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  1. https://fb.watch/d8C_DLKC_i/
  2. I have noticed numbers falling off, spoke with crash about it and it seems DC's has taken the regular numbers down , I also think the guys who do the morning session s must be getting maxed out. No way to force guys to fly , everyone has their preferences and we don't have numbers to support all our slots. I'd hate to see the Tuesday and Sunday il2 disappear to me these are the core and history of the squad and I'll fly these as long as possible
  3. I'll fly as much as possible, a skin pack would be appreciated
  4. Damaged bridge then engaged 2 bandits and got shot down, landed safely in friendly territory
  5. delta7

    malta visit

    Unfortunately didn't have time to do that but maybe next time. The air museum was fantastic very informal, spent 1/2 an hour with one of the guys who runs it, they are restoring a gladiator to flying condition then might start on swordfish.
  6. delta7

    malta visit

    Some photos from visit to malta
  7. Hi was good to meet you last night. We normally fly BoX on a Tuesday and Sunday evening . As you know we fly with mods on but most only fly with an icon mod and pilot notes mod. We fly on dogfight server from around 2000 UK time to warm up and then coops. There is special missions and events as well. Although most coops are runway start You will need to practice cold engine start, how to use prop pitch and mixture and how to taxi to runway and have twin engines mapped to get the most out of our sessions. If you want help with anything then just start a new topic and someone will be along to try to help
  8. I am in Malta and forgot to pack pc and joystick do will miss tonight
  9. delta7

    New guitar

    Apart from BOX my hobby is learning guitar, just bought new acoustic as early birthday present as it was on sale, here it is with others
  10. Im very dead but claim 2 aircraft and 2 buildings. New personna of richie blackmore reporting
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