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  1. I won't make tomorrow as I have family commitments, good luck all
  2. The two most popular are tactical air war and finnishpilots but both have no speedbar and no icons but good missions. I started on the finnishpilots but had to give up as I just cant spot dots without icons. The most popular with icons is DEDs official this has icons , speedbar and engine management assist and while ok does develop into air-quake mass furballs very quickly. I havnt found any popular ones with our settings which is a pity. Remember you have to switch off mods and any graphic editors to play on most servers
  3. delta7

    Hello All

    Hi and welcome, I'm sure you would enjoy our company, we mainly fly il2 battle of stalingrad series, particularly bodenplatte add on , however there is a deducted number who fly DC's. There are plenty of guys willing to help if needed.
  4. Don't know if I'll make it ,will be last minute if I can, don't wait on me, I'll be on time for cut off or not at all
  5. Sorry Sid don't understand your question, I found the solution on the il2 forum. There are others who had the autolevel going off when switching to bomb view and found the conflict was when switching on bomb view when on autolel
  6. I had problems with dropping out of auto level when setting up bombing and heard others have same problem last night. What I discovered was that when you go to bombsight mode it should activate autolevel automatically so if you have put it into autolevel then went to bomb sight it confuses things. I have done a brief check and the solution I have found is go to bomb mode then switch straight back to normal and check autolevel has activated , if not toggle bombsight until it does. Once confirmed in autolevel (by just using the bombsight key) I have not had any problems. I can ma
  7. delta7

    wonky rudder

    New pedals arrived 😃😃😃
  8. Enjoyed my bomb run, got confused over target but no big change there 😆so don't think I hit much but looking forward to improve next mission. Thanks to Sid and crash for help and chat in mission
  9. Found out that my rudder pedals were not working right last night and exprired today when testing so officially dead after many years faithfull service. I have ordered a new set but unsure how long it will take to arrive so Im ghoing to try twist grip until new set arrives
  10. I'd like transfer to a-20 as well please new pilot name Dave haggis
  11. 485th seem to be in a loop either fly around and see no air combat or get bored and attack ground targets and get plastered by flak. I understand that lack of air is a game device due to our success and probably realistic but a tad frustrating
  12. Last time the 110 was too vulnerable, given map and objectives,easier to survive in 109
  13. Thanks for taking on feedback and working on improvement. I'm in . Would it be cheeky to ask that fighters could take bombs too ?
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