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  1. Fen, I'm still not getting a map on these missions, even though it works with everything else I do, single player, multi player, dogfight, coop. Can you even imagine a cause for this mate? I know I'm stumped. I can only speculate that some thing on my end is angry at something with the mission generator or vice versa. Also I apologize for all the stupid issues I'm having, I have very little stick time in the last half a dozen years, and even less with GBS. My taxiing and station keeping skills are atrocious. I'm also ugly and my mother dresses me funny. Damn.
  2. Hey, not sure if anyone has posted this yet, But I found it interesting and really points up how much better the GBS P-38 is compared to the old one. It performs exactly how I expected the '38 to perform from reading and training materials like this. http://zenoswarbirdvideos.com/P38.html Also, while I have your attention, these missions are great fun mostly because of the company, but also the investment into creating a character and keeping him alive pays all sorts of dividends in fun and realism.
  3. The reviews seem mixed. What say ye who have it? Is it worth spending a few bucks on?
  4. OH, my JP and Pooka!! at the same time? Surely this must be a sign of the apocalypse. I'll see if I can't drop by on Sunday and make it a real blast from the past. We might even melt down the entire bloody internet. 😋
  5. BadAim


    Thats 'cause these are what they built the movie guns out of. We're all already programmed to accept the shape (leastwise that's my take on it). I do believe these are modified "34s.
  6. Salute! Your sure missed around here old friend.
  7. Still wearin' womens underwear? 😜
  8. Ha ha! Nothing like a rousing drive through the Scottish countryside in a perky little sportscar to prepare for a visit to the racing museum! I'm positively green with envy. 😁
  9. BadAim


    I'm sad that I didn't get to know Bill better , but no matter, Bill is Dangerdogz and therefore my brother! Goodbye for now brother, see you by and by in the sky!
  10. BadAim

    New Toy Mmm

    Sounds like any Sunday afternoon in America!
  11. Thanks Fen, just what the Doctor ordered today!
  12. Every country has Rednecks. Yeeeeeeeeeee, Haaaaaw!
  13. I has BOS BOM and BOK, all standard and the LA 5 because it's the only Russian plane I really like. I'll get the rest when my means catches up to my taste. (which overall is likely never ?)
  14. BadAim


    She shore is purdy.
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