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  1. Happy Birthday Rattler!

  2. Rattler

    Weekday Clod Night

    Can you put a link to patching this for a Steam version? Is there any difference in patching? I haven't gotten into it yet - pretty steep control setup curve, and I haven't been interested yet... I wouldn't mind a go once in awhile. I'm going to try to get a couple of hours in on weekends again.....see you, chaps!
  3. Rattler

    Cfb Cold Lake Alberta Canada

    Dang! A bit too far away for a day trip..... Got to go to the Lancaster museum in Nanton 2 weekends ago, though. Model competition - my youngest won silver for his 1/35 scale NATO AVGP Cougar, the vehicle I used in the army. His first ever competition, and the little bugger wins a prize!
  4. Rattler

    Motorcycle Trip To Montana

    Just returned from a trip down to Kalispell for the weekend, and thought I'd post some pics! A motorbiker's dream - 13 miles of this! Me and the missus on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River, near Columbia Falls, Montana.
  5. Rattler

    Airfix 1/48 Shar

    Love that plane. So.................ingenious. One of Camm's bets moments.....
  6. Rattler

    Christmas Cat

    We have four of the little suckers. They agree that they'de rather kill me than allow that to be done to them. They're under/in the tree right now, plotting my imminent demise.....
  7. Rattler

    German Teenager Who Flew To Red Square

    I remember that news item. Raised quite a stir......
  8. Rattler

    New Level Of Racism

    Stupidity knows no bounds......
  9. Rattler

    Pleasure As Always

    Holy shit! Kelly actually flew? Wait a minute, who am I to talk..... I'll be up in Edmonton mid-October for a convention, Kelly. I'll try to get around to see you!
  10. Rattler

    1/72 Hasegawa Fw190

    Very, very nice, mate! I have to look for one of those masks.....wonder if they do JU-88 squiggle patterns?
  11. Rattler

    Old Toys For Boys

    Just a "little" bike..... 2005 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa
  12. Rattler

    Spitfire Mkvb Bbmf Landing Flaps

    That looks good, mate. Nice scratch work!
  13. Rattler

    Old Toys For Boys

    Nice bikes, Dave. Have you seen my new one? It's my daily driver right now.....missus has the old Honda Hurricane. And this was my 1st car, almost identical except without the T-roof. Same colour, too. I ended up putting my brother's 1986 Mustang GT motor in it (4 bbl vice the '82's 2 bbl), and a set of the 10 hole mag wheels on it. Ran very nicely.
  14. Rattler

    Supermarine Seafire F Mk 17

    Probably an overpriced version of Elmer's, then!
  15. Rattler

    Supermarine Seafire F Mk 17

    Very nice, Jabo! @Mick - I only use white glue (Elmers, or such) for the canopies. It's plenty strong, and has no vapours, It also fills gaps nicely, and dries clear. I wouldn't recommend regular liquid cement or ACC - both have vapours, as you've mentioned, and will craze clear parts. No good.