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  1. ~S~ Jim. Never forgotten.
  2. Wow, I mean, I won't be getting it but wow. And Motley Crue on the soundtrack as well - Kickstart My Heart indeed.
  3. Jabo


    Very much so
  4. Artie

    looks great and why not .. we only die once .. but live everyday :) 

  5. Jabo


    (A) barth time for the Fiata
  6. Jabo

    Summer's here!

    Or damnit, I'm going to embrace that mid-life crisis.
  7. Well I'm glad that clears things up. More seriously, I'm happy to take that role on Tom, unless there are more able and capable volunteers - it's quite a big pool
  8. I'll probably not be running it again for the time being - I've only got the 4K skins now and I'm pretty happy with what I have so... It's a fantastic thing you've done there FT - thank you
  9. I now have the 4K skin zip file ready to upload. It’ll be in the Vault over the weekend
  10. I think some sort of moderation is the answer - that way broken skins or bad skins could be weeded out before making them available to the wider group.
  11. Jabo

    4K Group Skins

    Version 1.0.1


    1,500+ 4K aircraft skins for BoX
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