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  1. If it ran ok awith the limited number test but not with the additional pilots on Sunday night it be an issue with one of the pilots who flew on Sunday? Only way to find out would be to start with pilots who completed successfully and slowly add others to find problem
  2. Hi and welcome, hopefully we can be a good fit for your needs, we fly BOX on Tuesdays and Sundays , most have the full series including bodenplatte, starting around 20:00 GMT. We have members across the world , including a healthy Canadian and USA contingent. We fly relaxed settings generally , although slightly more difficult for a P-38 campaign we are running, and run mods for our co-ops We use teamspeak for communication We dont do ranks or anything formal, just a relaxed bunch . Please post a bit about yourself, age, interests , what your looking for in the group etc in the recruitment thread here http://dangerdogz.com/forums/forum/127-recruitment/ so we can get to know you better. If you want any more info then just ask away and someone will get back shortly
  3. 193 squadron were rudely awakened at an ungodly hour, Squadron leader squiddley refused to get out his bed due to it being too dark and cold and remained there cuddling teddy as two brave souls took to the sky. Take off was a bit hairy in the dark but we got off and made our way to target, without the yanks air cover,who as usual were late. 😃 It was difficult to see bridge so I dropped on some ground forces and distracted flak while crash managed to get the bridge. We mopped up some ground forces then headed home. On the way back we spotted bandits high so called for assistance and opened throttles for home. We managed to outrun them and they turned away but were harassed near Arnham, fortunately the calvery arrived in time to assist and we were able to make out way back home and land sucessfuly.
  4. Hi and welcome, good to meet you last night. You asked about comms and flying last night. We dont use discord yet having stuck with teamspeak. This site has an app running that shows who is on , feel free to join in and say hello and see what they are up to. We dont frequent the online public servers often. I am on sometimes and Iv seen some of the canadian boys on; but if you are keen for a session and want company then use the chat box to tell folks your plan and you might get some luck. Most are busy here ;with 2 Box sessions, the DCS sessions and Tank crew we have most nights covered. Painless and Sid and some others do morning sessions as well and I believe they will get in touch if you are keen to join these. If you have any questions then post on forum and someone will be along to help
  5. Sorry to hear mission didn't take , real shame as Tom has put in so much work, hope you know it's appreciated Tom and that there is a solution so we can continue with campaign
  6. Hi and welcome We do Tanks on Saturday nights UK time and Box ( including our P-38 campaign) on Sundays and Tuesday nights. We alternate the P-38 campaign with normal co-ops .
  7. This was very good , only real issue was stuttering caused by plane spawns early on. Tanks were hard to spot but we got there, whisper channels and air and tank leaders might have made Comms better but lack of these didn't spoil night,having airfield at a distance added tactical elements did tanks want to plough on or wait 5 mins for air support thanks again for putting this together
  8. some across the pond join around 2100 so we could strart then to ensure numbers
  9. I fixed my issue by removing all gun key maps on Logitech software and just mapped fire trigger in game
  10. Thanks Colin, I'd like to take part flying 110,
  11. 193 debrief. We flew on waypoints noting targets as we passed them. Near the southern point of route saw large squadron of bandits above. They didn't seem to notice us so we called for fighter assistance and bugged out ,on route back we saw enemy howitzer s pounding friend ground troops so made several runs to clear them out. Low on ammo we returned to base.
  12. Could I also kindly request a transfer for Major Major to Tiffies to torment sid and crash
  13. Win7 ftw 😆😆😆
  14. Had a wee go in single seater, flew over loch Lomond from Glasgow airport
  15. Folk are normally on TS about 20:00 GMT on Tuesday and Sunday
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