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  1. Jabo

    Daks Over Duxford

    For those interested - here's the participation list with country of origin. Super DC-3S N29TN (USA) DC-3 N877MG (USA) DC-3A N18121 (USA) R4D-6S N151ZE "Ready for Duty" (USA) C-53D N45366 "D-Day Doll" (USA) C-47 "That's all Brother" (USA) C-53 N534BE "The Duchess of Dakota" (USA) C-47 N73DC "Drag 'em Oot" (UK) C-47 N47SJ "Betsy's Biscuit Bomber" (USA) C-47A N47E "Miss Virginia" (USA) C-53DO N8336C "The Spirit of Benovia" (USA) C-47B N836M "Luck of the Irish" (USA) DC-3 F-AZTE (France) DC-3A N472AF "KG668" (USA) DC-3 N24320 "Miss Montana" (USA) AC-47 N2805J "Spooky" (USA) C-47A RA-2944G (Russia) DC-3 TF-NPK "Pall Sveinsson" (Iceland) DC-3C N25641 "Liberty" (USA) - D-Day veteran DC-3 SE-CFP "Daisy" (Sweden) - D-Day veteran DC-3A OH-LCH (Finland) DC-3 N431HM (Switzerland) C-41A N341A (USA) DC-3 N28AA (USA) C-47 N834M (USA) DC-3 (C-53D) LN-WND (Norway) C-47A RA-05738 (Russia) DC-3 "Gamle Dame" OY-BPB (Denmark) C-47 "Flabob Express" N103NA (USA) DC-3 "Prinses Amalia" (Holland) - D-Day veteran DC-3 ZS-NTE (Germany) DC-3 PH-DDZ (Holland) C-47 "Virgina Ann" N62CC (USA) - D-Day veteran C-47 "Placid Lassie" N74589 (USA) - D-Day veteran DC-3 HB-IRJ (Switzerland) Lisunov Li-2 "Karman Todor" HA-LIX (Hungary) DC-3 F-AZOX (France) C-47 N147DC (UK) Very much looking forward to this!
  2. Indeed! And trim on rotaries too? Whoop!
  3. Jabo


    I have booked my show tickets too - Weekend pass! Woohoo!
  4. Jabo

    GTX 970 available - Any Interest?

    Can you give me the model Col, there's a lot of variation.
  5. Jabo

    We need to talk...

    Yup. Given the number of groups that have gone to the wall over the last few years, perhaps it's the flexibility within the Dogz that you can fly your 'sim of choice' that's helped us continue in the way we have. And, while we're still able to offer specific nights to all these sims, it does mean that we are offering the widest possible choice to potential new members. Most of the guys who have joined recently only fly one or two of these (which is fine) and it's only the total nutters that would try and fly a different sim (almost) every night of the week anyway...For the record, I do have all 4...ho hum.
  6. Jabo

    GTX 970 available - Any Interest?

    How much Col?
  7. Jabo


    Fly to Stanstead mate, it's the nearest major airport to Dux and I'm sure someone can pick you up on the way past. Oh, and do the big one if you possibly can.
  8. Jabo


    Friday thru Sunday for me.
  9. Jabo

    Daks Over Duxford

    Indeed - Grrrr
  10. Jabo

    Daks Over Duxford

    Phew, saw a post on FB that tickets for this had sold out at DX - a slightly panicked visit to the website and it turns out not to be the case. I’ve bought my tickets now just to be on the safe side.
  11. JP would have had a seizure
  12. Is this what we 'tried' last night?