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  1. joystick fooked any suggestions

    thanks guys , yes Sid this is the same problem I had, Iv superglued the cable at both ends but might go belts and braces and tape it up as well Ill have a look at that link Crash TY
  2. joystick fooked any suggestions

    I was going to get the fighterstick but read that ch isn't supporting software and there are issues since last windows 10 update. The saitek sticks are getting a bit of bad reviews over quality so as I was stuck I had another go and managed to fix my existing one again, the issue is a poor connection between throttle and stick so once I had this sorted I superglued the connection to hopefully stop it happening. It's probably only a temporary fix but will give me more time to decide what the best option is
  3. joystick fooked any suggestions

    thanks, I did consider these but I dont want to risk a second hand one , so I think Ill order the ch fighterstick and see how I get on with this
  4. Who has what

    battle of stalingrad premium
  5. joystick fooked any suggestions

    Found the old thread when my x-45 died, it was Nov 2012 so I have owned this for just over 5 years. Trawling through the internet and it's difficult to get anything other than logitek of thrust master here in UK, even c h is very rare.
  6. joystick fooked any suggestions

    Thanks, I'll think about the fighterstick , I have a set on c h pedals and they are very good and well made
  7. my x-52 has given it up , throttle ok but connection between throttle and joystick o/c must be a bust wire or connector- so need a new one - any suggestions appreciated if I get another x-52 then I wont have to map all my buttons again so thats favourite is the pro version any better?
  8. For Our Vinyl Lovers: "Wheel by Miniot"

    mine is a 35 yr old linn basic so not worth much now, still sounds fantastic
  9. For Our Vinyl Lovers: "Wheel by Miniot"

    Yeah I'll keep my Linn ,wonder how it copes with warped lp
  10. Oh The Joys of them Game Controllers !

    Really wish Microsoft would allow you to assign controller id's it would save so much hassle
  11. ok so went to forum, win 7 users have to update their .net, and can load it now
  12. well surprise , mine isnt launching after update, I have beta thing off and have varified files ............ not that bothered as dont play it as I still think its a clustfuck of a game, so much potential ruined
  13. s-l300.jpg

    bombs away sunday
  14. dash cam

    here is the view from the cockpit with a small bit of effort you can mount it so its tucked right behind mirror
  15. dash cam

    They are small and mount behind the rear mirror so I cant see it at all, cable is easily tucked into trim and cant see that either here is full details https://www.nextbase.co.uk/dash-cams/512gw-dash-cam/ the 412GW is a good one as well