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  1. Burn test #1 complete (12 hours) idle temps < 30 deg C on CPU and < 40 deg C on GPU - CPU fans < 500rpm - GPU fans off load temps < 70 deg C on CPU and < 90 deg C on GPU - CPU fans < 1000rpm and GPU fans < 700rpm No overclock, XMP profile 1, no fan profile (all PWM). So far so good.
  2. The rig lives again - thanks to everyone for the help and encouragement.
  3. Jabo


    Hi Hunter, that's great news! 1. Depends on how much you need, a motorists supplies is probably the best bet. How much do you think you'll want? 2. I'm sure we can sort something out. 3. No, it doesn't I'm afraid. If you're doing both days at the show though there's a two day ticket which is a lot cheaper than an individual ticket for each day.
  4. I feel long-range Blenheim missions occurring!
  5. Presumably these objects would be located well away from the front line?
  6. One down, one to go - the processor has arrived safely. Edit: And the board has arrvied safely too
  7. What happens when you click on 'Create' now then AP?
  8. No. What they are doing is sending me back the original (non-faulty) board and after a bit of a row, they’ve agreed to give me a full refund for the processor so I’ve ordered a new processor from a different supplier for £30 less! And that will arrive tomorrow. Bijou updatette: Board is with the courier on its way back too and the refund for the processor has also been done!
  9. Oh for f**ks sake. Having spoken to Scan this morning, it turns out that the i7-9700K is out of stock and has been since the 21st December and they don't know when they're getting any more. And no one saw fit to tell me before now...
  10. Finally, in the case of my stricken (and strucken) gaming rig, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Surprisingly, it turns out that the processor is faulty and even as I type, the fine folks at Scan are packaging up my board and a new processor ready to send back to me.
  11. Jabo

    anyone here seen battle of britain movies from the 1960's

    No CGI at all at that time. Everything was either real aircraft or models. In the BoB movie, the '109s' were actually a Spanish licence-built version of the 109 called the Buchon and the Heinkel 111s were also a Spanish licensed version, the CASA 2.111. Both types used Rolls Royce Merlin engines!
  12. Weeeeell, the cabling from the PSU to the board, cpu, drives and gpu are all the same ones that were working flawlessly on my old setup (and have been tested again since), all the sata cables to the drives are new and high spec and all the fans were reported as working correctly and PWM was working on the board when I originally installed it so I think I have that covered.
  13. In a further twist to my rig saga, Scan have now tested the mobo and found that it is not faulty so now I have to RMA the CPU and they'll test the two together - I have to confess that right now I wish I'd never started this. In an effort to extract a grain of comfort from the whole debacle, everything they have suggested to narrow down the faulty item I have already done so...
  14. Re: GPU - If it's a single card and you've mounted the mobo the right way up then 99.99 times out of a hundred it'll be the top slot you want (it's usually x16 whereas the others might be x8). Check the instructions for the liquid cooler - don't forget that your key driver is to blow the coolest air you can through the rad so if the fans on the top are exhaust fans (as most are) then your rad needs to go somewhere else - my rig has two intake fans at the back either side of the rad in a sort of pushmepullyou arrangement. Here's what that looks like out of the case (ignore the dust please - it'll be cleaned before it goes back in).
  15. Jabo

    ethics question.

    Personally I think it's poor form, but mainly it's a waste of ammunition on the attacker's part. You'll find that when you're flying 'full switch' with limited ammo, people will generally break off an attack when they think their target is done. Doesn't apply to everyone though.