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  1. flew it last night , thanks FT
  2. I dont think I have a broad scots accent, in my head im a smooth sean Connery 😀
  3. Good vid Arthur, that was good fun, but its surprising how different you sound on mike compaired to how you think you sound 😥
  4. delta7

    We need to talk...

    I only play il2 46 and box and I think the numbers are ok for these, are the dcs or clod much greater that would justify changes.? Id hate to drop either of these two and I wont fly the other two.
  5. delta7

    Books for sale

    books will be posted today or tomorrow morning
  6. delta7

    Books for sale

    No idea how to turn off pm ill try to pm you for address to work out costs Dave
  7. delta7

    Books for sale

    With my sons away to university , its time to consider downsizing and clearing all my shite treasures so here is a start with some books now I consider these to be in excellent condition, most only read once, but any that are worn are noted. I do not want any money for them Im happy if they find a good home, but would like post and packaging. Some are rare and worth some money so if you want then make a donation to Macmillan Cancer Support. If you are interested get back to me and I will let you know cost. It might take a while to get to you, Im a bit busy with family there days but they will get there If you want any more info on book then let me know hb is hard back, pb is paperback and iv listed the publishing date Squadrons Up noel monks hb 1940 wear War diary of Hielman Lipfert hb 1993 A willingness to die Brian Kingcombe pb 2008 Glorious Spitfire Les Parera hb Plane spotters guide Tony Holmes hb 2012 Aces Pilots 8th AF Jerry Scutts hb 2001 RAF official 90th year souvenir issue RAF magazine Battles with Luftwaffe Janes hb 2001 Fighter combat ( the bible) Robert Shaw hb 1988 In pursuit John kylander pb 2006 tear cover Wings on my sleeve Eric Brown pb 2007 Fighter pilot tactics Mke spick hb 1983 Observers book aircraft 1962 hb 1962 Practical flying ( Flying corp game ) pb Alert in the west Willi Heilmann pb 2003 The right stuff Tom wolfe pb 2005 They flew through sand C Haughton pb 1991 Messershmitts over sicely J Steinhoff hb 1987 The last battle P henn hb 1973 Malta Hurricane years cull hb 1999 Catch 22 j heller pb 1982 wear A wing and a prayer h Crosby hb 1993 Wind sand stars saint expery hb 1990 The eighth passenger miles tripp pb The big show pierre closterman hb 2004 Thunderbolt r Johnston pb 1999 I flew for the fuhrer Hienz knoke pb 2003 First light Geoffrey wellum pb 2003 The first and the last galland pb 2001 JG26 Caldwell hb 1991 S Dave
  8. delta7


    Unfortunately I wont make this, too many other family commitment s, hope you all have good time Dave
  9. delta7

    Upgraded X52 Throttle finished

    that is very nice and smart
  10. I hope they have fixed the 50 cals. I should be able to kill tiger tanks by bouncing rounds off road......................... 😂
  11. delta7

    P-40 not that bad to kill bombers?

    It's not the plane that matters its the pilot. Sometimes you have no or limited choice A good pilot can make the most of a plane. A bad pilot can make best plane look useless. Seriously 90% of your questions are answered in In Persuit, in the download folder I mentioned before or download from here https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.virtualpilots.fi/feature/lento_ohjeet/inpursuit/inpursuit.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwif4ryw5c7fAhWfThUIHQSSBE4QFjAJegQICRAB&usg=AOvVaw1SoicuTRqjZ_d4jgZ7fzdU Then you need to practice as Sid said
  12. Apologies, the dora is the late version of the Focke-Wulf 190 fitted with Junkers Jumo in line engine as aposed to the BMW radial for the A seriese Dora is for D, must have been some kind of Germal phonetic alphabet, some common ones used for Luftwaffe were A is Anton D is Dora E is Emil F is Friedrich G is Gustav the video you show seems to be of an emergancy type landing by modern aircraft at an unsecured airfield, not typical. If you need to get down hot and fast then try to practice the guidelines in the links I sent above and once smooth with standard approach then come in faster and then chop throttle and use flaps and sideslip to slow later in path, you will still need to be at correct speed, rate of descent and straight as you cross parimeter. good luck
  13. No, due to its design the me 262 required a long straight approach as it slowed down to land, to counter the high losses the Luftwaffe relied on flak alleys on approach route and then dora 9s as fighter cover over airfield during landing. I dont know where you found references to the approach you try but I have never seen it quoted as a technique used in real life and cant imagine where or when it would be used apart from as an emergency technique to prevent aircraft being shot down by hand held missiles say in Afghanistan where the perimeter could not be guaranteed as secure. I have seen some weird and wonderful tecniques tried online but mostly unsuccessfully, and online it does not matter how badly you land and beat up an aircraft, it costs nothing, you are never hurt and all you have to do is hit refly to be on your way again . As in most things softly, slowley,smoothly leads to best results in landing. S Delta
  14. I very much doubt it, why would anyone want to do such drastic manouvers ? If your aircraft was damaged you would place great strain on it, you also risk stalls or overshoots, I would think that the vast majority of landings were as part of a squadron formation and in a controlled path and rate of descent. If you want to find out standard approach then go here https://www.av8n.com/how/ section 12 deals with landings section 6 deals with angle of attack