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  1. Oh, I think past performances are very much indicative of future returns, just not the one in the film...
  2. Oh my - and they're doing the 'Tsetse fly' mod too?
  3. Jabo


    Welcome aboard Kimo, glad to have you here.
  4. I'm using it, only downloading the 4K skins and I'd select all the planes anyway, so it'd make no odds to me.
  5. Assuming all the planets align correctly, I shall be attending tonight.
  6. Is it me? Looks a lot like Coventry... or it could be Painless
  7. Agreed, thanks Chris. I'm not surprised that the IWM were after the summer airshow slot, but interesting that Mr Grey was at pains to point out that this was a decision that neither side wanted - sounds more like TFC were presented with a done deal - but maybe that's just me. Anyway I'm off to dig out the passport - la ferte alais next year chaps?
  8. I may be about on Saturday, can't confirm though.
  9. We're more likely to see the removal of 'Imperial'. I notice the BBC have decided to have instrumental versions of Rule Brittania and Land of Hope & Glory played at the Last Night of the Proms because of Covid - so nothing to do with anything else then...eh Mr Hall?
  10. So that's that then - Legends has been my 'must do' airshow since I was in my 20's. Very sad to read this today of all days. For me, part of the point of Legends was the location - Duxford is still very much a time capsule and I for one will be sad to lose that. Jabo
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