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  1. It is important we find out the reason for the low numbers Are people getting distracted for personal reasons or just wanting a change from routine or dont like types of missions we fly? This reduction in numbers has significance for squad funding and what we can support. One further thought, if it doest effect funding then is this not really only a concern if the hosts are fed up with low numbers and dont feel it is worth their time? If hosts are happy to put up with low numbers then there should not be an issue, I dont think you will be able to get any agreement to reduce the sims we fly to concentrate numbers ,as there are too many individual preference s. I would recon that the only practical tweak is which days we fly which sim so good to have poll up on seperate thread to try to get best balance.
  2. Bit wooly as things are changing but just now before full bodenplatte. 1 il2 2 box 1 sunday 2 tuesday ( bit irregular in attendance just now but still my preference) 3 wednesday 4 friday 5 cant commit to others
  3. Unfortunately we are dropping numbers of active squad members and increasing options of sims so imho we wont ever get back to large numbers flying together. As long as hosts are willing I will fly il2 and box, others dont interest me.
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