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  1. Gosh it looks like I hit the prop 😆 in real time I thought I passed low over you
  2. But but will 50 Cal's still kill tiger tanks ? 😄
  3. Thanks for the replies and for Sids clarification that it should be fun and that we can fly with the settings we were comfortable with @Painless- I fly with small coloured dot or circle, no name etc, there are about 4 versions of the mod, triangle, small triangle, small dot, all black dots . I have just tested the triangle and it is easier to see planes but Im used to flying with dots from il246. If the game improves plane spotting l will happily turn off the map and fly like 46 , but I am reluctant to do so before then. Anyway I think Iv ranted enough and will let others have their say 😉
  4. Painless Sid is concerned about level playing field , fairness and realism but in limiting choice by using the map mod we will give advantage to others so where is the balance? And how many rules do we want/have to follow to fly? The sunday and tuesday sessions were meant to be fun and inclusive, there are other nights and other sims that cater for those seeking more demanding settings. the point I am trying to make is that we have always had choice in this squad, for example I use the small dot mod as thats what I like best. as I believe it is the right mix of realism for me and I accept the game limitations. I have no problems with those that want to use some more difficult settings as they find it more interresting but it is not everyones preference. I just dont think we should be asking anyone to fly BOX with settings that are not fun for them. We are getting very good numbers on Sundays with current settings and Ithink there are other more practical mission based solutions to the bombers getting beaten up rather than force people into these changes. Also who is to say how the mission generator will progress or what user missions will be available to counter Sids concerns?
  5. I must be thinking differently from most , while a lot in the squad are flying Sims like DCS and seem to be striving for harder settings and more realism, I just want it to be fun In 46 the settings were not an issue as planes could be spotted much easier but even then I would not fly in the full real seow as it just wasn't fun for me Everyone is free to chose what planes and how they fly the missions during the session and there are options for one side to help protect the bombers. I don't think we should force people to use the proposed mod as it won't compensate for the game issues or the advantages that VR users will have
  6. This is a tricky one , I understand frustrations as I often fly blue and bombers and the need to try to address some issues but I think that this sim is particularly bad for spotting dots. There are threads on the developers forums dedicated to this and many opinions on what is right but little agreement, so people choose the best options to compensate for the percieved difficulties. In my opinion the game engine is not optimised so very difficult to spot dots and that they tend to dissapear with different settings ;VR users seem to have a particular advantage and spot dots much easier. I believe they have to use a lower resolution but most choose to fly at higher resolutions as they believe it looks better. Using the icons mod, I have flown right over planes and failed to see them on numerous occaisions and looked round and never spotted planes coming on my six as they dissapear with different zoom settings, so I value the use of the map. Personally Im ok with leaving it to the individual to use what he likes, I dont think anyone here seeks an unfair advantage by using the map it just compensates for the games difficiencies.
  7. JP you have to use the saitek software to bind a key. I have it set up that F10 is my centre trackir and this is bound to the FIRE button. Saitek was taken over by logitek so you have to download the programming software from here https://support.logi.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360024847013--Downloads-X52-Space-Flight-H-O-T-A-S- once you have that software you can put the .pro file I uploaded into the into C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Saitek SD6 Profiles folder. You then need to put the input file I uploaded into the game folder and this will tie the game to the profile You then need to consult the xl sheet to tell you what is happening for each joystick action Basically mode 1 is engine and take off mode 2 is flying mode 3 is bombing Now some pcs dont like the logitek software in which case you will just have to assign actions in the game and make sure that you dont use the key presses that you use for trackir for other functions. It looks complicated at first compaired to il246 but you really only need to map engine mixture and prop pitch as these are more important nin this version. there are good youtube tutoriuals on how to take off and fly individual planes e.g. The main difference is the ground handling of planes, taxying and taking off is trickier with many planes spinning you just have to learn the right way . I am retired so pm me if you need any more help and I can hook up on teamspeak and talk you through things if needed hope this helps Dave
  8. OK I have uploaded my input file here paste this into your game folder at il2Sturmovick BAttle of stalingrad/data folder and overwrite the input folder there and your game will match my x-52 profile
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Input file to go with my x-52 profile
  10. Hi mate the .pro file is put into the joystick saitek software profile folder might look like this Windows 7. into C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Saitek SD6 Profiles folder. or do a search on C drive for pro and it should find folder. you will need the Excell sheet to change some of the default game key presses in the game controller section to match those on sheet as I altered some default to match my old il2 profile to make swooping between games easier. EDIT just had a thought my changes must be saved in a game file, probably config.ini I will check when home on Sunday and post so you can just copy into your game and not have to do manual changes hope this helps
  11. delta7

    Chair collapsed

    Russian shiiite 😀
  12. Just about broke my back last night when chair collapsed Only 18 months old , ordered a new one hopefully arrives before tuesday sessions
  13. Start with bodenplatte from the developer, if you buy on Steam you need Stalingrad as well, I'm sure you will enjoy it, there are many sales so wait for these before getting one of the older titles
  14. delta7

    Joystick woes

    Cable arrived and working ok so I'm good to go for Sunday😀
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