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  1. Just an idea which I have run by FT already. 

    What do you guys think about running multiple short 1946 coops on a Sunday when we are due to fly BOX on the Tuesday which follows it. Then we run a long 1946 mission on the Sunday followed by a 1946 multiple  short coop Tuesday. 

    This would mean that we would have one multiple  short coop session every week either on a Sunday or Tuesday and a FT special 1946 long mission every other week on a Sunday.

    BOX would remain every other Tuesday.

    Your thoughts please chaps.....

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  2. Nice pics Crash. I went to a “run what you brung” weekend at Santa Pod years ago. I raced against my mates tuned Peugeot 205  GTi in my BMW 325i E30.

    Got rid of the back seat, the spare wheel, contents of the windscreen wash bottle, Nearly empty fuel tank and took a pee !

    I still have the ticket with a 15.76 sec @ 88mph. Slower than the burger van ! Lol