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  1. My grandson has a new game, claims runs slow, stutters etc. I used to know how to shut background programs down to let the graphics card deal with fewer chores. He has a Radeon Sapphire Rx 580. CPU is Intel i7-8700K with Corsair 16GB of DDR4 memory. SSD is Samsung 860 EVO 1TB. What can you suggest Dogz ?
  2. I'll be here tomorrow morning. I remember BG warning us not to get into other venues. Hope you can make it Swep.
  3. Our only Austrian, gone. Best of luck Llama.
  4. Happy Birthday Pook ! :) 

    1. Pooka


      Thanks Artie, I really appreciate your sentiments.

  5. Pooka

    More help needed

    I'm guessing I lost a settings in the cameras section. An example: I've been shot down, do a rough landing in a field, still alive. I used to be able to us my mouse, push down L button and scroll around the aircraft, look at it from different angles. I'm unable to look at whatever from different views. This all happens after tapping F3. Tracker works fine in a/c. Thanks for any ideas.
  6. Sid told me to update graphic drivers, and that seems to have worked. Will test it tonite.
  7. Like me my computer is starting to move at a snails pace. I've been away from the Dogz for 4 months +, I've kept up with all the updates. It takes the game 5+ minutes to load, then its really slow. Hard to move cursor across page to select. The FPS counter in top corner shows 2 over 45. My settings in game still look the same. I'm guessing something with my machine, which is: MoBo: ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero CPU: Intel i7 8700K Mem: Corsair 32GB 2x16 SSD: Samsung 860 Pro 1 T GPU: AsRock Rx 590 Nitro PSU: Corsair HX-850 Windows 10 I did put the Windows update in a few weeks back 21H1 and its updates.
  8. Pooka


    Pacific Wooducks ?
  9. Poobear you could be an ancestor of mine, my dear departed grandmother, Poogranny, told of family from England.
  10. I'll be on leave the 16th, Sunday. A friend has lined me up with a Swedish gal, Swepina. Can't wait.
  11. Hi Fen, I believe I was captured in the last mission I flew. Could I take the opening that was created with the name : 2Lt. Rick Snocker USAAF (Honest, that was the name of the Lt on our Forward Observation Team in VN) See you later this evening.
  12. I was told to check in here before Sunday. 2nd Lt. H.P. Pookie, reporting as ordered.
  13. With Easter tomorrow and my flight time is afternoon and early evening (Supper time) I most likely won't be available. I'll try but it looks doubtful.
  14. I had planned to be with you all, laid around all afternoon watching tv.. I'm slipping, sorry.
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