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PWCG P-38 Lightning Strikes Co-op Campaign - Next Mission Sunday 12th July 21:00 BST


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  1. delta7

    Off for a bit

    Due to house move and family stuff I won't be online flying for a while, probably back late July. Will keep in touch on forums Regards Dave
  2. Apologies but won't make tonight due to family Good flying all
  3. Glad to see everything went well, enjoyed the mission and had no stutters, ground enemy was very low in numbers but we may need to continue with this to prevent problems. The ju88 I was credited with would be a shared kill in reality as Pooka put a few rounds in and did some damage
  4. I am moving house and have a variety of 1/48 aircraft and helicopter that I have no space for, There are ww2 RAF USAAF and Luftwaffe, including tomahawk hurricane p47 p52 bf109s Fw190 a and d Post war harriers and phantoms helicopter s 1/72 Vulcan and Lancaster If interested then get in touch ,I can send photos etc. As these are plastic kits I can't guarantee sage postage but will box up as best I can
  5. Apologies for my intemperance tonight. . I don't get as much time to fly and look forward to our missions and I just think it is is frustrating that we spent an hour trying to launch a mission I realise that we are pushing boundaries and that the basic game struggles to cope with what we are trying to do but we are not helping each other by some of our actions. We need to be smarter to help each other, it is difficult to get a successful launch so we should all be a bit disciplined at the start to give us the best chances of success. make sure your hardware is working prior to mission Make sure you have read through this thread, understand what is required and are able to start, taxi, take off, formate fly and land the P-38 Make sure you have the correct skins available make sure you reboot the game prior to joining, Once you have joined the server, follow your squadron leaders instructions on loadout pick your skin and ready up quickly. Once mission has launched touch nothing untill instructed by squadron leader Squadron leader should instruct on wing position and you should follow instructions on rolling out and takeoff. On a personal note I would like limited restarts e.g. two or three depending on number effected. If only one or two have issues then mission should proceed, only if there are multiple issues then a restart should be called This has the potential to be very imersive and exciting. It would be a shame if technical issues etc put paid to Tom's hard work.
  6. One thing that would help the orginisation is if squadron leaders gave out assignments and loadout as quickly as possible so people could ready up and taxi quickly. If there are no obvious reasons to change the order that we flew the last few times then squadron leaders could post their preferred order now. If anyone is absent on the night the slot stays vacent , the only issue would be large absences where flights may have to merge. This would give people the oppertunity to improve skills by flying the same formation each week and get used to their wingmen.
  7. That would be good mate, if we are all on by 2100 so you can get it generated then we should be take off by 21:30 latest
  8. Can you assign a differemt target for 485th or is it generated by mission generator, was very difficult to ghet a decent run into target as so close to map edge. Can we also try to start a bit earlier? it was nearly 10 by the time everrything was orginised, Hopefullly the small teathing issues can be resolved as this had great potential and you deserve credit for hard work
  9. @fruitbat what is the draw distance mod ?
  10. new processor fitted 😆
  11. No not those kind, joystick curves. I have been having issues with how some planes handle in BOX compared to il2, especially fw190. In a flat turn I can flip out a turn very easily and when closing on enemy the planes bounced around a lot. Then I remembered about the joystick profile s in il2 and how I had spent a lot of time setting mine up, a slight modification of crazy_ivans. I discovered that box has a simplified version where you can adjust sensitivity and dead zone. If you go to yaw, pitch and roll in aeroplane controls in key mappings there is a box you can click to access these variables After trying alternative I have increased the sensitivity to 28% and dead zone to 5% and have noticed a big improvement. It might be worth a try if you aren't happy with the control in the game
  12. I enjoyed last night Positives were immersion and flying as a squad Negatives, had slight frame rate issue at a couple of engagement and had trouble keeping up with flight on takeoff, it would be good for flight leaders to announce flight plan and proposed settings prior to take off and not go full tilt. Some of us don't do a lot of formation stuff so will take time and planning to help us
  13. Yes I would be wary of flashing bios so that's why I checked before I bought an upgrade
  14. Thanks all I bid and won that processor on eBay will order cooler and paste tomorrow
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