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  1. ok seem to have the hang of it now - whats important is to follow the video and do the pretarget selection and start automation- adjust speed until the sight is steady on point - turn off automation - raise sight and align on true target then start automation again- continue to adjust true air speed to keep sight locked on and it hits. I wasnt believing that tas would be significantly higher so that caused the bombs to drop long
  2. thanks FT !!!!!
  3. I used to be ok at bombing using the bombsight, havnt done it in a while but started practicing and find I am dropping long. I use the automatic bombsight as in this video. I have read thors bombing guide and one or two others but the one I use seemed the easiest and used to work is it still ok with mods or do you chaps use a different method that works for you? do I just need more practice?
  4. Ill be on TS at 19:30 in case anyone wishes to join the fun.... see missions thread for ip
  5. Thanks , here are my thoughts from the thread about missions I like the missions to be roughly balanced , it annoys me when I get bounced by vast numbers of enemies in superior planes while I have to make do with an underrated model although I moan about russian shite and biplanes , I really dont mind them once in a while but like Pooka I prefer later war planes. I dislike long missions cause if anyone gets shot down early then its a loooooooooonnnnngggggggggg wait untill others finish and land. The best are SEOW type missions where we team up and take off together with a definate plan.........but then again .I suppose we could always read the breif tho on co-ops Ill look into the ip thingy once I get everything settled
  6. Id like to try out some hosting, on Tuesday it was quiet and FT kindly hosted even tho he was not flying but I would be willing to act as backup. I have a few ideas id like to do but first id like some testing done so that I know I can host and pings are ok. If anyone would like to volunteer for testing then let me know what times you are available and if we can get 2 or 3 together than ill give it a go. Its many many years since I hosted so it is likely to be troublesome until I get it sorted out but hopefully we can work it out
  7. I have booked my train tickets arrive cambridge at 1500 on friday leave cambridge at 1600 on sunday. would be grateful if I could cadge lifts to duxford on saturday and if someone could get me to the station on Sunday Dave
  8. Yes I have Friday and sat nights booked, it is roumoured I snore, but I can't confirm that 😙😙
  9. Just a reminder that I have a room booked with a spare bed if anyone want accommodation.
  10. car updates, now has proper tyres and exhaust on it , all polished up ready for suburu meet last weekend and some new friends from this weekend
  11. I have added the takeoff and landing missions in the download ( under missions) Here is some good real life advice as well, its a bit detailed but good info general site here covering all aspects of flight
  12. takeoff and landing View File Just takeoff and landing training missions , multiple choices unzip and put in C:\Il2sturmovick1946\missions\single\nn folder Takeoff and Landing.rar Submitter delta7 Submitted 02/14/2017 Category Missions Checksum  
  13. Tickets bought for a weekend pass