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  1. I think tanks should be unlimited and aircaft limited depending on number of of fighters and flak density, if low like on the P-38 mission then say 3 per pilot. If higher then more. Plane type is more difficult, but I'd keep it simple put up a proposed list, let folk have a say then make a decision by throwing some chicken bones in the air and see how they land, you won't please everyone anyway 😆😆😆
  2. Hi and welcome, I'm sure you will settle in quickly and don't be afraid to ask if any questions, we are pretty laid back untill the action starts but always willing to help each other
  3. Ok thanks, bit disappointing as hard to hit those buggers but no problems
  4. Did i not get credit for light tank destroyed, it showed in game.
  5. Hi and welcome, as the guys have said we fly predominantly Tuesday and Sunday 1900 to 2000 GMT start for BoX but there are others in USA hosting in their time zone. Most of us have all the addons and mostly fly bodenplatte missions. You should have dual engine controls mapped to allow you to fly some missions. For X-45 I have mode 1 for engine management mode 2 flying mode 3 bombing I have made a spreadsheet here you can copy if you wish, some keystrokes are diferent from game default so you will have to ensure x-45 and game match If you want some info to study then I collected all my notes here you can pick through at your leasure If you want help on specific items then best time to meet online would be before tuesday and sunday sessions as that is when majority are available but some of the USA guys may be avaiilable at other times, just post on forum and see if someone can help.
  6. Apologies for my lack of forethought regarding white flight. Family shift and a last minute balls-up caught me out over the last two days and I tried to cover myself by trying something I thought was clever but wasn't. I'm obviously not suited for this so Painless can nominate new white leader and I'm happy to fly any other nominated role
  7. Sorry about tonight think antivirus was playing silly buggers
  8. Since I unfortunatly got shot down could I enroll as Dave Scot for future missions regards dave
  9. Flak was brutal, thought I had clear run as it was targeting someone else but on approach it locked on me and I got plastered. Managed to get home but wasn't only one hit and limped back we could have lost a few more . I think we need to target flak first as once reduced we can mop up remaining targets easier
  10. Thanks FT Was good fun and I enjoyed trying out some old favourite s S Dave
  11. Ok let's try 20:00 GMT tomorrow for co ops suggest trying to join on TS slightly earlier to iron out any tech issues . Can you post server address here please ft so folk know where to go S Dave
  12. There doesn't seem to be a great deal of interest in this, dont think there is any point if only me and ft and Kira show up, so please post here if interested, if we get 5 or more then ok but if lower then better cancelling
  13. Icon mods available from here https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/38978-mod-icons/ Various options available so find one that suits, I could not play without them as I can't spot anything
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