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  1. Fen, Please replace my deceased pilot with 2nd Lt. Harrison Hailey. Thank you sir.
  2. That would cover Major Fen, I'm wrong for the second time.
  3. I'll be ready today. "Painless" Not being a smart azz, and I don't think I'm wrong. An officer called skipper in the US Navy is a Colonel, in the Marine Corps he/she is a Captain. US Army could be different, I'm not sure. So Major Fen would not be called a skipper I could be wrong, I've only been wrong once before when I thought I was wrong.
  4. Happy Birthday Pook !!  :) 

  5. Major Fen, could you assign 2Lt. Denis Richard to the 410th BG tomorrow if possible. Merci
  6. Swep, we are not flying tomorrow, Wed (11-25)  Painless has computer problems, so plan on Thurs morning.

  7. I will give it a shot, Allied or Axis, where ever needed.
  8. Looks great Sid, thanks a lot. Might I ask that you consider "Mag rims" on my aircraft.
  9. Myself and a couple others dropped our bombs on targets in the open fields. Thence ( or is it hence) when trying to take out the flak in the trees we only had guns and that proved to be a waste of ammunition. I'll remember to drop my bombs on the flak guns and arty in the woods and save ammo for open field targets.
  10. I spent yesterday working on setting up joystick and such. Of course nothing I have is recognized, not Thrustmaster. N-DDPK would be fine, thanks for doing this, now back to my joystick.
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