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  1. OH, my JP and Pooka!! at the same time? Surely this must be a sign of the apocalypse. I'll see if I can't drop by on Sunday and make it a real blast from the past. We might even melt down the entire bloody internet. 😋
  2. BadAim


    Thats 'cause these are what they built the movie guns out of. We're all already programmed to accept the shape (leastwise that's my take on it). I do believe these are modified "34s.
  3. Salute! Your sure missed around here old friend.
  4. Still wearin' womens underwear? 😜
  5. Ha ha! Nothing like a rousing drive through the Scottish countryside in a perky little sportscar to prepare for a visit to the racing museum! I'm positively green with envy. 😁
  6. BadAim


    I'm sad that I didn't get to know Bill better , but no matter, Bill is Dangerdogz and therefore my brother! Goodbye for now brother, see you by and by in the sky!
  7. BadAim

    New Toy Mmm

    Sounds like any Sunday afternoon in America!
  8. Thanks Fen, just what the Doctor ordered today!
  9. Every country has Rednecks. Yeeeeeeeeeee, Haaaaaw!
  10. I has BOS BOM and BOK, all standard and the LA 5 because it's the only Russian plane I really like. I'll get the rest when my means catches up to my taste. (which overall is likely never ?)
  11. BadAim


    She shore is purdy.
  12. That last one in the Yak was as good as I've ever seen a Danger Dog pull off. For the emergency landings in a damaged aircraft, you are better off forgetting about the landing gear all together, it's more harm than help on rough ground. IIRC the Stuka had a charge to blow the gear off for just this reason. (I don't think it's in the game though)
  13. I have been largely away because of personal issues and in the past year I'm unable to get to my 'puter until minutes before everyone is packing it in because of work. I'm awaiting developments in CloD eagerly and I have pretty much decided to start picking up with BoX as I can afford it. I am a little leery of spending money on games because other people are playing them, as I have a whole stack of those that I've played for a minute then lost interest when every one else did, but I don't consider the Dogz "other people", so yeah, I'm for certain interested in keeping up with whatever transpi
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