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  1. I might have to start out one at a time being $50 a pop. My request might get denied by my CFO if I ask for all 4.
  2. Pooka, The fish are biting, but I have been fishing warm water these past few years so the trout were slim. The big one is a Redfish from Louisiana. I go with friends every other year.
  3. No I mean like 4 versions of BOS
  4. OK I am cornfused, Which software are you guys flying now? Seems like there are 4.
  5. I'm working on it. I still have to appease my sweety and keep my 10 year old entertained. Maybe I'll get him a smart phone to keep him busy while I fly.
  6. OK, I will also chime in and say that I also dusted off my joystick (The dusty one). Ran into Psycho on FB yesterday and am really wanting to get the system up again. I really am stoked that you all still fly together. It was like a family when I was around and I missed you all. (Even though I couldn't understand most of you....Delta) Looks like I need to purchase a new game
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