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  1. Pooka

    for FT- arnhem eye witness account.

    Yes, a wonderful lady and God rest those that lost their lives.
  2. Pooka

    Flying Legends 2018

    Another sister for the Priory Friar?
  3. Made the National news in the US. CBS
  4. Pooka

    New Toy Mmm

  5. Pooka

    online servers

    Enjoyed your video Arthur, so nice to hear Dave and FTs voices again.
  6. Pooka

    WW2 desert fighter pilot interviews.

    I've watched five, more later, Thanks Perf.
  7. Pooka

    Just got word we lost Taildrag

    Remember him well, Semper Fi Taldrg
  8. Pooka

    new toy

    Very very nice.
  9. Pooka

    A little bit Lebanon (lots of photos)

    Very interesting, I look forward to your next journey and the photos you provide. Thanks Rox
  10. Pooka

    Member Map And World Time Zones

    I recall from visiting where his home is located, coordinates are: 44-26-19N 80-43-26W. All the roads he made and the ponds are visable with google earth.
  11. Pooka

    Happy Birthday Jabo

    Hve a great day, many more birthdays to follow.
  12. Pooka

    A Little Bit Of History

    Thanks Ovy, some of us take so much for granted.
  13. Pooka

    Little Stove

    Whats it cost Tonar to have that shipped to Colorado?
  14. Pooka

    Ddz Forum 10Th Birthday!

    Have out of town hockey game, but I'll stop by for a chat. Hockey season ends first week in March.
  15. Pooka

    52 Min Long, But Worth It.

    I clicked on to see what this was about, watched it in its entirety. Very inspiring . Thanks again Capt Jack.