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  1. Hello fellow flyers!

    ah good someone who might actually understand what Im saying !!!! mind if you are broad weedgie then I might have to translate for you mate !!!
  2. online servers

    I was on Tactical Air War last night but without GPS navigation was hard, I basically followed a river, which was near the airfield, back and forth over the lines
  3. Agree with you on the windnoise FT, very annoying, also finding the ground handling tricky, Iv went round in circles a few times because I opened the throttle too quick
  4. online servers

    So far I have only found two types 1. Hardcore - full CEM , no icons, no speedbar 2. Relaxed or Normal , no CEM , icons, minimap,speedbar Is there any middle ground , with CEM but with icons?
  5. Thought Id start this so folk can comment on the online servers they play on, good, bad,tips,links etc
  6. We need to talk...

    Id say no but only due to the fact that Il2 is still by far the most used and popular and so deserves its slots- sundays tend to be long missions and the quick dogfight scenario is catered for on Tuesdays, however having seen the low turnout on tuesdays recently I dont know if my argument is valid. Is there anything wrong in making Wednesdays BoX nights ?
  7. new thrustmaster touchpads

    Just thought some might like to see these in place , looks good, just need to sort out how to ge tthem to work now , maybe the minions can help
  8. help required

    Just a note to say that joytokey appears to work well in testing, will try in game later I create a profile and can assign keyboard presses ( including shift and crtl) to buttons. I create a second profile and can map different keyboard actions to the buttons I can then assign a change profile key to the pinky lever which then swops to the diffferent profile so I have 2 times the number of buttons on joystick and throttle I should be able to get most of the important keys on joystick and the auxillary on the new panels. well thats the theory, Ill let you know the practice later
  9. help required

    Iv put the game keys back to default and mapped the joystick in the game and all ok, no crashes or freezing. pinky shift and modes dont work so iv ordered thrustmaster MDC panels to cover all the buttons ill need. Ill spend the next couple of days mapping everything when the panels arrive thnks for support Dave
  10. logitek pro flight switch pad

    thanks crash Ill order the MFD, looks cool if nothing else ! fraid dont have patience for building something like that Jabo Ill try the MFD thanks both
  11. anyone used one? thoughts ? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-Saitek-Flight-Switch-Panel/dp/B01MQ0GFUH
  12. help required

    quick scan on forum and it seems there is a problem and that joytokey might be a solution , Im away to investimigate
  13. help required

    ok , Iv never just assigned buttons in game sooooooooooooooo I can assign a button and when it takes it it says JOY1_b2 which is fine but how do you use the shift modes and the 1.2.3 modes nothing makes any difference it just lists JOY1_b2 the pinky shift is button 6 in the windows game controllers so when I use this + A surely it should read 6+ JOY1_b2 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? and Iv no idea how modes would be differentiated
  14. help required

    thanks mate, Im lost, Iv even downloaded the new logitec software but same happens , ill try to map everything in game with no software bugger bugger bugger, ill go and buy a cat so i can kick it first
  15. ok Im having big problems with inputs I have a Saitek X-52 running in windows 7 pro joystick is set up to match inputx on the saitek software not in game The joystick works fine in windows and il246 HSFX and when I do the test joystick in profiler however there are problems when in BOX 1) when I change modes e.g from 2 to 1 all kinds of shit happens, e.g the autopilot comes on by itself and the pinky shift on the joystick doesnt work right and then I lose all my bindings when I go back to mode 2 even the keyboard wont work 2) sometimes when I go to external view F2 then back to internal F1 I loose all controls including keyboard 3) I cant get man prop pitch to work , I can switch from auto to manual but then neither keyboard nor binding buttons or a hat will work I have it mapped to LSHIFT+ - and LSHIFT+= 4) it doesnt seem to understand difference between keys and shift keys ???? another problem is that the launcher wont close properly and sometimes hangs- any ideas folks ???????????