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  1. event feedback

    Id appreciate your feedback on the mission fundimentals for future planning , here are some subheadings you may like to consider icons ok or not minimap ok off or prefer white plane time too long/ too short map ok to keep as secret or prefer to see before to help plan teams ok to draw on night or prefer longer time to meet to discuss and plan targets - ok or not enough brief , mayby wasnt clear enough or would you prefer more details any other issues Please remember that its the first one Iv really put together so happy for positive feedback to help with other ideas I have My aim is to have these challenging but fun, S Delta
  2. skins for event

    skins for event View File here are the skins, Red flies with metal Blue flies with generic Submitter delta7 Submitted 10/16/2017 Category UP3 Checksum  
  3. Photobucket has changed it's Terms Of Service

    fix for viewing photobucket images https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fix-embedded-photobucket/cdngpnpgjighldbibdgpddaieidknhlf
  4. Photobucket has changed it's Terms Of Service

    Photobucket are massive cocks, I used them for britmoddler to post images but now changed to this https://postimg.org
  5. here are some pics, I only have a compact camera which of course decided to act up , but this should give a flavour; Reprobates that kindly took care of me 5 hurricanes (not four candles) First time Id seen hurricane fly One of the mustangs The one I would have taken home if I could Flying highlight Nothing compaires to the gracefullness of a spitfire in flight or the sound of the merlins and griphons
  6. Home after a very good weekend, great to meet up with some of the gang, have checked and the photos came out fine despite the camera acting up, will sort them out and post them soon. Highlights were 5 hurricanes together then hurricanes, early spitfires and blenhem flight
  7. On Choo Choo anxiously looking skyward for straffers
  8. bombing- help

    ok seem to have the hang of it now - whats important is to follow the video and do the pretarget selection and start automation- adjust speed until the sight is steady on point - turn off automation - raise sight and align on true target then start automation again- continue to adjust true air speed to keep sight locked on and it hits. I wasnt believing that tas would be significantly higher so that caused the bombs to drop long
  9. bombing- help

    thanks FT !!!!!
  10. bombing- help

    I used to be ok at bombing using the bombsight, havnt done it in a while but started practicing and find I am dropping long. I use the automatic bombsight as in this video. I have read thors bombing guide and one or two others but the one I use seemed the easiest and used to work is it still ok with mods or do you chaps use a different method that works for you? do I just need more practice?
  11. Hosting

    Ill be on TS at 19:30 in case anyone wishes to join the fun.... see missions thread for ip http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/12853-hosting-test/
  12. Hosting

    Thanks , here are my thoughts from the thread about missions I like the missions to be roughly balanced , it annoys me when I get bounced by vast numbers of enemies in superior planes while I have to make do with an underrated model although I moan about russian shite and biplanes , I really dont mind them once in a while but like Pooka I prefer later war planes. I dislike long missions cause if anyone gets shot down early then its a loooooooooonnnnngggggggggg wait untill others finish and land. The best are SEOW type missions where we team up and take off together with a definate plan.........but then again .I suppose we could always read the breif tho on co-ops Ill look into the ip thingy once I get everything settled
  13. Hosting

    Id like to try out some hosting, on Tuesday it was quiet and FT kindly hosted even tho he was not flying but I would be willing to act as backup. I have a few ideas id like to do but first id like some testing done so that I know I can host and pings are ok. If anyone would like to volunteer for testing then let me know what times you are available and if we can get 2 or 3 together than ill give it a go. Its many many years since I hosted so it is likely to be troublesome until I get it sorted out but hopefully we can work it out