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  1. That was painful to watch. If the IL2 version of the griffon Spittie is any indication, taking off from perfectly flat concrete is plenty dangerous enough, grass is just slightly suicidal. It looks like she's going to be hors de combat for a while.
  2. I just wanted to make sure that all of my British Dogz and all of their friends and loved ones are OK. I'm with you all, my brothers and sisters across the pond.
  3. Buahahah! Welcome to US government efficiency.
  4. You people are disgusting. (but I like to watch)
  5. Taking her out for a play date, eh? Nice wheels BTW, looks sweet. Got a laugh out of the lineup of WRX's, it seems about 80% of them are blue in the states too. Funny that.
  6. Fine gentlemen? You have been away a long time! I've been away a lot too, but it's still good to see some of the "old hands" around.
  7. I've been watching the progress of this with interest. Those B-17 definitely give me a tingle!!! The ground vehicles are nearly ground vehicle simulator quality as well. The good news with the slow progress is that by the time this comes out, I might actually have some money to buy it. If I live that long..........
  8. I'll reserve judgement on this matter, the whole thing could be no more than a clash of personalities. Just the change from a strictly hobby status to a semi-professional status is bound to be a stressor, especially with artsy-fartsy types. How many bands don't survive success long enough to actually be successful? Crap. Now I'm worried........CRAP.
  9. Acting is neither for the faint of heart or the impatient. Looks like Sam is neither either!!
  10. Awesome! This should bring some new blood into the CLoD fold.
  11. Bad ride for sure. First one I ever saw, I thought it was a Lotus, having a ride in one did little to dispel the impression.
  12. S! You are surely missed old friend!
  13. RIP Mate, They don't make 'em like you any more...........
  14. What an amazing place. Thousands of years of human history, love, life, strife and misery all compacted into such a tiny little country. Thanks for the tour.