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  1. Is that 2000 before bst or during bst 🙄 😃
  2. I have ran out of usb ports so any recommendations appreciated. Thanks
  3. I am 60 in may so decided to treat myself
  4. Flew to target , Dave 1 blew up train, which made them angry, heavy flak damaged his plane so i did one pass to make sure train was dead then headed home , Dave crash landed , I landed safely,
  5. If the mission took then I will have been killed by stupidity, turning too tight to avoid flak could my new moniker be Major Major please Middle name Major of course
  6. Great battles sale on , fill your boots of anything you need or want
  7. Next lightning mission is scheduled for the 7th, you will be assigned a moniker and squadron prior to mission, you must be on comms and available prior to 2100 gmt to allow mission number to be confirmed.
  8. Hi and welcome, squad nights for Box are on Tuesday and Sunday nights . We are online around 2000 hrs UK time. Format is dogfight server for 30 mins to warm up then into co ops. We also host events, currently flying a p-38 campaign We use teamspeak for communication We fly coops using all versions of the SIM and bodenplatte is almost necessary to take part. In addition there are squad members from united states and Canada and they host . We do not usually fly full real but allow incons etc. However you should be comfortable with engine start and management and twin prop pl
  9. I won't make tomorrow as I have family commitments, good luck all
  10. The two most popular are tactical air war and finnishpilots but both have no speedbar and no icons but good missions. I started on the finnishpilots but had to give up as I just cant spot dots without icons. The most popular with icons is DEDs official this has icons , speedbar and engine management assist and while ok does develop into air-quake mass furballs very quickly. I havnt found any popular ones with our settings which is a pity. Remember you have to switch off mods and any graphic editors to play on most servers
  11. delta7

    Hello All

    Hi and welcome, I'm sure you would enjoy our company, we mainly fly il2 battle of stalingrad series, particularly bodenplatte add on , however there is a deducted number who fly DC's. There are plenty of guys willing to help if needed.
  12. Don't know if I'll make it ,will be last minute if I can, don't wait on me, I'll be on time for cut off or not at all
  13. Sorry Sid don't understand your question, I found the solution on the il2 forum. There are others who had the autolevel going off when switching to bomb view and found the conflict was when switching on bomb view when on autolel
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