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  1. Painless


    You know Ovy, that mutt is better looking than quite a few of the girls I danced with when I was in the RAF ! Not as furry either lol.
  2. Painless


    That is a beautiful hound Ovy!
  3. Painless

    new toy

    GT86 ay Dave...... Good choice m8 . Has yours still got the Prius tyres on it? I know they fitted those low grip items on purpose to give the car a "lively" back end with 200bhp. Have a look here for some ideas. http://www.fensport.co.uk/
  4. Painless

    Happy Birtday BG!

    ~S~ Sir Jimbo, we owe you a lot m8. Painless.
  5. Painless

    Just got word we lost Taildrag

    ~S~ Taildrag, I remember how sharp he was on TS. They never loose it do they ! Top marks for making it into your 90s old chap. Painless
  6. Painless


    Why not Marmite ! Brilliant idea, well that is to say "you either love it or hate it " ; )
  7. Painless


    WOW !
  8. Painless

    Behind The Scenes At Bloodhound

    Just watched it, and WOW ! Great comment from Green at the end regarding G resilience, "short guys tend to do better " LOL
  9. Painless

    Behind The Scenes At Bloodhound

    Bloody good wheelsmith that Harris fellow ! A bit short though ; ) "Spare cash" what does that look like ? Lol
  10. Painless

    Painless Lucky Bugger!

    Just got back. Wow! Thanks Swoop, trouble is that it was 100% cloud cover with heavy rain and strong winds all week. Cloud base was down to the deck most of the time. All Aurora trips cancelled, whale watching trips cancelled. Blue lagoon was fantastic because we had horizontal rain all day. As far as the food is concerned.... Expensive, very expensive! First night ...fish and chips, burger and chips, one Bacardi and half a lager.....£80.00 (hotel). 1xTomato soup and bread....£15.00 (cafe) 1xSubway sandwich 6 inch £9.00 . One BLT sandwich, one slice of carrot cake, one fizzy drink and a yoghurt £22.00 (cafe) Siobhan and I would love to go back in the summer and hire a 4x4 to drive around the Island for two weeks........ Just as soon as we win the bloody lottery : )
  11. Painless

    How Expencive Are Those Drinks

    Great great memories Gec. One of the all time fun weekends in my life as well m8. Does Villa still carry the AK in his rucksack ?
  12. Painless

    My Iran Travel Report

    I admire your free spirit attitude to life and adventure enormously Rox . As you report now and have reported before, ordinary people are decent enough but the " leaders" are not so it seems..........no matter where you go east or west.
  13. Painless

    Server Migration

    Many thanks Rog : )
  14. Painless

    Happy Birthday Jabo

    Happy birthday Nick young bean. Hope you have a day filled with laughter and cake : ) Mick.
  15. Painless

    Rio.....mens Diving

    Excellent !
  16. Painless

    Croatian Rescue Mountain Service

    Honesty can be funny ! Excellent Gec ; )
  17. Not nice unless you are a hungry bird.
  18. Painless


    Trying to work out which of them is the oldest ? : )
  19. Painless

    IMG 20160731 WA0001

    A fine bunch !
  20. Painless

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    That man has talented feet BB !
  21. Painless

    20160709 101734

    What a handsome couple you make Ovy !
  22. Nice find FT, what would we do without you ; ) I see they used IL2 ntrk footage for the Beautyfighters ! What an amazing 94 year old, still has that killer glint in his eyes.
  23. Painless

    A Little Bit Of History

    I'm sure if I were Romanian or indeed Polish I would see things a little differently Ovy. Some really crappy political compromises were made at the end of WWII in Europe, supposedly with the larger strategic/political long term future issues in mind. I am not at all comfortable with some of them but I, (along with probably all of the other Dogz) have lived as the "golden generation" with no global wars or shortages affecting our day to day lives, relative prosperity and good health. So what do we know ?
  24. Painless

    A Little Bit Of History

    Thanks Ovy, it is hard to imagine that much change in such a short time. I know Mrs Ovy was saying that even now you have problems with people from Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukrain, Moldova and Hungary coming over the border, causing trouble then buggering off again. I hope that you, Maddy and all the hard working decent folks in Romania get some stability and security in the very near future.
  25. Painless


    Proving that a mini is like a Tardis ......